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Each Way Leader Review
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Welcome to our Each Way Leader Review, a horse racing tips service from Betting Gods that specialises in betting on underdogs at huge prices.


  • Professional service with transparent results
  • Consistent profits
  • High ROI
  • Cons

  • Considerably less profit at BSP
  • It's a clean sheet for Each Way Leader with three out of three winning months, giving us a total profit of 48.58 points at an ROI of 30.4%. That works out as an average monthly profit of 16.2 points with very little effort needed.

    During our three month trial there was usually only one bet advised a day, so it really only took a few minutes to find the nearest odds and place the bet each evening.

    The service specialises in betting on underdogs rather than short priced favourites, which meant that we were often betting at high odds. There were some juicy winners along the way, for example Sofias Rock at 11/1 and more recently, Exchequer at 12/1.

    There were a few occasions where the advised odds had been cut at the bookies before we were able to place the bet, but the majority of the time the odds held up for at least a few hours after receiving the emails.

    Breakdown of monthly profit/loss:

    • Update 1: +15.3pts 
    • Update 2 : +23.65pts
    • Update 3: +9.63pts
    • Total: +48.58pts

    Our total profit ended up being 7.5 points less than it would have been if we could have matched the advised odds.

    The tips did manage to make a profit at BSP over the three months but it was considerably less at 14.1 points, so it's best to place bets at the bookies the evening before the races.

    Review Stats +48.58pts profit, 30.4% ROI, 41.3% SR
    Stakes 1 point each-way stakes
    Starting bank 150 points
    Average no. bets Approx. 25-30 per month
    Time of emails Evening 6.00-8.00pm
    Price £1 for 10 days then £30 per month, £60 per quarter or £180 per year
    Rating Pass

    Key Stats - Overall
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets808080
    Total Stakes (pts)160.00160.00160.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)56.0848.5814.10
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£560.80£485.80£141.00
    Average Odds7.857.607.11
    Strike Rate42.5%41.3%35.0%
    Overall Bank Growth37.4%32.4%9.4%
    Bank (150pt starting)206.08198.58164.10

    Longest Winning Sequence: 4

    Longest Losing Sequence: 4

    Max Drawdown: 22.23pts

    Each Way Leader Review Graph

    Results - Update Three
    DateCourseTimeSelectionTotal StakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
    24/07/2018Chelmsford20:40Walk On Water2.006.50-2.00187.08
    25/07/2018Lingfield14:50Sky Marshal2.006.00-2.00185.08
    27/07/2018Thirsk17:25Penny Dreadful2.005.004.80189.88
    28/07/2018Newcastle15:20Big Tour2.005.50-2.00187.88
    02/08/2018Goodwood15:00Maries Diamond2.006.000.00184.18
    03/08/2018Wolverhampton18:00Captain Lars2.005.00-0.20183.98
    06/08/2018Newton Abbot16:50Little Windmill2.006.506.60190.66
    07/08/2018Newbury15:55Stay Classy2.005.50-0.10190.56
    08/08/2018Brighton15:10Lord Clenaghcastle2.007.00-2.00188.56
    10/08/2018Brighton14:00Cent Flying2.005.003.75190.31
    11/08/2018Lingfield19:15All Back To Mine2.006.00-2.00188.31
    13/08/2018Ayr15:40Glasses Up2.005.50-2.00186.31
    14/08/2018Chelmsford15:00The Eagles Nest2.007.000.35186.66
    15/08/2018Beverley16:00Ideal Candy2.005.50-0.24186.42
    16/08/2018Yarmouth17:20Golden Valour2.008.50-2.00184.42
    20/08/2018Thirsk14:35Get The Rhythm2.007.007.20187.62
    21/08/2018Kempton15:00Progressive Dawn2.009.00-2.00185.62


    We experienced consistent profits from Each Way Leader with a high ROI and healthy strike rate throughout our review and everything just ran smoothly in general.

    No crazy staking plans, just flat 1 point each-way stakes and a 150 point advised starting bank that seemed ample.

    It really is a top class tips service provided by Betting Gods with the usual professionalism that you get from this platform. At just £1 for the first 10 days, we would highly recommend taking a look.

    Each Way Leader Review: Update Two

    24th July 2018

    It's been another great month for Each Way Leader with a further profit of 23.65 points added to the pot, making it a total profit 38.95 points in our review so far.

    The overall ROI over the last two months is 36%, which is a fantastic result and in line with the historical ROI of 35.7% reported on the sales page.

    Key Stats - Update Two
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets272727
    Total Stakes (pts)54.0054.0054.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)25.7623.6513.34
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£257.60£236.50£133.40
    Average Odds7.697.466.83
    Strike Rate40.7%37.0%37.0%
    Overall Bank Growth30.6%26.0%10.1%
    Bank (150pt starting)195.88188.95165.21

    Results - Update Two
    DateCourseTimeSelectionTotal StakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
    23/06/2018Perth15:45More Bucks2.007.006.48171.78
    26/06/2018Brighton16:45Full Suit2.006.50-2.00175.18
    29/06/2018Cartmel17:20Wells de Lune2.008.509.00188.78
    30/06/2018Newmarket13:10No Lippy2.0010.00-2.00186.78
    01/07/2018Cartmel16:30Princeton Royale2.007.000.35187.13
    02/07/2018Windsor19:00Musical Comedy2.009.50-2.00185.13
    03/07/2018Hamilton15:15Boundary Lane2.006.00-2.00183.13
    06/07/2018Sandown14:25Arctic Sound2.006.005.10194.63
    09/07/2018Ayr16:40Four Kingdoms2.006.006.00200.53
    11/07/2018Catterick17:15Perfect Thoughts2.006.00-2.00196.53
    14/07/2018Chester17:25On A May Day2.0011.00-2.00196.65
    16/07/2018Ayr16:40Pudding Chare2.0017.00-2.00194.65
    17/07/2018Beverley15:00Foxy Boy2.007.500.40195.05
    18/07/2018Wolverhampton17:50Al Mortajaz2.008.00-2.00193.05
    20/07/2018Haydock15:15Lethal Lunch2.006.00-2.00189.05
    21/07/2018Ripon16:05Sofias Rock2.009.00-0.10188.95

    We will be back in a month's time with an update and hopefully we will see the service make it 3 out of 3 winning months.

    Each Way Leader Review: Update One

    23rd June 2018

    Our Each Way Leader review has started well with a profit of 15.3 points at an ROI of 28.3% over the last month. There were a few occasions where we were unable to match the advised odds, which has tallied up to a difference of around 5 points profit in comparison.

    The tips haven't been performing as well as Betfair SP with just a small profit of 1.87 points so far.

    Key Stats - Update One
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
    Number of Bets272727
    Total Stakes (pts)54.0054.0054.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)20.1215.31.87
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£201.20£153.00£18.70
    Average Odds8.337.967.51
    Strike Rate48.1%48.1%33.3%
    Overall Bank Growth13.4%10.2%1.2%
    Bank (150pt starting)170.12165.30151.87

    Results - Update One
    DateCourseTimeSelectionTotal StakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
    23/05/2018Southwell19:35Bentons Lad2.006.003.47153.47
    24/05/2018Catterick15:35Poetic Steps2.007.00-2.00151.47
    26/05/2018York16:15I Am A Dreamer2.005.004.80156.27
    30/05/2018Ripon20:10Sandras Secret2.004.504.20158.87
    01/06/2018Goodwood18:10Pretty Jewel2.005.504.83163.54
    04/06/2018Windsor19:15Silent Echo2.005.504.86166.60
    05/06/2018Southwell20:35Sword of Fate2.008.50-2.00164.60
    06/06/2018Hamilton15:00Al Hawraa2.009.00-2.00162.60
    07/06/2018Haydock16:00Leo Minor2.006.00-2.00160.60
    09/06/2018Haydock14:50What A Home2.0010.000.62161.32
    09/06/2018Catterick15:30Bint Arcano2.0011.00-2.00159.32
    11/06/2018Brighton15:30Oasis Fantasy2.007.000.50159.82
    13/06/2018Haydock16:10Sofias Rock2.0012.0011.88169.70
    16/06/2018Fontwell19:55Boss Mans Leader2.007.50-2.00169.10
    18/06/2018Carlisle17:00Poetic Steps2.007.000.20169.30
    19/06/2018Thirsk15:55Breaking Records2.006.00-2.00167.30
    20/06/2018Hamilton15:55Admiral Rooke2.009.000.28167.58
    21/06/2018Ripon17:40Blue Havana2.005.00-0.28167.30
    22/06/2018Market Rasen15:55Forever Field2.009.00-2.00165.30

    We'll be back in a month's time with another update.

    Each Way Leader Review: Introduction

    22nd May 2018

    With race favourites often being heavily backed and bookies slashing the odds until there is no longer any value to be found, betting on underdogs can be a profitable alternative. The Each Way Leader service from the Betting Gods platform does exactly this, by researching daily value bets on outsiders at huge prices.

    The service has been running since September 2017 and has reported a profit of £2,167.30 to £10 stakes (or 216.73 points) at an ROI of 34.4% to date.

    The sales page asks "Are you a thrill-seeker looking for some excitement?". This is because if the horse places there will be small profit made but if it happens to win the race profits can be massive. However, it's not going to be plain sailing. Betting at high odds can be turbulent so patience and a sensible staking plan will be needed. 

    The advised starting bank is 150 points and selections are to bet using a level 1 point each-way. Using this staking plan, the service has already more than doubled their starting bank with a 144.5% growth.

    Selections are sent out via email between 6-8pm each day, or alternatively they can be accessed via a private member's area or on the Betting Gods app. There are around 50-60 bets per month and the odds from historical bets have averaged at 10.00.

    The service is priced at £1 for the first 10 days, followed by payments of £30 per month, £60 per quarter or £180 per year. As with all Betting Gods tipsters, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

    We will begin recording tips from the service starting from today and will report back in a month's time with our first set of results.


  • Professional service with transparent results
  • Consistent profits
  • High ROI
  • Cons

  • Considerably less profit at BSP
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