AH Horse Racing Review: Update Two

AH Horse Racing Review

AH Horse Racing have managed to turn things around after a poor start to our review with a profit of 13.7 points over the last month. This means that we have recovered the whole loss and overall have a slight profit of 0.62 points at the available odds.

Results at Betfair SP haven't been as positive with an overall loss of 11.21 points, but we are pleased to see that we are not fair behind the results at the advised odds at the moment with just a small difference of 1.76 points in profit.

Key Stats - Update Two
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets393939
Total Stakes (pts)41.0041.0041.00
Profit/Loss (pts)14.8513.705.00
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£148.50£137.00£50.00
Average Odds6.266.217.36
Strike Rate30.8%30.8%30.8%
Overall Bank Growth1.8%0.6%-11.2%
Bank (100pt starting)101.76100.6288.79

Results - Update Two
DateCourseTimeSelectionTotal StakeE/W?Available OddsP/LBank
18/04/2018Cheltenham14:40Go Conquer1.00NO10.00-1.0086.67
18/04/2018Cheltenham17:30Fourth Bridge1.00NO9.00-1.0085.67
19/04/2018Cheltenham15:15Brillare Momento1.00YES7.50-1.0084.67
19/04/2018Fairyhouse19:55Dream Conti1.00NO4.003.0087.67
20/04/2018Ayr14:40Dino Velvet1.00NO7.006.0093.67
21/04/2018Ayr16:05The Young Master1.00YES15.00-1.0091.67
22/04/2018Market Rasen15:00War Creation1.00NO7.00-1.0090.67
22/04/2018Wincanton15:20The Last But One1.00NO3.25-1.0089.67
23/04/2018Newton Abbot14:30Vibrato Valtat1.00NO4.50-1.0088.67
24/04/2018Punchestown18:40Shattered Love1.00YES8.00-1.0085.67
25/04/2018Perth14:35Calett Mad1.00NO2.101.1086.77
25/04/2018Punchestown17:30Killultagh Vic1.00NO6.50-1.0085.77
28/04/2018Sandown14:25Top Notch1.00NO2.101.1091.37
28/04/2018Sandown15:35The Young Master1.00YES12.00-1.0090.37
30/04/2018Windsor18:40Shall We Go Now1.00NO7.00-1.0092.37
03/05/2018Lingfield16:00Crack On Crack On1.00NO4.503.50102.87
07/05/2018Warwick15:15Pretty Reckless1.00NO6.00-1.0099.87
08/05/2018Ludlow19:00Monbeg Legend1.00NO4.503.50103.37
09/05/2018Kelso16:15Double W’s1.00NO3.75-1.00102.37
12/05/2018Haydock15:10Act Of Valour2.00YES8.50-2.0099.37
13/05/2018Killarney14:20Stormy Island1.00NO3.002.00101.37

We're pleased to see a quick recovery, now it's fingers crossed for another good month so that we can start building our bank up. We will be back next month with another set of results.

AH Horse Racing Review: Update One

17th April 2018

Prior to starting our review of AH Horse Racing, the service had been on fire with a streak of 7 winning months in a row. Despite the results on the website showing March as a winning month, we only caught the tail end of it with our results starting from 15th March and unfortunately missed out on a big win on the 1st day of the Cheltenham festival at 20/1.

April started well but the profit made was given back over the Aintree festival where 8/8 tips lost. At the end of our first month we are down by 13.08 points at the available odds at an ROI of -22.9%.

Key Stats - Update One
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets525252
Total Stakes (pts)57.0057.0057.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-13.09-13.08-16.21
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£130.90-£130.80-£162.10
Average Odds7.857.738.31
Strike Rate25.0%25.0%25.0%
Overall Bank Growth-13.1%-13.1%-16.2%
Bank (100pt starting)86.9186.9283.79

Results - Update One
DateCourseTimeSelectionTotal StakeE/W?Available OddsP/LBank
15/03/2018Cheltenham13:30Invitation Only1.00NO4.33-1.0099.00
15/03/2018Cheltenham14:10Protek Des Flos1.00YES21.00-1.0098.00
15/03/2018Cheltenham14:50Un De Sceaux2.00NO2.10-1.0097.00
15/03/2018Cheltenham16:10Guitar Pete1.00YES23.00-1.0098.25
15/03/2018Cheltenham17:30The Young Master1.00YES17.00-1.0097.92
16/03/2018Cheltenham13:30Apples Shakira2.00NO2.75-2.0095.92
16/03/2018Cheltenham14:10Bleu Et Rouge1.00YES11.00-1.0094.92
16/03/2018Cheltenham15:30Native River1.00NO6.005.0098.92
16/03/2018Cheltenham16:50Melrose Boy1.00YES26.00-1.0096.92
20/03/2018Wetherby16:10Bandon Roc1.00NO3.75-1.0093.92
20/03/2018Wetherby17:15Good Boy Bobby2.00NO1.501.0094.92
21/03/2018Haydock15:15Hogan's Heights1.00NO5.004.0098.92
21/03/2018Haydock16:55Champagne George1.00YES8.50-1.0097.92
22/03/2018Chepstow16:00Lac Sacre1.00YES6.500.0597.97
22/03/2018Ludlow16:45Opening Batsman1.00NO2.75-1.0096.97
23/03/2018Newbury14:30Halo Moon1.00YES6.500.0597.02
24/03/2018Bangor14:15Rons Dream1.00NO4.33-1.0095.02
24/03/2018Newbury15:15Kalahari Queen1.00YES10.000.6395.65
25/03/2018Ascot15:45Diego Du Charmil1.00NO3.25-1.0094.65
25/03/2018Ascot16:20Band Of Blood1.00NO5.50-1.0093.65
26/03/2018Taunton15:55Cap Du Nord1.00NO3.75-1.0092.65
28/03/2018Warwick15:50Fresh New Dawn1.00NO4.00-1.0090.65
31/03/2018Haydock16:25Red Rising1.00NO7.00-1.0088.65
01/04/2018Plumpton15:45Kings Walk1.00YES8.50-1.0087.65
01/04/2018Fairyhouse16:30Shattered Love1.00NO2.38-1.0086.65
02/04/2018Fairyhouse16:25Un De Sceaux2.00NO1.911.8288.47
02/04/2018Fairyhouse17:45Poormans Hill1.00NO5.00-1.0087.47
06/04/2018Fontwell16:15Present Times1.00YES8.00-1.0086.47
07/04/2018Fakenham16:00Le Breuil1.00NO4.003.0089.47
07/04/2018Fakenham16:35Captain Buck’s1.00NO2.88-1.0088.47
08/04/2018Carlisle15:55Doktor Glaz1.00YES8.004.2094.92
09/04/2018Ludlow15:25I’m A Game Changer1.00NO4.003.0096.92
11/04/2018Market Rasen15:05Towering1.00YES15.00-1.0095.92
12/04/2018Aintree14:20Apple's Shakira1.00NO3.00-1.0093.92
12/04/2018Aintree14:50Double Shuffle1.00YES13.00-1.0092.92
12/04/2018Aintree15:25The New One1.00YES7.50-1.0091.92
13/04/2018Aintree15:25Balko Des Flos1.00NO3.25-1.0089.92
14/04/2018Aintree17:15Ucello Conti2.00YES21.00-2.0086.92

We are not concerned at this stage as this is a service that often supplies tips at high odds and things can quickly turn around with a big winner. We'll be back in a month's time with another update.

AH Horse Racing Review: Introduction

14th March 2018

AH Horse Racing is a tipping service run by Will on the PuntHub platform that has the tag line "Determination - Ability - Consistency", three qualities that we certainly look for in a good tipster. 

The service has results starting from August '17 and in total there has been a profit of 32.38 points at an ROI of 6%.

The PuntHub team informed us that when they first took on the tipster, he was using a staking plan that was "a tad wild". Will lost more than 40 points in his first month of proofing but after a little refining of his staking plan, he has gone on to deliver a profit in every single month since.

Obviously we can't just write off that loss in his first month, but if we were to judge the service on the past 7 months we would see a profit of 83.24 points at an ROI of 21%.

AH Horse Racing Review Statistics

The staking plan is simple; he mainly bets using a 1 point stake or 0.5 points each-way with the occasional stretch to a 2 point win bet.

The service is priced at £10 for the first month and then £25 per month thereafter, or alternatively there is a quarterley option for £60 which offers the best value for money.

We have set up a 100 point bank and will begin recording results from tomorrow. Can this tipster keep up his 7 month winning streak? We'll report in a month's time with our first update.

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