Racing Odds Review: Month Two Update

Racing Odds Review

Racing Odds claims to be a "low risk money making machine" with consistent monthly profits between 20-30%.

The service takes a quality over quantity approach with an average of one tip per day at average odds of around 4/1.

Results start from October 2018 and impressively there has only been one losing month reported since then. The stats show a profit of 169.98 points with a strike rate of 30.3%, which works out as an average monthly profit of approximately 21 points.

There are three staking plans to choose from depending on the level of risk you are happy with:

  • Safe plan - consistent low profits, 2 points per selections, 20% average monthly profit 
  • Medium risk plan - average medium level profits, 2.5 points per selections, 25% average monthly profit
  • Higher risk plan - high returns but at a higher risk, 3 points per selections, 30% average monthly profit

Tips are sent out each morning between 10-10.30am by email but they can also be accessed by a private member's area.

We will be using a 100 point starting bank as advised and will be following the safe plan. We will record our results at the advised odds, available odds and also at Betfair SP.

Month One Results

It was a positive start to our Racing Odds review with a profit of 7 points at an ROI of 11.7% from 30 bets. The Betfair SP results were impressive with a profit of 25.81 points at a whopping ROI of 43%!

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets303030
Total Stakes (pts)60.0060.0060.00
Profit/Loss (pts)9.007.0025.81
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£90.00£70.00£258.10
Average Odds4.594.545.91
Strike Rate26.7%26.7%26.7%
Overall Bank Growth9.0%7.0%25.8%
Bank (100pt starting)109.00107.00125.81


DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/06/2019Doncaster 13.20Echo2.004.00-2.0098.00
03/06/2019Brighton 16.30Orliko2.003.755.50103.50
03/06/2019Thirsk 17:15The Defiant2.004.006.00109.50
04/06/2019Bangor On Dee 15.30Steel Wave2.003.505.00114.50
04/06/2019Newcastle 19.20Lush Life2.003.50-2.00112.50
05/06/2019Nottingham 15.10Ticks The Boxes2.005.00-2.00110.50
05/06/2019Newton Abbot 17.10Ali The Hunter2.006.00-2.00108.50
05/06/2019Ripon 19.00Cardano2.003.505.00113.50
05/06/2019Kempton 20.15Knight Crusader2.003.50-2.00111.50
06/06/2019Chelmsford 18.00Goodnight Girl2.004.00-2.00109.50
07/06/2019Goodwood 17.55French Mix2.007.50-2.00107.50
09/06/2019Perth 16.25Get Out The Gate2.007.50-2.00105.50
12/06/2019Yarmouth 15.00Mistress Nellie2.005.00-2.00103.50
13/06/2019Yarmouth 14.20Josiebond2.006.00-2.00101.50
14/06/2019York 14.55Chattanooga Boy2.005.00-2.0099.50
14/06/2019Goodwood 19.40Katiesheidinlisa2.005.00-2.0097.50
17/06/2019Catterick 14.45Lucky Beggar2.005.00-2.0095.50
17/06/2019Carlisle 17.00Matewan2.003.50-2.0093.50
18/06/2019Brighton 19.50Oliver Hardy2.003.755.5099.00
18/06/2019Brighton 20.20Hedging2.005.00-2.0097.00
19/06/2019Uttoxeter 17.45Ask Catkin2.004.006.00103.00
20/06/2019Ripon 17.10Shortbackandsides2.004.00-2.00101.00
20/06/2019Ffos Las 19.10Between The Waters2.005.008.00109.00
21/06/2019Redcar 15.20Imperial State2.004.50-2.00107.00
21/06/2019Newmarket 20.55Lethal Angel2.004.00-2.00105.00
22/06/2019Redcar 16.35Spiorad2.006.0010.00115.00
23/06/2019Hexham 14.10Sense Of Urgency2.003.75-2.00113.00
23/06/2019Pontefract 16.35Champarisi2.003.00-2.00111.00
23/06/2019Pontefract 18.10Black Salt2.004.50-2.00109.00
28/06/2019Newmarket 17.40Scoffsman2.003.50-2.00107.00

Month Two Results

It was a great month for Racing Odds with a further 22.66 points added to our bank, giving us a total profit of 29.66 points. As with the first month of our review, the Betfair SP results were fantastic and our BSP bank had already increased by 55% overall.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets343434
Total Stakes (pts)68.0068.0068.00
Profit/Loss (pts)23.522.6628.75
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£235.00£226.60£287.50
Average Odds4.334.365.26
Strike Rate32.4%32.4%32.4%
Overall Bank Growth32.5%29.7%54.6%
Bank (100pt starting)132.50129.66154.55


DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/07/2019Wolverhampton 16.45Avenue Foch2.004.00-2.00105.00
01/07/2019Wolverhampton 17.15Luna Magic2.004.336.66111.66
03/07/2019Thirsk 16.40Wentworth Falls2.003.75-2.00109.66
03/07/2019Bath 21.10Cool Strutter2.004.00-2.00107.66
05/07/2019Sandown 15.25Royal Line2.004.50-2.00105.66
05/07/2019Beverley 20.20Ginger Jam2.003.755.50111.16
06/07/2019Haydock 14.05Sir Ron Priestley2.003.755.50116.66
06/07/2019Chelmsford 16.35Comeonfeeltheforce2.006.50-2.00114.66
06/07/2019Nottingham 18.40King Crimson2.004.50-2.00112.66
07/07/2019Ayr 15.05Myklachi2.005.00-2.00110.66
08/07/2019Ayr 16.00Amadeus Grey2.005.00-2.00108.66
08/07/2019Worcester 17.15Black Lighting2.004.00-2.00106.66
09/07/2019Uttoxeter 18.50Joly Maker2.005.00-2.00104.66
09/07/2019Brighton 19.40Hedging2.004.00-2.00102.66
10/07/2019Lingfield 14.10Dear Miriam2.004.006.00108.66
10/07/2019Yarmouth 16.20Raucous2.003.505.00113.66
10/07/2019Catterick 17.30Aliento2.006.00-2.00111.66
11/07/2019Carlisle 17.20Ninjago2.003.755.50117.16
12/07/2019Chepstow 18.30Rose Crown2.004.00-2.00115.16
12/07/2019Chester 20.00Proud Archi2.004.50-2.00113.16
13/07/2019Newmarket 16.40Advertise2.005.00-2.00111.16
13/07/2019Hamilton 19.05Isabella Brant2.003.50-2.00109.16
15/07/2019Windsor 19.00Sash2.005.509.00118.16
15/07/2019Windsor 19.30Jumira Bridge2.003.50-2.00116.16
15/07/2019Wolverhampton 20.10Allux Boy2.003.755.50121.66
16/07/2019Nottingham 17.40Celtic Artisan2.006.00-2.00119.66
16/07/2019Southwell 18.30Civil Unrest2.005.00-2.00117.66
16/07/2019Nottingham 20.10Al Messila2.005.509.00126.66
18/07/2019Chepstow 14.30Papa Delta2.004.00-2.00124.66
18/07/2019Epson Downs 18.00Ascot Week2.003.50-2.00122.66
22/07/2019Beverley 19.00Ginger Jam2.003.755.50128.16
23/07/2019Chelmsford 17.20Tarseekh2.003.755.50133.66
26/07/2019Chepstow 19.45Glamorous Crescent2.003.50-2.00131.66
29/07/2019Ffos Las 20.30Hedging2.004.00-2.00129.66

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