ITV Racing Tips Review: Value Bets for Big TV Race Meetings

Written by Laura Turner

ITV Racing Tips Review

Carl Nicholson has years of experience under his belt in the tipster industry and has been dubbed the "Big Race Value King". 

We've witnessed his quality before, having awarded Carl Nicholson's Racing Diary with a pass after banking 48 points profit at 65% ROI during our review. 

Carl's new tips service, ITV Racing Tips, offers tips solely for races shown on ITV. He analyses every race for the big TV meetings and advises a bet for each one, plus a nap and "next best bet" for each day.

The reported results for 2019 (at the time of this review) showed 98.26 points profit at 26.3% ROI and a strike rate of 50.2%.

With Carl's services, you are not just getting a tip that could have been randomly picked out of a hat. He takes the time to disect each race and provides a detailed write-up for every tip he sends out, so you can see the full reasoning behind the selection.

Access to the tips starts from as little as £5.00 and there are also free tips available here that go out each Friday night.

We tracked results over a three month period at the advised odds, available odds and Betfair SP. 

We finished our review with a profit of 51.55 points and our ROI matched the long-term results at 29.8%. As an added bonus, the service was also profitable at BSP.

Month One Results

It was a phenomenal start to our review of ITV Racing Tips with 52.58 points profit at an ROI of 82.8%. The service tipped a 40/1 winner at the Goodwood festival which sent our profit soaring.

Even without that huge winner, we still would have finished the month in a comfortable position thanks to an impressive 40% strike rate.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets5050
Total Stakes (pts)63.563.5
Profit/Loss (pts)52.5852.58
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£525.80£525.80
Strike Rate40.0%40.0%
Overall Bank Growth52.6%52.6%
Bank (100pt starting)152.58152.58


DateEventBetTotal StakeE/W?Available PriceProfit/LossBank
20/07/2019Newbury 13:50Pondus1.00YES4.50-0.0699.94
20/07/2019Market Rasen 14:10St Gallen1.00YES4.50-1.0098.94
20/07/2019Newbury 14:25Hermoso Mundo1.00YES34.00-1.0097.94
20/07/2019Newmarket 14:40Blue Gardenia1.00YES10.00-1.0096.94
20/07/2019Newbury 15:00The Tin Man2.00NO3.00-2.0094.94
20/07/2019Market Rasen 15:20More Bucks1.00YES11.00-1.0093.94
20/07/2019Newbury 15:40Taxiwala1.50YES23.00-1.5092.44
27/07/2019Ascot 13:50Summer Romance1.00NO2.00-1.0091.44
27/07/2019York 14:05Get Knotted1.50YES4.50-0.2391.21
27/07/2019Ascot 14:25Flashcard1.00YES6.002.6693.87
27/07/2019York 14:40Flying Pursuit2.00YES8.000.4094.27
27/07/2019Ascot 15:00Rip Orf1.00YES11.000.5094.77
27/07/2019York 15:15Addeybb1.00NO4.33-1.0093.77
27/07/2019Ascot 15:40Enable1.00NO1.620.6294.39
30/07/2019Goodwood 13:50Setting Sale2.00NO5.00-2.0092.39
30/07/2019Goodwood 14:25Positive1.50YES13.001.5093.89
30/07/2019Goodwood 15:00Sir Dancelot1.00YES7.503.9097.79
30/07/2019Goodwood 15:35Southern France1.00YES21.00-1.0096.79
31/07/2019Goodwood 13:50Paddys Motorbike1.50YES26.00-1.5095.29
31/07/2019Goodwood 14:25Mind The Crack1.00YES13.00-1.0094.29
31/07/2019Goodwood 15:00Hand On My Heart1.00YES12.00-1.0093.29
31/07/2019Goodwood 15:35Lord Glitters2.00YES8.50-2.0091.29
01/08/2019Goodwood 13:50Korcho2.00YES8.50-2.0089.29
01/08/2019Goodwood 14:25Royal Commando1.00YES15.00-1.0088.29
01/08/2019Goodwood 15:00Nayef Road1.00YES12.006.6094.89
01/08/2019Goodwood 15:35Deirdre1.50YES41.0036.00130.89
02/08/2019Goodwood 13:50Devant1.00YES34.00-1.00129.89
02/08/2019Goodwood 14:25Momkin2.00YES10.000.35130.24
02/08/2019Goodwood 15:00Beat Le Bon1.50YES11.009.00139.24
02/08/2019Goodwood 15:35Battaash1.00NO1.330.33139.57
03/08/2019Goodwood 13:50Puds1.50YES7.00-1.50138.07
03/08/2019Newmarket 14:05Spirit of Appin1.00YES4.50-1.00137.07
03/08/2019Goodwood 14:25Kings Advice1.00YES5.502.70139.77
03/08/2019Newmarket 14:40Falconidae1.00YES11.00-1.00138.77
03/08/2019Goodwood 15:00Enbihaar1.00YES4.001.88140.65
03/08/2019Goodwood 15:40Khaadem2.00YES8.008.40149.05
10/08/2019Ascot 13:05Danzeno1.00YES3.50-0.25148.80
10/08/2019Haydock 13:55Al Erayg1.00YES11.000.50149.30
10/08/2019Haydock 14:30Miss O Connor1.00NO2.881.88151.18
10/08/2019Ascot 14:50Another Batt1.00YES7.00-1.00150.18
10/08/2019Haydock 15:05Addeybb1.50NO2.101.65151.83
10/08/2019Ascot 15:25Never Do Nothing1.00YES5.50-0.05151.78
10/08/2019Newmarket 15:45West End Girl1.00YES6.503.30155.08
10/08/2019Ascot 16:00Hero Here2.00YES6.00-2.00153.08
17/08/2019Ripon 14:05Alaadel1.50YES8.00-1.50151.58
17/08/2019Newbury 14:25Sextant1.00YES5.50-1.00150.58
17/08/2019Newmarket 14:45Global Tango1.00YES15.00-1.00149.58
17/08/2019Newbury 15:00George William1.00NO4.33-1.00148.58
17/08/2019Ripon 15:15Lahore2.00YES11.00-2.00146.58
17/08/2019Newbury 15:35Glorious Journey1.00YES11.006.00152.58

Month Two Results

It was another cracking month for ITV Racing Tips with a further 28.54 points added to the pot, making it a total profit of 81.12 points for our review overall. The service couldn't stop pulling winning bets out of the bag, achieving a high strike rate of 52% and hitting a streak of 9 win/places in a row.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4444
Total Stakes (pts)57.057.0
Profit/Loss (pts)28.4628.54
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£284.60£285.40
Strike Rate54.5%54.5%
Overall Bank Growth81.0%81.1%
Bank (100pt starting)181.04181.12


DateEventBetTotal StakeE/W?Available PriceProfit/LossBank
21/08/2019York 13:55Justanotherbottle1.00YES7.50-1.00151.58
21/08/2019York 14:25Persuasion1.00YES5.00-1.00150.58
21/08/2019York 15:00Logician1.50NO2.251.88152.46
21/08/2019York 15:35Crystal Ocean2.00NO2.10-2.00150.46
22/08/2019York 13:55Precious Moments1.00YES11.00-1.00149.46
22/08/2019York 14:25National League1.00YES17.001.10150.56
22/08/2019York 15:00Kynren1.50YES6.500.09150.65
22/08/2019York 15:35Enable2.00NO1.290.58151.23
23/08/2019York 13:55Caradoc1.00YES8.500.44151.67
23/08/2019York 14:25Stradivarius2.00NO1.531.06152.73
23/08/2019York 15:00Threat1.50NO2.882.82155.55
23/08/2019York 15:35Fairyland1.00YES15.00-1.00154.55
24/08/2019York 13:50Wissahickon1.00NO2.88-1.00153.55
24/08/2019Goodwood 14:05Duke Of Hazard1.00YES4.332.08155.63
24/08/2019York 14:25Eminence2.00YES6.50-2.00153.63
24/08/2019Goodwood 14:40Boomer1.00NO3.502.50156.13
24/08/2019York 15:00Laurens1.00NO3.75-1.00155.13
24/08/2019York 15:40Red Galileo1.00YES26.002.63157.76
31/08/2019Sandown 13:50Justanotherbottle2.00YES5.505.40163.16
31/08/2019Beverley 14:05Good Birthday1.50YES3.752.58165.74
31/08/2019Sandown 14:25Mutaabeq1.00YES11.00-1.00164.74
31/08/2019Chester 14:45Makaar1.00YES17.00-1.00163.74
31/08/2019Sandown 15:00Duneflower1.00YES4.00-0.20163.54
31/08/2019Beverley 15:15Ornate1.00YES9.00-1.00162.54
07/09/20191.50 HaydockMoon King1.00YES7.00-1.00161.54
07/09/20192.05 KemptonRoyal Line1.00YES7.003.60165.14
07/09/20192.25 HaydockGreat Scot1.00YES6.003.13168.27
07/09/20192.45 AscotTabarrak1.00YES9.500.56168.83
07/09/20193.15 KemptonKasbaan1.00YES6.003.00171.83
07/09/20193.35 HaydockReshoun2.00YES7.500.63172.46
07/09/20194.10 HaydockHello Youmzian1.50YES7.003.60176.06
12/09/2019Doncaster 14:10Stylistique1.00YES7.000.25176.31
12/09/2019Doncaster 14:40Enbihaar2.00NO2.382.76179.07
12/09/2019Doncaster 15:15Repartee1.50YES8.500.38179.45
12/09/2019Doncaster 15:45Ananya1.00YES34.00-1.00178.45
13/09/2019Doncaster 14:10Pretty Baby1.00YES9.00-1.00177.45
13/09/2019Doncaster 14:40Saroog1.50NO2.38-1.50175.95
13/09/2019Doncaster 15:10Stradivarius2.00NO1.400.80176.75
13/09/2019Doncaster 15:45Alligator Alley1.00NO2.75-1.00175.75
14/09/20191.50 DoncasterMarnie James1.50YES15.00-1.50174.25
14/09/20192.05 ChesterSextant1.00YES7.006.00180.25
14/09/20192.45 ChelmsfordPiece Of History1.00YES8.00-1.00179.25
14/09/20193.00 DoncasterRoyal Cascade1.00YES4.00-0.13179.12
14/09/20193.35 DoncasterLogician2.00NO2.002.00181.12

Month Three Results

Results were poor in month three of our ITV Racing Tips review with a loss of just under 30 points. Thankfully, we were still way ahead with more than 50 points overall profit thanks to two amazing months prior to this.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4444
Total Stakes (pts)52.552.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-29.32-29.57
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£293.20-£295.70
Strike Rate15.9%15.9%
Overall Bank Growth51.7%51.6%
Bank (100pt starting)151.72151.55


DateEventBetTotal StakeE/W?Available PriceProfit/LossBank
21/09/20191.45 NewburyHit The Bid1.00YES10.000.40181.52
21/09/20192.00 AyrClub Wexford1.00YES11.00-1.00180.52
21/09/20192.20 NewburyWaldstern1.00YES5.50-1.00179.52
21/09/20192.40 AyrAlkaraama1.50YES5.00-1.50178.02
21/09/20192.55 NewburyMalotru1.00YES6.50-1.00177.02
21/09/20193.15 AyrPiece Of Paradise1.00YES9.00-1.00176.02
21/09/20193.30 NewburyMigration1.00YES7.50-1.00175.02
21/09/20193.50 AyrSummerghand2.00YES11.001.00176.02
27/09/20191.50 NewmarketChaleur1.50YES8.00-1.50174.52
27/09/20192.25 NewmarketPromissory1.00NO2.50-1.00173.52
27/09/20193.00 NewmarketFestival Day2.00YES7.00-2.00171.52
27/09/20193.35 NewmarketZaaki1.00YES6.50-1.00170.52
28/09/20191.50 NewmarketYear Of The Tiger1.00YES9.00-1.00169.52
28/09/20192.25 NewmarketTropbeau1.00YES5.50-0.05169.47
28/09/20193.00 NewmarketMonarch Of Egypt1.00YES11.00-1.00168.47
28/09/20193.40 NewmarketAnother Touch1.00YES34.00-1.00167.47
05/10/2019Newmarket 1.40Nearooz1.00YES9.00-1.00166.47
05/10/2019Ascot 2.00Intense Romance1.00YES13.00-1.00165.47
05/10/2019Newmarket 2.15Emten1.50YES17.00-1.50163.97
05/10/2019Ascot 2.35Raakib Alhawa1.00YES9.00-1.00162.97
05/10/2019Redcar 2.55Dubai Station1.00YES15.00-1.00161.97
05/10/2019Ascot 3.10Raising Sand2.00YES7.00-2.00159.97
05/10/2019Newmarket 3.25Hermosa1.00YES5.00-1.00158.97
05/10/2019Ascot 3.40Cape Byron1.00NO3.252.25161.22
11/10/2019Newmarket 1.50Lazuli1.00YES5.50-1.00160.22
11/10/2019Newmarket 2.25Stylistique1.00YES4.33-1.00159.22
11/10/2019York 2.40Waarif1.00YES6.000.13159.35
11/10/2019Newmarket 3.00Shine So Bright1.00NO3.25-1.00158.35
11/10/2019Newmarket 3.35Love1.00YES5.00-0.10158.25
11/10/2019York 3.50Hamish1.00NO3.752.75161.00
11/10/2019Newmarket 4.10Rhythmic Intent2.00YES12.001.75162.75
12/10/2019Newmarket 2.20Mythical1.00NO4.00-1.00161.75
12/10/2019York 2.40Lampang1.00NO2.38-1.00160.75
12/10/2019Newmarket 2.55Persia1.00YES6.50-1.00159.75
12/10/2019York 3.15Forest Ranger1.50YES8.00-1.50158.25
12/10/2019Newmarket 3.30Wichita1.00YES5.50-0.05158.20
12/10/2019York 3.50Hello Jonesy2.00YES11.00-2.00156.20
12/10/2019Newmarket 4.10Ranch Hand1.00YES7.00-1.00155.20
19/10/2019Ascot 13:35Make A Challenge1.00YES8.00-1.00154.20
19/10/2019Ascot 14:10Withhold1.00YES13.00-1.00153.20
19/10/2019Ascot 14:45Fleeting1.00YES8.00-1.00152.20
19/10/2019Ascot 15:20The Revenant1.50YES5.00-0.15152.05
19/10/2019Ascot 16:00Magical1.00NO2.501.50153.55
19/10/2019Ascot 16:40Clon Coulis2.00YES10.00-2.00151.55

Review Summary

We finished our ITV Racing Tips review with an overall profit of 51.55 points at an ROI of 29.8%, which works out as a an average monthly profit of 17.2 points. Based on stakes of £10 per point, that's £515.50 profit in total.

We were also able to make a profit betting at Betfair SP, although not quite as much as betting at regular bookmakers. At BSP we recorded a respectable profit of 29.07 points at an ROI of 16.8%, so that could still be a viable option for those that prefer to use betting exchanges.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets138138138
Total Stakes (pts)173.00173.00173.00
Profit/Loss (pts)51.7251.5529.07
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£517.20£515.50£290.70
Strike Rate37.0%37.0%37.7%
Overall Bank Growth51.7%51.6%29.1%
Bank (100pt starting)151.72151.55129.07

One of the great things with this service was that we were only betting on top class races shown either on ITV on a Saturday or sometimes during the week for big meetings such as Cheltenham festival.

Included with each selection was a short analysis of why the horse was fancied, as well as advised stakes and odds.

We had no doubt that it would be a quality tipping service, based on our previous review of Carl Nicholson's other horse racing tips service, the Racing Diary.

It's a straight-forward "pass" rating for ITV Racing Tips.

Review Stats+51.55pts profit, 29.8% ROI, 37% SR
Stakes Advised between 1-2 point stakes
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 40-50 per month
Time of emailsWeekly, evening before the races
Price£5 one off for a day of tips, £19.99 per month or £99 for six months

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