Trading Prophet Review: Automated Football Betting

Trading Prophet Review

Trading Prophet is a portfolio of football and horse racing betting and trading systems that are able to be fully automated.

After the initial set up, which took around 10-15 minutes, selections were scheduled to load up automatically each morning, so it could simply be left to run.

The service is run by Jon Roberts, who also runs the Predictology service which we had awarded a "pass" rating in our review.

Jon has been involved in the betting industry for quite some time and has a keen interest in data analysis, which has been a key skill for putting together his systems over the years.

To automate the systems, access to BF Bot Manager is required and it would be quite difficult to place trades manually so it is advised to use the bot.

Following the instructions, we found it fairly simple to import the strategies to the bot. There were 6 strategies showing live in the software, but actually there are only 7 systems.

This is because some of the strategies contain inter-linked strategies which come in to play during a game depending on the game time and game state.

The 7 systems include 6 football strategies (Second Half, Over 1.5, FH 1.5, L2B, CSP Over 1.5, Odds On Lays) and 1 horse racing strategy (originally Lay to Back but now a Straight Win strategy).

There is a staking calculator provided in the form of a spreadsheet, where you can enter your available starting bank and it tells you exactly how to split the bank between each strategy to enter into the bot.

By default it is set to £2,500 and as it said the minimum to be used is £2,000, we decided just to keep it at the default.

We had the bot running on a VPS, so there was nothing left to do except check back from time to time and see how the strategies were performing.

The service performed well during our review, achieving an impressive three out of four profitable months. In total, the service made us £595.55 profit with very little effort involved.

We were happy to award a "pass" rating to Trading Prophet.

Month One Update

At the end of the first month of our Trading Prophet review we had lost £162.36 from all of the systems combined, which worked out as 6.49% of our starting bank.

The Racing Apex system had performed poorly, losing £140.02 over the course of the month. The Footy Odds On Lays system also had a bad month with £72.24 lost. We hoped to see these systems back on track and into a profitable position soon.


Trading Prophet Review - Update One

Month Two Update

Month two of our Trading Prophet review had gone much better with £210.10 profit. This meant that the loss from month one had been fully recovered and our overall profit was up to £47.74.

The Racing Apex was still in a losing position but had recovered slightly, so we hoped to these positive results carry on.


Trading Prophet Review - Update Two

Month Three Update

It was a great month for Trading Prophet with £299.66 profit added to the pot, taking our total profit up to £347.40.

The strategy table was looking healthy at this stage with all but three of the systems in a profitable position and an almost fully green screen.

The Racing Apex system was well on the way to recovering after taking quite a hit in the first month of our review. It had made a profit in both month two and three and would soon be in profit if it carried on in that fashion.


Trading Prophet Review - Update Three

Month Four Update

It was yet another profitable month for Trading Prophet, with a further £248.15 profit banked. This brought our total profit up to £595.55 for the four months overall.


Trading Prophet Review - Update Four

Review Summary

Trading Prophet had been a very easy service to use as it was completely automated by a bot, so all bets were placed and results were tallied up automatically for us.

We finished our four month review with a total of £595.55 profit, which was a 23.8% increase to our starting bank.

  • Update 1: -£162.36 
  • Update 2: +£210.10
  • Update 3 : +£299.66
  • Update 4: £248.15
  • Total: +£595.55

All but three of the strategies were profitable overall during our review, with the Football L2B v2 and Footy Odds On Lays strategies performing the best.

We're happy to recommend Trading Prophet and it was an easy decision to award it with a "pass".

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We made an easy £595.55 profit in our Trading Prophet review, using a fully automated portfolio of football and horse racing betting and trading systems.

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