Mystic Tips Review: Month One Update

Mystic Tips review

Mystic Tips is quite a rarity, as they are one of the few betting services around that provide Australian horse racing tips.

It's difficult to find tipsters that focus solely on horse racing from Australia and the ones that we have found seem to come with quite a large price tag.

Mystic Tips is from the Betting Gods platform, so you can expect a more affordable subscription fee and often there is a trial price available, so you can try the service out first before paying the full price.

The tipster behind the service is Michelle, who made a great impression during her proofing period with all four months finishing with a profit. Since December 2022 to the time of writing, she has made a total of 74.83 points profit at an ROI of 9.37%.

The service advertises quite a high volume of bets with an average of 113 tips per month sent by email. The tips are also available in the member's area of the website or on the Betting Gods app for mobile devices.

We are expecting to be betting on race favourites mostly, as the average odds during the past four months work out at 2.02.

There are several UK bookmakers that have markets available on Australian horse racing and also Betfair Exchange. We will find out the best way to get bets on during our review and will report back with results at the odds we were able to find.

Month One Update

It wasn't a great start to our Mystic Tips review with a 10.2% decrease to our starting bank of 75 points in the first month.

The average odds for the selections were 1.85 but this average was brought up by a few higher odds win bets. The majority of the bets were below 1.60 as they were in the place market.

We had recorded our results at bookmaker odds but we also put an order in an Betfair at the advised odds to see if it would be matched. Liquidity was poor at Betfair but often the bet was matched eventually, or we left it to be placed at SP otherwise.

As you can see in our results below, the Betfair results were slightly worse than at the bookmakers.

For the place bets, the only bookmaker that we could find them at was Bet365.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBetfair (incl. commission)
Number of Bets717171
Total Stakes (pts)72.572.572.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-8.47-7.65-10.37
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£84.70)(£76.50)(£103.70)
Strike Rate56.3%56.3%56.3%
Overall Bank Growth-11.3%-10.2%-13.8%
Bank (75pt starting)66.5367.3664.63


DateRaceBetWin/PlaceStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
15/04/2023Ascot R46. Ciscojoe (1)Place1.001.500.50 75.50
15/04/2023Ascot R54. Snowdome (1)Place1.001.300.30 75.80
16/04/2023Sunshine Coast R53. Fearless Knight (1)Place1.001.50-1.00 74.80
16/04/2023Scone R13. Pyromania (5)Place1.001.70-1.00 73.80
17/04/2023Nowra R23. Final Comment (5)Place1.001.220.22 74.02
17/04/2023Nowra R64. Justina (1)Place1.001.55-1.00 73.02
18/04/2023Sandown R14. Ebony King (9)Place1.001.400.40 73.42
18/04/2023Sandown R24. Tick Tock Lady (4)Place1.001.75-1.00 72.42
19/04/2023Rockhampton R42. Police (7)Place1.001.40-1.00 71.42
19/04/2023Pinjarra R71. Ultimate Style (3)Place1.001.450.45 71.87
20/04/2023Cairns R63. Count Of Carford (7)Place1.001.550.55 72.42
20/04/2023Canberra R42. Hello Jack (2)Place1.001.300.30 72.72
20/04/2023Wodonga R72. Storm's Colours (6)Place1.002.601.60 74.32
21/04/2023Morphettville R12. Eaglelou (8)Place1.001.500.50 74.82
21/04/2023Dalby R93. Instant Karma (1)Place1.001.36-1.00 73.82
22/04/2023Albany R31. Divine Mercy (6)Place1.001.290.29 74.11
23/04/2023Townsville R34. Mystery 'N' Magic (1)Place1.001.44-1.00 73.11
24/04/2023Ascot R22. Military Power (10)Place1.001.250.25 73.36
24/04/2023Ascot R33. Weaponson (4)Win0.501.73-0.50 72.86
25/04/2023Toowoomba R35. Ravaged Award (3)Place1.001.220.22 73.08
26/04/2023Mackay R31. Victory's Ghost (6)Place1.001.130.13 73.21
27/04/2023Ipswich R33. Acrobatic (3)Place1.001.200.20 73.41
28/04/2023Morphettville R21. Prince Jofra (2)Place1.001.55-1.00 72.41
29/04/2023Northam R76. Comfort Me (5)Place1.001.850.85 73.26
29/04/2023Hobart R91. Romary (5)Win0.503.50-0.50 72.76
29/04/2023Hobart R91. Romary (5)Place1.501.70-1.50 71.26
30/04/2023Taree R54. Swift Charm (10)Win0.502.200.60 71.86
30/04/2023Taree R54. Swift Charm (10)Place1.501.330.50 72.36
01/05/2023Thangool R77. Single Honor (1)Win0.501.670.34 72.69
01/05/2023Thangool R22. Schappose (4)Place1.001.58-1.00 71.69
02/05/2023Eagle Farm R4Burnt By Bernie (1)Place1.001.45-1.00 70.69
03/05/2023Pinjarra R39. Heavenly Lady (7)Place1.001.22-1.00 69.69
03/05/2023Pinjarra R64. Rumour Says (6)Win0.503.20-0.50 69.19
03/05/2023Pinjarra R64. Rumour Says (6)Place1.501.55-1.50 67.69
04/05/2023Albany R72. Divine Mercy (2)Place1.001.55-1.00 66.69
04/05/2023Albany R52. Avoidance (9)Win0.501.800.40 67.09
04/05/2023Albany R52. Avoidance (9)Place1.501.170.26 67.35
04/05/2023Townsville R53. Bravio (3)Win0.504.00-0.50 66.85
04/05/2023Townsville R53. Bravio (3)Place1.501.60-1.50 65.35
05/05/2023Toowoomba R32. Prepotent (5)Win0.503.75-0.50 64.85
05/05/2023Toowoomba R32. Prepotent (5)Place1.001.550.55 65.40
05/05/2023Toowoomba R53. Flank Speed (2)Place1.001.500.50 65.90
06/05/2023Kalgoorlie R31. Men's Club (2)Win1.001.67-1.00 64.90
06/05/2023Kalgoorlie R31. Men's Club (2)Place2.001.300.60 65.50
07/05/2023Taree R13. Sumo Fish (6)Win0.504.80-0.50 65.00
07/05/2023Taree R13. Sumo Fish (6)Place1.502.05-1.50 63.50
07/05/2023Taree R22. Schiller Bay (4)Win0.502.900.95 64.45
07/05/2023Taree R22. Schiller Bay (4)Place1.501.400.60 65.05
08/05/2023Mackay R56. Imposing Beau (5)Place1.002.101.10 66.15
08/05/2023Mackay R37. In Bel's Shadow (6)Win0.506.00-0.50 65.65
08/05/2023Mackay R37. In Bel's Shadow (6)Place1.501.90-1.50 64.15
08/05/2023Mackay R23. Flop Turn River (2)Win0.504.001.50 65.65
08/05/2023Mackay R23. Flop Turn River (2)Place1.501.701.05 66.70
09/05/2023Randwick-Kensington R22. Plundering (3)Win1.002.901.90 68.60
09/05/2023Randwick-Kensington R22. Plundering (3)Place2.001.551.10 69.70
09/05/2023Randwick-Kensington R33. From The Bush (1)Place1.002.35-1.00 68.70
10/05/2023Cairns R63. Plagiarized (3)Place1.001.45-1.00 67.70
10/05/2023York R41. Juan Won One (5)Place1.001.350.35 68.05
10/05/2023York R63. The Chief Justice (1)Place1.001.400.40 68.45
11/05/2023Cranbourne R65. Brungle Raider (8)Place1.001.30-1.00 67.45
11/05/2023Cranbourne R72. Powerful Eagle (7)Place1.001.400.40 67.85
12/05/2023Scone R12. Dipsy Doodle (5)Place1.001.330.33 68.18
12/05/2023Doomben R88. Giga Kick (4)Win0.501.670.34 68.51
12/05/2023Doomben R88. Giga Kick (4)Place2.501.150.38 68.89
12/05/2023Belmont R33. Rusty Dreams (7)Place1.001.250.25 69.14
12/05/2023Gold Coast Poly R51. Ralphie (5)Win0.501.830.42 69.55
12/05/2023Gold Coast Poly R51. Ralphie (5)Place1.501.170.26 69.81
13/05/2023Parkes R24. Avalicious (5)Place1.001.50-1.00 68.81
13/05/2023Albany R42. Bentley Beau (6)Place1.001.550.55 69.36
13/05/2023Albany R62. Avoidance (6)Place1.001.35-1.00 68.36
14/05/2023Murwillumbah R23. Eyes To Eye (6)Place1.001.55-1.00 67.36

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