Both Teams To Score And Win Crusher Review

Both Teams To Score and Win Crusher

We have reached the end of our review of the Both Teams To Score & Win System and Dave has sent over an update of his latest results. The system has worked very well for him indeed and he has...

Thoroughbred Betting Review

Thoroughbred Betting

We have come to the end of our review of Thoroughbred Betting and sadly the service has performed poorly since the start of our trial which started three months ago. In total, we have lost 30.8 points to level 1...

Elite Betting Syndicate Review

Elite Betting Syndicate

At the end of our three month trial of Elite Betting Syndicate we have made a profit of 11.86 points at an ROI of 4.6% at the available odds. The service has been easy to follow with tips being sent...

The Snout Review

The Snout

After three months following tips from The Snout horse racing betting service, we have come to the end of our review and we are ready to give a final rating. During the first two months of the trial the service...

DG Tips Review

DG Tips

We have completed our review of DG Tips and although we made a profit in two out of the three months, we failed to make a profit overall due to the heavy loss reported in our second update. The service...

Football Advisor Betting Review

Football Advisor Lays

It's been another steady month for Football Advisor Lays, with a strike rate of 87.5% giving us a profit of 5.30 points. Since the start of the review we have made a total profit of 23.17 points at an ROI...

Matched Bets Review

Matched Bets

Matched betting is a risk free way of making money from the incentives, such as free bets and refund bonuses, that online bookies offer to new and existing customers. It's a strategy that has been around for a long time,...

Racing Accumulator Review

Racing Accumulator

We have reached the end of our Racing Accumulator review after receiving a huge amount of bets - 1961 to be exact! We have made a substantial profit during the review, mainly from the Straight Backing strategy, but it hasn't...

Winning Footy Tips Review

Winning Footy Tips

We have been trialling Winning Footy Tips from Bets For Today over the last three months and we're ready to announce our final verdict. With all three months delivering a profit and an outstanding 45.8% return on our investment, it's...

Great Bets Review

Great Bets

Welcome to our review of Great Bets, a multi-sports betting service run by professional bettor/tipster Martin. Unfortunately, we have had to cut the review short as the service has hit the worst period of performance since launching back in March...

Profit Squad Review

Profit Squad

Welcome to our Profit Squad review, where we will be taking a look at another popular matched betting service and finding out how it stacks up against what is already out there.

Each Way Sniper Review

Each Way Sniper

We have been running our review of Mike Cruickshank's Each Way Sniper betting system for over a month and we’re back with an update of our results. From 37 bets we made a total profit of £149.83 using £25 each...

Bet Fairway Review

Bet Fairway

We have been following tips from the Bet Fairway golf betting service for five months now and after experiencing three losing months in a row, we have decided to call it a day.

Boost My Investment Review

Boost My Investment

We have reached the end of our three month review of Boost My Investment and after two out of three losing months we have finished with a total loss of £999.85 with an ROI of -7.4% at the available odds.

Jolly Lock IP Review

Jolly Lock IP

Jolly Lock IP is a virtual desktop that has been designed to combat this problem by completely blocking any spyware and protecting you from the bookie’s prying eyes. You are given a unique UK IP address, so you can log...

HorseCashBuilder Review


We are back with the final update to our review of HorseCashBuilder and unfortunately were unable to build on last month's profit, finishing with a loss of £149.50 in month three. This gives us an overall loss of £96.00 at...