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Racing Consultants Review
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  • Last modified: 18th May 2018

Welcome to our Racing Consultants review - A betting service from industry experts David Massey and Rory Delargy who offer well researched horse racing tips daily.


  • Detailed analysis with selections
  • Bets received well in advance of events
  • Transparent results
  • Tips emailed and also available in the member's area of the website


  • Long losing runs at times, but profitable in the long-term
  • Membership fees on the high side, although the annual option offers better value

We have been following Racing Consultants over the past four months as part of our second trial of the service. Unfortunately, after a fantastic end to 2017 the service has struggled throughout the beginning of this year to deliver a profit.

We have had three losing months in a row now and have racked up a loss of 26.12 points at the available odds. However, we did start with a 100 point bank so we are far from danger at this stage.

The nature of this type of service, where you are often betting on high priced horses, means that there often long losing runs and variance can be high. During our second trial we experienced a 72 point drawdown, which could be quite devestating for someone joining the service at the beginning of the downturn.

Our first trial back in 2015/16 painted a different picture, with a profit of 30.82 points at an ROI of 10.6% over a three month period. However, we still experienced the same highs and lows, with 2 out of 3 months making a loss.

The service is run by David Massey and Rory Delargy, who both work in the betting industry – David (also known as Chutney Dave) is a correspondent on William Hill and Bet Racing Nation and also writes for the Betting Insiders Club. Rory is a Timeform Radio and Cheltenham Racecourse pundit, an Irish Field Naps correspondant and William Hill radio guest analyst.

Review Stats

Trial 1: 30.82pts profit, 10.6% ROI, 17.4% SR

Trial 2: -26.12pts profit, -10.4% ROI, 14% SR

Stakes 0.5-2 point stakes advised
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 50 per month
Time of emailsAround 11.00am
Price£19.99 for 1st month, then £39.99 per month or £299 annually

Throughout both trials we have felt confident that the pair knew what they were talking about. The service they offer is much more than just sending out a few tips each day; they also put together a write-up on the member’s blog, offering advice and insight to other races, as well as an analysis of their final selections.

Key Stats Trial 1:
 Advised OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets247247
Total Stakes (pts)291.50291.50
Profit/Loss (pts)+30.82+8.60
Profits/Loss (£10 stakes)+£308.20+£86.00
Average Odds17.7415.77
Strike Rate17.4%17.4%

Key Stats Trial 2:
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets200200200
Total Stakes (pts)250.00250.00250.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-20.10-26.12-42.40
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£201.00-£261.20-£424.00
Average Odds13.2712.7215.46
Strike Rate14.0%14.0%14.0%
Overall Bank Growth-20.1%-26.1%-42.4%
Bank (100pt starting)79.9073.8857.60

The tipping emails usually arrive around 11.00am and the blog also goes up around the same time or shortly after, so there has been plenty of time before the race to get the bets on. The majority of bets were staked between 1-2pts and varied between single win bets, each-way and the occasional forecasts and each-way doubles.

Trial 1 Graph

Trial 2 Graph

Racing Consultants Review Graph


It's a tricky one, as we do feel that this is one of the better horse racing tips services around. We have found the service to be very professional and David and Rory really go the extra mile to provide well-researched tips along with in-depth reasoning behind the bets.

For some people though, the losing runs will just be too much to handle and after three losing months in a row they may give up on it. It requires a patient approach and understandably, it won't be suitable for everyone.

There is also the membership price aspect, which is slightly on the high side without a consistent profit coming in each month to cover fees. Investing in an annual membership would be the way to go, which brings the monthly price down to under £25 and makes you more committed to riding the tide to reap the long term rewards.

Based on what we have seen over two separate trials, regretfully we will be downgrading our rating from pass to neutral. We will certainly not be writing this service off, it been around for a long time now and looks set to continue to weather the storm and provide long term profits.

Racing Consultants Review (2nd trial): Update Four

25th March 2018

DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
23/02/20183.00 WarwSparkling River1.006.00-1.0091.53
23/02/20183.50 LingBobby Wheeler1.009.00-1.0090.53
24/02/20181.45 FairRandalls Ur Poet1.0010.00-1.0089.53
24/02/20181.45 FairRFC Mitchouka/Randalls Ur Poet0.500.00-0.5089.03
24/02/20182.25 KempBeau Gosse1.005.00-1.0088.03
24/02/20183.00 KempCarntop1.0034.00-1.0087.03
24/02/20183.35 KempTintern Theatre1.009.00-1.0086.03
26/02/20188.15 WolvDougan1.008.50-1.0085.03
16/03/2018County HurdleChesterfield e/w2.0026.005.2590.28
06/03/20182.20 SoutArchimedes1.004.00-1.0089.28
06/03/20183.20 SoutKatie Gale1.003.25-1.0088.28
15/03/2018Ryanair ChaseFrodon e/w2.0017.00-2.0086.28
16/03/2018Gold CupRoad To Respect1.0011.00-1.0085.28
10/03/20181.50 SandRun To Milan e/w2.0015.00-2.0083.28
10/03/20182.25 SandLe Patriote e/w2.0010.00-2.0081.28
10/03/2018NH ChaseMs Parfois1.0012.00-1.0080.28
10/03/2018Novices' Handicap ChaseDe Plotting Shed e/w2.007.50-2.0078.28
13/03/20182.50 ChelShantou Flyer e/w2.0017.003.0081.28
13/03/20183.30 ChelCh'tibello e/w1.0051.00-1.0080.28
14/03/20184.50 ChelEragon de Chanay2.0017.00-2.0078.28
14/03/20181.30 ChelBlack Op e/w2.0011.001.0079.28
14/03/20182.50 ChelJeannot de Nonant e/w2.0051.00-2.0077.28
14/03/20183.30 ChelMin2.005.00-2.0075.28
14/03/20184.10 ChelUrgent de Gregaine1.0019.00-1.0074.28
15/03/20181.30 ChelShattered Love1.007.006.0080.28
15/03/20182.50 ChelFrodon1.0010.00-1.0079.28
15/03/20183.30 ChelColin's Sister e/w1.0041.00-1.0078.28
15/03/20184.10 ChelWillie Boy e/w1.0017.00-1.0077.28
15/03/20184.10 ChelVillage Vic e/w1.0034.00-1.0076.28
15/03/20185.30 ChelFinal Nudge e/w2.0017.00-2.0074.28
16/03/20181.30 ChelFarclas e/w2.009.009.6083.88
16/03/20182.50 ChelFabulous Saga e/w2.0034.00-2.0081.88
16/03/20183.30 ChelAmerican e/w2.0034.00-2.0079.88
17/03/20181.50 UttxSahara Haze1.003.75-1.0078.88
17/03/20183.00 UttxHitherjacques Lady1.0010.00-1.0077.88
17/03/20183.35 UttxBob Ford0.5017.00-0.5077.38
17/03/20183.35 UttxBack To The Thatch0.507.00-0.5076.88
17/03/20182.40 KempSolomn Grundy1.0013.00-1.0075.88
17/03/20183.15 KempBrandon Hill1.006.00-1.0074.88
17/03/20184.15 WexfCocktails At Dawn1.006.50-1.0073.88

Racing Consultants Review (2nd trial): Update Three

25th February 2018

It's been a poor month again for Racing Consultants where we have experienced another long streak of 28 losing bets in a row. The run is actually still on-going and we're now up to 36 bets without a win. Frustratingly, this puts us back to square one with all of our profit wiped out and our bank sitting at 92.53 points, which is a total loss of 7.47 points.

Key Stats - Update Three (2nd trial)
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets646464
Total Stakes (pts)81.0081.0081.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-20.4-20.4-26.8
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£204.00-£204.00-£268.00
Average Odds13.4712.6915.50
Strike Rate14.1%14.1%14.1%
Overall Bank Growth-2.5%-7.5%-19.9%
Bank (100pt starting)97.5592.5380.10

Results - Update Three (2nd trial)
DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
21/01/20182.50 ThurWoodland Opera1.007.00-1.00111.93
22/01/20184.20 WolvRiver Rule1.005.00-1.00110.93
22/01/20187.20 WolvBerlusca1.507.00-1.50109.43
23/01/20183.05 SoutFoolaad2.005.509.00118.43
23/01/20184.10 SoutNew Tale e/w1.0041.00-1.00117.43
24/01/20182.40 LingMiss Dusky Diva1.504.33-1.50115.93
24/01/20184.15 LingFree Talkin1.0013.00-1.00114.93
25/01/20181.25 WarwDark Aster1.0017.00-1.00113.93
25/01/20182.00 WarwThe Artful Cobbler1.505.006.00119.93
25/01/20183.55 SoutMajestic Moon1.0010.009.00128.93
26/01/20183.05 DoncBako de La Salauie1.504.50-1.50127.43
26/01/20183.40 DoncDoes It In Style1.504.33-1.50125.93
27/01/20181.15 ChelSizing Tennessee1.504.50-1.50124.43
27/01/20181.50 ChelCoo Star Sivola1.504.50-1.50122.93
27/01/20182.25 ChelAmerican e/w2.006.000.00122.93
27/01/20183.35 ChelColin's Sister e/w1.0012.000.60123.53
28/01/20181.50 NaasForge Meadow1.005.00-1.00122.53
28/01/20183.20 NaasRandalls Ur Poet1.006.00-1.00121.53
28/01/20184.20 NaasBatcio e/w1.0034.00-1.00120.53
30/01/20182.15 SoutMister Freeze e/w2.0015.00-2.00118.53
30/01/20182.55 PunchLady In Lavender2.005.00-2.00116.53
31/01/20183.25 LeicTriple Chief1.006.50-1.00115.53
31/01/20183.55 LeicWhats Up Rory e/w1.0026.00-1.00114.53
02/02/20184.15 LingVan Huysen1.0015.00-1.00113.53
02/02/20187.45 WolvThe Kings Steed e/w2.0011.00-2.00111.53
03/02/20181.10 LeopJetz1.009.00-1.00110.53
03/02/20181.15 SandGino Trail1.004.003.00113.53
03/02/20182.25 SandCyrname1.004.00-1.00112.53
03/02/20183.00 SandKing Of Fashion e/w1.0015.00-1.00111.53
03/02/20183.30 LeopIdentity Thief e/w1.0067.00-1.00110.53
03/02/20183.35 SandBallydine1.007.006.00116.53
03/02/20184.10 SandLandin1.0013.0012.00128.53
04/02/20181.50 LeopEarly Doors1.0034.00-1.00127.53
04/02/20182.25 LeopA Great View1.008.50-1.00126.53
04/02/20183.10 MussKnock House1.0026.00-1.00125.53
06/02/20183.05 SoutFoolaad1.503.003.00128.53
06/02/20183.35 SoutNew Tale1.0013.00-1.00127.53
07/02/20182.45 FairRandalls Ur Poet1.504.33-1.50126.03
07/02/20186.55 WolvShudbeme e/w1.0023.00-1.00125.03
07/02/20188.25 WolvDreams of Glory e/w1.0026.00-1.00124.03
08/02/20181.45 HuntThe Ogle Gogle Man1.008.00-1.00123.03
09/02/20182.45 BangModule1.006.00-1.00122.03
09/02/20183.30 KempBrandon Hill1.504.00-1.50120.53
10/02/20181.50 NewbBarters Hill1.003.50-1.00119.53
10/02/20183.35 NewbWaterlord e/w2.0029.00-2.00117.53
10/02/20183.35 NewbCoeur Blimey e/w1.0026.00-1.00116.53
10/02/20184.25 NaasEasy Pass1.508.00-1.50115.03
10/02/20184.40 NewbEnrichissant e/w1.0041.00-1.00114.03
10/02/20184.55 NaasPolished Steel1.504.00-1.50112.53
11/02/20183.15 PuncDanse Away1.007.00-1.00111.53
14/02/20184.50 LingBlack Dave e/w2.0017.00-2.00109.53
15/02/20184.20 FontShockingtimes2.003.75-2.00107.53
15/02/20187.30 ChlmTime To Reason1.0011.00-1.00106.53
16/02/20183.00 SandCabragh1.0011.00-1.00105.53
16/02/20183.20 FakeJarlath1.005.50-1.00104.53
16/02/20184.05 SandPotters Legend1.006.00-1.00103.53
16/02/20186.45 NewcRun With Pride1.007.00-1.00102.53
17/02/20183.00 AsctDieg Man1.005.00-1.00101.53
17/02/20183.15 HaydBlaklion2.004.00-2.0099.53
17/02/20183.30 LingCompass Scoobie1.0015.00-1.0098.53
17/02/20183.35 AsctSperedek2.0029.00-2.0096.53
18/02/20181.50 NavanAntey2.005.50-2.0094.53
20/02/20183.10 TaunWill o'The West1.0012.00-1.0093.53
20/02/20187.10 WolvPushkin Museum1.0013.00-1.0092.53

This isn't a service that takes a lot of time to follow, so we will continue tracking results to see if things get any better in the coming months.

Racing Consultants Review (2nd trial): Update Two

25th January 2018

We're back with the latest results to our re-trial of Racing Consultants and things haven't been going well at all in January, with the service experiencing a terrible run of 25 losing bets in a row.

The damage isn't too bad at this stage with a loss of 13.4 points for the month, which could quickly be recovered with a couple of winning bets. 

Unfortunately, we seem to have missed a few winning bets during the Christmas break totalling over 30 points profit, which would have given us a different outcome for the month. However, we did add on the days missed to the end of the month so that we have a full month's worth of results to report.

That's the way things fall sometimes and it could just have easily gone the other way. There's plenty of time for the service to get back on track as we will be following the tips for at least another 2-3 months.

Thanks to the great performance in the first month, the service is still showing an overall profit in our review of 12.93 points at the available odds and 6.9 points at BSP.

Key Stats - Update Two (2nd trial)
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets363636
Total Stakes (pts)46.5046.5046.50
Profit/Loss (pts)-128.00-13.40-17.02
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£128.00-£134.00-£170.20
Average Odds11.7711.4414.63
Strike Rate13.9%13.9%13.9%
Overall Bank Growth18.0%12.9%6.9%
Bank (100pt starting)117.95112.93106.90

Results - Update Two (2nd trial)
DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
14/12/20171.05 TaunArthur Burrell1.0012.00-1.00125.33
15/12/20173.40 ChelJester Jet1.0010.00-1.00124.33
16/12/20171.55 CheltBallyalton e/w2.0010.000.80125.13
16/12/20173.05 CheltThe New One1.003.50-1.00124.13
17/12/20171.20 NavnGrand Partner e/w2.0034.007.25131.38
18/12/20171.50 PlumFrank N Fair1.008.007.00138.38
20/12/201712.50 LudlMax Forte e/w2.0021.00-2.00136.38
22/12/20171.55 AsctCoeur Blimey1.0010.00-1.00135.38
22/12/20172.30 AsctBenatar1.003.252.25137.63
22/12/20173.05 AsctThe Mighty Don1.005.00-1.00136.63
03/01/20182.20 LudlTree of Liberty1.0012.008.80145.43
03/01/20182.40 SoutBold Spirit1.008.50-1.00144.43
04/01/20181.45 BangShanty Town1.007.00-1.00143.43
04/01/20183.20 BangYoung Lou e/w2.0013.00-2.00141.43
05/01/201812.55 SoutCool Baby1.009.00-1.00140.43
06/01/20183.00 SandNo Duffer e/w2.0026.00-2.00138.43
06/01/20182.05 ChepMilansbar e/w2.0017.00-2.00136.43
06/01/20182.05 ChepO'Faolains Boy e/w1.0034.00-1.00135.43
08/01/20187.15 WolvOneroa1.504.33-1.50133.93
10/01/20181.55 LudlMegabucks1.009.00-1.00132.93
10/01/20182.25 LudlJohns Luck1.0026.00-1.00131.93
11/01/20181.30 CattVengeur de Guye1.0011.00-1.00130.93
11/01/20182.35 CattAlto des Mottes1.0019.00-1.00129.93
11/01/20187.00 ChlmVan Huysen1.0013.00-1.00128.93
12/01/20182.20 LingShyron e/w2.006.50-2.00126.93
12/01/20183.10 SedgKing's Eclipse1.002.88-1.00125.93
13/01/20181.50 WarwDuel At Dawn1.003.50-1.00124.93
13/01/20182.40 KempRiver Frost e/w2.007.00-2.00122.93
13/01/20183.00 WarwCount Meribel1.004.00-1.00121.93
13/01/20183.35 WarwKrackatoa King e/w2.0010.00-2.00119.93
16/01/20182.00 HereHandsome Sam1.0010.00-1.00118.93
16/01/20183.40 HereBorn To Size1.004.50-1.00117.93
17/01/20182.40 MrasHarrisons Promise1.008.00-1.00116.93
17/01/20182.50 LingWidnes1.003.75-1.00115.93
20/01/20182.25 AsctOxwich Bay2.005.00-2.00113.93
20/01/20183.35 AsctSperedek1.0021.00-1.00112.93

We will report back next month with the latest update of our results.

Racing Consultants Review (2nd trial): Update One

14th December 2017

Almost two years on since we completed our review, we have decided to revisit horse racing tips service Racing Consultants with a new trial to see whether it still warrants a pass rating. 

We have been checking up on the results published to the website and it seems that following our review the service had a terrible time, failing to make a profit in 2016 and finishing the year with a loss of 17 points.

It may have been a correction after the fantastic result achieved in 2015 of over 300 points profit, but we're not sure many subscribers would be willing to stick around for that long without a profit.

Moving on to 2017, things are going much better with the results up until the end of October showing a profit of 129.08 points. 

We've had a great start in our new trial which started on the 14th November, making a profit of 26.33 points at an ROI of 37.6% at the available odds so far.

Key Stats - Update One (2nd trial)
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets606060
Total Stakes (pts)70.0070.0070.00
Profit/Loss (pts)30.7526.3323.92
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£307.50£263.30£239.20
Average Odds11.9711.613.09
Strike Rate15.0%15.0%15.0%
Bank Growth30.8%26.3%23.9%
Bank (100pt starting)130.75126.33123.92

Results - Update One (2nd trial)
DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
14/11/20172.30 WorcFinula1.0015.00-1.0099.00
14/11/20172.50 LingUn Prophete1.006.00-1.0098.00
15/11/20171.25 ExetSperedek1.005.504.50102.50
15/11/20172.00 ExetJepek1.003.25-1.00101.50
16/11/20173.30 LudlPetite Power1.004.00-1.00100.50
17/11/201712.40 ChelPickamix1.0011.00-1.0099.50
17/11/201712.40 ChelGentleman Jon1.0021.00-1.0098.50
17/11/20171.15 ChelCoeur Blimey1.008.00-1.0097.50
17/11/20171.50 ChelKapstadt1.004.50-1.0096.50
17/11/20172.25 ChelRFC William Henry/Movewiththtimes1.005.00-1.0095.50
17/11/20173.00 ChelUrgent de Grergaine1.006.00-1.0094.50
17/11/20173.35 ChelCallett Mad1.004.50-1.0093.50
19/11/20173.00 ChelThe New One e/w2.0010.501.3894.88
22/11/20171.50 ChepShroughmore Lass1.005.504.5099.38
22/11/20177.40 KempNorthwest Frontier1.0012.00-1.0098.38
23/11/201712.10 MarkEuxton Lane e/w2.009.00-2.0096.38
23/11/20171.50 NewcBritish Art1.003.502.5098.88
23/11/20174.05 NewcBowson Fred1.005.50-1.0097.88
24/11/20171.30 AsctSettie Hill1.007.50-1.0096.88
24/11/20171.50 CattRaktiman e/w1.0029.00-1.0095.88
24/11/20172.40 AsctPougne Bobbi1.006.50-1.0094.88
24/11/20177.15 NewcYoung Tiger1.006.00-1.0093.88
25/11/201712.55 AsctWill o'The West1.007.50-1.0092.88
25/11/20172.05 AsctTop Notch1.003.752.7595.63
25/11/20172.40 AsctL'Ami Serge1.005.00-1.0094.63
25/11/20173.50 AsctPortrush Ted1.005.00-1.0093.63
25/11/20172.25 HaydLe Rocher2.0011.00-2.0091.63
25/11/20172.25 HaydSam Spinner e/w2.0010.0010.80102.43
27/11/20172.00 KempMorello Royale1.0017.00-1.00101.43
28/11/201712.10 SoutCousin Khee1.008.50-1.00100.43
28/11/201712.40 SoutSummer Name e/w1.0067.0029.70130.13
28/11/20171.10 SoutBorough Boy1.0013.00-1.00129.13
29/11/20172.10 HerePlantagenet1.003.50-1.00128.13
29/11/20172.20 WolvMythical Madness1.007.50-1.00127.13
29/11/20172.30 WetbRoad To Rome1.008.00-1.00126.13
30/11/20171.40 TowcAcertain Circus1.0034.00-1.00125.13
01/12/201712:50 NewbCrievehill1.007.00-1.00124.13
01/12/20171:50 NewbWestern Miller e/w2.0023.00-2.00122.13
01/12/20172:25 NewbVibrato Valtat1.0023.00-1.00121.13
01/12/20173.35 NewbThis Is It1.0015.00-1.00120.13
04/12/20171.40 PlumTambura1.006.50-1.00119.13
04/12/20172.20 SoutNovabridge1.009.00-1.00118.13
04/12/20172.50 SoutRoyal Holiday e/w1.0021.00-1.00117.13
05/12/20172.00 LingBurgess Dream e/w2.0010.00-2.00115.13
06/12/20172.00 DundItschessnotchekers e/w1.5012.00-1.50113.63
06/12/20172.25 HaydJust Georgie1.503.50-1.50112.13
07/12/20177.00 ChlmBelgian Bill1.0010.00-1.00111.13
07/12/20178.00 ChlmCeyhan1.008.00-1.00110.13
08/12/201712.50 SandPickamix1.003.25-1.00109.13
08/12/20173.15 ExetJepeck e/w2.0019.0016.20125.33
08/12/20173.35 SandCheer's Delboy1.0011.00-1.00124.33
09/12/20171:30 AintHighland Lodge1.0010.00-1.00123.33
09/12/20173:10 AintCaptain Redbeard e/w1.5015.00-1.50121.83
09/12/201712:40 SandAll My Love1.5012.00-1.50120.33
09/12/20171:10 SandMonbeg Oscar1.504.00-1.50118.83
09/12/20172:20 SandEvening Hush e/w1.5029.00-1.50117.33
11/12/20171.15 FontColmers Hill1.0012.00-1.00116.33
11/12/20172.00 SoutCousin Khee1.009.00-1.00115.33
12/12/201712.30 LingCompton Prince1.0013.0012.00127.33
12/12/20173.15 LingDreams of Glory1.0021.00-1.00126.33

We'll report back next month with our latest results.

Racing Consultants Review: Update Three

6th February 2016

DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeOddsP/LRunning Total
06/01/16Chelmsford12:30Jethou Island1.0012.0011.0056.21
06/01/16Huntingdon14:40Rude & Crude e/w2.0017.00-2.0054.21
06/01/16Huntingdon15:10Tanner Hill1.004.003.0057.21
07/01/16Towcester13:35Catchin Time e/w1.5010.00-1.5055.71
08/01/16Doncaster12:15Minden March1.0015.00-1.0053.21
08/01/16Lingfield14:45Blue Surf1.007.00-1.0052.21
08/01/16Lingfield15:50Saint Honore1.004.333.3355.54
09/01/16Chepstow13:45Red Devil Lads e/w2.0017.00-2.0052.54
10/01/16Southwell15:40Abonos e/w2.0015.00-2.0049.54
13/01/16Taunton15:40Richmond e/w1.0021.001.5059.04
13/01/16Chelmsford13:55Jonnie Skull1.009.00-1.0058.04
14/01/16Southwell12:30Harwoods Star1.504.50-1.5056.54
14/01/16Southwell13:30Hab Reeh1.0015.00-1.0055.54
15/01/16Lingfield13:00Nubar Boy1.007.00-1.0053.54
15/01/16Wolverhampton16:45Rich Again1.007.00-1.0052.54
16/01/16Warwick15:35De Kerry Man2.0011.00-2.0050.54
16/01/16Wetherby15:15Azert De Coeur1.005.50-1.0049.54
16/01/16Warwick13:15Laser Hawk1.005.00-1.0047.54
18/01/16Wolverhampton14:00Logans Lad1.006.50-1.0046.54
18/01/16Wolverhampton15:00Your Lucky Day2.003.50-2.0044.54
19/01/16Southwell15:25Sleepy Blue Ocean1.006.50-1.0043.54
19/01/16Ayr15:05Duhallow Country e/w2.0034.00-2.0041.54
20/01/16Musselburgh14:55Holly Bush Henry1.503.754.1345.67
20/01/16Kempton18:40Vale Of Iron e/w2.005.50-2.0043.67
21/01/16Southwell16:05Golden Spun1.009.00-1.0041.67
22/01/16Market Rasen14:20Ballyalton1.004.00-1.0040.67
22/01/16Wolverhampton17:45Robben e/w2.0011.00-2.0038.67
22/01/16Lingfield15:05Have A Nice Day1.0023.00-1.0037.67
23/01/16Ascot13:50Aurore DÕEstruval e/w2.009.00-2.0035.67
23/01/16Ascot14:25TheoÕs Charm1.008.00-1.0034.67
23/01/16Ascot15:00Simply Ned e/w1.0021.00-1.0033.67
23/01/16Haydock15:15Third Intention e/w2.0029.00-2.0031.67
26/01/16Wetherby13:45Blake Dean1.006.00-1.0029.67
26/01/16Wetherby14:20Merlins Wish1.0015.00-1.0028.67
26/01/16Wetherby14:50Optical High1.004.00-1.0027.67
27/01/16Catterick13:50Admiral Blake1.007.50-1.0026.67
27/01/16Catterick15:35Star Presenter1.508.5011.2537.92
27/01/16Cheltenham13:50/15:35O Faolains Boy & Knockara Beau e/w double2.00168.00-2.0035.92
28/01/16Warwick14:20Bears Rails1.006.50-1.0034.92
29/01/16Huntingdon14:40Amiral Collonges1.004.50-1.0033.92
29/01/16Doncaster12:50Albatross De Guye1.0021.00-1.0032.92
29/01/16Doncaster13:25Bendomingo e/w1.0041.00-1.0031.92
30/01/16Cheltenham13:15Smooth Stepper1.0013.00-1.0030.92
30/01/16Cheltenham13:50OÕFaolains Boy e/w2.0011.00-2.0028.92
30/01/16Doncaster13:00Fox Norton1.0011.00-1.0027.92
01/02/16Wolverhampton15:40Strawberry Sorbet1.0015.00-1.0026.42
03/02/16Ludlow15:20Midnight Gem1.007.00-1.0024.42
03/02/16Ludlow15:55Grimley Girl1.008.507.5031.92
03/02/16Kempton17:05Wild Flower e/w2.007.50-2.0029.92
04/02/16Towcester13:10Ballochmyle e/w2.006.50-2.0027.92
04/02/16Towcester15:15Hope's Wishes1.008.50-1.0026.92
04/02/16Towcester15:50Lambs Cross e/w1.0015.000.9027.82
04/02/16Wincanton15:40Quite By Chance1.006.00-1.0026.82
05/02/16Chepstow15:50Filatore e/w2.0013.00-2.0024.82

Racing Consultants Review: Update Two

5th January 2016

It’s been a fantastic second month in our review of Racing Consultants. We have staked 102.5pts and returned a very nice profit of 58.7pts. That’s a huge return on investment of 57.3%! After last month we were really hoping for a comeback and we can safely say, we got it!

Over the month there have been 90 bets, with a mixture of Win and Each Way bets, Forecasts, Doubles & Trixies. The highlight of the month was hitting a 20/1 winner, which pushed us right past the 40pt profit mark.

This wasn’t the only high odds winner this month – we also had a 14/1 at the beginning of the month, followed by a 22/1 although that was a 0.5pt e/w stake. The month finished off nicely with a double stake coming in at 8/1.

At Betfair SP there was a profit of 44.19pts, with an ROI of 43.1% – less than the advised prices but still very impressive.

Month #2 Results
DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeOddsP/LRunning Total
06/12/15Huntingdon15:35Call The Detective1.009.00-1.00-14.52
07/12/15Lingfield/Chelmsford13:00/14:30/15:40Temple Road, Secret Hint, Volunteer Point e/w trixie4.0099.2815.28-0.24
08/12/15Southwell14:00Royal Holiday1.0015.0014.0013.76
08/12/15Southwell14:00Best Tamayuz1.009.00-1.0012.76
08/12/15Southwell15:00Lucky Mark1.0015.00-1.0011.76
09/12/15Leicester14:35Valid Point1.009.008.0019.76
09/12/15Lingfield14:25Outer Space1.004.50-1.0018.76
10/12/15Warwick14:30Denali Highway2.005.00-2.0015.76
11/12/15Cheltenham12:35Lord Landen e/w1.0023.0013.7529.51
11/12/15Cheltenham13:45Knock House1.005.50-1.0028.51
11/12/15Cheltenham14:55One Track Mind1.504.33-1.5027.01
11/12/15Doncaster15:30Hidden Justice1.0011.00-1.0025.01
12/12/15Southwell11:25Argent Touch e/w2.007.50-2.0023.01
12/12/15Southwell13:05Grey Mirage1.0011.00-1.0022.01
12/12/15Cheltenham13:15Keel Haul1.007.00-1.0020.01
12/12/15Cheltenham13:50Art Mauresque e/w2.0015.00-2.0018.01
12/12/15Cheltenham15:00Peace And Co/Hargam (SFC)1.008.51-1.0017.01
12/12/15Cheltenham15:35Briery Belle e/w1.0012.00-1.0016.01
12/12/15Wolverhampton18:45Compton Prince1.007.506.5022.51
12/12/15Doncaster12:20/13:30Fairy Rath & Generous Ransom e/w double1.0013.00-1.0021.51
14/12/15Ffos Las14:10The Drinkymeister2.004.00-2.0019.51
14/12/15Wolverhampton17:10Hernando Torres1.008.007.0025.51
15/12/15Southwell14:30Oscars Journey1.0015.00-1.0024.51
15/12/15Southwell15:00Your Lucky Day & Llewellyn e/w double1.0054.63-1.0022.51
16/12/15Lingfield13:05Snow King1.005.50-1.0021.51
16/12/15Newbury12:40Minella On Line0.508.50-0.5021.01
16/12/15Newbury12:40Delgany Demon0.506.50-0.5020.51
16/12/15Kempton18:10Loyalty e/w2.0013.00-2.0018.51
17/12/15Southwell15:00Fuel Injection1.0011.00-1.0017.51
17/12/15Towcester14:10Waldorf Salad1.008.007.0024.01
17/12/15Towcester15:40Llantara e/w1.0034.00-1.0023.01
18/12/15Southwell12:00General Tufto e/w1.0013.000.7023.71
18/12/15Southwell14:45Abi Scarlet1.004.00-1.0022.71
18/12/15Uttoxeter14:55Brave Buck/Armedanddangerous (SFC)0.5023.25-0.5022.21
18/12/15Uttoxeter14:55Mr McGregor/Armedanddangerous (SFC)0.5028.19-0.5021.71
18/12/15Uttoxeter14:55Brave Buck/Mr McGregor (RF)0.5026.85-0.5021.21
18/12/15Uttoxeter14:55Mr McGregor/Brave Buck (RF)0.5028.19-0.5020.71
18/12/15Wolverhampton17:40Anonymous John e/w2.0013.002.0022.71
18/12/15Wolverhampton18:40Midnight Destiny e/w1.0021.00-1.0021.71
19/12/15Ascot14:25Deputy Dan e/w1.0017.001.1022.81
19/12/15Ascot15:35Winner Massagot e/w3.007.50-3.0018.81
19/12/15Haydock15:15Ugly Bug1.004.50-1.0017.81
19/12/15Lingfield13:10Paddys Motorbike e/w1.0021.001.5019.31
21/12/15Wolverhampton16:40Your Gifted1.009.00-1.0018.31
21/12/15Wolverhampton17:40Assault On Rome1.009.008.0026.31
21/12/15Wolverhampton18:10Trigger Park e/w2.007.50-2.0024.31
22/12/15Wolverhampton15:40Desert Recluse1.009.00-1.0043.31
26/12/15Leopardstown13:50Fightforyourdreams e/w1.0034.00-1.0042.31
26/12/15Kempton15:10Valseur Lido e/w1.0026.00-1.0041.31
26/12/15Market Rasen15:20Touch Back1.007.00-1.0040.31
26/12/15Huntingdon12:15Minella Bliss1.007.50-1.0039.31
26/12/15Huntingdon13:20It's Oscar1.0013.00-1.0038.31
27/12/15Kempton14:35Ardkilly Witness e/w1.0041.00-1.0034.81
27/12/15Kempton15:40Emperor Commodos e/w1.0034.00-1.0033.81
28/12/15Lingfield15:30Multitask e/w1.0017.00-1.0031.81
28/12/15Catterick13:00Runswick Relax1.005.004.0035.81
28/12/15Leicester14:35Hit The Highway e/w2.008.008.4044.21
29/12/15Newbury12:50Willoughby Hedge1.0010.00-1.0043.21
29/12/15Doncaster15:25Victor Hewgo1.007.00-1.0042.21
29/12/15Kelso15:30Alizee de Janeiro1.504.33-1.5040.71
30/12/15Wolverhampton16:40Compton Prince1.005.00-1.0039.71
30/12/15Lingfield14:40Nubar Boy e/w1.0026.002.0041.71
31/12/15Lingfield12:30Spinning Cobblers1.005.00-1.0040.71
31/12/15Lingfield15:30Billy Bond1.007.50-1.0039.71
01/01/16Cheltenham12:10West Approach1.009.00-1.0038.71
01/01/16Cheltenham12:45De Kerry Man1.008.50-1.0037.71
01/01/16Cheltenham13:55A Good Skin1.0010.00-1.0035.71
01/01/16Cheltenham14:30Singlefarmpayment place1.003.002.0053.71
02/01/16Sandown13:50Just Cameron1.008.00-1.0052.71
02/01/16Sandown14:25Yorkhill/Cyrus Moriviere (SFC)1.0019.78-1.0051.71
02/01/16Sandown15:35Kayf Blanco e/w2.009.00-2.0049.71
04/01/16Wolverhampton14:35Admirable Art e/w1.0034.00-1.0048.71
04/01/16Wolverhampton15:40The Lampo Genie e/w1.0051.00-1.0047.71
04/01/16Ludlow15:20Petit Ecuyer1.0012.00-1.0046.71
04/01/16Ludlow13:35Floral Spinner0.5021.00-0.5045.21
Number Of Bets90
Strike Rate20%
Average Odds15.10

Racing Consultants seem to have really hit their stride now. We have another month left of our trial and then we should be able to give our final rating.

Racing Consultants Review: Update One

6th December 2015

It’s been a poor start to our review of Racing Consultants with a loss of 13.52pts from our 100pt starting bank at the advised odds. There were a total of 90 bets throughout the month, averaging at around 3 per day, with a mixture of Win and Each Way bets and also the occasional forecast bet.

We also recorded the bets at Betfair SP, which resulted in a 22.48pt loss. The Betfair SP odds were often shorter than the advised prices, with the selections being well backed. There were quite a few close calls throughout the month, with lots of 2nd places where we were just missing out.

The selections have been emailed out daily, usually in the morning or night before so there’s plenty of time to get the bets on. The email contains a shortlist of the selections with advised odds and stakes, but there is also a member’s area on the website, which is definitely worth checking out.

Here David and Rory have a blog where they post a detailed analysis on each race of interest. Below is an example of some of the advice we received this month.

Wolverhampton 3.00 Handicap (2m)

One or two of these have something to prove here, not last Mick Appleby’s Brassbound, who threw in a stinker here last year when in the middle of a rich vein of form. He finished last of five that day, never looking likely to win, and the excuse given was that he didn’t seem to handle the quicker Tapeta surface. Difficult to see why he should handle it any better today, then, and 5-2 looks a terrible price.

Favourite Rosenbaum has yet to tackle two miles, with most of his best form coming at a mile and a half, and although he clearly goes well on All-Weather surfaces and is going the right way, the unknown of the trip makes him look short enough at 7-4 too. However, if he gets the trip, he’s the likeliest winner.

The two to concentrate on could be last years winner Entihaa, who goes well at Wolverhampton and ran much better than his finishing position suggested at Kempton last time out (did plenty early from wide draw, only faded in the last 150yds) and Longshadow, who often runs well in the face of stiff tasks and stays well. He’s got form on the Tapeta surface and shouldn’t be far away. With doubts around the front two the forecast looks a bit of value too.”

The in-depth research paid off on this particular race, as the forecast bet came good and we made a profit of 15.95pts from the advised bets.

As well as this, David and Rory also send out a weekly summary with the "latest eyecatchers" that they have spotted during the week.

Month #1 Results
DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeOddsP/LRunning Total
06/11/15Hexham15:50Optical High e/w2.0013.001.401.40
07/11/15Doncaster13:50Hillbilly Boy e/w2.0010.00-2.00-0.60
07/11/15Doncaster14:20Jack Dexter & above e/w double1.008.50-1.00-1.60
07/11/15Doncaster15:30Buonarotti e/w2.0026.005.252.65
09/11/15Southwell15:45Hurricane Vic2.003.25-2.00-0.35
10/11/15Lingfield13:00Minstrels Gallery1.004.50-1.00-2.35
10/11/15Lingfield15:00Tresor de Bontee1.004.00-1.00-3.35
10/11/15Lingfield16:00Viking Queen e/w1.0012.00-1.00-5.35
10/11/15Huntingdon13:40I Am Colin1.003.75-1.00-6.35
10/11/15Huntingdon15:10Philharmonic Hall e/w1.0011.00-1.00-7.35
12/11/15Southwell13:50Saved My Bacon e/w1.0026.002.00-5.35
12/11/15Southwell13:50Pensax Lad e/w1.0021.00-1.00-6.35
12/11/15Southwell15:20Megamunch e/w2.0021.00-2.00-8.35
12/11/15Southwell15:50Tiger's Home1.005.504.50-3.85
13/11/15Cheltenham13:05Key To The West e/w2.0026.00-2.00-1.35
13/11/15Cheltenham16:00Return Spring1.009.00-1.00-2.35
14/11/15Cheltenham13:50Sausalito Sunrise1.0010.009.006.65
14/11/15Cheltenham14:25Boondooma e/w2.0012.00-2.004.65
14/11/15Uttoxeter13:05Zephyros Bleu1.009.00-1.003.65
14/11/15Uttoxeter13:40Blown Cover1.006.50-1.002.65
15/11/15Cheltenham14:40Nabucco e/w2.0011.00-2.000.65
15/11/15Cheltenham14:40Dexcite e/w2.0026.00-2.00-1.35
16/11/15Plumpton14:00Val D'Arc1.005.50-1.00-2.35
17/11/15Southwell14:00Rockweiller e/w1.5023.00-1.50-3.85
18/11/15Chepstow13:55Sunshine Buddy2.004.50-2.00-5.85
18/11/15Chepstow13:20Vic De Touzaine1.005.00-1.00-6.85
18/11/15Kempton16:25Buckland Beau1.008.00-1.00-7.85
18/11/15Kempton16:55Deer Song e/w1.0034.00-1.00-8.85
19/11/15Market Rasen14:40Silver Shuffle1.008.00-1.00-9.85
19/11/15Chelmsford18:05Outer Space1.007.00-1.00-10.85
20/11/15Ascot15:50Desert Recluse1.0021.00-1.00-11.85
20/11/15Ascot15:15Sands Cove e/w2.009.000.60-11.25
20/11/15Wolverhampton18:50Cookie Ring e/w1.0034.00-1.00-12.25
20/11/15Wolverhampton19:50Know Your Name e/w2.005.500.13-12.12
21/11/15Ascot14:05Third Intention w/o Vautour1.006.00-1.00-13.12
21/11/15Ascot15:15Dresden e/w2.009.009.60-3.52
22/11/15Exeter13:30Key To The West2.004.50-2.00-6.52
22/11/15Exeter15:00Swincombe Toby1.003.25-1.00-7.52
23/11/15Kempton13:05Theo's Charm1.007.00-1.00-8.52
23/11/15Chelmsford15:35Mappin Time1.0013.00-1.00-9.52
24/11/15Sedgefield12:20Cumbrian Farmer1.008.00-1.00-12.52
24/11/15Sedgefield13:50Runswick Relax1.0010.00-1.00-13.52
24/11/15Lingfield15:00Berkeley Barron1.0021.00-1.00-14.52
25/11/15Kempton17:15Buckland Beau1.004.00-1.00-15.52
26/11/15Southwell12:15Candelita e/w1.0051.00-1.00-17.52
27/11/15Doncaster12:15Night In Milan1.005.00-1.00-18.52
27/11/15Newbury14:40Roc D'Apsis1.0013.00-1.00-19.52
27/11/15Wolverhampton17:45Royal Connoisseur1.004.50-1.00-20.52
28/11/15Bangor13:35Union Jack D'ycy1.008.007.00-14.52
28/11/15Newbury15:00Ned Stark e/w2.0012.00-2.00-17.52
28/11/15Newbury12:45Wadswick Court1.0011.00-1.00-18.52
30/11/15Kempton14:50Deer Song0.7526.00-0.75-19.27
30/11/15KemptonDouble on above two0.50884.00-0.50-20.52
30/11/15Wolverhampton15:00Entihaa/Longshadow (RF)0.5026.9012.95-5.07
30/11/15Wolverhampton15:00Longshadow/Entihaa (RF)0.5031.22-0.50-5.57
01/12/15Southwell12:15Global Domination1.004.503.50-2.07
01/12/15Southwell12:15Global Domination/Nalim (RF)0.5015.35-0.50-2.57
01/12/15Southwell12:15Nalim/Global Domination (RF)0.5015.35-0.50-3.07
01/12/15Wolverhampton17:40Trigger Park1.0012.00-1.00-4.07
02/12/15Lingfield15:00Royal Normandy1.008.50-1.00-5.07
02/12/15Catterick12:20Celtic Abbey e/w1.0015.00-1.00-6.07
02/12/15Catterick12:50Runswick Relax1.005.50-1.00-7.07
02/12/15Catterick13:20Multi Grain e/w1.0041.003.50-3.57
02/12/15Ludlow12:40Archie Rice e/w1.0019.00-1.00-4.57
02/12/15Ludlow14:40My Brother Sylvest1.0013.00-1.00-5.57
03/12/15Leicester13:35Midnight Chorister1.0010.00-1.00-6.57
03/12/15Leicester14:45Hurricane Vic e/w1.508.00-1.50-8.07
03/12/15Market Rasen14:55Optical High e/w1.505.504.05-4.02
03/12/15e/w double on above two0.5044.00-0.50-4.52
04/12/15Sandown13:00Polarisation/Jinsha Lake (SFC)1.003.91-1.00-5.52
04/12/15Sandown15:40Spice Fair1.508.00-1.50-8.02
05/12/15Aintree13:40Ardkilly Witness e/w1.0041.00-1.00-9.02
05/12/15Sandown14:25Deep Trouble e/w2.0015.00-2.00-11.02
05/12/15Sandown15:00Special Tiara/Somersby (SFC)0.5024.30-0.50-11.52
05/12/15Sandown15:00Special Tiara/Third Intention (SFC)0.5057.32-0.50-12.02
Number Of Bets90
Strike Rate16.7%
Average Odds23.68

Note: SFC = Straight Forecast, RF = Reverse Forecast

It’s been a disappointing 1st month, but we’ve got high hopes that this pair will keep up the hard work and turn things around next month.

Racing Consultants Review: Introduction

Racing Consultants is a betting service brought to us by two well-known horseracing enthusiasts – David Massey and Rory Delargy. David (or Chutney Dave as he’s otherwise known) is a correspondent on William Hill Radio and Bet Racing Nation. Rory is a Timeform Radio and Cheltenham Racecourse pundit and an Irish Field Naps correspondent. He is also a guest analyst on William Hill Radio.

Between them they have a wealth of knowledge going back decades. They decided to put their heads together and start this service back in June 2014. Since then they have made over £4500 of profit to £10 stakes from their tips.

Breakdown of P/L for 2015:

  • January -25.25
  • February +11.92
  • March -3.23
  • April +37.11
  • May +73.38
  • June -3.79
  • July -17.69
  • August +128.67
  • September +21.56
  • October +12.15
  • Total +234.83pts

Each selection is the result of both David & Rory’s combined knowledge and research. They focus on a mixture of Flat, All Weather and National Hunt racing and can sometimes include multiples and backing each-way. All selections come with a detailed analysis along with advised stakes and odds.

Stakes are set between 4-8pts and a 100pt bank is recommended to cope with any drawdowns.

So far it all sounds impressive, which you would expect from two experts in the industry (although this isn’t always the case!).

Racing Consultants does have a higher price tag than the average service at £39.99 per month. They do however offer an annual membership for £299, which would bring it down to just under £25 per month.

We will record all of our results using the advised odds as well as the Betfair SP results to see how they hold up.

We will be back next month with our first update.


  • Detailed analysis with selections
  • Bets received well in advance of events
  • Transparent results
  • Tips emailed and also available in the member’s area of the website


  • Long losing runs at times, but profitable in the long-term
  • Membership fees on the high side, although the annual option offers better value

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