Russell Blair Racing Review: Introduction

Russell Blair Racing Review

Russell Blair Racing is a horse tipping service from the Sports Betting Stars platform with an impressive track record over the last three years. The service claims to have made a profit of more than 1300 points since April 2015, which averages at 37 points per month.

The return on investment works out at a very attractive 30%, which is higher than what the average horse racing tipster manages to achieve. On several occasions the service claims to have delivered a profit of more than 100 points in a single month!

The chart below shows a fairly steady profit line, although it seems the service struggled during 2017. It looks as though things are back on track now though with more than 200 points profit delivered in 2018.

Russell Blair Racing Review Chart

The service advises a 200 point betting bank to start with and stakes are advised between 1-3 points. Tips are sent out between 5.30 - 6.30pm each evening for the next day's racing and they are all win singles.

We will be following the service over the next few months, recording profit/loss at the advised odds, available odds and BSP and will report back with our first set of results in a month's time.

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