Russell Blair Racing Review: Horse Racing Betting Tipster

Russell Blair Racing review

Russell Blair Racing is a horse tipping service from the Sports Betting Stars platform with an impressive track record over the last three years.

The service claims to have made a profit of more than 1300 points since April 2015, which averages at 37 points per month. Return on investment works out at a very attractive 30%, which is higher than what the average horse racing tipster manages to achieve.

On several occasions, Russell Blair claims to have delivered a profit of more than 100 points in a single month!

The chart below shows a fairly steady profit line, although it seems the service struggled during 2017. It looks as though things are back on track now though with more than 200 points profit delivered in 2018.

Russell Blair Racing Review Chart

Russell Blair Racing advises a 200 point betting bank to start with and stakes are advised between 1-3 points. Tips are sent out between 5.30 - 6.30pm each evening for the next day's racing and they are all win singles.

We followed the tips for three months and banked 70.5 points profit at 16.8% ROI. You will find all the results broken down below, alternatively click here to start your FREE trial of Russell Blair Racing.

Month One Results

Our review had a terrible start and we lost 44% of our 200 point starting bank in month one. There had been 101 tips but only 5 of them returned a profit, giving us a total loss of 88.5 points at the available odds.

We were betting at average odds of 14/1 or so which meant losing runs were going to be part and parcel, but it was still tough to face such a big loss in a short space of time. 

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets101101101
Total Stakes (pts)208.00208.00208.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-87.00-88.50-103.53
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£870.00-£885.00-£1,035.30
Average Odds15.3614.8917.68
Strike Rate5.0%5.0%5.0%
Overall Bank Growth-43.5%-44.3%-51.8%
Bank (200pt starting)113.00111.5096.47


DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
11/10/2018Ayr 5.15Pammi2.0012.00-2.00198.00
11/10/2018Ayr 5.15Handsome Bob2.0021.00-2.00196.00
12/10/2018Newmarket 4.10Berkshire Royal2.0011.00-1.00195.00
12/10/2018York 4.25East Street Revue3.008.50-3.00192.00
12/10/2018York 5.35Soldiers Minute2.0017.00-2.00190.00
12/10/2018Dundalk 8.30Wishing Star2.0034.00-2.00188.00
13/10/2018Newmarket 3.40Low Sun1.5011.0015.00203.00
13/10/2018Newmarket 3.40Stars Over The Sea1.5026.00-1.50201.50
13/10/2018Newmarket 4.50Poets Vanity2.0011.00-2.00199.50
13/10/2018Chepstow 5.55Micras2.0019.00-2.00197.50
13/10/2018York 2.05Pacify1.5019.00-1.50196.00
13/10/2018York 2.05M C Muldoon1.5034.00-1.50194.50
13/10/2018York 3.15Teruntum Star2.0015.00-2.00192.50
13/10/2018York 5.35Mukhayyam2.0012.00-2.00190.50
14/10/2018Navan 5.35Gopsies Daughter2.0013.00-2.00188.50
14/10/2018Goodwood 4.20Eddystone Rock2.0015.00-2.00186.50
14/10/2018Chepstow 4.00Double Ross2.0011.00-2.00184.50
15/10/2018Yarmouth 5.05Topmeup2.0013.00-2.00182.50
15/10/2018Gowran 5.30Days Without End2.0011.00-2.00180.50
16/10/2018Huntingdon 3.45Stuccoder2.0015.00-2.00178.50
16/10/2018Hereford 5.30Milan Of Crystal2.0010.00-2.00176.50
16/10/2018Kempton 8.15Corazon Espinado2.0013.00-2.00174.50
17/10/2018Nottingham 4.05St Mary's2.0011.00-2.00172.50
17/10/2018Bath 2.20Phoenician2.0019.00-2.00170.50
17/10/2018Bath 2.55Graceland2.0019.00-2.00168.50
17/10/2018Bath 4.30Rosie Royale2.0017.00-2.00166.50
17/10/2018Bath 5.35Dashing Poet2.0021.00-2.00164.50
17/10/2018Wetherby 4.20Lough Salt3.0012.00-3.00161.50
17/10/2018Newcastle 5.10Archibelle2.009.00-2.00159.50
17/10/2018Newcastle 7.45Newmarket Warrior3.0011.00-3.00156.50
18/10/2018Brighton 3.35Dreaming Of Paris2.0013.00-2.00154.50
18/10/2018Brighton 4.05Andalusite2.0015.00-2.00152.50
18/10/2018Carlisle 3.45Shanroe Santos2.0011.00-2.00150.50
18/10/2018Wolverhampton 5.25Swanton Blue2.0012.00-2.00148.50
18/10/2018Wolverhampton 9.00Sunglider2.0013.00-2.00146.50
19/10/2018Redcar 2.45Bill Cody2.0011.00-2.00144.50
19/10/2018Redcar 4.20Sir Billy Wright2.0013.00-2.00142.50
19/10/2018Redcar 5.25Decima2.0011.00-2.00140.50
19/10/2018Haydock 3.05Confessional2.0013.0024.00164.50
19/10/2018Haydock 3.35Kings Pavillion2.0011.00-2.00162.50
19/10/2018Fakenham 2.35Todd2.0011.00-2.00160.50
20/10/2018Ascot 2.00Projection2.0019.00-2.00158.50
20/10/2018Ascot 2.40Hydrangea2.0012.00-2.00156.50
20/10/2018Ascot 3.15Century Dream2.0026.00-2.00154.50
20/10/2018Ascot 3.50Monarchs Glen2.0015.00-2.00152.50
20/10/2018Catterick 4.05Stormin Tom2.0017.00-2.00150.50
20/10/2018Catterick 4.40Our Charlie Brown3.0012.00-3.00147.50
22/10/2018Windsor 1.40Flowing Clarets2.0012.0022.00169.50
22/10/2018Windsor 3.40Zzoro2.0012.00-2.00167.50
22/10/2018Windsor 4.40Gerry The Glover2.0011.00-2.00165.50
22/10/2018Pontefract 3.00Dance King2.0011.00-2.00163.50
23/10/2018Yarmouth 4.00Fanfair2.0011.00-2.00161.50
23/10/2018Yarmouth 4.30Seyasah3.0015.00-3.00158.50
23/10/2018Newcastle 2.10Primo's Comet2.0015.00-2.00156.50
23/10/2018Newcastle 3.10Eastern Impact2.0012.00-2.00154.50
23/10/2018Newcastle 5.10Exclusive Waters2.0017.00-2.00152.50
24/10/2018Worcester 4.10Peggies Venture2.0010.00-2.00150.50
25/10/2018Carlisle 4.45Slaney Craiglegacy2.0015.00-2.00148.50
26/10/2018Newbury 4.00Highlight Reel2.0013.00-2.00146.50
26/10/2018Newbury 4.35Petochside2.0013.00-2.00144.50
26/10/2018Newbury 5.10Graceful Lady2.0011.0020.00164.50
26/10/2018Doncaster 3.35Aeolus2.0013.00-2.00162.50
26/10/2018Doncaster 4.10Stone The Crows2.0017.00-2.00160.50
26/10/2018Cheltenham 2.35Sister Sibyl2.0013.00-2.00158.50
26/10/2018Chelmsford 3.10Brillare Momento2.0011.00-2.00156.50
26/10/2018Kempton 8.15Cavatina2.0013.00-2.00154.50
26/10/2018Dundalk 9.00Claregate Street2.0017.00-2.00152.50
27/10/2018Newbury 4.30Aquarium2.0011.00-2.00150.50
27/10/2018Leopardstown 3.40Fit For Function2.0015.00-2.00148.50
27/10/2018Leopardstown 4.50Tandem2.0017.00-2.00146.50
27/10/2018Doncaster 3.25Foolaad3.0013.00-3.00143.50
27/10/2018Cheltenham 2.00Cogry2.0011.00-2.00141.50
27/10/2018Cheltenham 3.45Notwhatiam2.0010.00-2.00139.50
27/10/2018Kempton 5.45Rosina2.009.00-2.00137.50
29/10/2018Redcar 3.25Operative2.008.00-2.00135.50
29/10/2018Redcar 4.00Tadaany2.0011.00-2.00133.50
29/10/2018Leicester 3.05Third Time Lucky2.0011.00-2.00131.50
30/10/2018Catterick 3.05Bossipop2.0013.00-2.00129.50
30/10/2018Wolverhampton 4.45Enmeshing2.0013.00-2.00127.50
30/10/2018Wolverhampton 5.15Star Ascending2.0021.00-2.00125.50
31/10/2018Kempton 7.15Continuum3.0026.00-3.00122.50
01/11/2018Stratford 3.50Net Work Rouge2.0013.00-2.00120.50
01/11/2018Wolverhampton 7.45You're Cool2.0013.00-2.00118.50
02/11/2018Kempton 8.45Deeds Not Words2.0011.00-2.00116.50
03/11/2018Newmarket 2.00Madeline Bond2.0017.00-2.00114.50
03/11/2018Newmarket 4.15London2.0017.00-2.00112.50
03/11/2018Wetherby 3.50Wemyss Point2.0015.0028.00140.50
04/11/2018Carlisle 2.05Barrys Jack2.0021.00-2.00138.50
04/11/2018Carlisle 2.40Blakemount2.0012.00-2.00136.50
05/11/2018Kempton 6.30Ventura Blues2.0021.00-2.00134.50
05/11/2018Kempton 7.00Kingston Kurrajong2.0012.00-2.00132.50
06/11/2018Redcar 4.05Someone Exciting2.0013.00-2.00130.50
06/11/2018Kempton 7.30Roudrapour2.0021.00-2.00128.50
06/11/2018Kempton 8.00Agent Gibbs2.0034.00-2.00126.50
09/11/2018Warwick 2.30Chief Brody2.0011.00-2.00124.50
09/11/2018Newcastle 6.45Oriental Lilly3.0010.00-3.00121.50
09/11/2018Newcastle 8.15Lucky Violet2.0021.00-2.00119.50
10/11/2018Doncaster 2.05Maid In India2.0034.00-2.00117.50
10/11/2018Doncaster 2.45Cold Stare2.0017.00-2.00115.50
10/11/2018Doncaster 3.15Reshoun2.0013.00-2.00113.50
10/11/2018Wincanton 3.35Aunty Ann2.0021.00-2.00111.50

We needed to see things turn around soon or this could have ended up being a very short review!

Month Two Results

It was a much better month for the Russell Blair Racing service with a profit of 27 points at the available odds and even better, a profit of 38.43 points at Betfair SP. There were only three winning bets throughout the whole month, but they all came in at odds of 18/1 and higher giving us some very nice payouts.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets474747
Total Stakes (pts)95.0095.0095.00
Profit/Loss (pts)27.0027.0038.43
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£270.00£270.00£384.30
Average Odds17.9617.2320.48
Strike Rate6.4%6.4%6.4%
Overall Bank Growth-30.0%-30.8%-32.6%
Bank (200pt starting)140.00138.50134.90


DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
11/11/2018Sandown 2.55Harefield2.0013.00-2.00109.50
11/11/2018Sandown 3.25Vino Griego2.0013.00-2.00107.50
12/11/2018Southwell 12.35Showboating2.009.00-2.00105.50
12/11/2018Kempton 2.55Coeur Blimey2.0012.00-2.00103.50
14/11/2018Bangor 1.50Sir Mangan2.0012.00-2.00101.50
15/11/2018Southwell 3.20Hussar Ballad2.0023.00-2.0099.50
15/11/2018Chelmsford 8.45Grasmere2.0015.00-2.0097.50
16/11/2018Wolverhampton 5.45Save The Bees2.0017.00-2.0095.50
17/11/2018Lingfield 11.55Soaring Spirits2.008.00-2.0093.50
17/11/2018Lingfield 3.45Delicate Kiss2.0015.00-2.0091.50
17/11/2018Wetherby 3.20Desert Island Dusk2.0021.00-2.0089.50
17/11/2018Cheltenham 1.50Perfect Candidate2.0021.00-2.0087.50
17/11/2018Cheltenham 2.25Frodon2.0021.00-2.0085.50
18/11/2018Cheltenham 3.00Nietzsche2.0021.0040.00125.50
19/11/2018Kempton 6.00Noble Gift2.0021.00-2.00123.50
21/11/2018Chepstow 3.20Atirelarigo3.0011.00-3.00120.50
21/11/2018Wolverhampton 6.20Attain2.0019.00-2.00118.50
22/11/2018Newcastle 4.35Landing Light2.0017.00-2.00116.50
24/11/2018Lingfield 2.35Princely2.0017.00-2.00114.50
24/11/2018Lingfield 3.10Fanfair2.0013.00-2.00112.50
24/11/2018Huntingdon 2.50Mamoo2.0010.00-2.00110.50
24/11/2018Ascot 3.15San Benedeto2.0013.00-2.00108.50
26/11/2018Musselburgh 12.45Waltz Darling2.0026.00-2.00106.50
27/11/2018Southwell 1.40Sir Geoffrey2.0021.00-2.00104.50
27/11/2018Southwell 3.40Limerick Lord2.0012.00-2.00102.50
28/11/2018Newcastle 6.45My Name Is Rio e/w2.0067.00-2.00100.50
29/11/2018Warwick 1.45Samsons Reach2.0013.00-2.0098.50
29/11/2018Taunton 3.10Midnight Mustang2.0015.00-2.0096.50
29/11/2018Chelmsford 7.45Samphire Coast2.0013.00-2.0094.50
30/11/2018Southwell 1.30Archimedes2.0015.00-2.0092.50
30/11/2018Southwell 2.05Bold Spirit2.0017.00-2.0090.50
30/11/2018Newcastle 5.15Mr Strutter2.0011.00-2.0088.50
01/12/2018Newbury 3.00Sizing Tennessee2.0019.0036.00124.50
02/12/2018Carlisle 3.00Another Mattie2.0013.00-2.00122.50
03/12/2018Plumpton 3.00Micquus2.0023.00-2.00120.50
04/12/2018Lingfield 12.20Soaring Spirits2.0013.00-2.00118.50
04/12/2018Lingfield 2.20Captain Lars2.0011.00-2.00116.50
04/12/2018Lingfield 3.20Hit The Beat2.0026.00-2.00114.50
05/12/2018Lingfield 11.30Fiery Breath2.0026.00-2.00112.50
06/12/2018Chelmsford 6.30Sayesse2.0013.00-2.00110.50
06/12/2018Chelmsford 9.00Roys Legacy2.0012.00-2.00108.50
07/12/2018Kempton 5.15Tellovoi2.0026.00-2.00106.50
08/12/2018Aintree 1.00Chtibello2.0013.00-2.00104.50
08/12/2018Sandown 12.50Secret Door2.009.00-2.00102.50
09/12/2018Kelso 1.05Harry The Viking2.0021.0040.00142.50
09/12/2018Huntingdon 2.25Hammersley Lake2.0021.00-2.00140.50
10/12/2018Wolverhampton 6.30Jack Bear2.0012.00-2.00138.50

Our bank was still 31% down so we had a way to go yet before being in a profitable position overall. We were hoping for another good month to get us back on track.

Month Three Results

It was an amazing month for the Russell Blair Racing service with a profit of 132 points thanks to 8 winning bets at double figure odds. The highlight was a 25/1 winner giving us 50 points profit!

While the review had a tough start, the service has managed to recover and we have finished our three months with an overall profit of 70.5 points at an ROI of 16.8%.


DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
11/12/2018Southwell 3.20Showboating2.0011.0020.00158.50
12/12/2018Lingfield 12.10Pearl Spectre2.0029.00-1.00157.50
13/12/2018Chelmsford 8.15Outlaw Torn2.0041.00-2.00155.50
14/12/2018Cheltenham 1.55Skewiff2.009.00-2.00153.50
14/12/2018Kempton 7.45Exceeding Power2.0013.00-2.00151.50
15/12/2018Hereford 12.00Sonoftheking2.0015.00-2.00149.50
15/12/2018Hereford 1.10Top and Drop2.007.50-2.00147.50
15/12/2018Cheltenham 1.55Frodon2.0011.0020.00167.50
15/12/2018Wolverhampton 7.45Critical Thinking2.0011.0020.00187.50
16/12/2018Navan 1.00Dinaria Des Obeaux2.008.00-2.00185.50
18/12/2018Southwell 1.30Tricky Dicky2.0012.00-2.00183.50
19/12/2018Lingfield 11.40Three C's2.0012.00-2.00181.50
19/12/2018Lingfield 1.50Mercers2.0013.00-2.00179.50
19/12/2018Lingfield 2.55Ardamir2.0011.00-2.00177.50
19/12/2018Ludlow 1.25Un Prophete2.0013.00-2.00175.50
20/12/2018Southwell 12.20Master Of Song2.0017.00-2.00173.50
20/12/2018Southwell 2.20Dream Serenade2.0011.00-2.00171.50
20/12/2018Chelmsford 8.30Moon Song2.0015.00-2.00169.50
21/12/2018Southwell 11.20Helen Sherbet2.0021.00-2.00167.50
21/12/2018Southwell 2.05Shearian2.0017.00-2.00165.50
21/12/2018Wolverhampton 6.15Warofindependance2.0015.00-2.00163.50
22/12/2018Lingfield 3.25Another Go2.0017.00-2.00161.50
22/12/2018Ascot 3.35Mohaayed2.0026.0050.00211.50
26/12/2018Wetherby 2.10Baywing2.0012.00-2.00209.50
26/12/2018Wetherby 2.45Quest For Life2.0017.00-2.00207.50
26/12/2018Wetherby 3.20Suggestion2.0011.0020.00227.50
26/12/2018Huntingdon 1.40Kingston2.0017.00-2.00225.50
26/12/2018Wincanton 1.25Fortunate George2.0015.00-2.00223.50
26/12/2018Kempton 2.30If The Cap Fits2.0013.00-2.00221.50
26/12/2018Kempton 3.05Coneygree2.0021.00-2.00219.50
26/12/2018Kempton 3.40Montalbano2.0015.00-2.00217.50
26/12/2018Wolverhampton 1.40False Id2.0010.0018.00235.50
27/12/2018Chepstow 2.50Vintage Clouds2.0011.00-2.00233.50
27/12/2018Kempton 2.30Special Tiara2.0012.00-2.00231.50
27/12/2018Wolverhampton 3.10Kaser2.0012.00-2.00229.50
28/12/2018Catterick 2.40Nortonthorpelegend2.0012.0022.00251.50
29/12/2018Southwell 1.10Makaarim2.0013.00-2.00249.50
30/12/2018Lingfield 1.05Kafeel2.0011.00-2.00247.50
31/12/2018Warwick 2.35Sackett2.0015.00-2.00245.50
01/01/2019Cheltenham 12.50Perfect Candidate2.0021.00-2.00243.50
01/01/2019Cheltenham 2.35The Eaglehaslanded2.0017.00-2.00241.50
01/01/2019Musselburgh 2.15Kelpies Myth2.0012.00-2.00239.50
02/01/2019Ayr 1.00Craiganboy2.0013.00-2.00237.50
02/01/2019Ayr 2.40Road To Glory2.0013.00-2.00235.50
03/01/2019Chelmsford 4.45Beepeecee2.0011.00-2.00233.50
03/01/2019Chelmsford 5.55Jumira Bridge2.0017.00-2.00231.50
04/01/2019Wolverhampton 7.45Sunshineandbubbles2.0011.00-2.00229.50
05/01/2019Sandown 3.00Houblon Des Obeaux2.0021.0040.00269.50
05/01/2019Sandown 3.35Eragon De Chanay2.0013.00-2.00267.50
05/01/2019Wincanton 3.15Opening Batsman2.0015.00-2.00265.50
05/01/2019Kempton 5.45Happy Escape2.0010.00-2.00263.50
06/01/2019Plumpton 2.10Sixties Idol2.0017.00-2.00261.50
06/01/2019Newcastle 2.30Dommersen2.0017.00-2.00259.50
07/01/2019Wolverhampton 5.45Jack Bear2.0015.00-2.00257.50
08/01/2019Newcastle 7.15Pea Shooter2.0011.0020.00277.50
09/01/2019Kempton 4.15Shifting Star e/w1.0051.00-1.00276.50
10/01/2019Southwell 1.55Mama Africa2.0015.00-2.00274.50
10/01/2019Chelmsford 4.45Satchville Flyer2.0013.00-2.00272.50
10/01/2019Chelmsford 6.25Makaarim2.0011.00-2.00270.50

Results Summary

During our three month Russell Blair Racing review, we banked 70.5 points profit.

The service was simple to follow, with bets sent out early evening before the following days racing. The emails were quite basic, just listing the race, selection, odds and stakes.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets207207207
Total Stakes (pts)420.00420.00420.00
Profit/Loss (pts)75.0070.5016.24
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£750.00£705.00£162.40
Average Odds16.0115.5118.08
Strike Rate7.7%7.7%7.7%
Overall Bank Growth37.5%35.3%8.1%
Bank (200pt starting)275.00270.50216.24

The majority of bets were at high odds (average 14/1 or so) which meant that losing streaks were inevitable. We experienced several runs of 20 consecutive losing bets, with the longest being 31. However, the big winners soon made up for it.

We're very happy to award Russell Blair Racing with a pass.

Review Stats +70.5pts profit, 16.8% ROI, 7.7% SR
Stakes Advised between 1-3 points
Starting bank 200 points
Average no. bets Approx. 70 per month or 2-3 per day
Time of emails Evening 5.30-6.30pm
Price 14 day free trial then £39.99 per month, £99.99 per quarter or £359.99 per year
Rating Pass

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4 stars

Russell Blair Racing is a horse tipster who sends out high odds selections each evening. We followed the tips for three months and banked 70.5 points profit.

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