The Lay Bet Tipster Review: Horse Racing Lay Betting Tips

The Lay Bet Tipster is a horse racing tipping service that provides daily lay betting tips for Betfair Exchange.

They reported some very promising results during their six months of proofing at Betting Gods, with 79.8 points profit at an ROI of 8.23%.

At the time that we started our review, they were yet to have a losing month and had already achieved a bank growth of 79.8%.

The service was very easy to use, as the bets can either be placed at the time you receive the email or message or they can simply be placed at Betfair SP.

They record their results based on 1 point (liability) stakes at maximum odds of 8.00. Since they launched the service in April 2022, the odds have averaged at 5.31.

We followed the service for four months and reported our results on a monthly basis, which you can see below.

Review Stats+3.96pts profit, 5.7% ROI, 82.4% SR
Stakes Level 1 point stakes
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 4-5 per month
Time of emailsMorning 7.00-8.00am
Price£0.99 for 10 days then £27 per month

Month One Update

There were just five bets that qualified in the first month of our Lay Bet Tipster review, but the filters did their job as it was a 100% strike rate with all five lays returning a profit.

There were other bets sent out, but the tipster advises to lay up to maximum odds of 8.00 so there were quite a few that were discarded.

We finished the month with 5 points profit (commission to be deducted) at an ROI of 19%.

Key Stats

BSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets5
Total Stakes (pts)26.36
Profit/Loss (pts)5.00
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£50.00
Strike Rate100.0%
Overall Bank Growth5.0%
Bank (100pt starting)105.00


DateRaceBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
14/11/202219:00 WolverhamptonBasholo1.006.401.00101.00
24/11/202215:28 KelsoMaid Of Houxty1.008.001.00102.00
28/11/202220:25 WolverhamptonTea Garden1.005.601.00103.00
09/12/202214:00 WolverhamptonAll In The Hips1.006.131.00104.00
10/12/202216:20 WolverhamptonCarlotta1.005.231.00105.00

Month Two Update

It was another quiet month for The Lay Bet Tipster with just two bets qualifying below the odds of 8.00. As one of them lost, it ended up being a small loss of 0.38 points for the month.

With concern growing about the number of bets for the service, we decided to get in touch with Betting Gods. They quickly responded to let us know that this tipster focuses on flat racing, which wasn't due to start for another couple of months.

That explained the low volume, so we planned to keep our review running for an extended period to make sure we included some flat racing results.

Key Stats

BSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets2
Total Stakes (pts)6.18
Profit/Loss (pts)-0.38
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£3.80)
Strike Rate50.0%
Overall Bank Growth4.6%
Bank (100pt starting)104.62


DateRaceBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
13/12/202214:43 SouthwellGolden Dove1.005.801.00 106.00
06/01/202312:45 KemptonTollerton Forest1.002.38-1.38 104.62

Month Three Update

The quantity of bets for The Lay Bet Tipster seemed to be picking up, with a few more selections than the previous two months. Unfortunately, this didn't translate to more profit and we finished the month with 2.66 points lost.

In total we were showing a 2% bank growth for the three months, so it had been very slow going. As mentioned in our previous update, we hoped that the service would spring into action once the flat racing season got going.

Key Stats

BSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets8
Total Stakes (pts)30.46
Profit/Loss (pts)-2.66
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£26.60)
Strike Rate75.0%
Overall Bank Growth2.0%
Bank (100pt starting)101.96


DateRaceBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
16/01/202316:20 WolverhamptonDensetsu1.003.201.00 105.62
23/01/202315:10 SouthwellDanni California1.005.94-4.94 100.68
25/01/202315:30 NewcastleLilikoi1.004.72-3.72 96.96
26/01/202313:35 SouthwellGincident1.003.801.00 97.96
26/01/202314:10 SouthwellZip1.005.001.00 98.96
31/01/202317:00 SouthwellVelma1.003.301.00 99.96
31/01/202318:00 SouthwellGlorious Angel1.007.801.00 100.96
07/02/202319:00 WolverhamptonFarhh To Shy1.004.701.00 101.96

Month Four Update

There were just two selections that qualified during month four of our Lay Bet Tipster review and they were both winning lay bets, so we made the full 2 points profit minus commission.

Key Stats

BSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets2
Total Stakes (pts)6.63
Profit/Loss (pts)2.00
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£20.00
Strike Rate100.0%
Overall Bank Growth4.0%
Bank (100pt starting)103.96


DateRaceBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
17/02/202316:20 LingfieldAnisoptera1.003.301.00 102.96
20/02/202317:30 NewcastleEvolicatt1.005.331.00 103.96

Review Summary

  • Lay bets placed on Betfair Exchange, so bookmakers not required
  • Low volume of bets
  • Easy to follow

It had been a very slow moving review of this service as there were just 17 bets that qualified during the four months that we were following it, which was an average of 4-5 bets per month.

The tips delivered 3.96 points profit at an ROI 5.7% overall, with 14 out of 17 of them returning a profit.

Whilst we were happy to see a high strike rate and a profit banked, it would have been difficult to cover the cost of the subscription using our standard £10 stakes. 

The starting bank had been advised at 100 points, so £10 stakes would need £1,000 to start with. If we had a £5,000 starting bank we would have made £198, which still wouldn't have been a huge amount of profit minus the commission and fees.

Key Stats

BSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets17
Total Stakes (pts)69.63
Profit/Loss (pts)3.96
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£39.60
Strike Rate82.4%
Overall Bank Growth4.0%
Bank (100pt starting)103.96

Being selective isn't a bad thing but we wondered if a smaller starting bank may have worked out better for this service.

It seems pretty low risk and it could allow us to stake higher and make more of a profit. We assumed the tipster chose a 100 point bank based on drawdown in past results, but maybe that wasn't the case and he was just being ultra careful.

We decided to give the service a neutral rating as it did make a profit but it was just a small amount over four months.

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