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  • Last modified: 2nd July 2018

Welcome to our Nmbrs review, a football betting service from the Tipstrr platform that provides tips for leagues all over the globe.


  • The Tipstrr team provided excellent customer service
  • Results and statistics are always up to date
  • Cons

  • Odds are often quoted from bookmakers unavailable to UK customers, so we struggled to find the same prices
  • No set time for tips being posted and sometimes close to kick-off
  • Advised starting bank not suitable
  • We have been following tips from the Nmbrs football betting service on the Tipstrr platform over the past four months and after tracking almost 250 bets, we feel that we have enough results to go on to decide on a rating for the service. 

    Our review got off to a great start with 96.1 points profit in the first two months but unfortunately things took a turn for the worst towards the end and we gave a lot of it back to the bookies. We have finished with a profit of 21.5 points at an ROI of 0.9%.

    The stakes have been advised at 10 points each with a starting bank of 200 points, so based on 1 point stakes we finished with just a small profit of 2.15 points.

    We experienced a 180 point drawdown during our trial so we would certainly not recommend starting with a bank that small. Many of the bets were on underdogs and the odds averaged at 3.29 with a strike rate of 36% overall, so it was inevitable that we would face high variance along the way.

    Another issue was that the advised odds were often quoted from bookmakers that aren't available in the UK and we struggled to find the same prices. We ended up making just over 30 points less profit over the four months than we would have at the advised odds.

    Review Stats+21.5pts profit, 0.9% ROI, 36% SR
    Stakes Level 10 point stakes
    Starting bank 200 points
    Average no. bets60 per month on average
    Time of emailsVarious times throughout the day
    Price£15 per week, £29 per month, £69 per quarter, £128 biannual or £239 per year

    Key Stats - Overall
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
    Number of Bets242242242
    Total Stakes (pts)2420.002420.00242.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)52.4021.502.15
    Average Odds3.313.293.29
    Strike Rate36.0%36.0%36.0%
    Overall Bank Growth26.2%10.8%10.8%

    Longest Winning Sequence: 6

    Longest Losing Sequence: 10

    Max Drawdown: 180pts

    Nmbrs Review Graph

    Results - Update Four
    DateFixtureBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    28/05/2018HIFK/2 vs HJS AkatemiaHJS Akatemia10.003.6526.50322.30
    28/05/2018AC Sparta Praha U21 vs FC Slovacko U21AC Sparta Praha U2110.001.53-10.00312.30
    29/05/2018IFK Värnamo vs Falkenbergs FFIFK Värnamo10.002.85-10.00302.30
    30/05/2018Vasco da Gama vs ParanáParaná10.004.60-10.00292.30
    30/05/2018New England Revolution vs Atlanta UnitedAtlanta United10.002.60-10.00282.30
    31/05/2018Grêmio vs FluminenseGrêmio10.001.57-10.00272.30
    30/05/2018Sportivo Luqueño vs Cerro PorteñoSportivo Luqueño10.004.60-10.00262.30
    01/06/2018Vila Nova GO vs CSAVila Nova GO10.001.85-10.00252.30
    02/06/2018Paysandu vs Boa ECPaysandu10.001.777.70260.00
    02/06/2018Avaí vs CriciúmaCriciúma10.005.5045.00305.00
    02/06/2018Colorado Rapids vs Vancouver WhitecapsColorado Rapids -0.510.002.16-10.00295.00
    02/06/2018Real Oviedo vs HuescaHuesca10.005.40-10.00285.00
    02/06/2018Diósgyöri VTK vs Videoton FCVideoton FC10.003.50-10.00275.00
    02/06/2018Barcelona B vs ZaragozaBarcelona B10.002.80-10.00265.00
    02/06/2018Lugo vs AlmeríaLugo10.006.00-10.00255.00
    02/06/2018Granada vs CádizGranada10.005.5045.00300.00
    02/06/2018Numancia vs Cultural LeonesaNumancia10.001.878.70308.70
    03/06/2018Chicago Fire vs SJ EarthquakesChicago Fire10.001.999.90318.60
    03/06/2018Stal Mielec vs Podbeskidzie BielskoStal Mielec10.002.10-10.00308.60
    03/06/2018Chojniczanka Chojnice vs Drutex-Bytovia BytowChojniczanka Chojnice10.001.767.60316.20
    03/06/2018Höttur vs GróttaGrótta10.001.87-10.00306.20
    04/06/2018Fjölnir vs ValurFjölnir10.003.80-10.00296.20
    03/06/2018Husqvarna FF vs Åtvidabergs FFÅtvidabergs FF10.002.70-10.00286.20
    03/06/2018Breidablik vs StjarnanStjarnan10.003.0520.50306.70
    03/06/2018Flamengo vs CorinthiansFlamengo10.001.777.70314.40
    04/06/2018Paraná vs FluminenseParaná10.002.7017.00331.40
    05/06/2018Boa EC vs São BentoSão Bento10.003.25-10.00321.40
    06/06/2018IK Oddevold vs Grebbestads IFGrebbestads IF10.005.80-10.00311.40
    07/06/2018Fluminense vs FlamengoFluminense10.004.80-10.00301.40
    08/06/2018Progreso vs TorqueProgreso10.002.45-10.00291.40
    08/06/2018JK Tallinna Kalev II vs KeilaJK Tallinna Kalev II10.001.919.10300.50
    09/06/2018Chapecoense vs CruzeiroCruzeiro10.002.25-10.00290.50
    10/06/2018FC Dallas vs Montreal ImpactFC Dallas10.001.454.50295.00
    10/06/2018Corinthians vs VitóriaVitória10.006.00-10.00285.00
    10/06/2018SJ Earthquakes vs Los Angeles FCSJ Earthquakes10.002.50-10.00275.00
    10/06/2018Roasso Kumamoto vs Avispa FukuokaRoasso Kumamoto10.004.20-10.00265.00
    09/06/2018Guarani de Campinas vs Vila Nova GOVila Nova GO10.003.50-10.00255.00
    10/06/2018Tromsdalen vs ÅsaneÅsane10.003.10-10.00245.00
    10/06/2018Ang Thong vs Trat FCAng Thong10.002.70-10.00235.00
    10/06/2018Karlslunds IF HFK vs Arameisk-Syrianska IFArameisk-Syrianska IF10.003.40-10.00225.00
    10/06/2018Skellefteå FF vs Syrianska FCSyrianska FC10.001.606.00231.00
    11/06/2018Tromsø vs RosenborgTromsø10.003.8028.00259.00
    12/06/2018Figueirense vs Sampaio CorrêaFigueirense10.001.747.40266.40
    14/06/2018Fjölnir vs GrindavíkFjölnir10.002.05-10.00256.40
    14/06/2018Colorado Rapids vs Chicago FireColorado Rapids10.002.16-10.00246.40
    14/06/2018Internacional vs Vasco da GamaVasco da Gama10.007.50-10.00236.40
    13/06/2018Höttur vs TindastóllHöttur10.001.707.00243.40
    15/06/2018Derry City vs DundalkDerry City10.005.75-10.00233.40
    15/06/2018KaaPo vs SalPaKaaPo10.003.75-10.00223.40
    16/06/2018IFK Värnamo vs IK Frej TäbyIFK Värnamo10.001.91-10.00213.40
    16/06/2018Philadelphia Union vs New York Red BullsPhiladelphia Union10.002.6016.00229.40
    17/06/2018Sporting Kansas City vs FC DallasSporting Kansas City -0.510.001.979.70239.10
    17/06/2018Jönköpings Södra vs Falkenbergs FFJönköpings Södra10.002.60-10.00229.10
    17/06/2018Kristianstads FF vs FK KarlskronaFK Karlskrona10.003.00-10.00219.10
    22/06/2018Valmiera Glass FK/BSS vs FS MettaValmiera Glass FK/BSS10.005.20-10.00209.10
    23/06/2018Orlando City vs Montreal ImpactOrlando City10.001.91-10.00199.10
    24/06/2018Seattle Sounders vs Chicago FireSeattle Sounders10.001.55-10.00189.10
    24/06/2018Los Angeles FC vs Columbus CrewLos Angeles FC10.002.3013.00202.10
    24/06/2018Barcelona RJ vs Delfín SCBarcelona RJ10.001.444.40206.50
    24/06/2018Åsane vs LevangerÅsane10.002.00-10.00196.50
    24/06/2018Kongsvinger vs StrømmenStrømmen10.004.5035.00231.50
    25/06/2018Thor vs StjarnanStjarnan10.001.48-10.00221.50


    Although we mainly base our rating of a service on the performance of the tips, there are other factors to consider and in this case there were a few issues that we came across.

    The timing of the tips makes it awkward for those with a day job as they aren't sent out at a set time, so you have to keep checking your email throughout the day to see if there are any more bets. We also received some tips with just an hour to go before kick off.

    Then there was the problem finding the advised odds, as mentioned earlier. To get the best results you are going to need access to the likes of Pinnacle and SBObet, which at the time of writing are not available to UK customers.

    Also, some of the fixtures we were advised to bet on were quite obscure, like Azerbaijan Premier League for example... not exactly a league we bet on very often. That's not to say there's no value there, but it can mean not all bookies have the markets available and if they do, stakes may be limited.

    The starting bank of 200 points and 10 points per bet (or 20 points and 1 point bets) was worrying, especially when betting at odds as high as 11/1. It's only a matter of time before you would go bust and it was quite strange seen as the tipster stated "bankrolls are always crucial" on the sales page.

    It's one of those unusual situations where we don't feel confident enough to give a pass or even a neutral rating, despite finishing the review with a small profit. There are just too many red flags so we cannot recommend the service unless some of these issues are resolved.

    Nmbrs Review: Update Three

    30th May 2018

    It's been an almost scratch month in our Nmbrs review with a small loss of 0.3 points at the available odds or a loss of 0.03 points when adjusted to level 1 point stakes. That makes it a 47.9% increase to our starting bank in total over the past three months.

    For the first time in our review so far, this month we have managed to beat the average advised odds, finishing 4 points ahead of the reported profit/loss.

    Key Stats - Update Three
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
    Number of Bets919191
    Total Stakes (pts)910.00910.0091.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-4.30-0.30-0.03
    Average Odds3.323.343.34
    Strike Rate37.4%37.4%37.4%
    Overall Bank Growth64.6%47.9%47.9%

    Note: Starting bank is advised at 200 points so for our level stakes results we have adjusted it down to 20 points based on the advised 10 point stakes.

    Results - Update Three
    DateFixtureBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    28/04/2018Queens Park vs ArbroathArbroath10.003.10-10.00286.10
    29/04/2018Lamia vs PAS GianninaPAS Giannina10.005.00-10.00276.10
    28/04/2018Hampton and Richmond Borough vs Truro CityHampton and Richmond Borough10.001.89-10.00266.10
    28/04/2018Kidderminster Harriers vs Bradford Park AvenueKidderminster Harriers10.002.15-10.00256.10
    28/04/2018Spennymoor Town FC vs SouthportSouthport10.005.50-10.00246.10
    29/04/2018Pumas UNAM vs QuerétaroQuerétaro10.005.00-10.00236.10
    29/04/2018Reggiana vs PadovaPadova10.004.60-10.00226.10
    29/04/2018Djurgårdens IF vs HammarbyDjurgårdens IF10.002.16-10.00216.10
    01/05/2018Real Madrid vs FC Bayern MünchenFC Bayern München10.003.25-10.00206.10
    01/05/2018Ahal FC vs IstiqlolIstiqlol10.002.5015.00221.10
    01/05/2018Bradford City vs WalsallBradford City10.002.60-10.00211.10
    02/05/2018Armadale vs Perth Glory YouthArmadale10.004.60-10.00201.10
    04/05/2018Jönköpings Södra vs IK BrageJönköpings Södra10.002.00-10.00191.10
    04/05/2018Talleres de Córdoba vs HuracánTalleres de Córdoba10.002.04-10.00181.10
    04/05/2018Kapaz Ganja vs Sumgayit Sheher SumgayitKapaz Ganja10.007.00-10.00171.10
    05/05/2018Heilongjiang Lava Spring vs Meizhou HakkaHeilongjiang Lava Spring10.002.9019.00190.10
    04/05/2018CRB vs Atlético GoianienseCRB10.002.4514.50204.60
    05/05/2018Tudelano vs IzarraTudelano10.002.38-10.00194.60
    06/05/2018Tianjin Teda vs Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng F.CTianjin Teda10.001.939.30203.90
    06/05/2018Tigre vs LanúsTigre10.002.17-10.00193.90
    06/05/2018Cruzeiro vs BotafogoCruzeiro10.001.505.00198.90
    06/05/2018Envigado FC vs Independiente MedellínEnvigado FC10.003.4024.00222.90
    05/05/2018Carrarese vs ArezzoArezzo10.004.4534.50257.40
    06/05/2018Leixões vs OliveirenseLeixões10.002.30-10.00247.40
    05/05/2018Hangzhou Greentown vs Wuhan Zall FCHangzhou Greentown10.003.00-10.00237.40
    06/05/2018Gil Vicente vs Sporting CovilhãGil Vicente10.002.95-10.00227.40
    06/05/2018Grêmio vs SantosGrêmio10.001.636.30233.70
    06/05/2018CF Rayo Majadahonda vs SS de los ReyesSS de los Reyes10.007.50-10.00223.70
    06/05/2018Brown de Adrogué vs Atlético RafaelaAtlético Rafaela10.003.00-10.00213.70
    06/05/2018Catania vs RendeCatania10.001.808.00221.70
    06/05/2018Pontevedra vs AD Union AdarveAD Union Adarve10.006.00-10.00211.70
    06/05/2018Odd BK vs StartStart10.005.00-10.00201.70
    07/05/2018Al Sadd vs Al Ahli JeddahAl Sadd10.002.0010.00211.70
    09/05/2018Shenzhen FC vs Meizhou Meixian Techand FCMeizhou Meixian Techand FC10.003.20-10.00201.70
    11/05/2018Nacional Potosí vs FluminenseFluminense10.004.65-10.00191.70
    12/05/2018Montpellier vs TroyesMontpellier -0.510.001.75-10.00181.70
    12/05/2018Cova da Piedade vs União MadeiraCova da Piedade10.005.7547.50229.20
    13/05/2018FC Amkar Perm vs FC Akhmat GroznyFC Akhmat Grozny10.003.60-10.00219.20
    13/05/2018Torino vs SPALTorino10.002.3013.00232.20
    13/05/2018Sampdoria vs NapoliNapoli10.001.626.20238.40
    13/05/2018Shanghai Shenxin vs Zhejiang Yiteng FCZhejiang Yiteng FC10.005.50-10.00228.40
    14/05/2018Stjarnan vs Vikingur R.Stjarnan10.001.80-10.00218.40
    13/05/2018Bologna vs ChievoBologna10.003.00-10.00208.40
    14/05/2018ND Gorica vs NK Triglav KranjNK Triglav Kranj10.005.7547.50255.90
    14/05/2018Persepolis vs Al Jazira Abu DhabiAl Jazira Abu Dhabi10.007.20-10.00245.90
    16/05/2018Ventforet Kofu vs Jubilo IwataJubilo Iwata10.002.6216.20262.10
    17/05/2018Palmeiras vs Atlético JuniorPalmeiras10.002.1011.00273.10
    16/05/2018Gor Mahia vs USM AlgerGor Mahia10.002.25-10.00263.10
    21/05/2018Lugo vs HuescaLugo10.004.20-10.00253.10
    21/05/2018Haugesund vs RosenborgHaugesund10.003.75-10.00243.10
    21/05/2018Kristiansund vs StrømsgodsetKristiansund10.003.0020.00263.10
    21/05/2018Sandefjord vs Sarpsborg 08Sandefjord10.004.50-10.00253.10
    21/05/2018Tromsø vs VålerengaTromsø10.002.2512.50265.60
    21/05/2018Sandnes Ulf vs TromsdalenTromsdalen10.005.40-10.00255.60
    21/05/2018Åsane vs KongsvingerKongsvinger10.003.10-10.00245.60
    21/05/2018IF Elfsborg vs IFK GöteborgIF Elfsborg10.002.40-10.00235.60
    21/05/2018Internacional vs ChapecoenseInternacional10.001.555.50241.10
    21/05/2018Silkeborg vs FC HelsingørSilkeborg -0.510.001.969.60250.70
    22/05/2018Jönköpings Södra vs Degerfors IFJönköpings Södra10.002.20-10.00240.70
    23/05/2018IFK Norrköping vs GIF SundsvallIFK Norrköping10.001.545.40246.10
    23/05/2018Örgryte IS vs IFK VärnamoIFK Värnamo10.006.50-10.00236.10
    23/05/2018Grêmio vs Defensor SportingDefensor Sporting10.0012.00-10.00226.10
    23/05/2018River Plate vs FlamengoFlamengo10.004.75-10.00216.10
    23/05/2018NK Triglav Kranj vs DomzaleDomzale10.001.585.80221.90
    24/05/2018FC Wacker Innsbruck vs FAC Team fur WienFC Wacker Innsbruck10.001.62-10.00211.90
    24/05/2018FC Saarbrücken vs TSV 1860 MünchenFC Saarbrücken10.002.25-10.00201.90
    24/05/2018IFK Göteborg vs Djurgårdens IFDjurgårdens IF10.002.3013.00214.90
    24/05/2018Norrby IF vs Helsingborgs IFNorrby IF10.003.90-10.00204.90
    25/05/2018Cabinteely vs UCDCabinteely10.004.7537.50242.40
    26/05/2018Ventforet Kofu vs Oita TrinitaVentforet Kofu10.002.3013.00255.40
    26/05/2018Bonnyrigg White Eagles vs Sydney OlympicBonnyrigg White Eagles10.005.2542.50297.90
    27/05/2018FC Zürich vs BSC Young BoysFC Zürich10.005.9549.50347.40
    26/05/2018BK Forward vs AkropolisAkropolis10.001.929.20356.60
    26/05/2018Real Madrid vs LiverpoolReal Madrid10.002.2512.50369.10
    26/05/2018Huachipato vs Universidad de ChileHuachipato10.002.70-10.00359.10
    26/05/2018Vancouver Whitecaps vs New England RevolutionNew England Revolution10.003.75-10.00349.10
    26/05/2018New York Red Bulls vs Philadelphia UnionNew York Red Bulls10.001.53-10.00339.10
    27/05/2018Los Angeles FC vs DC UnitedLos Angeles FC10.001.50-10.00329.10
    26/05/2018SC Viktoria Griesheim vs KSV BaunatalKSV Baunatal10.002.62-10.00319.10
    27/05/2018Cádiz vs TenerifeTenerife10.006.00-10.00309.10
    27/05/2018Miedz Legnica vs Chojniczanka ChojniceMiedz Legnica -0.510.002.0010.00319.10
    27/05/2018GIF Sundsvall vs IFK GöteborgIFK Göteborg10.002.70-10.00309.10
    27/05/2018Bourg-en-Bresse vs GrenobleGrenoble10.002.90-10.00299.10
    27/05/2018Cultural Leonesa vs Real OviedoReal Oviedo10.003.25-10.00289.10
    27/05/2018Kalmar FF vs HammarbyKalmar FF10.003.05-10.00279.10
    27/05/2018IF Elfsborg vs Trelleborgs FFIF Elfsborg10.001.555.50284.60
    27/05/2018Everton vs Deportes TemucoEverton -0.510.001.93-10.00274.60
    27/05/2018Bahia vs Vasco da GamaBahia -0.510.001.868.60283.20
    27/05/2018Esbjerg vs SilkeborgEsbjerg10.002.3513.50296.70
    27/05/2018Reus Deportiu vs CórdobaReus Deportiu10.006.25-10.00286.70
    27/05/2018Valur vs BreidablikValur10.001.919.10295.80

    We're struggling to make a decision about this service at this stage as there are a few factors that are worrying us, mainly the bank sizing and the quantity of tips rising considerably each month.

    We'd like to continue tracking the tips for a little while longer until we are able to give a definitive answer on whether this service should be a pass, neutral or fail. We will be back in a month's time with our next set of results.

    Nmbrs Review: Update Two

    30th April 2018

    The Nmbrs football betting tips service has had another good month with a profit of 68.7 points at an ROI of 11.8%, which makes it two winning months in a row. 

    All of the bets so far have been advised at stakes of 10 points each, so to get a better view of the service's performance we have also shown results to 1 point stakes with an adjusted starting bank. 

    At level 1 point stakes there has been a profit of 9.61 points at an ROI of 10.8% overall since we started our review. Based on the advised starting bank of 20 points (or 200 points if using 10 point stakes), this works out as a 48.1% increase. 

    Key Stats - Update Two
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
    Number of Bets585858
    Total Stakes (pts)580.00580.0058.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)85.4068.706.87
    Average Odds3.243.203.20
    Strike Rate37.9%37.9%37.9%
    Overall Bank Growth66.7%48.1%48.1%

    Note: Starting bank is advised at 200 points so for our level stakes results we have adjusted it down to 20 points based on the advised 10 point stakes.

    Results - Update Two
    DateFixtureBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    28/03/2018Dundee United-U20 vs St. Mirren-U20St. Mirren-U2010.003.50-10.00217.40
    30/03/2018Cabinteely vs Drogheda UnitedCabinteely10.004.2032.00249.40
    30/03/2018GKS 1962 Jastrzebie vs LKS LodzGKS 1962 Jastrzebie10.001.808.00257.40
    31/03/2018Termalica BB Nieciecza vs Cracovia KrakowTermalica BB Nieciecza10.003.0020.00277.40
    31/03/2018Panaitolikos vs PAS GianninaPanaitolikos10.002.2012.00289.40
    31/03/2018Giresunspor vs AltinorduGiresunspor10.002.00-10.00279.40
    01/04/2018Deportivo Cali vs Santa FeSanta Fe10.006.00-10.00269.40
    01/04/2018Patronato vs Rosario CentralRosario Central10.002.38-10.00259.40
    02/04/2018Boyacá Chicó vs Atlético NacionalAtlético Nacional10.002.40-10.00249.40
    02/04/2018Wofoo Tai Po vs Eastern AAEastern AA10.002.40-10.00239.40
    01/04/2018Slavoj Trebisov vs FK Pohronie Ziar nad HronomFK Pohronie Ziar nad Hronom10.002.30-10.00229.40
    01/04/2018Olimpia vs Deportivo CapiatáDeportivo Capiatá10.007.50-10.00219.40
    01/04/2018Landskrona BoIS vs Falkenbergs FFLandskrona BoIS10.002.50-10.00209.40
    03/04/2018Suwon Samsung Bluewings vs Sydney FCSydney FC10.004.8038.00247.40
    03/04/2018Al Wahda SC (SYR) vs Lokomotiv TashkentLokomotiv Tashkent10.002.5015.00262.40
    03/04/2018Ipswich Knights vs South UnitedIpswich Knights10.007.50-10.00252.40
    04/04/2018Shanghai East Asia vs Kawasaki FrontaleKawasaki Frontale10.005.25-10.00242.40
    06/04/2018Vereya vs BeroeVereya10.006.00-10.00232.40
    07/04/2018Dalian Yifang FC vs Chongqing LifanChongqing Lifan10.003.10-10.00222.40
    07/04/2018Arbroath vs Raith RoversArbroath10.002.88-10.00212.40
    08/04/2018South Adelaide vs Sturt Lions FCSturt Lions FC10.002.75-10.00202.40
    08/04/2018RoPS vs IFK MariehamnIFK Mariehamn10.002.63-10.00192.40
    08/04/2018Tartu FC Santos vs KeilaTartu FC Santos10.002.1011.00203.40
    08/04/2018PFC Neftchi vs Sumgayit Sheher SumgayitPFC Neftchi10.002.50-10.00193.40
    09/04/2018FCI Levadia II vs JK Tallinna Kalev IIFCI Levadia II10.004.6036.00229.40
    14/04/2018Cerro Porteño vs Nacional AsunciónCerro Porteño10.002.0010.00239.40
    14/04/2018Guizhou Renhe vs Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng F.CGuizhou Renhe10.002.0710.70250.10
    14/04/2018Neman Grodno vs FC Dnepr MogilevNeman Grodno10.002.15-10.00240.10
    14/04/2018Sydney United vs Wollongong Wolves FCSydney United10.001.707.00247.10
    15/04/2018Changchun Yatai vs Henan ConstructionChangchun Yatai10.001.858.50255.60
    14/04/2018Sampaio Corrêa vs CoritibaSampaio Corrêa10.002.8818.80274.40
    15/04/2018Santos vs CearáCeará10.006.20-10.00264.40
    14/04/2018Persija vs BorneoPersija10.001.626.20270.60
    16/04/2018Halmstads BK vs Norrby IFNorrby IF10.005.3543.50314.10
    15/04/2018Blooming vs San José OruroBlooming10.002.00-10.00304.10
    15/04/2018Dunav Ruse vs Septemvri SofiaDunav Ruse10.002.60-10.00294.10
    17/04/2018Tractor Sazi vs Al GharafaAl Gharafa10.005.0040.00334.10
    17/04/2018Celta de Vigo vs FC BarcelonaFC Barcelona10.001.76-10.00324.10
    16/04/2018Persela vs Bali United PusamBali United Pusam10.002.63-10.00314.10
    17/04/2018Lokomotiv Tashkent vs Zob AhanZob Ahan10.003.90-10.00304.10
    18/04/2018Caldas da Rainha vs Desportivo AvesDesportivo Aves10.001.73-10.00294.10
    18/04/2018Dinamo Brest vs FC Dnepr MogilevDinamo Brest10.001.404.00298.10
    18/04/2018Taraz vs IrtyshTaraz10.004.75-10.00288.10
    20/04/2018Real Garcilaso vs Sport HuancayoReal Garcilaso10.002.15-10.00278.10
    21/04/2018Cobh Ramblers vs Drogheda UnitedCobh Ramblers10.004.00-10.00268.10
    21/04/2018FC Barcelona vs SevillaFC Barcelona10.001.454.50272.60
    22/04/2018Sydney Olympic vs Rockdale City SunsSydney Olympic10.001.89-10.00262.60
    22/04/2018Oud-Heverlee Leuven vs Mouscron-PeruwelzOud-Heverlee Leuven10.002.2512.50275.10
    22/04/2018Panaitolikos vs LamiaPanaitolikos10.002.6016.00291.10
    21/04/2018Nei Mongol vs Dalian Transcend FCNei Mongol10.001.62-10.00281.10
    28/04/2018Nottingham Forest vs Bristol CityNottingham Forest10.002.70-10.00271.10
    23/04/2018Catania vs TrapaniTrapani10.005.5045.00316.10
    23/04/2018Dhofar vs Al WehdaAl Wehda10.002.75-10.00306.10
    24/04/2018FC Fredericia vs SilkeborgFC Fredericia10.002.66-10.00296.10
    24/04/2018FK Poprad vs KFC KomarnoFK Poprad10.001.57-10.00286.10
    25/04/2018Benfica vs April 25 SCBenfica10.007.25-10.00276.10
    25/04/2018Darlington 1883 vs SouthportSouthport10.004.0030.00306.10
    25/04/2018New Radiant vs Bengaluru FCBengaluru FC10.002.70-10.00296.10

    Although things have been going well so far, we're still not sure the advised bank size is going to be sufficient for this service in the long run. A losing run could put us in real danger of busting, so we would opt for a much safer 100 points to start with.

    We will be back next month with another update of our results.

    Nmbrs Review: Update One

    30th March 2018

    It's been a positive start for the Nmbrs service in the first month of our review with a profit of 27.4 points at an ROI of 8.8% at the available odds. 

    Each bet has been advised at 10 points each and we are working from a 200 point bank, so there is a bit of cause for concern as that only gives us a 20 bet leeway. If the service were to have a bad run, which is entirely possible given that the odds have been as high as 9.50, our bank could be wiped out fairly quickly.

    We haven't always been able to match the advised odds and this shows in the difference in profit, which adds up to 20.6 points.

    Key Stats - Update One
     Advised OddsAvailable OddsLevel Stakes
    Number of Bets313131
    Total Stakes (pts)310.00310.0031.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)48.0027.402.74
    Average Odds3.883.813.81
    Strike Rate32.3%32.3%32.3%
    Overall Bank Growth24.0%13.7%13.7%

    Note: Starting bank is advised at 200 points so for our level stakes results we have adjusted it down to 20 points based on the advised 10 point stakes.

    Results - Update One
    DateFixtureBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    28/02/2018Panionios vs PAOKPAOK -0.510.001.838.30208.30
    28/02/2018Suwon Samsung Bluewings vs Chunnam DragonsSuwon Samsung Bluewings10.001.60-10.00198.30
    03/03/2018Boyacá Chicó vs Once CaldasBoyacá Chicó10.003.50-10.00188.30
    03/03/2018Nagoya Grampus Eight vs Jubilo IwataJubilo Iwata10.003.10-10.00178.30
    03/03/2018Chongqing Lifan vs Guizhou RenheChongqing Lifan10.002.1011.00189.30
    03/03/2018IFK Värnamo vs Norrby IFNorrby IF10.004.20-10.00179.30
    03/03/2018Atlético Huila vs La EquidadLa Equidad10.003.75-10.00169.30
    04/03/2018LA Galaxy vs Portland TimbersPortland Timbers10.003.10-10.00159.30
    07/03/2018Acadêmica Vitória vs Flamengo ArcoverdeFlamengo Arcoverde10.004.5035.00194.30
    09/03/2018FAC Team fur Wien vs SC Wiener NeustadtSC Wiener Neustadt -0.510.002.0410.40204.70
    09/03/2018FCI Levadia II vs Tartu FC SantosTartu FC Santos10.005.25-10.00194.70
    10/03/2018Sertãozinho vs BatataisBatatais10.005.25-10.00184.70
    10/03/2018Castanhal vs Bragantino ParáBragantino Pará10.003.2022.00206.70
    10/03/2018Caudal Deportivo vs SD GernikaCaudal Deportivo10.004.70-10.00196.70
    10/03/2018Atlanta United vs DC UnitedAtlanta United10.001.575.70202.40
    10/03/2018Panserraikos vs Apollon LarissaApollon Larissa10.009.50-10.00192.40
    11/03/2018Internacional vs GrêmioInternacional10.002.50-10.00182.40
    11/03/2018Al Rayyan vs Al Hilal RiyadhAl Hilal Riyadh10.002.40-10.00172.40
    11/03/2018Kristiansund vs VålerengaKristiansund10.003.00-10.00162.40
    11/03/2018FK Radnicki Nis vs FK Spartak Zlatibor VodaFK Spartak Zlatibor Voda10.008.0070.00232.40
    13/03/2018Al Sadd vs Nasaf QarshiNasaf Qarshi10.005.90-10.00222.40
    16/03/2018Ludogorets B vs Litex LovechLitex Lovech10.004.00-10.00212.40
    16/03/2018Joondalup United vs Subiaco AFCJoondalup United10.003.25-10.00202.40
    16/03/2018Minnesota United vs Chicago FireChicago Fire10.002.63-10.00192.40
    17/03/2018Bonnyrigg White Eagles vs Marconi StallionsBonnyrigg White Eagles10.002.15-10.00182.40
    17/03/2018La Equidad vs Deportivo CaliLa Equidad10.003.0020.00202.40
    18/03/2018Guayaquil City vs Delfín SCDelfín SC10.002.5015.00217.40
    23/03/2018Glentoran vs Ballymena UnitedBallymena United10.005.0040.00257.40
    23/03/2018Forrestfield United vs BalcattaBalcatta10.003.80-10.00247.40
    24/03/2018Água Santa vs Inter de LimeiraInter de Limeira10.004.80-10.00237.40
    24/03/2018Sertãozinho vs Portuguesa SPPortuguesa SP10.006.00-10.00227.40

    We'll be back in a month's time with our latest results.

    Nmbrs Review: Introduction

    5th March 2018

    Nmbrs is the first subscription tipster service that we are going to be reviewing from the Tipstrr platform. When we asked the Tipstrr team for a list of their flagship services, Nmbrs was one of two that focus specifically on football betting.

    The service is dedicated to making a long-term profit and it has produced a profit of 618.4 points at an ROI of 10.6% since launching in April 2017. The average odds from the 584 tips recorded to date are 3.26 and there has been a strike rate of 41%.

    The majority of the tips are for the match odds market but there are occasional Asian handicap bets and the service covers leagues from all corners of the world.

    Nmbrs Review Statistics

    A starting bank of 200 points is recommended and bets are advised at stakes of 10 points each, which represents 5% of the bank staked on each bet.

    All results are updated to the website as and when bets have been settled and there are a number of statistics and graphs that show more in-depth results such as the strike rate for various ranges of odds and the profit breakdown for each bookmaker.

    The service is priced at £10 per week, £19 per month, £45 per quarter, £85 per six months or £159 per year. As with many tips services, the long-term plans offer the best value for money.

    We started recording selections and odds from the 28th Feb, so we will report back with our first set of results at the end of March. 


  • The Tipstrr team provided excellent customer service
  • Results and statistics are always up to date
  • Cons

  • Odds are often quoted from bookmakers unavailable to UK customers, so we struggled to find the same prices
  • No set time for tips being posted and sometimes close to kick-off
  • Advised starting bank not suitable
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