Banker Bets Over 1.5 Review: Football Betting Tips

Written by Laura Turner

Banker Bets Over 1.5 Review

Banker Bets is an established betting service that has been around since 2014 and their latest system has promising results.

The new system is based on the Over 1.5 Goals markets and the results show a bank growth of 54% at level stakes or 71% when compounding stakes.

With a £1,000 starting bank, that works out as £540.00 or £710.00 profit, depending which staking plan you choose.

As you can imagine, the odds for this market are generally quite low, so the service has a high strike rate of 87.5%. In fact, the longest losing run at the time of writing is just 2 bets and the longest winning run is at a massive 18 bets.

John Baker, who runs the service, says that it is suitable for bettors that prefer steady gains rather than chasing winners at bigger odds.

At the time of our review, the service was available for free on an extended trial. We recorded our own results at the advised and available odds for the duration of the that and continued on after it had launched as a paid service.

Read on for our full Banker Bets Over 1.5 review, or click here to get started.

Before you continue...

Our Banker Bets Over 1.5 review ended with a fail rating.

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Month One Update

Banker Bets Over 1.5 was off to a fantastic start with 26 points profit at the available odds at an ROI of 9%.

The advised odds were quite conservative and still made 18.1 points profit, but we were able to get higher odds most of the time to give a boosted amount of profit.

These results were achieved by simply flat staking 10 points per bet, but John recommended compounding each day ideally. We worked out that this would have given us 26.08 points profit, so not much of a difference, but we planned to keep track of it to see how it affected our profit for the rest of the review.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3939
Total Stakes (pts)290.0290.0
Profit/Loss (pts)18.126.0
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£181.00£260.00
Strike Rate87.2%87.2%
Overall Bank Growth18.1%26.0%
Bank (100pt starting)118.10126.00


DateMatchStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/01/2022Arsenal v Manchester City10.001.181.80101.80
01/01/2022Watford v Tottenham10.001.22-10.0091.80
06/01/2022Sampdoria v Cagliari10.001.323.2095.00
06/01/2022Lazio v Empoli10.001.191.9096.90
07/01/2022Santa Clara v Sporting10.001.333.30100.20
08/01/2022Leverkusen v Union Berlin10.001.262.60102.80
08/01/2022Leipzig v Mainz10.001.333.30106.10
09/01/2022Hertha Berlin v FC Koln10.001.252.50108.60
09/01/2022Braga v Famalicao10.001.232.30110.90
10/01/2022Fenerbahce v Adana Demirspor10.001.252.50113.40
12/01/2022West Ham v Norwich10.001.202.00115.40
14/01/2022Gent v Kortrijk10.001.232.30117.70
15/01/2022Union Berlin v Hoffenheim10.001.333.30121.00
15/01/2022Salernitana v Lazio10.001.191.90122.90
16/01/2022Roma v Cagliari10.001.20-10.00112.90
16/01/2022Vizela v Sporting10.001.262.60115.50
17/01/2022Fiorentina v Genoa10.001.272.70118.20
21/01/2022Arouca v Benfica10.001.202.00120.20
21/01/2022Verona v Bologna10.001.252.50122.70
22/01/2022Monchengladbach v Union Berlin10.001.353.50126.20
22/01/2022Brest v Lille10.001.343.40129.60
22/01/2022St Truiden v Seraing10.001.303.00132.60
23/01/2022Bordeaux v Strasbourg10.001.252.50135.10
23/01/2022Torino v Sassuolo10.001.232.30137.40
23/01/2022Leipzig v Wolfsburg10.001.282.80140.20
26/01/2022Anderlecht v Cercle Brugge10.001.252.50142.70
27/01/2022Club Brugge v St Gilloise10.001.20-10.00132.70
28/01/2022Venezuela v Bolivia10.001.333.30136.00
29/01/2022Seraing v Eupen10.001.29-10.00126.00

Month Two Update

It was another cracking month for the Banker Bets Over 1.5 service with 26.7 points profit and an 86.5% strike rate.

The service had now come to the end of their extended introductory free trial period, where they had reported 6 out of 6 winning months and 94.3 points profit overall.

As mentioned last month, compounding stakes daily was the advised staking strategy and during John's trial this would have boosted profit up to 155.26 points. 

During our review, we were up to 52.7 points profit using flat 10 point stakes and 55.72 points profit if compounding them.

Now that the service was moving into a paid subscription, we hoped to see results continue in the same fashion as we all know that funny things can happen when services go "live"!

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3737
Total Stakes (pts)370.0370.0
Profit/Loss (pts)21.926.7
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£219.00£267.00
Strike Rate86.5%86.5%
Overall Bank Growth40.0%52.7%
Bank (100pt starting)140.00152.70


DateMatchStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
02/02/2022Belenenses v Sporting10.001.222.20128.20
04/02/2022Slaven Belupo v Sibenik10.001.343.40131.60
05/02/2022Stuttgart v Frankfurt10.001.343.40135.00
05/02/2022Inter v AC Milan10.001.252.50137.50
05/02/2022Fiorentina v Lazio10.001.252.50140.00
06/02/2022Valencia v Sociedad10.001.34-10.00130.00
06/02/2022Sampdoria v Sassuolo10.001.212.10132.10
06/02/2022Rennes v Brest10.001.232.30134.40
06/02/2022Arouca v Porto10.001.202.00136.40
06/02/2022Lille v PSG10.001.242.40138.80
09/02/2022Tottenham v Southampton10.001.252.50141.30
11/02/2022Hansa Rostock v Werder Bremen10.001.252.50143.80
11/02/2022PSG v Rennes10.001.20-10.00133.80
12/02/2022Lazio v Bologna10.001.232.30136.10
12/02/2022Benfica v Santa Clara10.001.202.00138.10
12/02/2022Regensburg v St. Pauli10.001.202.00140.10
13/02/2022Monaco v Lorient10.001.25-10.00130.10
13/02/2022Genk v Standard Liege10.001.222.20132.30
13/02/2022Empoli v Cagliari10.001.202.00134.30
14/02/2022Hatyaspor v Goztepe10.001.262.60136.90
16/02/2022Genk v Mechelen10.001.181.80138.70
17/02/2022Barcelona v Napoli10.001.292.90141.60
17/02/2022Celtic v Bodo/Glimt10.001.202.00143.60
18/02/2022Boavista v Benfica10.001.212.10145.70
19/02/2022Lugano v St Gallen10.001.262.60148.30
20/02/2022Fiorentina v Atalanta10.001.24-10.00138.30
20/02/2022Sturm Graz v Rapid Vienna10.001.292.90141.20
23/02/2022Benfica v Ajax10.001.222.20143.40
24/02/2022Betis v Zenit10.001.25-10.00133.40
24/02/2022Slavia Prague v Fenerbahce10.001.333.30136.70
25/02/2022Excelsior v Roda10.001.252.50139.20
25/02/2022Hoffenheim v Stuttgart10.001.191.90141.10
26/02/2022Karslruher v Schalke10.001.262.60143.70
26/02/2022Freiburg v Hertha Berlin10.001.212.10145.80
26/02/2022Mechelen v Cercle Brugge10.001.252.50148.30
26/02/2022Cambuur v Fortuna Sittard10.001.222.20150.50
27/02/2022St Gallen v Grasshoppers10.001.222.20152.70

Month Three Update

Well we don't know if we jinxed it by saying that funny things can happen when services go "live", as the results nosedived in month three of our Banker Bets Over 1.5 review.

We lost 56 points using flat stakes and 65.92 points using the compounding method, which wiped out all of the profit accumulated since we started the review.

There had been a cluster of highly unlikely results and anyone joining the service from the official launch would no doubt be hugely disappointed. Those that had been with the service from the free trial would be around even.

However, John seemed confident that he could turn things around:

"Though some people have the impression that it takes a very long time to recover from losses betting at short odds that's not always the case. As those of you who were on the free trial will remember, we won 23 out of 24 bets in January, providing 45% level stakes profit in just a 3-week period. 

Other notable streaks include 15 straight winners in September, 14 in a row in October, 18 in a row in November-December and then another 13 in a row in December. With a high of only 8 consecutive winners (twice) since the beginning of February we're now long overdue for one of our numerous 10+ bet winning streaks."

We decided to stick with it to see if he could make a recovery and get back into profit.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets2929
Total Stakes (pts)290.00290.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-57.8-56.0
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£578.00)(£560.00)
Strike Rate65.5%65.5%
Overall Bank Growth-17.8%-3.3%
Bank (100pt starting)82.2096.70


DateMatchStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/03/2022Servette v Young Boys10.001.21-10.00142.70
05/03/2022Schalke v Hansa Rostock10.001.252.50145.20
05/03/2022Hertha Berlin v Frankfurt10.001.252.50147.70
05/03/2022Cagliari v Lazio10.001.303.00150.70
06/03/2022Lugano v Basel10.001.262.60153.30
06/03/2022Fiorentina v Verona10.001.222.20155.50
06/03/2022Venezia v Sassuolo10.001.212.10157.60
09/03/2022Porto v Lyon10.001.27-10.00147.60
10/03/2022Atalanta v Leverkusen10.001.202.00149.60
12/03/2022Trabzponspor v Goztepe10.001.222.20151.80
12/03/2022Plzen v Teplice10.001.23-10.00141.80
12/03/2022Heidenheim v Werder Bremen10.001.252.50144.30
13/03/2022Utrecht v PSV10.001.16-10.00134.30
13/03/2022Verona v Napoli10.001.292.90137.20
13/03/2022Alanyaspor v Fenerbahce10.001.252.50139.70
13/03/2022Arsenal v Leicester10.001.191.90141.60
14/03/2022Lazio v Venezia10.001.18-10.00131.60
16/03/2022Mainz v Dortmund10.001.23-10.00121.60
18/03/2022St Pauli v Heidenheim10.001.20-10.00111.60
18/03/2022TOP Oss v Excelsior10.001.222.20113.80
18/03/2022Jong PSV v Roda10.001.222.20116.00
19/03/2022Schalke v Hannover10.001.262.60118.60
19/03/2022Aston Villa v Arsenal10.001.36-10.00108.60
19/03/2022Hertha Berlin v Hoffenheim10.001.191.90110.50
19/03/2022St Gallen v Luzern10.001.202.00112.50
20/03/2022Empoli v Verona10.001.212.10114.60
20/03/2022Leipzig v Frankfurt10.001.18-10.00104.60
20/03/2022Grasshoppers v Basel10.001.212.10106.70
26/03/2022Macarthur FC v Melbourne City10.001.21-10.0096.70

Month Four Update

Things went from bad to worse in month four of our Banker Bets Over 1.5 review and we ended up busting our betting bank just before the end of the month.

Results for Over 1.5 Goals weren't going so well and were already 25.1 points down half way through the month.

After some members had pointed out promising results from betting on Over 0.5 Goals in the first half, John decided to do some serious research into it.

He backtested on selections from Sept '21 - Apr '22 and found that it resulted in a slightly lower winning percentage but the odds were 50% higher on average.

With it looking like a better option, from the 17th April, selections were recommended to be bet on the Over 0.5 FH Goals market instead of Over 1.5 Goals (full match).

Unfortunately, this did not go to plan at all. In fact, it completely bombed and we lost the rest of our bank after 21 bets, prompting John to ditch the strategy and go back to Over 1.5 Goals.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4848
Total Stakes (pts)480.0480.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-134.0-130.4
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£1,340.00)(£1,304.00)
Strike Rate54.2%54.2%
Overall Bank Growth-151.8%-133.7%
Bank (100pt starting)BUSTBUST


DateMatchStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/04/2022Dordrecht v FC Eindhoven10.001.21-10.0086.70
02/04/2022Kayserispor v Fenerbahce10.001.222.2088.90
02/04/2022Leeds v Southampton10.001.202.0090.90
02/04/2022Mechelen v Kortrijk10.001.212.1093.00
02/04/2022Hansa Rostock v St Pauli10.001.22-10.0083.00
03/04/2022Werder Bremen v Sandhausen10.001.202.0085.00
03/04/2022Alanyaspor v Rizespor10.001.202.0087.00
03/04/2022Lausanne v Servette10.001.262.6089.60
03/04/2022Cambuur v Nijmegen10.001.252.5092.10
03/04/2022Anderlecht v Charleroi10.001.202.0094.10
06/04/2022Villarreal v Bayern Munich10.001.19-10.0084.10
08/04/2022TOP Oss v Jong PSV10.001.222.2086.30
08/04/2022Stuttgart v Dortmund10.001.202.0088.30
09/04/2022Schalke v Heidenheim10.001.232.3090.60
09/04/2022Grasshoppers v Luzern10.001.252.5093.10
09/04/2022Tondela v Sporting10.001.252.5095.60
10/04/2022Paderborn v Karlsruher10.001.202.0097.60
10/04/2022Servette v FC Zurich10.001.22-10.0087.60
10/04/2022Guimaraes v Porto10.001.26-10.0077.60
14/04/2022Slavia Prague v Feyenoord10.001.202.0079.60
16/04/2022Cagliari v Sassuolo10.001.19-10.0069.60
16/04/2022Fenerbahce v Goztepe10.001.202.0071.60
17/04/2022Ingolstadt v Paderborn10.001.32-10.0061.60
17/04/2022Sturm Graz v Rapid Vienna10.001.343.4065.00
17/04/2022Leverkusen v Leipzig10.001.30-10.0055.00
18/04/2022Sion v Basel10.001.30-10.0045.00
18/04/2022Atalanta v Verona10.001.313.1048.10
20/04/2022Udinese v Salernitana10.001.40-10.0038.10
20/04/2022Chelsea v Arsenal10.001.444.4042.50
20/04/2022Brest v Lyon10.001.363.6046.10
22/04/2022TOP Oss v Almere City10.001.363.6049.70
23/04/2022Freiburg v Monchengladbach10.001.333.3053.00
23/04/2022Benfica v Famalicao10.001.33-10.0043.00
23/04/2022Mechelen v Charleroi10.001.33-10.0033.00
24/04/2022St Gallen v Lugano10.001.363.6036.60
24/04/2022Klagenfurt v Wolfsberger10.001.333.3039.90
24/04/2022Empoli v Napoli10.001.313.1043.00
24/04/2022Rapid Vienna v Sturm Graz10.001.40-10.0033.00
24/04/2022Antalyaspor v Kayserispor10.001.40-10.0023.00
25/04/2022Sassuolo v Juventus10.001.333.3026.30
27/04/2022Rapid Vienna v Klagenfurt10.001.33-10.0016.30
28/04/2022Manchester Utd v Chelsea10.001.40-10.006.30
28/04/2022Leipzig v Rangers10.001.36-10.00-3.70
29/04/2022Sandhausen v Schalke10.001.36-10.00-13.70
29/04/2022St Pauli v Nurnberg10.001.29-10.00-23.70
29/04/2022ADO v Almere City10.001.33-10.00-33.70
30/04/2022Stuttgart v Wolfsburg10.001.24
30/04/2022Spezia v Lazio10.001.25

Review Summary

Our Banker Bets Over 1.5 review turned out to be quite the horror story. In fairness to John, who runs the service, there's no way he could have predicted results would nosedive in the way that they did.

We lost 130.4 points in month four and 133.7 points in total for the review overall.

"I have no idea why it's happened, but my sincere apologies that after 7 1/2 months of steady results and a long-term 80% winning percentage the first half goals strategy immediately fell of a cliff as soon as I decided to switch to it, and as a result I can no longer recommend it with any confidence.

While over 1.5 did also go on a dreadful run, it's showing signs of getting back to normal performance levels with 15 wins from the last 18 bets, and hopefully we'll see continued improvement and get back to steady growth in the months ahead."

John Baker

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets143143
Total Stakes (pts)1430.01430.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-151.8-133.7
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£1,518.00)(£1,337.00)
Strike Rate71.3%71.3%
Overall Bank Growth-151.8%-133.7%
Bank (100pt starting)BUSTBUST

After what we experienced during our review we won't be recommending the service and it will go down as a clear fail.

We will keep an eye on the results and perhaps it may be worth looking at again as a fresh trial in the future.

  • I have checked the Over 0.5 First Half Goals Results that are provided on the Banker-Bet website and either though the results are great I’m still really doubtful about this service. After 282 bets 1154 dollars was made (betting 100 dollars at each pick), but I found one mistake in the stats: 9/11/2021, Rijeka v Slaven Belupo it says that a half-time result was 1-0, but it actually was 0-0 and the bet was lost. So the profit was lower than 1154 dollars and there might be even more mistakes, so you should be aware about it. Further more, after checking first 40 picks I have noticed that none of the given odds beating Pinnacle or Betfair exchange closing line, so all of the profit can be just mere luck. It would be interesting to see a bigger sample size.

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