Cash In On Football Review: Month Two Update

Cash In On Football Review

Cash In On Football is a football tips service that aims to grow a bank from £250 to at least £16,000 over the course of the season.

The service is run by Stephen James, who claims to have made members of his service £16,736.89 profit during the 2020/2021 football season.

The service is priced low at just £39 for the season, which runs over 9 months. This gives you access to all tips, which are sent in a daily email, as well as an e-book with a couple of basic in-play strategies.

The tips cover the main leagues, such as the Premier League, Championship, Serie A and La Liga.

All bets include staking and odds information, with the aim of growing the bank slowly at first and then ramping things up a bit once teams settle into form.

Although £250 is the bank that Stephen is starting with, he says this can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

He is also running a live betting service where you can follow his bets live via the Telegram app, however, we are focusing on the set and forget bets for our review.

Month One Update

Cash In On Football started off steadily with £5.00 stakes whilst teams settled into form for start of the new Winter leagues. At the end of the first month, there was a £16.06 loss from a total of 37 bets.

There had also been an international break during that time which had slowed things down a little, so we hoped to see some more consistency in the next month.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3737
Total Stakes£191.00£191.00
Strike Rate51.4%51.4%
Overall Bank Growth-6.6%-6.4%
Bank (£250.00 starting)£233.58£233.94


DateFixtureSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
13/08/2021Brentford vs ArsenalYES (BTTS)£5.001.98-£5.00£245.00
14/08/2021Manchester United v Leeds UnitedYES (BTTS)£5.001.75£3.75£248.75
14/08/2021Leicester v WolvesLeicester Win£5.001.77£3.85£252.60
15/08/2021Sevilla v Rayo VallecanoSevilla Win£5.001.50£2.50£264.60
17/08/2021Peterborough v Cardiff CityDouble Chance (Peterborough or Draw)£5.001.62£3.10£267.70
18/08/2021Birmingham v BournemouthOver 2.5+ goals£5.002.38-£5.00£262.70
19/08/2021Fenerbahce v HJK HelsinkiFenerbahce win£5.001.54£2.70£265.40
20/08/2021NEC Nijmegen v ZwolleYES (BTTS)£5.001.71-£5.00£260.40
21/08/2021Aston Villa v NewcastleAston Villa win£5.001.87£4.35£264.75
21/08/2021Crystal Palace v BrentfordYES (BTTS)£5.001.91-£5.00£259.75
21/08/2021Leeds v EvertonYES (BTTS)£5.001.64£3.20£262.95
21/08/2021Cardiff v MillwallUnder 2.5 goals£5.001.58-£5.00£257.95
21/08/2021Granada v ValenciaOver 2.5+ goals£5.002.44-£5.00£252.95
22/08/2021Southampton v Manchester UnitedManchester United win£5.001.50-£5.00£247.95
22/08/2021Southampton v Manchester UnitedManchester United win and BTTS£5.003.50-£5.00£242.95
22/08/2021Wolves v Tottenham HotspursTottenham Hotspurs£5.002.50£7.50£250.45
22/08/2021Arsenal v ChelseaYES (BTTS)£5.001.95-£5.00£245.45
23/08/2021West Ham v LeicesterYES (BTTS)£5.001.70£3.50£248.95
24/08/2021PSV v BenficaYES (BTTS)£5.001.76-£5.00£243.95
25/08/2021Shakhtar Donetsk v MonacoYES (BTTS)£5.001.80£4.00£247.95
27/08/2021Borussia Dortmund v HoffenheimYES (BTTS)£5.001.51£2.55£250.50
28/08/2021Manchester City v ArsenalManchester City to win & BTTS£5.003.20-£5.00£245.50
28/08/2021Newcastle v SouthamptonOver 2.5+ goals£5.001.91£4.55£250.05
29/08/2021Burnley v Leeds UnitedYES (BTTS)£5.001.65£3.25£253.30
29/08/2021Wolves v Manchester UnitedManchester United win£5.001.84£4.20£257.50
01/09/2021Kazakhstan v UkraineUkraine win£5.001.55-£5.00£252.50
01/09/2021Denmark v ScotlandUnder 2.5 goals£5.001.76£3.80£256.30
01/09/2021Turkey v MontenegroTurkey win£5.001.67-£5.00£251.30
02/09/2021Hungary v EnglandEngland win£5.001.45£2.25£253.55
04/09/2021Ukraine v FranceFrance win£5.001.60-£5.00£248.55
11/09/2021Crystal Palace vs Tottenham HotspurYES (BTTS)£5.002.00-£5.00£244.30
11/09/2021Arsenal vs NorwichArsenal win£7.001.52£3.64£247.94
11/09/2021Leicester v Man CityYES (BTTS)£5.001.81-£5.00£242.94
12/09/2021Liverpool v LeedsYES (BTTS)£9.001.59-£9.00£233.94

Month Two Update

The Cash In On Football service lost a further £48.70 at the available odds in month two of our review. That meant that our bank had decreased by 25.9% and things were looking a bit grim.

It was becoming hard to see how the tipster was going to meet his £16,000 target over the course of the season when we still hadn't made a profit after two months.

Nevertheless, we decided to carry on tracking bets to see what would happen during the next month.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3333
Total Stakes£256.00£256.00
Strike Rate42.4%42.4%
Overall Bank Growth-27.5%-25.9%
Bank (£250.00 starting)£181.32£185.24


DateFixtureSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
13/09/2021Everton v BurnleyUnder 2.5 goals£7.001.75-£7.00£226.94
14/09/2021Young Boys v Manchester UnitedManchester United win£8.001.41-£8.00£218.94
14/09/2021Barcelona v Bayern MunichBayern Munich win£8.002.10£8.80£227.74
14/09/2021West Brom v Derby CountyWest Brom win£7.001.55-£7.00£220.74
15/09/2021Bristol v LutonOver 2.5+ goals£7.002.50-£7.00£213.74
15/09/2021Liverpool v AC MilanLiverpool win£8.001.45£3.60£217.34
16/09/2021Real Betis v CelticBetis win£6.001.61£3.66£221.00
16/09/2021Leicester v NapoliYES (BTTS)£5.001.75£3.75£224.75
17/09/2021Newcastle United vs Leeds UnitedYES (BTTS)£8.001.63£5.04£229.79
18/09/2021Aston Villa vs EvertonYES (BTTS)£7.001.83-£7.00£222.79
18/09/2021Barnsley v BlackburnYES (BTTS)£7.001.91-£7.00£215.79
18/09/2021Atletico Madrid v Athletic BilbaoAtletico Madrid£7.001.70-£7.00£208.79
19/09/2021Tottenham v ChelseaYES (BTTS)£10.002.20-£10.00£198.79
21/09/2021Carabao CupAcca£7.504.24£24.30£223.09
22/09/2021Carabao CupTreble£7.503.26-£7.50£215.59
25/09/2021Manchester United v Aston VillaYES (BTTS)£7.001.91-£7.00£208.59
25/09/2021Leeds United v West HamYES (BTTS)£10.001.57£5.70£214.29
26/09/2021Arsenal v TottenhamYES (BTTS)£8.001.80£6.40£220.69
28/09/2021Shakhtar v InterYES (BTTS)£9.001.83-£9.00£211.69
29/09/2021Wolfsburg v SevillaYES (BTTS)£7.002.00£7.00£218.69
29/09/2021Benfica v BarcelonaYES (BTTS)£7.001.70-£7.00£211.69
29/09/2021Juventus v ChelseaChelsea win£12.002.30-£12.00£199.69
30/09/2021Sparta Prague v RangersYES (BTTS)£6.001.80-£6.00£193.69
01/10/2021Stoke v West BromYES (BTTS)£8.002.00-£8.00£185.69
02/10/2021Leeds v WatfordYES (BTTS)£10.001.73-£10.00£175.69
02/10/2021Wolves v NewcastleYES (BTTS)£8.001.86£6.88£182.57
03/10/2021West Ham v BrentfordYES (BTTS)£8.001.87£6.96£189.53
03/10/2021Tottenham v Aston VillaYES (BTTS)£8.001.83£6.64£196.17
08/10/2021Turkey v NorwayYES (BTTS)£8.001.87£6.96£203.13
09/10/2021Azerbaijan v IrelandUnder 2.5 goals£7.001.47-£7.00£196.13
09/10/2021Hungary v AlbaniaHungary win£8.002.40-£8.00£188.13
11/10/2021Romania v ArmeniaRomania win£7.001.73£5.11£193.24
11/10/2021Croatia v SlovakiaCroatia win£8.001.47-£8.00£185.24

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  1. Hi Laura,

    Were the owners of this product able to substantiate any of their claims? I find it difficult to reconcile when a service can tell you to the exact penny the profits that made last year / season but then can’t readily produce a spreadsheet of tracked bets.

    I did initially sign up to this and the next thing Stephen punted – 5K football – but have subsequently received refunds and left both. If anyone else is struggling to get a refund then you have to do this through the original ClickBank receipt. Stephen (and Ben) do not respond to any emails, regardless of whether you have a questions on the selection, the results or want to know how to get a refund.

    Both Cash In and 5K may achieve their stated goals and I wish followers well but there were just so many red flags to me – nil responses to emails directed to their requested support address, incomplete and inaccurate result recording and the immediate push to advertise other services and turn the handle on more sign up fees. I’m not clear where the edge is, it was not on value, inside information, or a system that I could tell. In which case its just a gamble at odds the bookies are happy with and well, you can do this all yourself!

    That’s all, thanks!

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