Jolly Lock IP Review: Stop Those Snooping Bookies

Jolly Lock IP Review
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Welcome to our Jolly Lock IP review - A virtual desktop designed especially for matched betting that protects from bookie spyware and monitoring tools.

Have you ever been bonus banned, had stakes limited or even had your account shut down at an online bookmaker? That's pretty much all of us, right? With the rise in “matched betting” services, it is happening even more nowadays.

Matched Betting is reportedly costing the bookies around £20m per month, so they have had to step up their game.

They have started planting spyware onto our computers to find out whether you are visiting matched betting websites, laying bets off at exchanges or even just shopping around for the best odds. If they find any of these types of sites in your browsing history, it won’t be long before you receive the dreaded email giving you the boot.

It is becoming a real problem for those of us that are making a regular income from the likes of Profit Maximiser and Clear Bonus Profits. None of us want to see the gravy train end!

Jolly Lock IP is a virtual desktop that has been designed to combat this problem by completely blocking any spyware and protecting you from the bookie’s prying eyes.

You are given a unique UK IP address, so you can log in to the software from any country and continue with your betting activities.

This is a far better solution than using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a standard VPS (Virtual Private Server), as it has been designed with bettors in mind.

  • It’s fast! Many VPS’s are laggy and slow to load websites, which is a major issue if you are trying to quickly lay off bets. During our test run, Jolly Lock was extremely smooth and lag free.
  • It can run multiple desktops with separate IP address.
  • It is compatible with flash, so you can complete casino and gaming bonus offers without exposing your real IP address.
  • VPN’s often issue IP addresses that have been used in the past that bookies have on their banned list. Jolly Lock issues you with a dedicated static IP.
  • A VPN will not give you 100% protection from spyware and monitoring tools - Jolly Lock will.
Jolly Lock IP Review Virtual Desktop

Jolly Lock IP - Virtual Desktop

Subscriptions are around about the same as a regular VPS would cost.

  • 1 User Licence: £15 for the first month and then £25 per month
  • 3 User Licences: £69 per month
  • 5 User Licences: £105 per month

It works on either Windows or Mac operating systems and takes just a few minutes to install and set up. There is a user guide and also a video tutorial if needed, but we found it simple enough just following the steps in the guide.

Jolly Lock IP is a no brainer if you’re serious about your privacy. It’s a tool that every matched bettor should have in their arsenal if they want to prolong the life of their bookie accounts. Highly recommended!


  1. Hi Laura,

    I found your website and Jollylock IP recently when looking for bookmaker privacy, but there is nothing on the internet in the last 6 months about them.
    Is this still performing well and 14 months after your review, is it still worth it ?



    1. Hi Rob, JollyLock IP is still up and running and is still working well in the fight against bookies installing spying software on their customer’s computers. In a nutshell, you get your own private desktop on the cloud with a personal static IP so that it doesn’t raise any red flags to the bookies. If you’re concerned about privacy it’s definitely worth thinking about.

    1. Hi Ivan, The advantages of using Jolly Lock IP over a regular virtual private server is you are given a dedicated IP address. If your IP address keeps changing each time you log in to a bookie it is likely to flag your account up. On Jolly Lock you can also run multiple desktops with a seperate IP address on each one if needed.

      It is also designed to protect against spyware and monitoring tools that some bookmakers have been known to use.

  2. The only issue for me is the IPS in the video all look nearly the same like… Example being

    Same.Same.Same.Different only the last part of the ip changes? Surely they will notice all the ips with the same beginning?

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