Bet Fairway Review: Golf Betting Tipster Service

Bet Fairway is a golf betting service which emails weekly PGA and European tour tips.

The service has been running since early 2013 and has become one of the Bet Kudos network’s most popular betting services, but it’s success goes much further back than this.

They are actually an extension of an offline betting service called “Fairway” which has been running successfully for many years prior to being launched online.

The tips are emailed out throughout the week before 11.00am, starting on a Wednesday with outright selections for PGA and European tours, followed by further tips from Thursday to Sunday for round bets and potential trading out to secure a profit.

As with most Golf betting services, a long term approach is needed as many of the bets are at high odds and there are plenty of losing runs. It’s really a case of holding out for the big wins so you will definitely need to have patience with this type of betting.

A 400 point bank is recommended to protect from the losing streaks and each bet is advised between 1 and 5 point stakes.

Before you continue...

Our Bet Fairway review ended with a fail rating.

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Month One Results

Month one ended with a loss of 11.45 points which worked out at a small 2.86% decrease of our 400 point starting bank.

We had no trouble getting the required odds as most of the tips are released days ahead of the start of the tournaments.

Key Stats

Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets4444
Total Stakes (pts)220.00220.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-11.35-11.45
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£113.50-£114.50
Average Odds38.0638.61
Strike Rate20.5%20.5%
Bank (400pts starting)388.65388.55


DateFixtureBetMarketStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
05/10/2016Dunhill LinksAlex NorenOutright5.0023.00-5.00395.00
05/10/2016Dunhill LinksTommy Fleetwood e/wOutright5.0031.00-5.00390.00
05/10/2016Dunhill LinksJost Luiten e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00385.00
05/10/2016Dunhill LinksGraham McDowell e/wOutright5.0057.00-5.00380.00
07/10/2016Dunhill LinksRafael Cabrero Bello2 Ball5.001.733.65383.65
08/10/2016Dunhill LinksRoss Fisher2 Ball5.001.67-5.00378.65
09/10/2016Dunhill LinksRoss Fisher2 Ball5.001.91-5.00373.65
13/10/2016British MastersTyrrell HattonOutright5.0023.00-5.00368.65
13/10/2016British MastersAndrew Johnston e/wOutright5.0034.00-5.00363.65
13/10/2016British MastersGraham McDowell e/wOutright5.0041.006.00369.65
13/10/2016British MastersKiradech Aphibarnrat e/wOutright5.0081.00-5.00364.65
13/10/2016British MastersGraham McDowell3 ball5.002.638.15372.80
14/10/2016British MastersJoist Luiten3 ball5.002.50-5.00367.80
15/10/2016British MastersAnthony Wall3 ball5.003.25-5.00362.80
16/10/2016British MastersAlex Noren3 ball5.002.507.50370.30
20/10/2016Portugal MastersThomas PietersOutright5.008.50-5.00365.30
20/10/2016Portugal MastersStephen Gallacher e/wOutright5.0051.00-5.00360.30
20/10/2016Portugal MastersAlejandro Canizares e/wOutright5.0067.00-5.00355.30
20/10/2016Portugal MastersJames Morrison e/wOutright5.00101.00-5.00350.30
20/10/2016CIMB ClassicPatrick ReedOutright5.0015.00-5.00345.30
20/10/2016CIMB ClassicEmiliano Grillo e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00340.30
20/10/2016CIMB ClassicTony Finau e/wOutright5.0061.00-5.00335.30
20/10/2016CIMB ClassicChad Campbell e/wOutright5.00201.00-5.00330.30
20/10/2016Portugal MastersMarc Warren3 ball5.003.2011.00341.30
21/10/2016Portugal MastersThomas Pieters3 ball5.002.75-5.00336.30
22/10/2016Portugal MastersDavid Lipsky3 ball5.002.88-5.00331.30
23/10/2016Portugal MastersPaul LawrieOutright5.0013.00-5.00326.30
27/10/2016HSBCHideki MatsujaymaOutright5.0023.00110.00436.30
27/10/2016HSBCRussell Knox e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00431.30
27/10/2016HSBCEmiliano Grillo e/wOutright5.0068.00-5.00426.30
27/10/2016HSBCScott Hend e/wOutright5.00101.00-5.00421.30
27/10/2016HSBCDanny Willett3 ball5.003.25-5.00416.30
28/10/2016HSBCSergio garcia3 ball5.002.055.25421.55
03/11/2016Turkish Airlines OpenTyrell hattonOutright5.0017.00-5.00416.55
03/11/2016Turkish Airlines OpenAnibarn Lahiri e/wOutright5.0026.00-5.00411.55
03/11/2016Turkish Airlines OpenThongchai Jaidee e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00406.55
03/11/2016Turkish Airlines OpenKiradech Aphibarnrat e/wOutright5.0046.00-5.00401.55
03/11/2016Shriners HospitalsRyan MooreOutright5.0021.00-5.00396.55
03/11/2016Shriners HospitalsKevin Na e/wOutright5.0034.00-5.00391.55
03/11/2016Shriners HospitalsGraham McDowell e/wOutright5.0051.00-5.00386.55
03/11/2016Shriners HospitalsColt Knost e/wOutright5.00301.00-5.00381.55
03/11/2016Shriners HospitalsHarris English3 ball5.002.306.50388.05
04/11/2016Shriners HospitalsHarris English3 ball5.002.105.50393.55
06/11/2016Shriners HospitalsBrooks koepkaOutright5.004.40-5.00388.55

Month Two Results

A huge profit in month two after hitting a 66/1 winner with Matt Fitzpatrick winning the DP Tour Championship. This banked us a 114.05 points profit with an ROI of 63.4%.

Each bet was staked at 5 points so our overall profit stood at 102.60 points, but using standard 1 point stake would have made a respectable profit of 20.52 points.

The “Outright” tournament winner bets gave us a profit of 79.13 points and the 2 Ball & 3 Ball bets made a profit of 23.47 points.

Key Stats

Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets3636
Total Stakes (pts)180.00180.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+115.30+114.05
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)+£1,153.00+£1,140.50
Average Odds53.0852.73
Strike Rate19.4%19.4%
Bank (pts)503.95502.60


DateFixtureBetMarketStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
10/11/2016Nedbank ChallengeCharl SchwartzelOutright5.0023.00-5.00383.55
10/11/2016Nedbank ChallengeLoius Oosthuizen e/wOutright5.0029.00-5.00378.55
10/11/2016Nedbank ChallengeAndrew Johnston e/wOutright5.0067.00-5.00373.55
10/11/2016Nedbank ChallengeKiradech Aphibarnrat e/wOutright5.0081.00-5.00368.55
10/11/2016OHL ClassicEmiliano GrilloOutright5.0021.00-5.00363.55
10/11/2016OHL ClassicChris Kirk e/wOutright5.0034.00-5.00358.55
10/11/2016OHL ClassicTony Finau e/wOutright5.0046.00-5.00353.55
10/11/2016OHL ClassicHunter Mahan e/wOutright5.00501.00-5.00348.55
10/11/2016OHL ClassicMark Wilson3 ball5.003.5012.50361.05
12/11/2016OHL ClassicJohn Rahm3 ball5.002.38-5.00356.05
13/11/2016OHL ClassicWebb SimpsonOutright5.0019.00-5.00351.05
17/11/2016DP Tour ChampionshipRory McilroyOutright5.004.00-5.00346.05
17/11/2016DP Tour ChampionshipAlex Noren e/wOutright5.0017.00-5.00341.05
17/11/2016DP Tour ChampionshipBernd Wiesberger e/wOutright5.0032.0016.88357.93
17/11/2016DP Tour ChampionshipMatt Fitzpatrick e/wOutright5.0067.00206.25564.18
17/11/2016RSM ClassicBrandt SnedekerOutright5.0026.00-5.00559.18
17/11/2016RSM ClassicHarris English e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00554.18
17/11/2016RSM ClassicLuke Donald e/wOutright5.00151.00-5.00549.18
17/11/2016RSM ClassicCameron Tringale e/wOutright5.00201.00-5.00544.18
17/11/2016RSM ClassicJim Furyk3 ball5.002.758.75552.93
18/11/2016RSM ClassicHarris English3 ball5.002.25-5.00547.93
19/11/2016RSM ClassicHudson Swafford3 ball5.002.50-5.00542.93
20/11/2016RSM ClassicCharles HowellOutright5.0013.00-5.00537.93
24/11/2016World CupEnglandOutright5.0017.00-5.00532.93
24/11/2016World CupThailandOutright5.0026.00-5.00527.93
25/11/2016World CupUSAUSA v China5.001.73-5.00522.93
25/11/2016World CupSwedenSweden v New Zealand5.001.67-5.00517.93
01/12/2016Hero World ChallengeJordan SpiethOutright5.007.00-5.00512.93
01/12/2016Hero World ChallengeEmilIano Grillo e/wOutright5.0026.00-5.00507.93
01/12/2016Alfred DunhillBranded GraceOutright5.007.50-5.00502.93
01/12/2016Alfred DunhillPablo Larrazabal e/wOutright5.0051.00-5.00497.93
01/12/2016Alfred DunhillJ B Kruger e/wOutright5.0067.00-5.00492.93
01/12/2016Alfred DunhillRoss Mgowan e/wOutright5.00301.00-5.00487.93
01/12/2016Hero World ChallengeJB Holmes2 Ball5.002.055.25493.18
03/12/2016Hero World ChallengeRickie Fowler2 Ball5.002.055.25498.43
04/12/2016Hero World ChallengeJordan Speith2 Ball5.001.834.17502.60

Month Three Results

We only had 7 bets during the third month with it being a quiet period for Golf. There was just one win this time but it was in the 3 Ball market, so it wasn’t a huge return. We ended with a loss of 26 points, but we’re still in profit by 76.6 points overall thanks to a cracking result in month two.

We decided to extend the review for a further two months, as Golf betting can be quite high variance and we want to see how the service performs over a longer period.

Key Stats

Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets77
Total Stakes (pts)35.0035.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-26.00-26.00
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£260.00-£260.00
Average Odds32.4431.94
Strike Rate14.3%14.3%
Bank (pts)477.95476.60


DateFixtureBetMarketStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
07/12/2016USB Hong KongPatrick ReedOutright5.008.00-5.00497.60
07/12/2016USB Hong KongJeunghun Wang e/wOutright5.0026.00-5.00492.60
07/12/2016USB Hong KongKiradech Aphibarnrat e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00487.60
07/12/2016USB Hong KongSSP Chowrasia e/wOutright5.00126.00-5.00482.60
07/12/2016FT ShootoutDufner / SnedekerOutright5.006.00-5.00477.60
09/12/2016USB Hong KongScott Hend3 ball5.003.604.00481.60
11/12/2016USB Hong KongDavid LipskyOutright5.0013.00-5.00476.60

Month Four Results

A big loss of 180.86 points with an ROI of -65.8% meant we had an overall loss of -104.26 points.

Key Stats

Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets5555
Total Stakes (pts)275.00275.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-181.44-180.86
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£1,814.40-£1,808.60
Average Odds44.0844.49
Strike Rate12.7%12.7%
Bank (pts)296.51295.74


DateFixtureBetMarketStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
05/01/2017Tournament of ChampionsJordan SpiethOutright5.006.50-5.00471.60
05/01/2017Tournament of ChampionsDaniel Berger e/wOutright5.0029.00-5.00466.60
05/01/2017Tournament of ChampionsRussell Knox e/wOutright5.0034.00-5.00461.60
05/01/2017Tournament of ChampionsPat Perez2 Ball5.001.80-0.50461.10
06/01/2017Tournament of ChampionsJim Herman2 Ball5.002.85-5.00456.10
07/01/2017Tournament of ChampionsTony Finau2 Ball5.002.005.00461.10
08/01/2017Tournament of ChampionsHideki MatsujaymaOutright5.002.88-5.00456.10
12/01/2017SA OpenAndy SullivanOutright5.0015.00-5.00451.10
12/01/2017SA OpenJaco van zyl e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00446.10
12/01/2017SA OpenJBE Kruger e/wOutright5.00101.00-5.00441.10
12/01/2017SA OpenLee Slattery e/wOutright5.00126.00-5.00436.10
12/01/2017Sony OpenJordan SpiethOutright5.007.50-5.00431.10
12/01/2017Sony OpenBrandt Snedeker e/wOutright5.0029.00-5.00426.10
12/01/2017Sony OpenGary Woodland e/wOutright5.0036.00-5.00421.10
12/01/2017Sony OpenRyan Palmer e/wOutright5.0067.00-5.00416.10
12/01/2017Sony OpenPaul Casey3 Ball5.002.30-5.00411.10
13/01/2017Sony OpenKevin Na3 Ball5.001.83-5.00406.10
14/01/2017Sony OpenHideki Matsujayma3 Ball5.001.70-0.75405.35
15/01/2017Sony OpenJustin Rose3 Ball5.002.909.50414.85
19/01/2017Career BuilderPatrick ReedOutright5.0021.00-5.00409.85
19/01/2017Career BuilderEmaliano Grillo e/wOutright5.0031.00-5.00404.85
19/01/2017Career BuilderBrian Gay e/wOutright5.00251.00-5.00399.85
19/01/2017Abu Dhabi HSBCRiki FowlerOutright5.0015.00-5.00394.85
19/01/2017Abu Dhabi HSBCByeong hun an e/wOutright5.0029.00-5.00389.85
19/01/2017Abu Dhabi HSBCMartin Kaymer e/wOutright5.0029.008.33398.18
19/01/2017Abu Dhabi HSBCPaul Dunne e/wOutright5.00251.00-5.00393.18
19/01/2017Career BuilderKevin Na e/wOutright5.0051.00-5.00388.18
19/01/2017Career BuilderPatrick Reed2 Ball5.001.954.75392.93
20/01/2017Career BuilderPaul Casey2 Ball5.001.95-5.00387.93
21/01/2017Career BuilderEmaliano Grillo2 Ball5.001.91-5.00382.93
22/01/2017Career BuilderBrendan SteeleOutright5.0010.00-5.00377.93
26/01/2017Qatar MastersRafael Cabrero BelloOutright5.0017.00-5.00372.93
26/01/2017Qatar MastersKiradech Aphibarnrat e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00367.93
26/01/2017Qatar MastersPablo Larrazabal e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00362.93
26/01/2017Qatar MastersBradley dredge e/wOutright5.0067.00-5.00357.93
26/01/2017Farmers Insurance OpenJason DayOutright5.0012.00-5.00352.93
26/01/2017Farmers Insurance OpenJB Holmes e/wOutright5.0051.00-5.00347.93
26/01/2017Farmers Insurance OpenBYeong hun an e/wOutright5.0076.00-5.00342.93
26/01/2017Farmers Insurance OpenCharlie Hoffman e/wOutright5.00162.00-5.00337.93
26/01/2017Farmers Insurance OpenJason Day3 Ball5.002.63-5.00332.93
27/01/2017Farmers Insurance OpenShane Lowry3 Ball5.003.002.50335.43
28/01/2017Farmers Insurance OpenAdam Hadwin3 Ball5.003.50-5.00330.43
29/01/2017Farmers Insurance OpenTony FinauOutright5.0010.00-5.00325.43
02/02/2017Dubai Desert ClassicHenrik StensonOutright5.007.50-5.00320.43
02/02/2017Dubai Desert ClassicTyrell Hatton e/wOutright5.0021.0010.00330.43
02/02/2017Dubai Desert ClassicMatt Fitzpatrick e/wOutright5.0046.0010.31340.74
02/02/2017Dubai Desert ClassicLee Slattery e/wOutright5.00501.00-5.00335.74
02/02/2017Waste ManagementJordan SpiethOutright5.0010.00-5.00330.74
02/02/2017Waste ManagementBrendan Steele e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00325.74
02/02/2017Waste ManagementTony Finau e/wOutright5.0051.00-5.00320.74
02/02/2017Waste ManagementEmaliano Grillo e/wOutright5.0067.00-5.00315.74
03/02/2017Waste ManagementHarris English3 Ball5.002.25-5.00310.74
03/02/2017Waste ManagementBubba Watson3 Ball5.002.80-5.00305.74
04/02/2017Waste ManagementKevin Na3 Ball5.003.25-5.00300.74
05/02/2017Waste ManagementMartin LairdOutright5.004.00-5.00295.74

Month Five Results

After experiencing three losing months in a row, we have decided to call it a day.

The service only managed to deliver a profit in one month, but since then it was downhill all the way. Our 400 point bank had now decreased by 62%, after a total loss of 247.92 points.

Key Stats

Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets186186
Total Stakes (pts)930.00930.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-247.15-247.92
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£2,471.50-£2,479.20
Average Odds43.9644.52
Strike Rate16.1%16.1%
Bank Growth-61.8%-62.0%
Bank (pts)152.85152.08
Results - Update Five


DateFixtureBetMarketStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
09/02/2017Pebble BeachBrandt SnedekerOutright5.0021.00-5.00290.74
09/02/2017Pebble BeachPatrick Reed e/wOutright5.0034.00-5.00285.74
09/02/2017Pebble BeachPat Perez e/wOutright5.0071.00-5.00280.74
09/02/2017Pebble BeachSteve Stricker e/wOutright5.00126.00-5.00275.74
09/02/2017Maybank ChampionshipAnibarn LahiriOutright5.0026.00-5.00270.74
09/02/2017Maybank ChampionshipKiradech Aphibarnrat e/wOutright5.0031.00-5.00265.74
09/02/2017Maybank ChampionshipMarcus Fraser e/wOutright5.0090.00-5.00260.74
09/02/2017Maybank ChampionshipScott Hend e/wOutright5.0076.00-5.00255.74
09/02/2017Pebble BeachSean Ohair2 Ball5.001.87-5.00250.74
10/02/2017Pebble BeachKevin Kisner2 Ball5.002.386.88257.62
11/02/2017Pebble BeachWebb Simpson2 Ball5.002.10-5.00252.62
12/02/2017Pebble BeachKevin Streelman2 Ball5.002.105.50258.12
16/02/2017Handa world super 6Alex NorenOutright5.0013.00-5.00253.12
16/02/2017Handa world super 6Richard GreenOutright5.0067.00-5.00248.12
16/02/2017Genesis openHideki MatsujaymaOutright5.0011.00-5.00243.12
16/02/2017Genesis openBrandt Snedeker e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00238.12
16/02/2017Genesis openByeong hun an e/wOutright5.0067.00-5.00233.12
16/02/2017Genesis openPadraig Harrington e/wOutright5.00351.00-5.00228.12
16/02/2017Genesis openJB Holmes3 Ball5.002.50-5.00223.12
18/02/2017Genesis openJim Furyk3 Ball5.003.75-5.00218.12
19/02/2017Genesis openPat PerezOutright5.0011.00-5.00213.12
23/02/2017Honda classicJustin ThomasOutright5.0019.00-5.00208.12
23/02/2017Honda classicTyrell Hatton e/wOutright5.0041.0013.33221.45
23/02/2017Honda classicMatt Fitzpatrick e/wOutright5.0067.00-5.00216.45
23/02/2017Joburg OpenGeorge CoetzeeOutright5.0019.00-5.00211.45
23/02/2017Joburg OpenJaco van zyl e/wOutright5.0023.00-5.00206.45
23/02/2017Joburg OpenPul Dunne e/wOutright5.0054.00-5.00201.45
23/02/2017Joburg OpenRicardo Gouviea e/wOutright5.0081.00-5.00196.45
23/02/2017Honda classicEmaliano Grillo e/wOutright5.0090.00-5.00191.45
23/02/2017Honda classicPaul Casey3 Ball5.003.0010.00201.45
24/02/2017Honda classicTyrell Hatton3 Ball5.002.758.75210.20
25/02/2017Honda classicMorgan Hoffman2 Ball5.003.10-5.00205.20
02/03/2017Tshwane OpenGeorge CoetzeeOutright5.0011.00-5.00200.20
02/03/2017Tshwane OpenJordan Smith e/wOutright5.0041.00-5.00195.20
02/03/2017Tshwane OpenPaul Dunne e/wOutright5.0051.00-5.00190.20
02/03/2017Tshwane OpenRyan Fox e/wOutright5.0067.00-5.00185.20
02/03/2017WGC MexicoJordan SpeithOutright5.009.50-5.00180.20
02/03/2017WGC MexicoTyrell Hatton e/wOutright5.0051.00-5.00175.20
02/03/2017WGC MexicoPatrick Reed e/wOutright5.0061.00-5.00170.20
02/03/2017WGC MexicoDavid Lipsky e/wOutright5.00251.00-5.00165.20
02/03/2017WGC MexicoRoberto Diaz3 Ball5.006.50-5.00160.20
03/03/2017WGC MexicoKevin Na3 Ball5.002.751.88162.08
04/03/2017WGC MexicoJoost Luiten3 Ball5.003.75-5.00157.08
05/03/2017WGC MexicoRory McilroyOutright5.005.00-5.00152.08

Review Summary

Given the performance over our five month review, we cannot recommend subscribing to this service. We were on a slippery slope towards the end and another bad month could have seen our bank completely wiped out. 

The staking plan definitely needs revising, but even if it was, the majority of people would struggle to keep their interest in this service after facing such heavy losses.

We're afraid this one just isn't for us and it's a fail.

Bet Fairway Review Graph
Review Stats-247.92pts loss, -26.7% ROI, 16.1% SR
Stakes 5 points stakes
Starting bank 400 points
Average no. betsApprox. 35-50 per month
Time of emailsEvery Wednesday and daily during tournament
Price£40 for 28 days, £99 per quarter or £199 per year (+VAT)

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