Lucky 7 Naps Review: Small Field Horse Racing Tips


Lucky 7 Naps is a horse racing tipping service which focuses on races with seven runners or less.

The service has been around since the beginning of 2014 and we were able to view a full history of proofing on the website.

The welcome pack states that tips are sent out between 6.00–10.00am and the odds shorten throughout the day, so it’s recommended to get the bets on as soon as possible after receiving the email.

There is a recommended starting bank of 300 points and the stakes are advised at 5 points per bet.

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Our Lucky 7 Naps review ended with a fail rating.

Please feel free to continue reading the full review below, though we recommend checking out some of the betting system reviews which ended in a pass instead. There's a small selection below or you can click here for the full list.

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Month One Results

We followed Lucky 7 Naps for a little over one month and had to end the review early due to some not so lucky results.

We started with a 300 point bank and finished the month with just 17.78 points of it left.

We continued to follow the tips for a few more days to see whether things turned around, but the bank continued to decrease and we were left without enough money to put the next day’s bets on.

As it goes, there was a big turnaround a few days later and the bank shot back up to 116.18 points, but for us it was too late.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets142142142
Total Stakes (pts)710710710
Profit/Loss (pts)-240.57-293.97-316.26
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£2,405.70-£2,939.70-£3,162.60
Average Odds7.296.076.66
Strike Rate14.1%14.1%14.1%
Bank (300pt starting)59.436.03-16.26


DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
04/08/2016Brighton14:00Monumental Man5.003.50-5.00295.00
04/08/2016Brighton15:00Count Calabash5.003.0010.00300.00
04/08/2016Brighton16:00Visage Blanc5.005.50-5.00295.00
04/08/2016Haydock16:20Bell Heather5.005.50-5.00290.00
05/08/2016Musselburgh16:30Gabrial The Terror5.008.50-5.00280.00
05/08/2016Haydock20:30Tartan Bute5.003.00-5.00275.00
06/08/2016Redcar14:15Eva Gore5.003.2511.25281.25
06/08/2016Haydock15:45Arab Spring5.004.50-5.00276.25
06/08/2016Redcar16:35Colombe Bleu5.008.50-5.00271.25
07/08/2016Leicester14:00Bahamian Sunshine5.003.50-5.00261.25
07/08/2016Leicester14:30Mr Tyrrell5.003.25-5.00256.25
07/08/2016Leicester16:30Jack The Laird5.002.65-5.00260.00
08/08/2016Wolverhampton14:45King Of Castilla5.003.00-5.00255.00
08/08/2016Wolverhampton15:15Monte Cinq5.004.50-5.00250.00
08/08/2016Wolverhampton16:45Coronation Day5.005.50-5.00235.00
08/08/2016Fflos Las18:30Moojaned5.0021.00-5.00230.00
09/08/2016Chepstow14:45Devilish Guest5.007.50-5.00220.00
09/08/2016Lingfield19:45Charlie Wells5.005.5022.50242.50
10/08/2016Newton Abbot14:40Nachi Falls5.005.5022.50265.00
10/08/2016Beverley15:00Beautiful Stranger5.007.50-5.00260.00
10/08/2016Newton Abbot16:10Royal Irish Hussar5.004.00-5.00250.00
10/08/2016Beverley16:30Ghostly Arc5.007.50-5.00240.00
11/08/2016Salisbury15:40Vive Ma Fille5.009.00-5.00235.00
11/08/2016Beverley15:50Air Squadron5.004.00-5.00230.00
11/08/2016Worcester17:00Silver Man5.006.50-5.00225.00
11/08/2016Salisbury17:15Rainbow Dreamer5.007.00-5.00220.00
11/08/2016Yarmouth18:05Knight's Parade5.005.00-5.00215.00
12/08/2016Newcastle17:10Fruit Salad5.003.00-5.00205.00
12/08/2016Catterick18:10Amy Gardner5.0012.00-5.00200.00
13/08/2016Ripon14:20Island Flame5.006.50-5.00190.00
14/08/2016Southwell14:00Stephanie Frances5.002.506.75176.75
15/08/2016Chelmsford15:30Mitchum Swagger5.002.65-5.00166.75
15/08/2016Windsor20:00Coillte Cailin5.008.50-5.00161.75
16/08/2016Ripon16:00Cape Of Glory5.009.00-5.00156.75
16/08/2016Kempton16:45Pure Vanity5.0015.00-5.00151.75
16/08/2016Wolverhampton18:00Inner Knowing5.005.50-5.00146.75
17/08/2016Carlisle14:45Whirl Me Round5.004.33-5.00141.75
17/08/2016York15:05The Major General5.0017.00-5.00136.75
17/08/2016Carlisle15:55Dawn Mirage5.004.00-5.00131.75
17/08/2016Carlisle16:30Rainbow Rebel5.005.5022.50154.25
18/08/2016Stratford17:15Victor Leudorum5.002.758.75153.00
18/08/2016Fontwell17:30Town Mouse5.005.00-5.00148.00
18/08/2016Fontwell18:00Ivor's Queen5.002.75-5.00143.00
18/08/2016Fontwell18:30Pied Du Roi5.002.758.75151.75
19/08/2016Bangor15:55The Backup Plan5.003.00-5.00141.75
19/08/2016Salisbury17:30Cosmic Storm5.003.0010.00151.75
20/08/2016Newton Abbot15:10Vodka Wells5.0010.00-5.00146.75
20/08/2016Bath19:05Hot Mustard5.007.00-5.00156.75
20/08/2016Bath20:05Pivotal Flame5.005.50-5.00146.75
21/08/2016Worcester14:50Germany Calling5.008.00-5.00136.75
21/08/2016Brighton15:30Al Shahaniya5.004.00-5.00131.75
21/08/2016Curragh15:45Endless Drama5.008.00-5.00126.75
21/08/2016Chelmsford17:10Cap Canaille5.004.50-5.00121.75
22/08/2016Brighton15:00Bobby Vee5.004.00-5.00116.75
22/08/2016Brighton16:00Golden Reign5.001.83-5.00111.75
22/08/2016Kempton17:50Hazell Berry5.005.00-5.00106.75
23/08/2016Yarmouth15:00Princess Raihana5.009.00-5.00101.75
23/08/2016Southwell15:45Little Pop5.005.5022.50124.25
23/08/2016Southwell16:45Book At Bedtime5.003.75-5.00114.25
24/08/2016Stratford18:50No Likey5.005.50-5.0099.25
24/08/2016Kempton19:40Royal Reef5.006.00-5.0094.25
25/08/2016Musselburgh14:00Lady Molly5.008.00-5.0089.25
25/08/2016Fontwell15:20Fountains Blossom5.002.50-5.0084.25
25/08/2016Leicester15:40Saint Thomas5.004.50-5.0079.25
25/08/2016Fontwell16:55Lakeshore Lady5.008.00-5.0074.25
26/08/2016Newmarket15:45Maestro Mac5.006.00-5.0054.25
27/08/2016Cartmel16:00Pena Dorada5.004.33-5.0039.25
28/08/2016Beverley13:50Our Boy Jack5.006.5026.1355.38
28/08/2016Goodwood15:10Zhui Feng5.009.0034.00108.38
28/08/2016Yarmouth17:05Basil Berry5.0010.00-5.0098.38
29/08/2016Newcastle14:50Chebsey Beau5.005.00-5.0093.38
29/08/2016Chepstow15:45Scent Of Power5.004.00-5.0088.38
29/08/2016Epsom15:50Maverick Wave5.003.50-5.0083.38
29/08/2016Cartmel16:40Fantasy King5.007.00-5.0078.38
30/08/2016Hamilton14:15Frozen Kiss5.006.00-5.0073.38
30/08/2016Worcester16:25Play The Ace5.002.75-5.0068.38
30/08/2016Ripon18:15Gleese The Devil5.008.00-5.0058.38
31/08/2016Southwell13:50Minella Forfitness5.0015.00-5.0053.38
31/08/2016Southwell15:20Newton Geronimo5.004.00-5.0048.38
31/08/2016Bath15:30Miss Minuty5.0013.00-5.0043.38
31/08/2016Newton Abbot19:10Coeur Tantre5.005.0020.0063.38
01/09/2016Sedgefield14:20Luccombe Down5.003.75-5.0065.28
01/09/2016Sedgefield15:20Reverse The Charge5.004.50-5.0060.28
01/09/2016Sedgefield16:20The Backup Plan5.002.10-5.0055.28
02/09/2016Musselburgh17:20Go Go Green5.0010.00-5.0035.28
02/09/2016Musselburgh19:20Neuf Des Coeurs5.003.50-5.0025.28
03/09/2016Kempton14:10Sir Dancealot5.003.5012.5037.78
03/09/2016Stratford14:30Theatre Flame5.002.25-5.0032.78
03/09/2016Kempton15:45Noble Gift5.0034.00-5.0022.78
03/09/2016Navan15:50Elusive Beauty5.0010.00-5.0017.78
04/09/2016Fontwell15:20Mrs Burbidge5.002.63-5.0012.78
04/09/2016Fontwell17:20Vulgans Watch5.005.50-5.0030.53
06/09/2016Leicester14:30Burnt Sugar5.007.00-5.0011.03
06/09/2016Perth17:10Round Tower5.002.50-5.006.03
Lucky 7 Naps Review Graph


There are a lot of horse racing tipsters who rely on the early value prices put out by the bookies and often the odds start to the decay throughout the day. However, we found that more often than not, the odds weren’t even available within minutes of receiving the email.

To show just how big the gap was, the average advised odds were 7.29 but the average odds we obtained were trailing far behind at 6.07. This is one of the reasons we cannot recommend this service. 

Review Stats-293.97pts loss, -41.4% ROI, 14.1% SR
Stakes 5 point stakes
Starting bank 300 points
Average no. bets4-5 per day
Time of emailsBetween 5.00am-9.00am
Price£28.50 weekly, £66 monthly or £133.50 quarterly

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  • Last modified: 27th August 2019

Lucky 7 Naps is a horse racing tips service which sends daily selections with early value odds for races with 7 runners or less. Click here for our full review.


  • Good customer service
  • Transparent results


  • Unable to obtain the advised odds the majority of the time
  • Official results show the service is not profitable using BSP odds
  • Emails sometimes received before 6.00am

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