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The Golf Profiteer Review
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  • Last modified: 26th June 2018

Welcome to our The Golf Profiteer review - A golf tipping service that advises bets once per week for upcoming US & European tournaments.


  • Bets received well in advance of events
  • Past tips results available to download
  • Able to get advised odds


  • Advised bank too small to handle downturn

In the last update to our review of The Golf Profiteer we had experienced our third losing month in a row, so we decided to take a long term view and come back in a further three months with an update of our results. Unfortunately, things have gone from bad to worse!

The service had a terrible time during month four, losing 64.33 points due to just 2 winning bets out of 70. In month five there was a further loss of 13.18 points, which left us with just 3.25 points from our 150 point starting bank. The final straw was a poor set of results from the French Open, which brought our review to the end of the road.

At the recommended £20 per point we would have lost over £3000 at this stage.

Other than the poor performance of this service, we couldn't find fault with anything else. The tips have been sent out every Wednesday, quoting the current available prices on Betfair. We haven’t struggled to get the advised odds, but it’s possible that better odds could have been achieved by looking at an odds comparison site. Also sometimes the market hasn’t properly formed on Betfair, especially the place markets.

Review Stats-151.66pts loss, -59% ROI, 10.1% SR
Stakes 1 point level stakes
Starting bank 150 points
Average no. bets12-16 per week
Time of emailsEvery Wednesday
Price£2.49 for the 1st month, then either £9.95 monthly or £19.95 quarterly

Key Stats
 Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets257257
Total Stakes (pts)257.00257.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-152.37-151.66
Profit/Loss (£20 stakes)(£3,047.40)(£3,033.20)
Average Odds23.0322.88
Strike Rate10.1%10.1%
Bank (pts)-2.37-1.66

The Golf Profiteer Performance Graph

Month #4 - 6 Results
DateEventBetBet TypeTotal StakeOddsProfit/LossRunning Total
27/04/2016Zurich OpenC.HowellWin1.0055.00-1.0079.76
27/04/2016Zurich OpenS.KaufmanWin1.0036.00-1.0078.76
27/04/2016Zurich OpenB.HorschelWin1.0020.00-1.0077.76
27/04/2016Zurich OpenC.HowellTop Ten1.005.70-1.0076.76
27/04/2016Zurich OpenS.KaufmanTop Ten1.004.80-1.0075.76
27/04/2016Zurich OpenB.HorschelTop Ten1.003.05-1.0074.76
27/04/2016China OpenM.IlonenWin1.0046.00-1.0073.76
27/04/2016China OpenSM.LeeWin1.0034.00-1.0072.76
27/04/2016China OpenR.FisherWin1.0025.00-1.0071.76
27/04/2016China OpenM.IlonenTop Ten1.005.50-1.0070.76
27/04/2016China OpenSM.LeeTop Ten1.004.60-1.0069.76
27/04/2016China OpenR.FisherTop Ten1.002.94-1.0068.76
04/05/2016Hassan II TrophyC.BezuidenhoutWin1.0075.00-1.0067.76
04/05/2016Hassan II TrophyG.BourdyWin1.0026.00-1.0066.76
04/05/2016Hassan II TrophyA.LevyWin1.0016.00-1.0065.76
04/05/2016Hassan II TrophyC.BezuidenhoutTop Ten1.007.40-1.0064.76
04/05/2016Hassan II TrophyG.BourdyTop Ten1.002.98-1.0063.76
04/05/2016Hassan II TrophyA.LevyTop Ten1.002.52-1.0062.76
04/05/2016Wells Fargo ChampionshipE.GrilloWin1.00150.00-1.0061.76
04/05/2016Wells Fargo ChampionshipB.HaasWin1.0090.00-1.0060.76
04/05/2016Wells Fargo ChampionshipH.MatsuyamaWin1.0026.00-1.0059.76
04/05/2016Wells Fargo ChampionshipE.GrilloTop Ten1.009.80-1.0058.76
04/05/2016Wells Fargo ChampionshipB.HaasTop Ten1.006.60-1.0057.76
04/05/2016Wells Fargo ChampionshipH.MatsuyamaTop Ten1.003.15-1.0056.76
11/05/2016The Players ChampionshipsR.KnoxWin1.0085.00-1.0055.76
11/05/2016The Players ChampionshipsZ.JohnsonWin1.0065.00-1.0054.76
11/05/2016The Players ChampionshipsB.HorschelWin1.0060.00-1.0053.76
11/05/2016The Players ChampionshipsR.FowlerWin1.0021.00-1.0052.76
11/05/2016The Players ChampionshipsR.KnoxTop Ten1.007.00-1.0051.76
11/05/2016The Players ChampionshipsZ.JohnsonTop Ten1.005.90-1.0050.76
11/05/2016The Players ChampionshipsB.HorschelTop Ten1.006.20-1.0049.76
11/05/2016The Players ChampionshipsR.FowlerTop Ten1.002.94-1.0048.76
11/05/2016Mauritius OpenJ.ScrivenerWin1.0038.00-1.0047.76
11/05/2016Mauritius OpenH.PorteousWin1.0026.00-1.0046.76
11/05/2016Mauritius OpenD.BurmesterWin1.0024.00-1.0045.76
11/05/2016Mauritius OpenJ.ScrivenerTop Ten1.003.502.3848.14
11/05/2016Mauritius OpenH.PorteousTop Ten1.003.10-1.0047.14
11/05/2016Mauritius OpenD.BurmesterTop Ten1.002.72-1.0046.14
18/05/2016Irish OpenL.BjerregaardWin1.00130.00-1.0045.14
18/05/2016Irish OpenB.StoneWin1.00100.00-1.0044.14
18/05/2016Irish OpenC.WoodWin1.0085.00-1.0043.14
18/05/2016Irish OpenJ.LuitenWin1.0038.00-1.0042.14
18/05/2016Irish OpenL.BjerregaardTop Ten1.009.40-1.0041.14
18/05/2016Irish OpenB.StoneTop Ten1.007.20-1.0040.14
18/05/2016Irish OpenC.WoodTop Ten1.007.20-1.0039.14
18/05/2016Irish OpenJ.LuitenTop Ten1.004.10-1.0038.14
18/05/2016AT&T Byron NelsonL.OosthuizenWin1.0036.00-1.0037.14
18/05/2016AT&T Byron NelsonC.SchwartzelWin1.0034.00-1.0036.14
18/05/2016AT&T Byron NelsonZ.JohnsonWin1.0030.00-1.0035.14
18/05/2016AT&T Byron NelsonD.JohnsonWin1.009.80-1.0034.14
18/05/2016AT&T Byron NelsonL.OosthuizenTop Ten1.004.00-1.0033.14
18/05/2016AT&T Byron NelsonC.SchwartzelTop Ten1.003.70-1.0032.14
18/05/2016AT&T Byron NelsonZ.JohnsonTop Ten1.003.55-1.0031.14
18/05/2016AT&T Byron NelsonD.JohnsonTop Ten1.001.84-1.0030.14
25/05/2016BMW PGA ChampionshipMA.JimenezWin1.00140.00-1.0029.14
25/05/2016BMW PGA ChampionshipT.OlesenWin1.0060.00-1.0028.14
25/05/2016BMW PGA ChampionshipS.KjeldsenWin1.0042.00-1.0027.14
25/05/2016BMW PGA ChampionshipF.MolinariWin1.0019.50-1.0026.14
25/05/2016BMW PGA ChampionshipMA.JimenezTop Ten1.008.60-1.0025.14
25/05/2016BMW PGA ChampionshipT.OlesenTop Ten1.006.80-1.0024.14
25/05/2016BMW PGA ChampionshipS.KjeldsenTop Ten1.004.60-1.0023.14
25/05/2016BMW PGA ChampionshipF.MolinariTop Ten1.003.00-1.0022.14
25/05/2016Dean & Deluca InvitationalC.ReavieWin1.00110.00-1.0021.14
25/05/2016Dean & Deluca InvitationalZ.JohnsonWin1.0029.00-1.0020.14
25/05/2016Dean & Deluca InvitationalC.HoffmanWin1.0028.00-1.0019.14
25/05/2016Dean & Deluca InvitationalM.KucharWin1.0015.50-1.0018.14
25/05/2016Dean & Deluca InvitationalC.ReavieTop Ten1.006.80-1.0017.14
25/05/2016Dean & Deluca InvitationalZ.JohnsonTop Ten1.003.40-1.0016.14
25/05/2016Dean & Deluca InvitationalC.HoffmanTop Ten1.003.30-1.0015.14
25/05/2016Dean & Deluca InvitationalM.KucharTop Ten1.002.361.2916.43
01/06/2016Nordea MastersR.WattelWin1.0055.00-1.0015.43
01/06/2016Nordea MastersR.KarlbergWin1.0030.00-1.0014.43
01/06/2016Nordea MastersH.StensonWin1.007.40-1.0013.43
01/06/2016Nordea MastersR.WattelTop Ten1.005.10-1.0012.43
01/06/2016Nordea MastersR.KarlbergTop Ten1.003.552.4214.85
01/06/2016The MemorialC.SchwartzelWin1.0085.00-1.0013.85
01/06/2016The MemorialK.ChappellWin1.0065.00-1.0012.85
01/06/2016The MemorialJ.DufnerWin1.0065.00-1.0011.85
01/06/2016The Memorial_______D.BergerWin1.0060.00-1.0010.85
01/06/2016The MemorialC.SchwartzelTop Ten1.006.40-1.009.85
01/06/2016The MemorialK.ChappellTop Ten1.006.00-1.008.85
01/06/2016The MemorialJ.DufnerTop Ten1.005.003.8012.65
01/06/2016The Memorial_______D.BergerTop Ten1.005.20-1.0011.65
08/06/2016Fed Ex St.Jude ClassicP.MickelsonWin1.0016.00-1.0010.65
08/06/2016Fed Ex St.Jude ClassicH.EnglishWin1.0024.00-1.009.65
08/06/2016Fed Ex St.Jude ClassicF.MolinariWin1.0075.00-1.008.65
08/06/2016Fed Ex St.Jude ClassicR.PalmerWin1.0023.00-1.007.65
08/06/2016Fed Ex St.Jude ClassicP.MickelsonTop Ten1.002.521.449.09
08/06/2016Fed Ex St.Jude ClassicH.EnglishTop Ten1.003.15-1.008.09
08/06/2016Fed Ex St.Jude ClassicF.MolinariTop Ten1.005.70-1.007.09
08/06/2016Fed Ex St.Jude ClassicR.PalmerTop Ten1.003.00-1.006.09
08/06/2016Lyoness OpenJ.LuitenWin1.008.80-1.005.09
08/06/2016Lyoness OpenG.BourdyWin1.0020.00-1.004.09
08/06/2016Lyoness OpenL.BjerregaardWin1.0040.00-1.003.09
08/06/2016Lyoness OpenJ.LuitenTop Ten1.001.890.853.94
08/06/2016Lyoness OpenG.BourdyTop Ten1.002.741.655.59
08/06/2016Lyoness OpenL.BjerregaardTop Ten1.004.80-1.004.59
15/06/2016US OpenB.KoepkaWin1.0055.00-1.003.59
15/06/2016US OpenM.KucharWin1.0050.00-1.002.59
15/06/2016US OpenD.JohnsonWin1.0017.0015.2017.79
15/06/2016US OpenJ.SpiethWin1.0011.50-1.0016.79
15/06/2016US OpenB.KoepkaTop Ten1.005.30-1.0015.79
15/06/2016US OpenM.KucharTop Ten1.004.40-1.0014.79
15/06/2016US OpenD.JohnsonTop Ten1.002.541.4616.25
15/06/2016US OpenJ.SpiethTop Ten1.002.42-1.0015.25
22/06/2016BMW International OpenR.KarlbergWin1.0042.00-1.0014.25
22/06/2016BMW International OpenT.HattonWin1.0034.00-1.0013.25
22/06/2016BMW International OpenJ.LuitenWin1.0027.00-1.0012.25
22/06/2016BMW International OpenR.KarlbergTop Ten1.004.80-1.0011.25
22/06/2016BMW International OpenT.HattonTop Ten1.004.10-1.0010.25
22/06/2016BMW International OpenJ.LuitenTop Ten1.003.80-1.009.25
22/06/2016Quicken Loans NationalB.SteeleWin1.0032.00-1.008.25
22/06/2016Quicken Loans NationalK.ChappellWin1.0032.00-1.007.25
22/06/2016Quicken Loans National_______J.FurykWin1.0024.00-1.006.25
22/06/2016Quicken Loans NationalB.SteeleTop Ten1.004.40-1.005.25
22/06/2016Quicken Loans NationalK.ChappellTop Ten1.004.50-1.004.25
22/06/2016Quicken Loans National_______J.FurykTop Ten1.002.98-1.003.25
29/06/2016French OpenR.JacquelinWin1.0090.00-1.002.25
29/06/2016French OpenG.BourdyWin1.0048.00-1.001.25
29/06/2016French OpenG.McDowellWin1.0028.00-1.000.25
29/06/2016French OpenF.MolinariWin1.0023.00-1.00-0.75
29/06/2016French OpenR.JacquelinTop Ten1.009.80-1.00-1.75
29/06/2016French OpenG.BourdyTop Ten1.005.10-1.00-2.75
29/06/2016French OpenG.McDowellTop Ten1.003.90-1.00-3.75
29/06/2016French OpenF.MolinariTop Ten1.003.202.09-1.66


There are two subscription options:

  • £2.49 for the 1st month and then £9.95 per month
  • £2.49 for the 1st month and then £19.95 per quarter


We weren’t expecting every month to be a winning month as Golf betting really needs a long term outlook, however I can’t see why anyone would want to pay for a subscription to a service that has had five out of five losing months. Also the lifetime membership option has since been removed since we started our review.

It's a shame to see The Golf Profiteer go in to the failed box, as we know the service has been around for a number of years now and has had some good reviews in the past after consistently good long-term results. Perhaps with a larger advised starting bank and the lifetime membership option reinstated, it may be worth ploughing on and waiting for those juicy winners to come in. Unfortunately this service is not for us, so a fail it is.

The Golf Profiteer Review: Update Three

3rd May 2016

We’re back with another update to our review of The Golf Profiteer and it’s pretty much the same story as the last two months. There have been 7 winning bets out of 40, but they have all been place bets at shorter odds so we have yet another losing month.

Our 150pt betting bank is now down to 80.76pts, after a further loss of 16.9pts this month. The average odds that we have been betting at since the beginning of the trial are 20.32, so it comes as no surprise that we are experiencing these long losing runs.

Key Stats:

 Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets4040
Total Stakes (pts)77
Profit/Loss (pts)-16.92-16.90
Profit/Loss (£20 stakes)-£338.40-£338.00
Average Odds14.9114.56
Strike Rate17.5%17.5%
Bank (pts)80.0080.76

Month #3 Results:

DateEventBetBet TypeTotal StakeOdds AvailableProfit/LossRunning Total
30/03/16Shell Houston OpenR.PalmerWin1.0085.00-1.0096.66
30/03/16Shell Houston OpenP.MickelsonWin1.0020.00-1.0095.66
30/03/16Shell Houston OpenD.JohnsonWin1.0016.00-1.0094.66
30/03/16Shell Houston OpenH.StensonWin1.0015.00-1.0093.66
30/03/16Shell Houston OpenR.PalmerTop Five1.0014.00-1.0092.66
30/03/16Shell Houston OpenP.MickelsonTop Five1.005.40-1.0091.66
30/03/16Shell Houston OpenD.JohnsonTop Five1.004.403.0494.70
30/03/16Shell Houston OpenH.StensonTop Five1.004.103.0497.74
06/04/16US MastersH.MatsuyamaWin1.0044.00-1.0096.74
06/04/16US MastersP.MickelsonWin1.0022.00-1.0095.74
06/04/16US MastersA.ScottWin1.0014.00-1.0094.74
06/04/16US MastersR.McIlroyWin1.009.60-1.0093.74
06/04/16US MastersH.MatsuyamaTop Ten1.004.002.8596.59
06/04/16US MastersP.MickelsonTop Ten1.002.50-1.0095.59
06/04/16US MastersA.ScottTop Ten1.002.22-1.0094.59
06/04/16US MastersR.McIlroyTop Ten1.001.900.8595.44
13/04/16Spanish OpenJ.Van ZylWin1.0040.00-1.0094.44
13/04/16Spanish OpenS.KjeldsenWin1.0016.50-1.0093.44
13/04/16Spanish OpenR.Cabrera-BelloWin1.0014.50-1.0092.44
13/04/16Spanish OpenJ.Van ZylTop Ten1.004.10-1.0091.44
13/04/16Spanish OpenS.KjeldsenTop Ten1.002.541.4692.90
13/04/16Spanish OpenR.Cabrera-BelloTop Ten1.002.38-1.0091.90
13/04/16The HeritageM.FitzpatrickWin1.0029.00-1.0090.90
13/04/16The HeritageP.CaseyWin1.0020.00-1.0089.90
13/04/16The HeritageB.SnedekerWin1.0019.50-1.0088.90
13/04/16The HeritageM.FitzpatrickTop Ten1.003.55-1.0087.90
13/04/16The HeritageP.CaseyTop Ten1.002.84-1.0086.90
13/04/16The HeritageB.SnedekerTop Ten1.002.98-1.0085.90
20/04/16Schenzhen InternationalT.FleetwoodWin1.0026.00-1.0084.90
20/04/16Schenzhen InternationalR.FisherWin1.0020.00-1.0083.90
20/04/16Schenzhen InternationalK.AphibarnratWin1.0015.50-1.0082.90
20/04/16Schenzhen InternationalT.FleetwoodTop Ten1.003.20-1.0081.90
20/04/16Schenzhen InternationalR.FisherTop Ten1.002.64-1.0080.90
20/04/16Schenzhen InternationalK.AphibarnratTop Ten1.002.38-1.0079.90
20/04/16Texas OpenB.HorschelWin1.0034.00-1.0078.90
20/04/16Texas OpenB.KoepkaWin1.0026.00-1.0077.90
20/04/16Texas OpenP.GraceWin1.0020.00-1.0076.90
20/04/16Texas OpenB.HorschelTop Ten1.004.203.0479.94
20/04/16Texas OpenB.KoepkaTop Ten1.003.35-1.0078.94
20/04/16Texas OpenP.GraceTop Ten1.002.921.8280.76

We will continue our trial for another 2-3 months to see if the service can deliver the goods in the long term.

The Golf Profiteer Review: Update Two

31st March 2016

We’ve reached the end of month two of our review of The Golf Profiteer and despite hitting a 13/1 winner; it was not enough to finish the month in profit. The service finished the month with a loss of 7.44pts at the advised odds and a slightly less loss of 6.89pts at the odds that we were able to obtain.

This month the service had double the amount of winning bets than the first month of the trial, but 5 out of 6 of them were place bets at lower odds, so we weren’t able to pull back enough profit to get back on track.

Our 150 point starting bank has now dropped down to 97.66pts, however with the high odds associated with golf betting it would only take a few good winners to be in profit. Long losing runs are to be expected.

At the recommended £20 per point, we have now lost a total of £1046.80.

Key Stats:

 Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets3232
Total Stakes (pts)32.0032.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-7.44-6.89
Profit/Loss (£20 stakes)-£148.80-£137.80
Average Odds16.9017.01
Strike Rate18.8%18.8%
Bank (pts)96.9297.66

Month #2 Results:

DateEventBetBet TypeTotal StakeOdds AvailableProfit/LossRunning Total
02/03/16WGC-Cadillac ChampionshipJ.ThomasWin1.0044.00-1.00103.55
02/03/16WGC-Cadillac ChampionshipR.FowlerWin1.0017.50-1.00102.55
02/03/16WGC-Cadillac ChampionshipA.ScottWin1.0014.5012.83115.38
02/03/16WGC-Cadillac ChampionshipJ.ThomasTop Ten1.004.20-1.00114.38
02/03/16WGC-Cadillac ChampionshipR.FowlerTop Ten1.002.301.23115.61
02/03/16WGC-Cadillac ChampionshipA.ScottTop Ten1.002.321.25116.86
09/03/16Valspar ChampionshipK.J.ChoiWin1.0048.00-1.00115.86
09/03/16Valspar ChampionshipJ.DufnerWin1.0030.00-1.00114.86
09/03/16Valspar ChampionshipD.WillettWin1.0024.00-1.00113.86
09/03/16Valspar ChampionshipK.J.ChoiTop Ten1.005.00-1.00112.86
09/03/16Valspar ChampionshipJ.DufnerTop Ten1.004.10-1.00111.86
09/03/16Valspar ChampionshipD.WillettTop Ten1.003.55-1.00110.86
16/03/16Arnold Palmer InvitationalC.HowellWin1.0085.00-1.00109.86
16/03/16Arnold Palmer InvitationalJ.RoseWin1.0018.00-1.00108.86
16/03/16Arnold Palmer InvitationalR.McIlroyWin1.006.80-1.00107.86
16/03/16Arnold Palmer InvitationalC.HowellTop Ten1.006.20-1.00106.86
16/03/16Arnold Palmer InvitationalJ.RoseTop Ten1.002.361.29108.15
16/03/16Arnold Palmer InvitationalR.McIlroyTop Ten1.001.68-1.00107.15
16/03/16Indian OpenJ.ScrivenerWin1.0075.00-1.00106.15
16/03/16Indian OpenA.LahiriWin1.008.20-1.00105.15
16/03/16Indian OpenJ.ScrivenerTop Ten1.005.60-1.00104.15
16/03/16Indian OpenA.LahiriTop Ten1.001.820.78104.93
23/03/16WGC-Dell MatchPlayA.ScottWin1.0018.50-1.00103.93
23/03/16WGC-Dell MatchPlayJ.SpiethWin1.0013.00-1.00102.93
23/03/16WGC-Dell MatchPlayA.ScottTop Four1.004.80-1.00101.93
23/03/16WGC-Dell MatchPlayJ.SpiethTop Four1.004.30-1.00100.93
23/03/16Puerto Rico OpenG.CoetzeeWin1.0036.00-1.0099.93
23/03/16Puerto Rico OpenF.JacobsonWin1.0029.00-1.0098.93
23/03/16Puerto Rico OpenS.BrownWin1.0017.50-1.0097.93
23/03/16Puerto Rico OpenG.CoetzeeTop Ten1.004.20-1.0096.93
23/03/16Puerto Rico OpenF.JacobsonTop Ten1.003.95-1.0095.93
23/03/16Puerto Rico OpenS.BrownTop Ten1.002.821.7397.66

Aside from not making us any money, there have been no problems with the service so far. Tips have been received well ahead of the upcoming tournaments and we have not had too much trouble getting the advised odds. Often the place market has not been completely formed on Betfair so we find it’s best to wait a bit longer and for the most part we have been able to obtain better odds.

We’ll be back next month with our next update – fingers crossed for a big win to get us back on par!

The Golf Profiteer Review: Update One

2nd March 2016

It’s been a tough start for The Golf Profiteer in month one of our review. From 60 bets we have had just 3 wins, which leaves us with a loss of 45.45pts, a 30.3% decrease to our 150pt starting bank. At the advised £20 per point we are now £909.00 down.

The service has sent us bets on a weekly basis, well in time before the start of the tournaments. The advised odds are taken from Betfair, so we have followed suit and recorded our bets using Betfair odds and deducted 5% commission from the results. We’ve been able to get the same odds the majority of the time.

So far we have been receiving tips for three players per tournament, which are to be bet on both the Winner and Top Ten market. The three bets that returned a profit this month were for the Top Ten market at shorter odds and did not do much to recover the mounting losses.

Key Stats:

 Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets6060
Total Stakes (pts)60.0060.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-45.64-45.45
Profit/Loss (£20 stakes)-£912.80-£909.00
Average Odds26.2325.92
Strike Rate5.0%5.0%
Bank (pts)104.36104.55

Month #1 Results:

DateEventBetBet TypeTotal StakeOdds AvailableProfit/LossRunning Total
26/01/16Qatar MastersG.CoetzeeWin1.0038.00-1.00149.00
26/01/16Qatar MastersC.WoodWin1.0029.00-1.00148.00
26/01/16Qatar MastersM.FitzpatrickWin1.0025.00-1.00147.00
26/01/16Qatar MastersG.CoetzeeTop Ten1.004.002.85149.85
26/01/16Qatar MastersC.WoodTop Ten1.003.45-1.00148.85
26/01/16Qatar MastersM.FitzpatrickTop Ten1.003.05-1.00147.85
27/01/16Farmers InsuranceJ.LovemarkWin1.0080.00-1.00146.85
27/01/16Farmers InsuranceP.RodgersWin1.0065.00-1.00145.85
27/01/16Farmers InsuranceR.FowlerWin1.0013.50-1.00144.85
27/01/16Farmers InsuranceJ.LovemarkTop Ten1.006.60-1.00143.85
27/01/16Farmers InsuranceP.RodgersTop Ten1.006.60-1.00142.85
27/01/16Farmers InsuranceR.FowlerTop Ten1.002.26-1.00141.85
03/02/16Dubai Desert ClassicR.RamsayWin1.00290.00-1.00140.85
03/02/16Dubai Desert ClassicM.FitzpatrickWin1.0042.00-1.00139.85
03/02/16Dubai Desert ClassicB.WiesbergerWin1.0036.00-1.00138.85
03/02/16Dubai Desert ClassicR.RamsayTop Ten1.0011.00-1.00137.85
03/02/16Dubai Desert ClassicM.FitzpatrickTop Ten1.004.60-1.00136.85
03/02/16Dubai Desert ClassicB.WiesbergerTop Ten1.004.00-1.00135.85
03/02/16Phoenix OpenR.PalmerWin1.0038.00-1.00134.85
03/02/16Phoenix OpenJ.ThomasWin1.0036.00-1.00133.85
03/02/16Phoenix OpenB.WatsonWin1.0012.50-1.00132.85
03/02/16Phoenix OpenR.PalmerTop Ten1.004.40-1.00131.85
03/02/16Phoenix OpenJ.ThomasTop Ten1.004.50-1.00130.85
03/02/16Phoenix OpenB.WatsonTop Ten1.002.10-1.00129.85
10/02/16Tshwane OpenC.BezuideenhoutWin1.0042.00-1.00128.85
10/02/16Tshwane OpenD.HorseyWin1.0032.00-1.00127.85
10/02/16Tshwane OpenJ.Van ZylWin1.0020.00-1.00126.85
10/02/16Tshwane OpenC.BezuideenhoutTop Ten1.004.30-1.00125.85
10/02/16Tshwane OpenD.HorseyTop Ten1.003.95-1.00124.85
10/02/16Tshwane OpenJ.Van ZylTop Ten1.002.761.67126.52
10/02/16Pebble Beach Pro-AmF.JacobsonWin1.00120.00-1.00125.52
10/02/16Pebble Beach Pro-AmJ.WalkerWin1.0019.00-1.00124.52
10/02/16Pebble Beach Pro-AmB.SnedekerWin1.0014.50-1.00123.52
10/02/16Pebble Beach Pro-AmF.JacobsonTop Ten1.008.407.03130.55
10/02/16Pebble Beach Pro-AmJ.WalkerTop Ten1.003.05-1.00129.55
10/02/16Pebble Beach Pro-AmB.SnedekerTop Ten1.002.46-1.00128.55
17/02/16Maybank ChampionshipM.IlonenWin1.0055.00-1.00127.55
17/02/16Maybank ChampionshipM.FitzpatrickWin1.0025.00-1.00126.55
17/02/16Maybank ChampionshipL.OosthuizenWin1.0016.50-1.00125.55
17/02/16Maybank ChampionshipM.IlonenTop Ten1.005.40-1.00124.55
17/02/16Maybank ChampionshipM.FitzpatrickTop Ten1.003.60-1.00123.55
17/02/16Maybank ChampionshipL.OosthuizenTop Ten1.002.80-1.00122.55
17/02/16Northern Trust OpenH.EnglishWin1.0065.00-1.00121.55
17/02/16Northern Trust OpenB.HaasWin1.0040.00-1.00120.55
17/02/16Northern Trust OpenJ.SpiethWin1.007.80-1.00119.55
17/02/16Northern Trust OpenH.EnglishTop Ten1.005.80-1.00118.55
17/02/16Northern Trust OpenB.HaasTop Ten1.003.85-1.00117.55
17/02/16Northern Trust OpenJ.SpiethTop Ten1.001.82-1.00116.55
24/02/16Honda ClassicW.SimpsonWin1.0085.00-1.00115.55
24/02/16Honda ClassicD.LingmerthWin1.0070.00-1.00114.55
24/02/16Honda ClassicK.KisnerWin1.0038.00-1.00113.55
24/02/16Honda ClassicW.SimpsonTop Ten1.007.40-1.00112.55
24/02/16Honda ClassicD.LingmerthTop Ten1.007.40-1.00111.55
24/02/16Honda ClassicK.KisnerTop Ten1.004.20-1.00110.55
24/02/16Perth InternationalM.IlonenWin1.0030.00-1.00109.55
24/02/16Perth InternationalT.OlesenWin1.0020.00-1.00108.55
24/02/16Perth InternationalV.DubuissonWin1.0017.00-1.00107.55
24/02/16Perth InternationalM.IlonenTop Ten1.003.75-1.00106.55
24/02/16Perth InternationalT.OlesenTop Ten1.003.25-1.00105.55
24/02/16Perth InternationalV.DubuissonTop Ten1.002.64-1.00104.55

We have to expect these bad runs when betting on golf due to the high odds – so far the odds have ranged from 1.82 all the way up to 290.00.

Hopefully next month the service can hit a few wins at juicy odds to get us back on track.

The Golf Profiteer Review: Introduction

28th January 2016

We have not reviewed a golf tipster service yet, and it seems as though good ones are few and far between. When we came across The Golf Profiteer over at Tipster Street, it seemed the perfect opportunity to put one to the test.

The Golf Profiteer is an established service that has been running since Jan 2013. Tips are sent out once a week on a Wednesday, ready for the weekend tournaments, with an average of 21 selections each month. They cover the PGA Tour, European Tour and occasionally the Asian Tour.

Up to Dec 2015, they have made a profit of +393.92pts, an average of +10.94pts per month. They have achieved a strike rate of 32% and a return on investment of 25.56%. There have been some huge winners so far, including M. Manassero at the BMW PGA Championship at 69/1 and H. Mahan at the Barclays at 47/1.

A betting bank of 150pts is advised, with stakes set between 1pt-6pts. They recommend setting 1pt at £20, but this is down to personal choice. Bets include Outright Winner and Place bets such as Top 10 Finish.

The graph below shows a steady upward trend from the tips and a profit of almost £8000 banked since it launched.

Golf Profiteer Graph

The service seems to be reasonably priced – there are three subscription options:

• Monthly – £2.49 for the 1st month and then £9.95 per month
• Quarterly – £2.49 for the 1st month and then £19.95 per quarter
• Lifetime – One off payment of £79.95

We will be reviewing the service until we have had around 100 selections, it may run on a bit longer than our usual reviews due to their being less selections. This could be one of the simplest betting services around if they can hit the mark… wouldn’t it be great to be able to have an extra income stream from betting just once a week!

We’ll be back next month with an update of our results.


  • Bets received well in advance of events
  • Past tips results available to download
  • Able to get advised odds


  • Advised bank too small to handle downturn

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