NSH Racing Review: Month One Update

NSH Racing Review

NSH Racing is a new kid on the block that has blown the Pro Betting Club team away with their initial results.

In the three months that this horse tipping service has been running, they have delivered 144.52 points profit at an outstanding 40% ROI.

Selections are released each evening by 8.00pm before the next day's races, taking advantage of that early value on offer at the bookies.

They focus on a small amount of races with an average of 2-4 bets per day and have achieved a 35% strike rate using this system so far.

All bets are a simple 1 point stake each and a starting bank of 75 points is recommended. Tips are uploaded to a member's area and there aren't any emails so you need to login and check each evening for tips.

There aren't any advised odds with bets, so we will just be recording results at the available odds and Betfair SP and will post a monthly update with our profit/loss.

Month One Results

It was an interesting start to our NSH Racing review as we had made a small loss of 2.66 points at the available odds, but a profit of 10.01 points at Betfair SP.

There weren't any advised odds with the selections, so we had just noted down the best available on an odds comparison website each morning.

It would be good to see an improvement in results at the bookmakers, but we would certainly be happy if the service was profitable at BSP.

Key Stats

 Available OddsBSP
Number of Bets8989
Total Stakes (pts)145.0145.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-2.6610.01
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£26.60)£100.10
Strike Rate34.8%34.8%
Overall Bank Growth-2.7%10.0%
Bank (100pt starting)97.34110.01


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
01/02/2021Wolverhampton 6.40Blame Culture2.00Yes7.00-2.0098.00
01/02/2021Wolverhampton 7.40Woodview2.00Yes2.88-0.6297.38
02/02/2021Newcastle 3.55Proschema3.00No3.758.25105.63
03/02/2021Warwick 3.40Undersupervision2.00Yes7.000.20105.83
03/02/2021Kempton 5.25Starshiba2.00Yes3.75-2.00103.83
03/02/2021Kempton 7.00Twighlight Madness1.00No2.251.25105.08
04/02/2021Ffos Las 1.25Champagnesupernova2.00No1.67-2.00103.08
04/02/2021Wincanton 1.35Lucky One1.00No3.502.50105.58
04/02/2021Ffos Las 2.00Poniente2.00Yes6.00-2.00103.58
05/02/2021Catterick 3.30Zee Man1.00No3.25-1.00102.58
05/02/2021Lingfield 3.40El Conquistador1.00No3.752.75105.33
05/02/2021Newcastle 5.15Castle Quarter2.00Yes7.500.63105.96
06/02/2021Leopardstown, 13:05ASHDALE BOB2.00Yes11.00-2.00103.96
06/02/2021Leopardstown, 13:05KALKAS2.00Yes71.00-2.00101.96
06/02/2021Lingfield, 13:11MISTY GREY1.00No3.75-1.00100.96
06/02/2021Leopardstown, 13:35NOTEBOOK2.00Yes12.00-2.0098.96
06/02/2021Lingfield, 13:45BANGKOK1.00No1.830.8399.79
06/02/2021Leopardstown, 14:10CAPTAIN GUINNESS2.00Yes12.00-2.0097.79
06/02/2021Musselburgh, 15:10BALRANALD2.00Yes5.00-2.0095.79
06/02/2021Leopardstown, 15:15HONEYSUCKLE1.00No2.251.2597.04
06/02/2021Sandown, 15:30COO STAR SIVOLA2.00Yes7.000.5097.54
06/02/2021Sandown, 16:05DOSTAL PHIL1.00No2.25-1.0096.54
06/02/2021Kempton, 18:30RAINBOW DREAMER1.00No2.251.2597.79
07/02/2021Leopardstown, 14:10IRASCIBLE1.00Yes15.00-1.0096.79
07/02/2021Leopardstown, 15:40MINELLA INDO2.00No2.88-2.0094.79
07/02/2021Leopardstown, 16:10MINELLA TIMES1.00Yes8.000.3895.17
08/02/2021Wolverhampton, 18:30ATHEEB1.00No5.50-1.0094.17
08/02/2021Wolverhampton, 19:00YANKEE STADIUM2.00No2.50-2.0092.17
08/02/2021Fairyhouse 2.30Royal Kahala2.00No2.25-2.0090.17
09/02/2021Southwell, 19:15IT'S A LOVE THING2.00No3.254.5094.67
10/02/2021Wolverhampton 6.15Tranchee2.00No2.25-2.0092.67
11/02/2021Kempton 2.40Roque It2.00No2.87-2.0090.67
11/02/2021Kempton 3.10Elusive Belle2.00No2.10-2.0088.67
13/02/2021Wolverhampton 8.15Flight Command2.00Yes6.00-2.0086.67
14/02/2021Exeter 5.10No Word Of A Lie2.00Yes8.000.4087.07
15/02/2021Wolverhampton 5.30Nate The Great3.00No3.256.7593.82
15/02/2021Wolverhampton 7.00New Exceed1.00No3.25-1.0092.82
16/02/2021Carlisle 1.00Highland Hunter1.00No2.621.6294.44
16/02/2021Kempton 3.25Kestenna2.00No2.503.0097.44
16/02/2021Newcastle 5.10Pholas2.00Yes3.753.30100.74
17/02/2021Wetherby 2.05Maccacudja2.00Yes5.00-0.20100.54
17/02/2021Hereford 1.55Herbiers2.00Yes3.753.30103.84
17/02/2021Wetherby 12.30Papa Tango Charley1.00No4.50-1.00102.84
18/02/2021Sandown 4.15Bobo Mac2.00Yes6.000.00102.84
18/02/2021Fontwell 2.13Dudrum Wood1.00No5.00-1.00101.84
18/02/2021Chelmsford 6.00Notation1.00No2.88-1.00100.84
18/02/2021Chelmsford 6.30Shimmering Dawn1.00No2.201.20102.04
18/02/2021Fontwell 1.38Whatya On About2.00Yes5.00-2.00100.04
19/02/2021Lingfield, 12:30MERWEB2.00Yes6.500.38100.42
19/02/2021Kelso 1.20Malpas2.00No4.33-2.0098.42
19/02/2021Southwell 18:15TRIBUTO2.00No2.38-2.0096.42
20/02/2021Lingfield, 12:50SZARRATU1.00No5.00-1.0095.42
20/02/2021Wincanton, 15:58TAKE YOUR TIME2.00No4.33-2.0093.42
20/02/2021Ascot, 16:45MISS FAIRFAX1.00No3.00-1.0092.42
20/02/2021Lingfield, 12:15MIDNIGHTS LEGACY1.00No8.00-1.0091.42
20/02/2021Lingfield, 14:01LETHAL LUNCH1.00No6.50-1.0090.42
21/02/2021Navan, 14:15ATLANTIC FAIRY2.00No3.505.0095.42
21/02/2021Uttoxeter, 16:52TIMEFORASPIN2.00Yes17.00-2.0093.42
21/02/2021Newbury 3.35MR COFFEY2.00Yes8.50-2.0091.42
22/02/2021Carlisle 12.30I’m So Busy2.00No4.33-2.0089.42
22/02/2021Carlisle 2.40Orrisdale1.00No3.50-1.0088.42
22/02/2021Southwell 3.50Leylak2.00No4.00-2.0086.42
22/02/2021Carlisle, 15:10GRIMM STAR1.00No3.75-1.0085.42
22/02/2021Wolverhampton, 16:40TRIBUTO1.00No2.631.6387.05
23/02/2021Newcastle 6.40Edraak3.00No5.50-3.0084.05
23/02/2021Taunton 12.30Zero to Hero1.00No6.50-1.0083.05
23/02/2021Wetherby 2.15Relkadam1.00No4.333.3386.38
23/02/2021Taunton 3.05Storm Home1.00No6.00-1.0085.38
24/02/2021Ludlow 4.15Onchan3.00No1.57-3.0082.38
24/02/2021Kempton 5.15Album1.00No2.50-1.0081.38
24/02/2021Kempton 6.15Uzincso1.00No4.333.3384.71
24/02/2021Kempton 7.15Lydford2.00No2.38-2.0082.71
25/02/2021Huntingdon 2.35Native Robin1.00No7.50-1.0081.71
25/02/2021Huntingdon 3.05Quiana2.00No3.50-2.0079.71
25/02/2021Southwell 5.30Passional2.00No2.75-2.0077.71
25/02/2021Southwell 7.30INEXPLICABLE1.00No23.00-1.0076.71
26/02/20211.37 WarwickCabot Cliffs3.00No3.256.7583.46
26/02/2021Exeter, 13:30HIGHLAND HUNTER1.00No4.50-1.0082.46
26/02/2021Wolverhampton, 18:45HALWA AZYAN1.00No3.50-1.0081.46
26/02/2021Lingfield, 14:55PEPPERMINT TRUFFLE1.00No3.75-1.0080.46
26/02/2021Lingfield, 13:45PERCY WILLIS2.00No2.62-2.0078.46
27/02/20211.50 KemptonGa Law2.00No2.75-2.0076.46
27/02/20212.25 KemptonTritonic2.00No2.102.2078.66
27/02/20212.40 LingfieldFelix1.00No3.25-1.0077.66
27/02/20214.45 KemptonGuardino1.00No4.503.5081.16
27/02/20213.00 KemptonCape Gentleman1.00No4.003.0084.16
27/02/20213.35 KemptonClondaw Castle2.00Yes10.0010.8094.96
28/02/20214.30 NaasGenois2.00Yes4.504.3899.34
28/02/20213.10 FontwellMcfabulous2.00No1.73-2.0097.34

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