Profit Squad Review: Learn Matched Betting with Video Guides

Profit Squad Review

Profit Squad members made £16,499 profit during 2016/17, simply by completing all of the 'guaranteed profit' offers.

This figure was calculated by the Profit Squad team and was purely the risk-free cash available, not all the other offers with variable returns.

If you are new to matched betting, it is an easy way to bank guaranteed profits by exploiting the free bets and promotions offered by bookies to new and existing customers.

Click here to read more about matched betting and how it works.

Everybody knows that matched betting is highly lucrative, so our Profit Squad review looks at how this particular site works.

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Introduction to Profit Squad

Profit Squad's aim is to help members make at least £1000 profit within the first three months of signing up!

The service is run by Joe Hawes and Ben Perchard, who have worked hard to create some top quality training content. This includes everything from beginner video guides to advanced matched betting tutorials.

Joe is featured in the videos which are very easy for matched betting newbies to understand.

When you first log in, the 'Start Here' page will guide you through completing your first three bookmaker sign-up offers.

For each sign up bonus there are step by step instructions on how to complete the offers and also an odds matching tool set up to find bets for that particular bookie, which saves a heap of time.

From there, you will move on to opening more new accounts and completing on-going offers for existing customers.

Profit Squad doesn't just cover sports promotions, there are tons of casino and bingo offers to work through too.

The training and support offered by the service is second to none and this is one of the stand-out points that gives Profit Squad an edge over their competition. For example, if you find yourself struggling to get started they will offer guidance and even a personalised strategy to help you.

What does Profit Squad Membership Include?

Your membership includes:

  • Training Area - E-books & video guides for beginners and additional training for making money long-term, including advanced strategies such as each-way dutching and working out the estimated value of offers.
  • New Account Offers - Make over £1500 by working through a comprehensive list of bookie sign-up bonuses.
  • Oddsmatching Software - Compares odds with over 40 different bookies.
  • Tools & Spreadsheets - Collection of calculators and spreadsheets to help with calculations to complete offers.
  • £1000 profit per month / every month strategy - Guide to how people are making 4 figure sums each month.
  • Daily Calendar - Find out what offers are available every day.
  • Unlimited Support - One-to-one guidance available 365 days of the year.

Profit Squad Calendar

The calendar is the go to place to find all of the best offers available every day. They can be filtered by type (sports, casino, bingo or virtual) and bookies, so you can be sure to only view offers for bookies you have access to.

Below each day there are two sums of money, one green and the other yellow: 

  • The green figure is the total of all of the guaranteed profit offers. These are risk-free offers that usually involve locking in a profit on free bets.
  • The yellow figure is the estimated value of the other offers, for example casino offers that are not totally risk free but have a positive estimated value over the long-term.  
Profit Squad Review Calendar

As you can see above, during the week of our review there is potential to make a guaranteed profit of £189.

The +ev offers add up to a total of £1524, so with time and a good sized bankroll there is some serious cash to made.

Clicking on one of the offers takes you to a page with further information such as basic terms & conditions as well as the strategy for making a profit from it. There is also a direct link to the offer and a link to the thread discussing it on the forum. 

The Profit Tracker

Another cool feature is being able to mark the offers as "In Progress" and "Completed". This helps you to keep track of the offers you have completed and those which are yet to be done.

Profit Squad Review Offer Tracker

Offers are colour coded on the calendar as blue (new), grey (expired), green (complete) and gold (in progress).

This comes in handy on a busy Saturday, for example, when the calendar is full of bonus offers to work through.

Profit Squad Review Profit Tracker

You can also enter the amount of profit made from the offer and this is all added up in the My Account section.

Profit Squad Forum

The Profit Squad forum used to be a Facebook group, but it is now built into the members area.

It is updated daily with new threads to discuss the day's offers and has a real community feel. You will regularly see members helping each other out and posting offers they have come across.

Profit Squad Review Forum

There is a handy "Latest Activity" button to pull up a list of the most recent posts. In our view, the forum is much better than the Facebook group set up and is easier to navigate to what you are looking for.


Profit Squad has some of the best training videos that we have come across for matched betting. This makes it particularly attractive to beginners who need a bit of help getting to grips with the various strategies.

Experienced matched bettors will benefit greatly from the calendar as it's difficult to keep track of the latest bookie offers.

Although the guides cover some of the latest strategies such as making a profit from accumulator refunds and risk-free profits from each-way bets, it would have been good to see software to find the best bets for these offers.

This would make it a complete package to rival similar services that either include this type of software as part of their membership or those that charge an additional fee for access.

Overall, we're happy to recommend the service to both beginners and experienced matched bettors alike.

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Profit Squad is a matched betting service which features in-depth video guides for beginners as well as advanced strategies for making long-term profits.


  • Top quality in-depth video guides
  • Excellent customer support
  • Profit tracking system


  • Some parts of website lack attention to detail and could look sleeker

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