RaysLays Review: Horse Racing Lay Tips for Betfair

Rayslays Review

RaysLays is a horse racing lay betting service which recorded £536.44 profit in just six months from a £1000 bank.

Ray Mills, a database analyst and programmer, runs the service and sends his email selections out each morning to be placed as lay bets on Betfair. 

He advises to wait until at least £3000 has been matched on Betfair before placing any bets or, alternatively, the lays can be placed at BSP. In terms of staking you simply risk 5% of your bank on each lay.

If the odds are over 10.00 then the selection is a "no bet". If the odds drift over 10.00 after the bet has been placed, Ray suggests greening up or trading to leave it as a risk-free bet.

Rays states that his system can produce a good long-term profit and takes a slow, steady approach.

Month One Results

In month one we had 27 selections with a small loss of 3.95 points at the available odds, using a level 5% point liability per lay from our original £1000 bank.

Risking 5% of the bank on each lay (recalculated after each bet) would have given us a loss of 4.96 points, so level staking worked out better for us although it was still early days.

The service was easy to follow with just one set and forget lay per day. We were able to get better odds than those advised on quite a few occasions by giving the market more time to form, which gave us an extra 2.17 points in comparison.

Key Stats - Level Stakes - Month One

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Lays272727
Total Stakes (pts)135.00135.00135.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-6.12-3.95-6.70
Average Odds4.624.334.82
Strike Rate74.1%74.1%74.1%
Bank (100pt starting)93.8896.0593.30

Key Stats - Percentage Stakes - Month One

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Lays272727
Total Stakes (pts)132.62133.95131.21
Profit/Loss (pts)-7.00-4.96-7.51
Average Odds4.624.334.82
Strike Rate74.1%74.1%74.1%
Bank (100pt starting)93.0095.0492.49

Results - Level Stakes - Month One

DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
24/07/20174.25 CartmelNicolas Chauvin5.004.701.28101.28
25/07/20175.40 BallinrobeBillys Angel5.003.302.07103.35
26/07/20178.10 SandownClowance One5.003.851.66105.01
27/07/20175.15 SandownAnother Boy5.005.00-5.00100.01
28/07/20174.45 UttoxeterSolar Impulse5.005.101.16101.17
29/07/20177.15 SalisburyNoble Masterpiece5.003.401.98103.15
31/07/20173.15 Newton AbbotThird Act5.004.201.48104.63
01/08/20178.30 PerthDavid John5.003.751.73106.36
03/08/20173.45 StratfordBrave Helios5.004.501.36107.72
04/08/20173.55 ThirskVindicator5.004.50-5.00102.72
05/08/20175.45 LingfieldIballisticvin5.003.95-5.0097.72
06/08/20172.45 GalwayBen Button5.005.10-5.0092.72
07/08/20174.45 RiponSileel5.004.201.4894.20
08/08/20177.00 CorkWhitecliffsofdover5.004.601.3295.52
09/08/20177.25 SligoManuka5.003.751.7397.25
10/08/20178.15 SligoMarkets Field5.004.30-5.0092.25
11/08/20176.25 TipperaryPatrick5.005.701.0193.26
12/08/20177.00 KilbegganBoston Spray5.003.302.0795.33
13/08/20175.25 DownpatrickCornakill Rose5.005.101.1696.49
14/08/20178.00 BallinrobeRosie Alice5.002.862.5599.04
16/08/20176.20 BangorCelestial Path5.004.401.40100.44
17/08/20176.20 TramoreSkeaping5.003.352.02102.46
18/08/20176.05 TramoreBorn To Size5.004.001.58104.04
19/08/20174.15 PerthAhead Of The Curve5.004.30-5.0099.04
20/08/20175.25 SouthwellFull5.005.101.16100.20
22/08/20177.00 Newton AbbotHedgeinator5.003.95-5.0095.20
23/08/20176.00 WorcesterMr McGuiness5.006.600.8596.05

Month Two Results

Month two banked an impressive 11.88 points profit at an ROI of 8.8%, using a level 5% liability per lay.

Risking 5% of the bank on each bet (adjusted each day) gave a slightly lower profit of 11.19 points.

Laying at Betfair SP would have given a profit of 12.05 points at an ROI of 8.9% but overall we had obtained the best results by placing our lays an hour or so after receiving the emails.

Key Stats - Level Stakes - Month Two

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Lays272727
Total Stakes (pts)135.00135.00135.00
Profit/Loss (pts)11.8811.8812.05
Average Odds4.494.566.39
Strike Rate85.2%85.2%85.2%
Bank (100pt starting)105.76107.93105.35

Key Stats - Percentage Stakes - Month Two

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Lays272727
Total Stakes (pts)140.20143.30139.24
Profit/Loss (pts)10.9411.1911.01
Average Odds4.494.566.39
Strike Rate85.2%85.2%85.2%
Bank (100pt starting)103.94106.23103.50

Results - Level Stakes - Month Two

DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
24/08/20175.10 HamiltonBig Bad Boy5.003.801.7097.75
25/08/20172.25 YorkThomas Hobson5.005.601.0398.78
26/08/20173.15 NewmarketPlant Pot Power5.004.801.25100.03
28/08/20174.05 CartmelMorning Royalty5.005.301.10101.13
29/08/20175.05 Newton AbbotGet Ready Freddy5.003.052.32103.45
30/08/20172.20 CatterickFairy Lights5.003.551.86105.31
31/08/20175.30 SedgefieldStealing Mix5.004.001.58106.89
01/09/20173.10 BangorWhat Happens Now5.004.401.40108.29
02/09/20174.10 SandownCheeky Rascal5.003.701.76110.05
04/09/20177.15 RoscommonMunstead Pride5.007.400.74110.79
05/09/20173.25 HexhamAlways Archie5.005.800.99111.78
06/09/20172.30 SouthwellYoung Dillon5.003.302.07113.85
07/09/20174.40 SedgefieldLeading Score5.007.600.72114.57
08/09/20175.20 HaydockDon’t Give Up5.004.301.44116.01
09/09/20175.20 StratfordThe Black Squirrel5.003.30-5.00111.01
10/09/20172.20 FontwellMiss Spent5.004.301.44112.45
12/09/20173.15 CatterickHeir Of Excitement5.005.101.16113.61
13/09/20172.30 UttoxeterDebdebdeb5.003.60-5.00108.61
14/09/20175.40 HexhamTickenwolf5.003.20-5.00103.61
15/09/20171.20 DoncasterTigre Du Terre5.004.201.48105.09
16/09/20174.45 DoncasterBattered5.004.001.58106.67
17/09/20172.00 Ffos LasInuk5.005.601.03107.70
18/09/20173.35 WorcesterMad Jack Mytton5.004.701.28108.98
19/09/20174.45 YarmouthBlazed5.003.901.64110.62
20/09/20172.00 SandownKitaabat5.004.00-5.00105.62
22/09/20172.55 NewburyDanehill Kodiac5.004.401.40107.02
23/09/20173.00 CatterickBungee Jump5.006.200.91107.93

Month Three Results

An excellent month three lead to 18 successful lays in a row and a further 28.54 points profit. 

Overall this gave us a total profit of 36.47 points at a healthy ROI of 9.1%.

We also recorded results using a 5% percentage staking plan, which gave us slightly better results with an overall profit of 40.80 points at an ROI of 9.4%. 

Key Stats - Level Stakes - Month Three

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Lays808080
Total Stakes (pts)400.00400.00400.00
Profit/Loss (pts)34.8236.4736.57
Average Odds4.584.535.48
Strike Rate85.0%85.0%85.0%
Bank (100pt starting)134.82136.47136.57
Overall Bank Growth34.8%36.5%36.6%

Key Stats - Percentage Stakes - Overall

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Lays808080
Total Stakes (pts)425.95433.32424.49
Profit/Loss (pts)38.5240.8040.76
Average Odds4.584.535.48
Strike Rate85.0%85.0%85.0%
Bank (100pt starting)138.52140.80140.76
Overall Bank Growth38.5%40.8%40.8%

Results - Level Stakes - Month Three

DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
25/09/20172.35 LeicesterKings Academy5.005.501.06108.99
26/09/20177.40 ChelmsfordHarba5.004.901.22110.21
27/09/20178.40 KemptonAlfarris5.006.400.88111.09
28/09/20172.45 PerthThunder Sheik5.003.951.61112.70
29/09/20173.35 NewmarketSir John Lavery5.004.601.32114.02
30/09/20174.45 NewmarketExhort5.005.601.03115.05
02/10/20174.00 StratfordValhalla5.003.401.98117.03
03/10/20175.35 AyrCliff Bay5.004.80-5.00112.03
04/10/20173.05 SalisburyThechildrenstrust5.004.601.32113.35
05/10/20174.55 WarwickUndefined Beauty5.004.301.44114.79
06/10/20172.00 AscotAlaadel5.005.001.19115.98
07/10/20172.10 RedcarTamkeen5.005.301.10117.08
08/10/20173.50 KelsoMayo Star5.004.001.58118.66
09/10/20172.55 PontefractHeatongrad5.005.001.19119.85
11/10/20173.30 LudlowTunnel Creek5.005.601.03120.88
12/10/20177.45 ChelmsfordValley of Light5.003.751.73122.61
13/10/20174.20 Newton AbbotG For Ginger5.003.751.73124.34
14/10/20174.50 NewmarketThafeera5.004.701.28125.62
15/10/20173.10 GoodwoodTravelcard5.004.501.36126.98
16/10/20175.40 YarmouthMonaadhil5.003.851.67128.65
17/10/20174.40 WorcesterTerry The Fish5.004.201.48130.13
18/10/20173.45 WetherbyAfter Hours5.005.101.16131.29
19/10/20172.00 BrightonMr Gent5.003.751.73133.02
20/10/20175.25 RedcarDuke Of Yorkshire5.006.400.88133.90
21/10/20173.15 AscotChurchill5.005.800.99134.89
22/10/20171.50 LeopardstownForever Together5.004.001.58136.47
RaysLays Review Graph

Results Summary

After three months, RaysLays gave us a total 36.47 points profit at a healthy ROI of 9.1%.

It literally takes a couple of minutes to follow this service. All you have to do is lay one horse per day from Ray's email which he sends by 10am each morning. 

The rules to follow are very simple; there has to be £3000 or more matched and the odds must not be over 10.00.

We are happy to recommend RaysLays and have awarded it a pass rating

Review Stats +36.47pts profit, 9.1% ROI, 85% SR
Stakes Level 5 point liability stakes or 5% of bank
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. bets Approx. 27 per month
Time of emails Morning 9.00-10.00am
Price £1 for 14 days then £29.50 per month
Rating Pass

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We reviewed RaysLays for three months and banked a total of 36.47 points profit. It was easy to follow with just one lay per day emailed each morning.


  • One lay per day
  • Consistent profits with 9/10 winning months this year to date
  • Professional service with results updated regularly
  • Excellent customer support
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  • Can’t think of any!
  • 9 thoughts on “RaysLays Review: Horse Racing Lay Tips for Betfair”

    1. May has been tough but prior to this Ray had been on fire with just 3 losing bets out of 63, so it was only a matter of time before there would be a correction. Hopefully he will be back on track soon.

    2. hi ..am I missing something on Rays Lays system .. 2012-2014 achieved 67 pts .. 5 pts a punt … lot of respect for GP as was with service with good profits .. sure there must be more worthy systems to review .. to pass with flying colours is interesting decision … GL with it all

      • Hi Rick, Ray has tripled a £1000 betting bank since 2017 at Betfair SP. He experienced a downturn in May but has still made £2702 profit in 18 months risking 5% of the bank on each lay, so we still stand by our rating.

    3. hi … didn’t see this in review above …”Ray has tripled a £1000 betting bank since 2017 at Betfair SP” …saw this about 2017 onwards …. “The results on his current website start from 2017 and show a profit of £536.44, risking 5% of the bank on each lay, starting with a £1000 bank.” .. what was the drawdown in pts for May .. regards

      • Hi Rick, yes when we started our review in July 2017, Ray had made a profit of £536.44. As of 1st June 2018 his total profit stands at £2,702.30. His past results starting from 2017 are available for everyone to view via his website.

    4. hi .. thx for review & feedback Laura .. have followed several lay sysems .. always gone inplay for lower risk trades .. risking £200 for £30 reward is always gonna be interesting ride .. haha ..if u miss a few trades it’s not end of the world .. @ Rays site u can see his daily results which is cool .. May was defo challenging if ur 1st mnth … 😉 .. thx again

    5. Rays lays is closing down due to bad results, I joined in may and lost money consistently throout may June July to be fair to Ray he’s apologized to all members and said he’s shutting it down until November because it’s no longer profitable in flat season.

    6. Joined around the same time myself. Have signed up to a few laying systems in my time. Very hard to find a good horse laying system especially when you are laying at high prices . They can have good results for a while but all you need is a few bad results and it takes too long to recuperate what you lose.


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