Football First Review: Month Two Update

Football First review

Football First provide daily betting recommendations for the main European leagues, UEFA and domestic cup matches.

The tips are advised to be bet at Betfair Exchange in liquid markets such as Match Odds, Asian Handicap, Both Teams to Score and Over/Under 2.5 Goals.

Results date back to January 2021 and show 403.45 points profit at an ROI of 13.2% with a 54.6% strike rate.

The service is run by Andrew Clarke, a professional trader who has consulted for the past fifteen years for some of the top financial institutions and investment banks. After discovering Betfair he was able to transfer his skill set to football trading.

Full detailed analysis is provided with every selection, explaining the reasoning behind it. This includes information like current form and head-to-head details and a summary of exactly why it was selected.

The tips are sent out via email or they can be accessed via a private Telegram group.

We will be tracking our own results from these bets for the next few months and hope to be able to achieve similar results.

Month One Update

It was a disappointing start to our Football First review having started out with a 50 point bank and being left with 23.35 points at the end of the first month. That was a 53.3% decrease in a short space of time, which was quite worrying.

The stakes that were advised were high at 4 points per bet, so effectively we were working with a 12.5 point bank. That just seemed far too low to be able to handle any variance and was why we were already in a dangerous position.

We decided to carry on regardless to see how results would go during the following month, and if they improved, perhaps it would just be a case of changing the starting bank amount in order to follow the service safely.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets2929
Total Stakes (pts)108.00108.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-26.43-26.65
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£264.30)(£266.50)
Strike Rate46.4%46.4%
Overall Bank Growth-52.9%-53.3%
Bank (50pt starting)23.5723.35


DateMatchBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
11/12/2023RAYO VALLECANO v CELTA VIGOBoth Teams To Score4.001.86-4.0046.00
12/12/2023MANCHESTER UNITED v BAYERN MUNICHUnder 3.5 Goals4.001.783.0649.06
13/12/2023BORUSSIA DORTMUND v PSGUnder 3.5 Goals4.001.863.3752.43
14/12/2023WEST HAM UNITED v SC FREIBURGWest Ham4.001.973.8056.23
15/12/2023NOTTINGHAM FOREST v TOTTENHAM HOTSPURBoth Teams To Score4.001.68-4.0052.23
17/12/2023LIVERPOOL v MANCHESTER UNITEDLiverpool -1.0 & -
18/12/2023BIRMINGHAM CITY v LEICESTER CITYBoth Teams To Score4.001.963.8452.07
19/12/2023RAYO VALLECANO v VALENCIADraw or Away4.001.783.1255.19
20/12/2023LIVERPOOL v WEST HAM UNITEDUnder 3.5 Goals4.001.79-4.0051.19
21/12/2023CRYSTAL PALACE v BRIGHTONCrystal Palace +
22/12/2023ASTON VILLA v SHEFFIELD UNITEDAston Villa -1.5 & -
23/12/2023LUTON TOWN v NEWCASTLE UNITEDLuton +14.001.803.2053.27
26/12/2023SHEFFIELD UNITED v LUTON TOWNUnder 2.5 Goals4.001.68-4.0049.27
27/12/2023BRENTFORD v WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERSBrentford4.002.14-4.0045.27
28/12/2023ARSENAL v WEST HAM UNITEDBoth Teams To Score4.001.94-4.0041.27
29/12/2023COVENTRY CITY V SWANSEA CITYCoventry City4.001.77-4.0037.27
30/12/2023WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS v EVERTONBoth Teams To Score4.001.79-4.0033.27
31/12/2023FULHAM v ARSENALArsenal -
03/01/2024GIRONA v ATLETICO MADRIDUnder 2.5 Goals4.002.28-4.0028.11
04/01/2024CRYSTAL PALACE v EVERTONCrystal Palace 0 & +
05/01/2024TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v BURNLEYTottenham -14.001.630.0029.43
06/01/2024MIDDLESBOROUGH v ASTON VILLAAston Villa -14.001.830.0029.43
07/01/2024ARSENAL v LIVERPOOLBoth Teams To Score4.001.66-4.0025.43
08/01/2024WIGAN ATHLETIC v MANCHESTER UNITEDUnder 3.5 Goals4.001.662.6428.07
09/01/2024MIDDLESBROUGH v CHELSEABoth Teams To Score4.001.81-4.0024.07
10/01/2024LIVERPOOL v FULHAMUnder 3.5 Goals2.001.641.2825.35
10/01/2024LIVERPOOL v FULHAMUnder 2.5 Goals2.002.62-2.0023.35

Month Two Update

Although the results had looked more promising in the second part of our Football First review, with 20+ points gained in the first week, things quickly took a turn for the worse.

We finished the month with a 9.49 point loss, which meant we had lost 36.14 points since starting our review.

As we were following the advice of a 50 point starting bank, this worked out as a 72.3% total decrease to our bank.

It was not looking good!

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets5252
Total Stakes (pts)133.5133.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-8.96-9.49
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£89.60-£94.90
Strike Rate48.1%48.1%
Overall Bank Growth-70.8%-72.3%
Bank (50pt starting)14.6213.86


DateMatchBetStakeAvailable OddsAvailable P/LAvailable Bank
11/01/2024BARCELONA v OSASUNABoth Teams To Score4.001.84-4.0019.35
12/01/2024BURNLEY v LUTON TOWNDraw or Away4.001.893.5622.91
13/01/2024CHELSEA v FULHAMChelsea4.001.672.6825.59
14/01/2024EVERTON v ASTON VILLAEverton 0 & +
14/01/2024MANCHESTER UNITED v TOTTENHAM HOTSPURDraw or Away4.001.823.2830.33
15/01/2024ATALANTA v FROSINONEAtalanta -
16/01/2024JUVENTUS v SASSUOLOOver 2.5 Goals4.001.783.1238.49
17/01/2024BLACKPOOL v NOTTINGHAM FORESTUnder 2.5 Goals2.002.16-2.0036.49
18/01/2024ATLETICO MADRID v REAL MADRIDOver 2.5 Goals2.001.711.4239.79
18/01/2024ATLETICO MADRID v REAL MADRIDTo Qualify2.002.122.2442.03
19/01/2024DEPORTIVO ALAVES v CADIZAlaves3.001.792.3744.40
19/01/2024DEPORTIVO ALAVES v CADIZAlaves / Under 2.5 Goals1.003.352.3546.75
20/01/2024ARSENAL v CRYSTAL PALACEUnder 2.5 Goals2.002.26-2.0044.75
20/01/2024ARSENAL v CRYSTAL PALACECrystal Palace +1.5 & +
20/01/2024BRENTFORD v NOTTINGHAM FORESTBrentford / Over 2.5 Goals1.503.053.0845.83
21/01/2024SHEFFIELD UNITED v WEST HAM UNITEDUnder 2.5 Goals2.001.80-2.0043.83
21/01/2024SHEFFIELD UNITED v WEST HAM UNITEDSheffield Utd.02.002.320.0043.83
21/01/2024BOURNEMOUTH v LIVERPOOLUnder 3.5 Goals2.001.81-2.0041.83
22/01/2024BRIGHTON v WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERSBoth Teams To Score4.001.68-4.0037.83
23/01/2024CHELSEA v MIDDLESBROUGHBoth Teams To Score1.501.941.4139.24
23/01/2024CHELSEA v MIDDLESBROUGHChelsea -1.52.501.751.8841.11
24/01/2024FULHAM v LIVERPOOLUnder 2.5 Goals1.502.382.0743.18
24/01/2024FULHAM v LIVERPOOLHalf Time Draw1.502.50-1.5041.68
25/01/2024BOURNEMOUTH v SWANSEA CITYBoth Teams To Score3.002.00-3.0038.68
26/01/2024CHELSEA v ASTON VILLAChelsea4.002.00-4.0034.68
27/01/2024EVERTON v LUTON TOWNUnder 2.5 Goals3.002.14-3.0031.68
27/01/2024MALLORCA v REAL BETISDraw or Away3.001.792.3734.05
28/01/2024WATFORD v SOUTHAMPTONSouthampton3.002.06-3.0031.05
29/01/2024SALERNITANA v ROMAOver 2.5 Goals3.002.183.5434.59
29/01/2024SALERNITANA v ROMAOver 3.5 Goals1.004.10-1.0033.59
30/01/2024ASTON VILLA v NEWCASTLE UNITEDAston Villa2.001.92-2.0031.59
30/01/2024ASTON VILLA v NEWCASTLE UNITEDAston Villa Over 1.5 Goals2.001.67-2.0029.59
31/01/2024TOTTENHAM v BRENTFORD UNITEDUnder 3.5 Goals2.001.72-2.0027.59
31/01/2024TOTTENHAM v BRENTFORD UNITEDBrentford +12.001.820.0027.59
01/02/2024WEST HAM v BOURNEMOUTH UNITEDOver 2.5 Goals2.001.70-2.0025.59
01/02/2024WEST HAM v BOURNEMOUTH UNITEDWest Ham 02.001.890.0025.59
02/02/2024ATHLETIC CLUB BILBAO v MALLORCAAthletic Bilbao -
03/02/2024SHEFFIELD UNITED v ASTON VILLABoth Teams To Score4.001.71-4.0025.75
03/02/2024GIRONA v REAL SOCIEDADOver 2.5 Goals2.002.06-2.0023.75
04/02/2024MANCHESTER UNITED v WEST HAM UNITEDWest Ham +14.001.91-4.0019.75
05/02/2024BRENTFORD v MANCHESTER CITYBoth Teams To Score3.001.852.5522.30
05/02/2024BRENTFORD v MANCHESTER CITYOver 3.5 Goals1.002.421.4223.72
06/02/2024PLYMOUTH ARGYLE v LEEDS UNITEDBoth Teams To Score3.001.70-3.0020.72
06/02/2024MALLORCA v REAL SOCIEDADBoth Teams To Score2.002.50-2.0018.72
07/02/2024ASTON VILLA v CHELSEAAston Villa3.002.10-3.0015.72
07/02/2024ASTON VILLA v CHELSEAUnder 2.5 Goals1.002.46-1.0014.72
15/02/2024FEYENOORD v ROMAOver 2.5 Goals2.002.06-2.0012.72
15/02/2024FEYENOORD v ROMABoth Teams To Score2.001.811.6214.34
16/02/2024TORINO v LECCETorino4.001.883.5217.86
17/02/2024BRENTFORD v LIVERPOOLUnder 3.5 Goals2.001.76-2.0015.86
17/02/2024BRENTFORD v LIVERPOOLBrentford +12.001.87-2.0013.86

Please note: The reviewer was on holiday 8th-14th February, so seven days of bets were added on to the end of the month's results to cover the period missed.

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