BeatTheLine Review: Back To Lay Horse Trading Service

BeatTheLine Review

BeatTheLine is a Back to Lay horse trading service that claims to have achieved a 10.9% average daily ROI for 2021.

The idea is to back the selections in the morning and then lay them off at a betting exchange later in the day to lock in a profit, no matter what the outcome of the race is.

The results show that the service has a high strike rate with 78.25% of their selections have shortened in price.

After signing up to the service, you are supplied with a manual which goes into more detail on how the system works and advice on how the staking works. There is also a template spreadsheet to use for keeping track of your results.

Selections are sent out via a WhatsApp group each morning between 8.00 and 9.30am by Chris, who runs the service. It's important to be available at this time to get the initial bets placed.

After that, further information is sent out throughout the day with advice from Chris on when he is exiting his trades, but he says that some people prefer to trade out earlier or later.

There is a 30 day free trial available for the service which would give you plenty of time to get to grips with the service.

Read on to see our results from following the service, including straight-backing results and the percentage of bets that shortened in odds throughout the day.

Review Summary

BeatTheLine was an interesting service to review but also a bit tricky, as you have to be around every morning to put bets on ASAP, as well as being available prior to each race.

There were generally around 10 bets per day, so you do need to be on the ball to make sure you don't forget to trade out from one of the races.

We recorded 149 bets in less than a month and noted that the odds had shortened pre-race in 57.7% of the selections, based on the available odds that we had found in the morning.

Often the advised odds that had been quoted were quickly cut by the bookmakers after the selections were posted, so you would have to be quick in putting the bets on. It does show that Chris is definitely on to something here!

Straight betting on the selections would have given a very nice 27.11 points profit at the available odds at an ROI of 18.2%. It shows that while we weren't always able to get the advised odds, we were still able to make a good profit.

We were not able to trade the selections due to time issues and the fact that many of our main bookmaker accounts have had stakes limited. However, in our results we have shown the percentage difference in odds for each bet between the time of backing and just before the race.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets149149
Total Stakes (pts)149.0149.0
Profit/Loss (pts)29.9327.11
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£299.30£271.10
Backing Strike Rate32.2%32.2%
Trading Strike Rate61.7%57.7%
Overall Bank Growth29.9%27.1%
Bank (100pt starting)129.93127.11


DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsLay OddsShortened?% ChangeStraight Backing P/LBank
03/12/2021Exeter 12:55Mot A Mot1.003.002.96Yes-5.4%-1.0099.00
03/12/2021Exeter 13:30Tip Top Cat1.003.252.36Yes-32.6%2.25101.25
03/12/2021Dundalk 16:00Meishar1.003.002.60Yes-13.3%2.00103.25
03/12/2021Exeter 14:40Gunsight Ridge1.003.002.86Yes-12.0%-1.00102.25
03/12/2021Dundalk 18:30Dances With Stars1.004.333.30Yes-34.0%-1.00101.25
03/12/2021Sedgefield 12:35Latino Fling1.003.253.10Yes-11.4%-1.00100.25
03/12/2021Newcastle 17:45Hello Me1.004.003.40Yes-15.0%3.00103.25
03/12/2021Sandown 14:25Brave Kingdom1.002.102.50No19.0%-1.00102.25
03/12/2021Sandown 15:00One True King1.006.004.70Yes-21.7%5.00107.25
03/12/2021Sandown 12:45Bali Body1.003.703.25Yes-12.2%2.70109.95
04/12/2021Aintree 11.15Bombs Away1.002.622.36Yes-9.9%-1.00108.95
04/12/2021Chepstow 12:12When You're Ready1.005.006.20No24.0%4.00112.95
04/12/2021Sandown 13:50Edwardstone1.004.004.20No5.0%3.00115.95
04/12/2021Chepstow 11:38Ask Me Early1.002.502.40Yes-4.0%1.50117.45
04/12/2021Wolverhampton 17:00Dakota Power1.005.006.40No28.0%-1.00116.45
04/12/2021Wetherby 13:37Sirwilliamwallace1.004.5010.00No100.0%-1.00115.45
04/12/2021Sandown 12:05Constitution Hill1.003.503.00Yes-14.3%2.50117.95
04/12/2021Wolverhampton 18:30Screaming Petrus1.003.002.56Yes-14.7%-1.00116.95
04/12/2021Navan 13:08Burning Victory1.005.004.20Yes-16.0%-1.00115.95
04/12/2021Aintree 15:15Tamar Bridge1.004.003.35Yes-16.3%3.00118.95
05/12/2021Huntingdon 12:17Moriko De Vassy1.003.003.75No25.0%-1.00117.95
05/12/2021Punchestown 13:25Party Central1.003.504.30No22.9%2.50120.45
05/12/2021Punchestown 15:05Glenquin Castle1.002.882.54Yes-15.3%1.88122.33
05/12/2021Punchestown 14:00Allaho1.005.004.90Yes-2.0%4.00126.33
05/12/2021Cork 11:40Iberique Du Seuil1.002.501.85Yes-26.0%1.50127.83
05/12/2021Huntingdown 13:52Master Tommytucker1.005.005.00No0.0%-1.00126.83
05/12/2021Cork 13:45Magic Daze1.003.002.30Yes-23.3%-1.00125.83
05/12/2021Huntingdown 14:27Sorbet1.006.009.60No60.0%-1.00124.83
05/12/2021Kelso 13:35Bushypark1.003.503.05Yes-12.9%2.50127.33
05/12/2021Huntingdon 12:47Honest Vic1.004.506.00No33.3%-1.00126.33
06/12/2021Musselburgh 15:15Finisk River1.004.504.10Yes-8.9%-1.00125.33
06/12/2021Musselburgh 14:45Upandtit1.002.622.50Yes-4.6%-1.00124.33
06/12/2021Ludlow 14:30Wild Max1.004.334.30Yes-4.4%-1.00123.33
06/12/2021Wolverhampton 19:00Glamorous Force1.005.504.40Yes-26.7%-1.00122.33
06/12/2021Wolverhampton 17:00Tricolore1.002.625.40No106.1%-1.00121.33
06/12/2021Ludlow 12:30Bilboa River1.004.509.00No80.0%-1.00120.33
06/12/2021Musselburgh 13:15Minella Plus1.003.753.40Yes-15.0%2.75123.08
06/12/2021Wolverhampton 18:30Beat The Breeze1.004.504.00Yes-27.3%-1.00122.08
07/12/2021Southwell 19:30Red Zone1.003.003.00No0.0%2.00124.08
07/12/2021Fontwell 14:20Moonmacaroona1.005.504.60Yes-16.4%-1.00123.08
07/12/2021Southwell 17:00Beat The Breeze1.004.333.35Yes-22.6%3.33126.41
07/12/2021Uttoxeter 15:00Full Of Light1.003.504.40No25.7%-1.00125.41
07/12/2021Southwell 19:00Wineglass Boy1.003.502.92Yes-22.1%2.50127.91
07/12/2021Fontwell 12:20Oceanline1.002.372.24Yes-5.5%-1.00126.91
07/12/2021Fontwell 14:50Chloe's Court1.006.004.90Yes-18.3%-1.00125.91
07/12/2021Uttoxeter 14:30Mille Sussurri1.005.004.40Yes-12.0%-1.00124.91
07/12/2021Southwell 18:30Love Mystery1.005.003.60Yes-28.0%-1.00123.91
08/12/2021Hexham 12:50Flaming Glory1.004.005.60No29.3%-1.00122.91
08/12/2021Wolverhampton 12:10Desert Emperor1.003.252.36Yes-27.4%2.25125.16
08/12/2021Wolverhampton 13:10Famous Star1.002.752.48Yes-13.6%-1.00124.16
08/12/2021Kempton 16:30Mythical Dancer1.003.752.50Yes-33.3%-1.00123.16
08/12/2021Hexham 13:20Fist Pumping Time1.005.005.10No-7.3%-1.00122.16
08/12/2021Lingfield 12:30Swapped1.002.873.35No16.7%1.87124.03
08/12/2021Dundalk 17:15Harriet's Force1.003.753.50Yes-19.2%-1.00123.03
08/12/2021Wolverhampton 15:10Daany1.004.503.00Yes-36.8%-1.00122.03
08/12/2021Lingfield 14:30Bill And Barn1.004.003.05Yes-23.8%-1.00121.03
08/12/2021Hexham 14:20Charm Offensive1.005.503.75Yes-22.2%-1.00120.03
08/12/2021Kempton 19:30Oz Legend1.003.253.10Yes-4.6%2.25122.28
09/12/2021Chelmsford 17:30Headingly1.004.504.90No-2.0%-1.00121.28
09/12/2021Taunton 12:30Dolly McQueen1.004.503.15Yes-30.0%3.50124.78
09/12/2021Taunton 13:35Folly Gate1.004.004.20No-6.7%-1.00123.78
09/12/2021Warwick 15:00Walk On High1.004.004.90No22.5%-1.00122.78
09/12/2021Tramore 14:45Yano1.002.883.75No25.0%-1.00121.78
09/12/2021Warwick 12:50Picanha1.005.005.40No-1.8%4.00125.78
09/12/2021Taunton 14:10Lord Accord1.003.253.10Yes-4.6%2.25128.03
09/12/2021Warwick 12:20Gray Stone1.005.003.25Yes-35.0%4.00132.03
09/12/2021Warwick 14:00The Glancing Queen1.003.002.96Yes-1.3%2.00134.03
09/12/2021Newcastle 14:50Crystal Glory1.004.505.10No13.3%3.50137.53
10/12/2021Doncaster 14.15Cobblers Dream1.005.003.75Yes-25.0%4.00141.53
10/12/2021Cheltenham 15.35Sporting John1.002.882.50Yes-12.9%-1.00140.53
10/12/2021Bangor 14.05Tedham1.004.007.80No80.1%-1.00139.53
10/12/2021Doncaster 15.25No Comment1.003.253.70No13.8%-1.00138.53
10/12/2021Southwell 19.15Murau1.003.503.05Yes-12.9%-1.00137.53
10/12/2021Doncaster 13:40Flic Ou Voyou1.005.007.60No38.2%-1.00136.53
10/12/2021Cheltenham 12:40Corach Rambler1.003.503.00Yes-14.3%2.50139.03
10/12/2021Dundalk 19:00Meishar1.003.503.35Yes-16.3%-1.00138.03
10/12/2021Southwell 16.45Inexplicable1.004.003.00Yes-25.0%3.00141.03
10/12/2021Southwell 18.15Sir Sedeic1.004.333.60Yes-14.3%-1.00140.03
10/12/2021Bangor 12.20Kingston King1.004.334.00Yes0.0%3.33143.36
11/12/2021Newcastle 14.55Shake A Leg1.002.883.20No11.5%-1.00142.36
11/12/2021Wolverhampton 16.45Nuble1.004.335.60No24.4%3.33145.69
11/12/2021Newcastle 14.20Island Brave1.005.005.90No7.3%-1.00144.69
11/12/2021Hereford 14.32Can You Call1.002.503.05No16.4%-1.00143.69
11/12/2021Hereford 15.42Mr Sundancer1.003.453.40Yes-10.5%-1.00142.69
11/12/2021Doncaster 13.30Shantou Sunset1.004.005.90No47.5%-1.00141.69
11/12/2021Hereford 13.22Kapga De Lily1.002.883.30No10.0%1.88143.57
11/12/2021Hereford 13.57Seddon1.004.004.00No-7.6%-1.00142.57
11/12/2021Cheltenham 12.05Yorksea1.004.003.35Yes-25.6%-1.00141.57
11/12/2021Fairyhouse 14.12Dublin Calling1.003.753.35Yes-20.2%-1.00140.57
11/12/2021Fairyhouse 13.37Explosive Boy1.004.005.30No22.4%-1.00139.57
16/12/2021Chelmsford 18.35Parallel World1.004.509.20No84.0%-1.00138.57
16/12/2021Exeter 14.15Maskada1.002.372.22Yes-6.3%-1.00137.57
16/12/2021Exeter 13.05Deeper Blue1.004.505.40No20.0%-1.00136.57
16/12/2021Chelmsford 17.00Jabber1.002.754.00No39.4%-1.00135.57
16/12/2021Exeter 15.15Sienna Royale1.004.504.00Yes-20.0%-1.00134.57
16/12/2021Ffos Las 12.40Port or Starboard1.002.634.09No48.7%-1.00133.57
16/12/2021Chelmsford 16.30Beny Nahar Road1.004.003.75Yes-13.4%-1.00132.57
16/12/2021Ffos Las 15.25Vengeance1.004.004.20No5.0%-1.00131.57
16/12/2021Ffos Las 14:25Anythingforlove1.002.463.10No17.9%-1.00130.57
16/12/2021Naas 11.45Hawai game1.002.101.81Yes-13.8%1.10131.67
17/12/2021Ascot 13.45Red Rookie1.002.753.20No16.4%-1.00130.67
17/12/2021Ascot 13.10City Chief1.003.253.20Yes-1.5%-1.00129.67
17/12/2021Southwell 13.00Mighty Power1.003.253.60No2.9%-1.00128.67
17/12/2021Kempton 18.45Mercian Hymn1.003.503.00Yes-25.0%2.50131.17
17/12/2021Kempton 19.15Ring Of Gold1.002.882.30Yes-20.1%1.88133.05
17/12/2021Dundalk 16.30Together Acclaim1.002.632.08Yes-20.9%-1.00132.05
17/12/2021Southwell 13.35Cloud Thunder1.003.253.25No-7.1%-1.00131.05
17/12/2021Southwell 12.25Mr Allegro1.004.508.80No76.0%-1.00130.05
17/12/2021Ascot 14.55Faivoir1.003.253.50No7.7%-1.00129.05
17/12/2021Ascot 15.30Top Dog1.003.253.70No-1.3%-1.00128.05
18/12/2021Lingfield 11.40Desert Lime1.003.003.25No8.3%-1.00127.05
18/12/2021Haydock 11.50Chti Bako1.003.002.90Yes-3.3%-1.00126.05
18/12/2021Navan 11.30Glen Glass1.003.005.80No101.4%-1.00125.05
18/12/2021Haydock 14.05Up for Parol1.004.503.70Yes-26.0%3.50128.55
18/12/2021Ascot 14:25Ronald Pump1.005.004.80Yes-4.0%-1.00127.55
18/12/2021Ascot 13.15Lhomme Press1.003.252.36Yes-27.4%2.25129.80
18/12/2021Haydock 13.30Shakenup Harry1.002.882.78Yes-3.1%1.88131.68
18/12/2021Lingfield 13.25Mohareb1.004.333.40Yes-21.8%-1.00130.68
18/12/2021Lingfield 12:15Makingmedoit1.004.003.70Yes-14.5%-1.00129.68
18/12/2021Newcastle 12.30Planned Paradise1.004.507.20No60.0%3.50133.18
19/12/2021Fakenham 14.50Not A Role Model1.005.004.10Yes-25.5%-1.00132.18
19/12/2021Fakenham 12.20Cool Stone1.003.504.30No22.9%-1.00131.18
19/12/2021Fakenham 12.50Brown Bullet1.003.505.40No54.3%-1.00130.18
19/12/2021Thurles 15.10Dorrans Weir1.003.506.20No55.0%2.50132.68
19/12/2021Kempton 12.30Ex Gratia1.003.757.20No80.0%-1.00131.68
19/12/2021Thurles 13.10Ricky Langford1.003.754.80No28.0%-1.00130.68
19/12/2021Kempton 14.30Inevitable Outcome1.004.506.60No46.7%-1.00129.68
20/12/2021Lingfield 15:30Gallic Geordie1.003.252.92Yes-10.2%2.25131.93
20/12/2021Musselburgh 15.15Rose Of Siena1.002.252.44No10.9%-1.00130.93
20/12/2021Lingfield 14.00Calico1.003.254.30No22.9%-1.00129.93
20/12/2021Lingfield 14.30Golden Boy Grey1.004.504.40Yes-7.4%-1.00128.93
20/12/2021Musselburgh 12.45Germoligist1.005.004.20Yes-16.0%-1.00127.93
20/12/2021Wolverhampton 16.00Maysong1.003.503.45Yes-1.4%-1.00126.93
20/12/2021Musselburgh 14.15Enlighten1.003.504.10No17.1%-1.00125.93
21/12/2021Ayr 14.15Killane1.003.503.15Yes-16.0%-1.00124.93
21/12/2021Newcastle 17.00Maywake1.002.802.58Yes-7.9%1.80126.73
21/12/2021Newcastle 14.25Major Snugfit1.003.753.15Yes-16.0%-1.00125.73
21/12/2021Plumpton 15.05Exodela1.003.503.40Yes-9.3%-1.00124.73
21/12/2021Ayr 13.40Nells Son1.002.884.20No45.8%-1.00123.73
21/12/2021Ayr 12.30Sure Touch1.002.752.90No0.7%-1.00122.73
21/12/2021Plumpton 14.35Full of Light1.003.753.65Yes-2.7%2.75125.48
28/12/2021Newcastle 15.50Copper Mountain1.003.254.30No32.3%-1.00124.48
28/12/2021Catterick 14.30Obey The Rules1.002.633.85No40.0%-1.00123.48
28/12/2021Catterick 15.02Ramble West1.002.372.08Yes-12.6%-1.00122.48
28/12/2021Newcastle 16.20Quick Change1.003.002.86Yes-4.7%-1.00121.48
28/12/2021Leopardstown 13.45Klassival Dream1.002.882.84Yes-1.4%1.88123.36
28/12/2021Newcastle 18.50Gowanlad1.004.503.55Yes-21.1%-1.00122.36
28/12/2021Catterick 14.00Find The Time1.003.004.00No23.1%2.00124.36
28/12/2021Catterick 12.10Nocte Volatus1.003.753.40Yes-2.9%2.75127.11

Please note that our results do not include BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed). When trading the selections, betting at BOG bookies is a huge advantage, as if the odds do drift throughout the day you will be in a much better position. 

Chris, who runs the service, is always available on WhatsApp to answer any questions. He posts his trading moves throughout the day so you can learn from him about when the exit trades and when it may be worth taking a trade in-play.

Below are his trading results for 2021, so you can get an idea of the potential profit. Although we would say that it would most likely work out slightly lower than this due to some difficulty getting the advised odds.

BeatTheLine Tips Review - 2021

We are happy to recommend the BeatTheLine service, but we have to say that it wouldn't suit everyone due to having to available throughout the day to trade out of bets. 

Straight backing the selections is an option that could work out well if you are not around to trade. Whatever option you choose, just be sure to try and use as many different bookmakers as possible to try and stay under their radar!

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BeatTheLine is a Back to Lay horse trading service that has achieved impressive results from both trading and straight-backing value horse racing selections.

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