Football Advisor Betting Portfolio Review: Introduction

Football Advisor Betting Portfolio Review

The Football Advisor Betting Portfolio is a collection of tipping services put together by Jon at Football Advisor. Contrary to the name, the full portfolio is actually made up of both football and horse racing betting systems. The four main services available to follow are FA Prime, FA Lays, FA Racing and FA Racing Lays and there is the option to either follow all of these services in the full portfolio or to choose from one of the portfolios based on your chosen sport or preferred betting style.

You may remember our original review of the Football Advisor service back in 2016, where we awarded a neutral rating after just about breaking even during a three month trial. We have also reviewed the Football Advisor Lays service previously, which earned a pass rating after delivering a profit of 27 points over a six month period.

With the new betting portfolio that groups all of the services together now available, we feel that rather than performing a separate re-trial of the above two services, a fresh review of the whole portfolio would be best.

Reported statistics for each service to date
  • FA Prime: +178.1pts / 4.3% ROI
  • FA Lays: +109.9pts / 4% ROI
  • FA Racing: +169.3pts / 9.8%
  • FA Racing Lays Model 1: +15.4pts / 1.1%
  • FA Racing Lays Model 2: +42.3pts / 3.9%
  • minus
    Total: +515pts

The Full Portfolio
Football Advisor Prime

The Football Advisor Prime service has been running since 2014, specialising in popular football betting markets including matched odds, Asian handicaps and over/under goals.

Despite reporting a profit overall, this service failed to make a profit during 2017 and just about broke even in 2016, so it's interesting to see that it's still up and running. Nevertheless, we will still include it in our review to see how it gets on over the next few months.

Football Advisor Lays

Football Advisor Lays has had great success since launching at the end of 2016, achieving a bank growth of 129.3%. We're pleased to see that it has been ticking along nicely recently, generating a profit in every month this year so far.

The results reported on the website also include a deduction of 5% Betfair commission.

Football Advisor Racing

The Football Advisor Racing service has been running since June 2017 and has reported an impressive 112.9% bank growth. What has really grabbed our interest is that it claims to be profitable at SP and Betfair SP odds as well as the usual bookie odds.

Bets include both win and each-way selections and there is a staking plan that advises to bet between 0.5 and 2 points each.

Football Advisor Racing Lays

Football Advisor Racing Lays launched in July 2017 and consists of two betting systems with a third under development. Both models have generated a collective profit of 57.7 points to date and on the whole the service looks to be a nice steady bank builder.


Alongside the four main services, members also get access to the "Acca Club" and "Bank Builder". There is also "The Lab" where new systems are available to follow under live trials.

We have always felt that Jon has been honest about the results he has reported on the Football Advisor website. There is no exaggeration or wild staking plans and in our previous reviews we have found his services very straightforward to follow.

He is offering a profit guarantee to all members that subscribe to the full portfolio on plans of 3 months or longer, which means that in the event that the portfolio doesn't make a profit then subscription fees will be refunded.

We really like the idea of portfolio betting, as it spreads the risk so that if one service isn't performing so well, it can potentially be covered by the success of another service.

We will monitor the available odds and track the results for each of the four services and then after we have gathered enough information we should be able to decide which services, if any, would be the best to follow.

We'll report back with our first results in a month's time.

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