Profit Lockdown V2 Review: Introduction

Profit Lockdown V2 Review

Profit Lockdown v2 is a new horse racing system from Race Advisor that claims to be a "betting system that mathematically guarantees you will win".

What really drew our attention to it is that apparently it doesn't matter if the bookmakers have restricted your accounts as it is designed to be used on a betting exchange such as Betfair.

It comes in the form of a video training guide but there are also written instructions below it, which is handy as a quick reference afterwards.

Without giving too much of the system away, it is a horse trading strategy and all bets are placed before the start of the race, so there isn't any relying on bets to be matched in-play. The idea is to make a profit from each race no matter what the outcome is.

From what we have read, it is a totally different to the Profit Lockdown v1 system, which was based on finding value each-way bets.

The selection process for Profit Lockdown v2 is simple and is suitable for beginners. It takes around 20 minutes per day to find qualifying races and then you need to be around before each race to place bets. It's quite flexible as you can choose whichever races you want to trade, whether it be during the day or in the evening.

It comes with a calculator which works on either Excel or Open Office and there are instructions on how to use it. The only resources you need to research selections are the Oddschecker and Racing Post websites, which are both free to use.

The sales page says that the system has a 78% strike rate and using £10 stakes it could make a profit of £720 per year at an ROI of 20%. The great thing is it says you can start with a bankroll as small as 20 points (so £200 if using £10 stakes) and only 3% of the stake is ever at risk in each trade.

The system costs £67 +VAT so based on the profit figures on the website, we should be able to make at least enough profit to cover this in one month using £20 stakes.

We love a good Betfair system but it's rare to find one that actually works, so it'll be interesting to see how this goes.

We have set up a 20 point bank on Betfair (£400 for £20 stakes) to test the system out and will report back with our results in a month's time.


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