Football Winner Review: Match Odds Betting Tips Service

Football Winner Review

Football Winner is a tips service from Steve Hudson, who likes to target the markets that the bookies make the least profit on.

His theory is that to beat the bookies, it makes sense to keep things simple and bet on the markets that they make the least percentage of money from.

Out of the most popular football markets, he has calculated that the bookies have the least edge on the 1x2 market.

Since May 2018, the reported results for Football Winner show a profit of £2,254.25 to £10 stakes at an ROI of 13.3%.

The majority of the bets are single win bets but sometimes they are combined into doubles or trebles and bets are staked at either 3.5 or 5 points each. A starting bank of 100 points is advised.

The tips are emailed out every Friday morning for the week's games and the service runs all year round. Each email contains the bet information and current available odds and where they can be found.

The service offers a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so you can get a 100% refund if unhappy for whatever reason.

We followed the tips over three months and finished with a fantastic profit of 71.8 points at an ROI of 19.1%. That's an average of £239.33 profit per month using £10 stakes.

Read on for our full review or click here to get started with Football Winner.

Month One Results

It was a good start to our Football Winner review with a profit of 26.7 points at an ROI of 19.8% at the available odds. The average odds for bets were around evens, so the strike rate of 59% was more than enough to achieve a profit. We hoped to see the service continue to keep that win rate up throughout the rest of the trial.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets2727
Total Stakes (pts)135.00135.00
Profit/Loss (pts)26.0026.70
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£260.00£267.00
Strike Rate59.3%59.3%
Overall Bank Growth26.0%26.7%
Bank (100pt starting)126.00126.70


DateTimeHomeAwayBetOddsPointsAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/09/201915:00LuzernYoung BoysYoung Boys to Win1.625.001.62-5.0095.00
31/08/201915:00AFC WimbledonWycombeWycombe to Win2.505.002.50-5.0090.00
01/09/201919:45CagliariInterInter to Win1.675.001.673.3593.35
31/08/201917:30Union BerlinDortmundLiverpool & Dortmund to win Double1.815.001.81-5.0088.35
31/08/201915:00LeicesterBournemouthLeicester to win1.755.001.733.6592.00
01/09/201918:00Atletico MadridEibar92.00
01/09/201921:00BragaBenficaAtletico Madrid & Benfica to win Double2.395.002.407.0099.00
05/09/201919:45RomaniaSpainItaly & Spain to win Double1.945.001.944.70103.70
07/09/201915:00PlymouthOldhamPlymouth to win1.805.001.80-5.0098.70
09/09/201917:00AzerbaijanCroatiaWales & Croatia to win Double1.645.001.64-5.0093.70
14/09/201919:45PSVVitesseBarcelona & PSV to win Double2.
14/09/201914:30DortmundBayer LeverkusenDortmund to win1.835.001.844.20103.55
15/09/201912:30BarnsleyLeedsJuventus & Leeds to win Double2.685.002.63-5.0098.55
15/09/201912:00HuddersfieldSheffield WedSheffield Wed to Win1.955.002.829.10107.65
14/09/201915:00SouthendFleetwoodFleetwood to Win1.955.001.95-5.00102.65
14/09/201915:00CrusadersGlenavonCrusaders to Win1.625.001.623.10105.75
21/09/201915:00AlloaAyrAyr to Win2.
22/09/201912:00West BromHuddersfieldWest Brom to Win1.675.001.693.45114.70
22/09/201915:00EsbjergBrondbyBrondby to Win1.915.001.91-5.00109.70
22/09/201916:30ChelseaLiverpoolLiverpool to win2.
22/09/201916:30ArsenalAston VillaLeeds & Arsenal to win Double2.025.002.04-5.00109.95
21/09/201915:00BurnleyNorwichBurnley to win2.
28/09/201912:30Sheffield UnitedLiverpool115.20
28/09/201917:30EvertonManchester CityLiverpool & Man City to win Double1.795.001.793.95119.15
28/09/201915:00ChelseaBrightonTottenham & Chelsea to win Double2.
29/09/201916:30LeicesterNewcastleLeeds & Leicester to win Double2.345.002.34-5.00119.65
28/09/201915:00PeterboroughAFC WimbledonPeterborough to Win1.535.001.532.65122.30
28/09/201915:00InvernessPartick ThistleInverness to Win1.675.001.70-5.00117.30
28/09/201914:30HoffenheimB. MonchengladbachB. Monchengladbach to Win2.885.002.889.40126.70

Month Two Results

The service took a small hit in the second month of our review with a loss of 6.4 points, but thankfully we were still quite a way ahead after a cracking start to the trial. 

Our bank was still up by just over 20% and our total profit stood at 20.3 points at the available odds.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets2121
Total Stakes (pts)105.00105.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-6.55-6.40
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£65.50-£64.00
Strike Rate52.4%52.4%
Overall Bank Growth19.5%20.3%
Bank (100pt starting)119.45120.30


DateTimeHomeAwayBetOddsPointsAvailable OddsP/LBank
06/10/201915:00RangersHamiltonLiverpool & Rangers to win Double1.645.001.633.15129.85
06/10/201914:00SouthamptonChelseaChelsea to win1.915.001.914.55134.40
06/10/201916:30NewcastleManchester UnitedManchester United to win1.915.001.91-5.00129.40
06/10/201915:45Willem IIAZ AlkmaarAZ Alkmaar to Win1.785.001.80-5.00124.40
05/10/201915:00SwanseaStokeSwansea to Win2.005.002.05-5.00119.40
05/10/201915:00MillwallLeedsLeeds to Win1.735.001.73-5.00114.40
11/10/201919:45Czech RepublicEngland114.40
12/10/201919:45NorwaySpainEngland & Spain to win Double2.255.002.25-5.00109.40
12/10/201919:45ItalyGreeceRussia & Italy to win Double1.805.001.834.15113.55
12/10/201915:00PeterboroughLincolnPeterborough to Win1.955.001.954.75118.30
19/10/201915:00MiddlesbroughWest BromWest Brom to Win2.
20/10/201911:30SassuoloInterInter to Win1.725.001.723.60127.15
20/10/201917:00MoldeHaugesundMolde to Win1.575.001.572.85130.00
19/10/201919:45JuventusBolognaChelsea & Juventus to win Double1.785.001.783.90133.90
20/10/201916:30Manchester UnitedLiverpoolLiverpool to win1.705.001.80-5.00128.90
20/10/201912:15HeartsRangersTottenham & Rangers to win Double2.025.002.02-5.00123.90
27/10/201913:30AltachLASK LinzLASK Linz to Win1.625.001.633.15127.05
27/10/201913:30Mlada BoleslavLiberecMlada Boleslav to Win1.935.001.95-5.00122.05
26/10/201915:00MiddlesbroughFulhamFulham to Win2.205.002.20-5.00117.05
27/10/201913:30PSVAZ Alkmaar117.05
26/10/201914:00LecceJuventusPSV & Juventus to win Double2.475.002.49-5.00112.05
27/10/201915:00RangersMotherwellLiverpool & Rangers to win Double1.935.001.934.65116.70
27/10/201915:45AjaxFeyenoordBenfica & Ajax to win Double1.725.001.723.60120.30

Month Three Results

We finished with an excellent profit in the third month of our Football Winner review thanks to the service achieving a high strike rate of 70.4%. We added 51.5 points to our betting bank, making it a total profit of 71.8 points.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets2727
Total Stakes (pts)135.00135.00
Profit/Loss (pts)50.851.5
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£508.00£515.00
Strike Rate70.4%70.4%
Overall Bank Growth70.3%71.8%
Bank (100pt starting)170.25171.8


DateTimeHomeAwayBetOddsAvailable OddsP/LBank
03/11/201915:00ServetteYoung BoysYoung Boys to Win1.651.68-5.00115.30
02/11/201915:00AyrPartick ThistleAyr to Win2.252.206.00121.30
02/11/201917:30WatfordChelseaChelsea to Win1.671.673.35124.65
02/11/201915:00Aston VillaLiverpool124.65
02/11/201918:00BenficaRio AveLiverpool & Benfica to win Double1.781.844.20128.85
03/11/201920:00PortoAvesJuventus & Porto to win Double1.751.783.90132.75
02/11/201917:00BolognaInterInter to win2.052.075.35138.10
10/11/201915:00BrondbyEsbjergBrondby to Win1.701.713.55141.65
10/11/201915:00LuganoBaselBasel to Win1.901.954.75146.40
09/11/201913:30FK RostovTambovFK Rostov to Win1.571.60-5.00141.40
09/11/201917:30LeicesterArsenalLeicester to win2.082.055.25146.65
09/11/201912:30ChelseaCrystal Palace146.65
10/11/201919:45JuventusMilanChelsea & Juventus to win Double1.931.934.65151.30
10/11/201916:30LiverpoolManchester CityLiverpool to win2.702.758.75160.05
16/11/201915:00TorquaySuttonTorquay to Win1.651.65-5.00155.05
16/11/201917:00RussiaBelgiumBelgium to win2.002.005.00160.05
16/11/201915:00Edinburgh CityAlbion Rovers160.05
17/11/201917:00KosovoEnglandEdinburgh City & England to win Double2.402.407.00167.05
24/11/201915:00St. GallenXamaxSt. Gallen to Win1.621.623.10170.15
23/11/201916:00MattersburgWolfsberger ACWolfsberger AC to Win1.571.572.85173.00
23/11/201913:30OpavaMlada BoleslavMlada Boleslav to Win2.302.30-5.00168.00
23/11/201915:00Crystal PalaceLiverpoolEverton & Liverpool to win Double2.092.09-5.00163.00
23/11/201915:00BrightonLeicesterLeicester to win2.052.055.25168.25
22/11/201919:30Club BruggeOostendeArsenal & Club Brugge to win Double1.791.79-5.00163.25
01/12/201916:30LeicesterEvertonLiverpool & Leicester to win Double2.042.045.20168.45
30/11/201914:00BresciaAtalantaInter & Atalanta to win Double1.921.924.60173.05
30/11/201915:00ChelseaWest Ham173.05
04/12/201920:15LiverpoolEvertonChelsea & Liverpool to win Double1.771.78-5.00168.05
30/11/201914:30Carmarthen TownBalaBala to Win1.751.753.75171.80
30/11/201915:00Queen's ParkEdinburgh CityEdinburgh City to Win2.402.40-5.00166.80
30/11/201915:00MotherwellSt JohnstoneMotherwell to Win2.002.005.00171.80

Review Summary

It's not often that we come across a profitable football tipster, but Football Winner managed to make the grade and delivered a total profit of 71.8 points overall. In just three months we were almost three quarters of the way to doubling our starting bank.

The service was very easy to follow, with clear emails and only one email to look out for each Friday for the week's games. The bets were all on the match odds market and were a mixture of singles and doubles. The odds averaged at around evens.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets7575
Total Stakes (pts)375.00375.00
Profit/Loss (pts)70.2571.8
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£702.50£718.00
Strike Rate61.3%61.3%
Overall Bank Growth70.3%71.8%
Bank (100pt starting)170.25171.8

We didn't have any trouble finding the advised odds and even managed to make a slightly bigger profit (1.55 points extra) at the available odds.

The only gripe we have is that the stakes were all advised at 5 points each, so you are staking 5% of the bank with every bet. Hitting a bad losing run could quickly wipe out profits so we would advise caution with this.

At £14.95 per month or £49 for a full year of tips, the service offers great value and far cheaper than most other tipping services around.

Football Winner is well worth checking out and we have awarded a "pass" rating.

Review Stats+71.8pts profit, 19.1% ROI, 61.3% SR
Stakes 5 point stakes
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 25 per month
Time of emailsFridays
Price£14.95 per month or £49 per year

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Football Winner is a tips service from Steve Hudson, who believes in keeping things simple by betting on the markets that the bookies make the least profit on.

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  1. 1. Did you follow in this review the advised stakes of 5 points per bet?
    2. Do you think this will work on exchange such as betfair?

    • Hi, Yes we followed the advised stakes. It should be fine to use an exchange as the football odds are usually similar to bookies. Also there is now 2% commission available at Betfair.

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