Ambrose Value Tips Review: Horse Tipping Service

Ambrose Value Tips Review

Ambrose Value Tips racked up 210 points profit with an amazing ROI of 60% during their five month proofing at Mega Tipsters.

The service is run by Garry, who is heavily involved in the horse racing industry, having owned a racehorse that became an elite mare rated 133 at her peak.

He has always had a passion for racing, stemming from his dad being a greyhound trainer, so he had spent a lot of time at the dog tracks. He loved the buzz from it and later became interested in horse racing too.

Fast forward 30 years and he has built up an in-depth knowledge of the sport and has a great foundation for success as a horse racing tipster.

The tips are sent out by email, usually in the morning, but sometimes in the evening before the races if he spots early value.

They come attached in a spreadsheet document and there are also screenshots of Oddschecker showing the available odds at the time the email was sent out.

We followed the service for three months and our full results and conclusion are reported below.

Before you continue...

Our Ambrose Value Tips review ended with a fail rating.

Please feel free to continue reading the full review below, though we recommend checking out some of the betting system reviews which ended in a pass instead. There's a small selection below or you can click here for the full list.

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Month One Update

Despite hitting a couple of big winners in month one of our Ambrose Value Tips review, we weren't able to finish with a profit. In total we lost 12.7 points, which worked out as 8.5% of our bank.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets535353
Total Stakes (pts)88.688.688.6
Profit/Loss (pts)-12.7-12.7-30.01
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£127.00)(£127.00)(£300.10)
Strike Rate9.4%9.4%9.4%
Overall Bank Growth-8.5%-8.5%-20.0%
Bank (150pt starting)137.30137.30119.99


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
18/04/20213.35 AyrChidswell2.00Yes41.00-2.00148.00
18/04/20211.05 WincantonGateway to Europe2.00No6.50-2.00146.00
19/04/20212.00 PontefractBreak the Rules2.00Yes67.00-2.00144.00
19/04/20213.15 LimerickGet supreme1.00Yes201.0019.50163.50
19/04/20212.52 HexhamApollo creed1.50Yes81.00-1.50162.00
19/04/20217.00 Market RasenOksana1.50No8.0010.50172.50
20/04/20213.45 SedgefieldButtevant lady1.00No12.00-1.00171.50
20/04/20214.10 TipperaryEloy d amerval2.00Yes26.00-2.00169.50
20/04/20216.20 WolverhamptonFrequency code2.00Yes34.00-2.00167.50
21/04/20216.00 TauntonSad eyed dylan2.00Yes17.00-2.00165.50
22/04/20213.30 PerthThe caller2.00Yes67.00-2.00163.50
22/04/20215.35 KilbegganAwbeg prince2.00Yes41.00-2.00161.50
22/04/20217.25 ExeterChampagne ideas2.00Yes67.00-2.00159.50
25/04/20215.10 WetherbyCarn a chlamain1.00No11.00-1.00158.50
26/04/20216.20 WindsorMordred1.50No9.00-1.50157.00
26/04/20211.55 NaasGeological2.00Yes41.00-2.00155.00
27/04/20214.50 PunchestownPolished steel2.00Yes41.00-2.00153.00
27/04/20213.00 BrightonDe little engine1.00No11.00-1.00152.00
28/04/20214.05 WolverhamptonUpside down2.00Yes26.00-2.00150.00
28/04/20213.40 PunchestownBay hill2.00Yes26.00-2.00148.00
29/04/20213.00 LingfieldSomething lucky1.50No8.00-1.50146.50
29/04/20211.30 LingfieldSpirit warning1.00No15.00-1.00145.50
30/04/20211.50 ChepstowPanatos1.00No12.00-1.00144.50
30/04/20218.25 NewcastleSuwaan1.00No11.00-1.00143.50
01/05/20213.50 ThirskLouis treize1.00No15.00-1.00142.50
01/05/20213.05 UttoxeterDiese des bieffes1.00No9.50-1.00141.50
03/05/20211.21 WindsorFinal deal2.00Yes41.00-2.00139.50
04/05/20217.50 SouthwellMighty leader2.00Yes26.00-2.00137.50
05/05/20212.55 KelsoRacing pulse1.00No17.00-1.00136.50
05/05/20215.20 FontwellApple mack1.00No11.00-1.00135.50
05/05/20214.45 ChesterShawaamekh2.00Yes34.005.60141.10
06/05/20212.55 HuntingdonRemember the man1.00No10.00-1.00140.10
06/05/20214.55 TipperaryTherewillalwaysbeone2.00Yes41.00-2.00138.10
06/05/20214.40 WorcesterOur rodney2.00Yes26.00-2.00136.10
07/05/20211.45 ChesterAnother batt2.00Yes26.00-2.00134.10
08/05/20216.20 WarwickPickamix2.00Yes29.00-2.00132.10
08/05/20216.05 ThirskPrincess mayson2.00Yes29.00-2.00130.10
08/05/20211.25 HaydockDell arca2.00Yes26.0030.00160.10
09/05/20211.35 PlumptonDelta river1.00Yes101.00-1.00159.10
09/05/20212.38 PlumptonSteal the china1.00Yes101.00-1.00158.10
10/05/20216.40 KillarneyRobin des foret2.00Yes23.00-2.00156.10
10/05/20212.15 CatterickEuro implosion1.00No8.00-1.00155.10
10/05/20214.30 CatterickTontos spirit2.00Yes15.001.80156.90
11/05/20211.35 SedgefieldBreaking the ice2.00Yes34.00-2.00154.90
11/05/20212.45 BeverleyBurtonwood1.60Yes41.00-1.60153.30
12/05/20218.20 BeverleyVivian grey2.00Yes41.00-2.00151.30
12/05/20214.35 WorcesterOfcourseiwill2.00Yes41.00-2.00149.30
13/05/20212.40 YorkFirmament3.00Yes26.00-3.00146.30
13/05/20217.40 FontwellKilcara2.00Yes21.00-2.00144.30
14/05/20214.55 NewburyBronze river2.00Yes15.00-2.00142.30
14/05/20218.05 AintreeRiver icon1.00No9.00-1.00141.30
15/05/20213.50 NewmarketTheotherside2.00Yes26.00-2.00139.30
17/05/20217.05 LeicesterSpanish star2.00No8.00-2.00137.30

Month Two Update

It was a tale of near-misses in month two of our Ambrose Value Tips review, with several placed bets at odds as high as 66/1. Unfortunately, the service didn't manage to finish with a profit for the second month in a row.

Given that our betting bank was still in a relatively good position we decided to carry on in hope of a big win coming in.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets555555
Total Stakes (pts)98.598.598.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-6.2-6.7-15.59
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£62.00-£67.00-£155.90
Strike Rate16.4%16.4%16.4%
Overall Bank Growth-12.6%-12.9%-30.4%
Bank (150pt starting)131.10130.60104.41


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
18/05/20216.05 HexhamDeep charm2.00Yes51.00-2.00135.30
19/05/20217.50 SouthwellMidnight request2.00Yes26.00-2.00133.30
19/05/20214.40 YarmouthSendacard2.00Yes29.00-2.00131.30
20/05/20214.10 WolverhamptonAnonymous john2.00Yes51.00-2.00129.30
21/05/20211.40 GoodwoodZhui feng2.00Yes21.00-2.00127.30
21/05/20214.00 GoodwoodPlatitude2.00Yes17.00-2.00125.30
21/05/20216.50 CatterickMakyon1.50No8.00-1.50123.80
21/05/20211.00 HaydockKaser1.50No6.00-1.50122.30
22/05/20215.55 LingfieldViola1.50No13.0018.00140.30
22/05/20213.50 YorkSunday sovereign2.00Yes15.002.50142.80
23/05/20212.05 CurraghMatchless1.00No10.00-1.00141.80
23/05/20215.10 NottinghamIdilico2.00No5.00-2.00139.80
24/05/20217.00 BallinrobeSo easy way2.00Yes67.00-2.00137.80
24/05/20212.50 LudlowHoldbacktheriver1.00No13.00-1.00136.80
24/05/20214.10 BrightonDerek duval2.00Yes67.00-2.00134.80
24/05/20213.30 WolverhamptonForever gratful2.00Yes51.00-2.00132.80
25/05/20218.55 NewcastleJems bond2.00Yes29.006.00138.80
25/05/20216.55 LingfieldIllies memories3.00Yes21.00-3.00135.80
26/05/20215.10 HamiltonRose bandit2.00Yes26.00-2.00133.80
26/05/20215.50 WolverhamptonDana forever1.00No13.00-1.00132.80
27/05/20218.00 SandownSword beach2.00Yes17.002.20135.00
27/05/20213.35 RiponSameem2.00Yes17.00-2.00133.00
28/05/20212.50 BrightonKingston kurrajong2.00Yes26.00-2.00131.00
29/05/20211.45 HaydockMusicality2.00No13.00-2.00129.00
29/05/20213.50 ChesterHasanabad2.00Yes17.00-2.00127.00
31/05/20211.35 WindsorZhui feng1.50No12.00-1.50125.50
31/05/20214.15 ChelmsfordBaashir1.50No9.00-1.50124.00
02/06/20215.40 KemptonLos camachos2.00Yes34.00-2.00122.00
03/06/20213.40 LeopardstowTheophile2.00Yes23.003.40125.40
04/06/20214.00 Market RasenThree bullet gate1.00No15.00-1.00124.40
05/06/20216.30 ChepstowShoe me the bubbly2.00Yes34.00-2.00122.40
05/06/20217.30 ChepstowBounty pursuit2.00No9.00-2.00120.40
06/06/20215.10 GoodwoodIntrusive2.00Yes41.007.00127.40
06/06/20214.20 PerthSoupy soups1.00No13.00-1.00126.40
07/06/20212.50 Gowran ParkSwiss cottage2.00Yes26.00-2.00124.40
07/06/20216.15 PontefractDandys max2.00Yes41.00-2.00122.40
08/06/20211.25 SouthwellMahlermade1.00No13.00-1.00121.40
08/06/20214.30 SalisburyBronze river1.00No17.00-1.00120.40
09/06/20215.05 CorkPulsating2.00Yes17.00-2.00118.40
10/06/20217.50 LeopardstownIntermedia2.00Yes67.00-2.00116.40
10/06/20214.55 YarmouthSpirituoso2.00Yes21.003.00119.40
11/06/20213.20 SandownAndaleep2.00Yes19.00-2.00117.40
11/06/20212.45 SandownLittle rollright2.00Yes23.00-2.00115.40
11/06/20216.00 Newton AbbotPresgrave2.00Yes26.00-2.00113.40
12/06/20214.50 YorkWaarif1.00No21.00-1.00112.40
12/06/20218.45 LeicesterDavids beauty1.00No17.00-1.00111.40
12/06/20211.35 SandownSeneca chief1.00No19.00-1.00110.40
14/06/20217.40 KilbegganJan maat2.00Yes26.00-2.00108.40
14/06/20218.00 WindsorMr tyrrell2.00No11.0020.00128.40
14/06/20215.30 Gowran ParkTalsara2.00Yes67.0012.20140.60
15/06/20213.55 HosterleyHosterley2.00Yes15.00-2.00138.60
16/06/20215.00 AscotTrais fluors2.00Yes41.00-2.00136.60
17/06/20215.20 LeopardstowMutiny2.00Yes21.00-2.00134.60
17/06/20216.30 LeopardstowNam2.00Yes17.00-2.00132.60
17/06/20216.10 AscotBlue mist2.00Yes17.00-2.00130.60

Month Three Update

In month three of our Ambrose Value Tips review there was a further loss of 15.5 points, which took our overall loss up to 34.9 points. It was the third losing month in a row and things were not looking good for the service.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets454545
Total Stakes (pts)79.579.579.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-14.9-15.5-31.79
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£149.00)(£155.00)(£317.90)
Strike Rate13.3%13.3%13.3%
Overall Bank Growth-22.5%-23.3%-51.6%
Bank (150pt starting)116.20115.1072.62


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
19/06/20214.30 NewmarketBroxi2.00Yes34.00-2.00128.60
19/06/20215.05 NewmarketNumoor1.50No11.00-1.50127.10
20/06/20212.00 WorcesterDarcy ward1.50No13.00-1.50125.60
20/06/20214.45 HexhamDuke dubarry1.00No12.00-1.00124.60
21/06/20214.20 Newton AbbotHighland light2.00Yes34.00-2.00122.60
23/06/20214.05 CarlisleSameem1.50No13.00-1.50121.10
24/06/20219.00 HamiltonGleaming arch2.00Yes29.00-2.00119.10
24/06/20217.15 LeicesterIn paradise2.00Yes21.00-2.00117.10
25/06/20215.30 CurraghSilverkode2.00Yes34.00-2.00115.10
26/06/20213.30 NewcastleSir chauvelin2.00Yes67.00-2.00113.10
26/06/20213.15 NewmarketMotakhayyal2.00No7.50-2.00111.10
28/06/20212.25 PontefractHelvetian2.00Yes19.00-2.00109.10
28/06/20216.30 WindsorOne day2.00Yes17.00-2.00107.10
29/06/20215.10 RoscommonFaraway dreams2.00Yes41.00-2.00105.10
30/06/20212.30 WorcesterBkue n yellow1.50No12.00-1.50103.60
30/06/20218.25 BathBronze river1.50No12.00-1.50102.10
01/07/20215.45 TipperaryTesseract2.00Yes26.00-2.00100.10
01/07/20211.55 PerthAn siltean2.00Yes101.00-2.0098.10
02/07/20218.40 HaydockSalam zayed2.00Yes41.00-2.0096.10
02/07/20214.40 SandownPlatitude2.00Yes26.00-2.0094.10
03/07/20214.30 LeicesterSelecto2.00Yes13.002.0096.10
04/07/20213.35 Market RasenLittle stevie1.50No15.00-1.5094.60
04/07/20215.20 Market RasenBioverdia1.50No13.00-1.5093.10
05/07/20217.00 RiponMonticello2.00Yes67.00-2.0091.10
06/07/20216.15 UttoxeterTop of the rocks2.00Yes21.00-2.0089.10
07/07/20217.45 KemptonBronze river1.00No9.00-1.0088.10
07/07/20217.15 KemptonIllies memories2.00Yes51.00-2.0086.10
07/07/20217.05 BathLyricas lion2.00Yes29.00-2.0084.10
08/07/20212.25 NewmarketLusail1.00No12.0011.0095.10
08/07/20213.00 NewmarketApollo one2.00Yes21.003.0098.10
09/07/20217.35 KilbegganJack hackett2.00Yes26.00-2.0096.10
09/07/20216.00 ChesterDefence treaty2.00Yes31.005.00101.10
10/07/20213.00 AscotRegal reality1.00No13.00-1.00100.10
12/07/20212.10 DundalkAblah1.50No19.00-1.5098.60
12/07/20217.45 KillarneyCalvados1.00No10.00-1.0097.60
13/07/20214.45 BeverleyMoorland queen2.00Yes21.00-2.0095.60
14/07/20212.10 LingfieldClongowes2.00Yes29.00-2.0093.60
15/07/20213.40 ChepstowColdens passion2.00Yes21.00-2.0091.60
15/07/20215.00 LeopardstownSoinceanta2.00Yes34.005.6097.20
15/07/20214.30 LeopardstownFly girl1.50No12.00-1.5095.70
16/07/20212.15 KillarneyTouch of gold2.00Yes26.00-2.0093.70
16/07/20214.00 KillarneyCapuccimix2.00Yes23.0026.40120.10
16/07/20216.55 HamiltonJordan electrics1.00No13.00-1.00119.10
17/07/20217.05 DoncasterTeston2.00Yes41.00-2.00117.10
17/07/20213.05 CartmelMorraman2.00Yes17.00-2.00115.10

Review Summary

After three losing months in a row we decided not to continue any further with our Ambrose Value Tips review. We had lost 34.9 points overall which worked out as a 23.3% decrease to our betting bank.

This wasn't a huge decrease and as the service focused on betting at high odds, a few big winners could have soon turned things around. However, there's also every chance of that not happening and another three losing months to follow, so we decided to move on.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets153153153
Total Stakes (pts)266.6266.6266.6
Profit/Loss (pts)-33.8-34.9-77.39
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£338.00)(£349.00)(£773.90)
Strike Rate13.1%13.1%13.1%
Overall Bank Growth-22.5%-23.3%-51.6%
Bank (150pt starting)116.20115.1072.62

Given our hugely successful trial of Hanbury Racing Tips, another service that we reviewed from the Mega Tipsters platform, we felt this service was a bit of a let down.

Such good reviews like that are a rarity though and although this one had turned out to be a fail, we looked forward to reviewing more tipping services from the platform in the future.

Review Stats34.9pts loss, -13.1% ROI, 13.1% SR
Stakes Advised 1-2 point stakes
Starting bank 150 points
Average no. betsApprox. 50 per month
Time of emailsOvernight (usually around 1.00am)
Price£36.99 per month, £188 bi-annual or £349 annually.

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