Hanbury Racing Tips Review: Big Value Horse Racing Tips

Hanbury Racing Tips Review

Hanbury Racing Tips boast an impressive ROI of more than 39% since they launched on the Mega Tipsters platform.

Prior to our review, the service had reported a profit of 521.7 points, with regular big priced winners including a 150/1 winner at the Irish Grand National.

The service is run by Richard Hutchinson, the mastermind behind winning the 2020 Tote Ten To Follow Jumps competition, as reported in the Racing Post.

He managed to scoop the £10,000 monthly prize on top of the £177,113.52 jackpot, making it a huge win for his syndicate.

All his tips are sent out with a write-up, so you can see the reasoning behind the bets and he uses a simple betting strategy, with straightforward win or each-way bets.

They come in the form of a word document that is emailed to you each morning and occasionally in the evening. The email also includes the up to date results spreadsheet as well as screenshots of the Oddschecker page for each selection.

The average odds for the service are around 32/1 and the strike rate is 15.4%, so we were expecting some losing runs, but hoped that the big wins would make up for it.

It turned out to be one of highest profits during a review so far, with 176.24 points banked in just three months!

We were blown away by Hanbury Racing Tips and had no hesitation in giving it a pass rating.

Review Stats+176.24pts profit, 41.6% ROI, 18.9% SR
Stakes Level 1 point stakes
Starting bank 225 points
Average no. betsApprox. 65 per month or 2-3 per day
Time of emailsMorning
Price£4.99 for 14 days then £36.99 per month, £99 per quarter or £349 annual

Month One Update

It was a superb start to our Hanbury Racing Tips with the service hitting a 25/1 winner on the first day one followed by a massive 67/1 winner on the second day! 

At the end of month one our profit at the available odds was up to 45.64 points at an ROI of 29.1%.

As the tip emails often arrived after midnight, we sometimes had to take the odds that were available in the morning. Most of the time it wasn't an issue, but there were a couple of occasions where odds had shortened overnight. On the other hand, sometimes odds had moved in our favour, so it should balance out.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets747474
Total Stakes (pts)157157157
Profit/Loss (pts)92.4445.6412.45
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£924.40£456.40£124.50
Strike Rate14.9%14.9%14.9%
Overall Bank Growth41.1%20.3%5.5%
Bank (225pt starting)317.44270.64237.45


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
08/04/20214.40 AintreeZanza3.00No13.00-3.00222.00
08/04/20214.55 TauntonMinella Style2.00Yes21.00-2.00220.00
08/04/20214.15 TauntonRoyal Plaza2.00Yes26.0020.00240.00
09/04/20213.47 SedgefieldScorpio2.00Yes67.0079.20319.20
09/04/20212.30 SedgefieldChallow2.00Yes101.00-2.00317.20
10/04/20215.15 AintreeTakingrisks2.00Yes21.00-2.00315.20
10/04/20215.15 AintreeHogan’s Height2.00Yes101.00-2.00313.20
10/04/20211.45 AintreeStoney Mountain2.00Yes31.00-2.00311.20
10/04/20214.15 AintreeFagan2.00Yes15.00-2.00309.20
10/04/20213.05 NewcastleRacing Pulse2.00Yes26.00-2.00307.20
11/04/20213.15 LeopardstownTurbine2.00Yes19.00-2.00305.20
11/04/20212.31 KelsoBig Bad Dream2.00Yes34.00-2.00303.20
11/04/20215.03 WarwickMr McGuiness2.00Yes101.00-2.00301.20
12/04/20211.00 HuntingdonBrecon Hill2.00Yes26.00-2.00299.20
13/04/20215.00 NewcastleFaramman2.00Yes51.00-2.00297.20
13/04/20213.30 Newton AbbottClongowes2.00No5.50-2.00295.20
13/04/20214.20 SouthwellGraineyhill2.00Yes51.00-2.00293.20
14/04/20215.00 CheltenhamNelson River2.00Yes15.00-2.00291.20
15/04/20213.05 LimerickScalor2.00Yes26.00-2.00289.20
16/04/20213.35 FontwellUknowwhatimean3.00Yes67.00-3.00286.20
16/04/20217.10 BathGeneral Brook2.00Yes34.00-2.00284.20
17/04/20211.25 BangorHe’s A Goer2.00Yes101.00-2.00282.20
17/04/20216.00 BrightonDe Little Engine2.00Yes15.00-2.00280.20
18/04/20211.45 DundalkHigh Street Lady2.00Yes51.00-2.00278.20
18/04/20211.57 StratfordRomanor2.00No11.00-2.00276.20
18/04/20213.35 AyrNotachance2.00No12.00-2.00274.20
19/04/20212.00 PontefractBreak The Rules2.00Yes67.00-2.00272.20
19/04/20214.15 WindsorAmnaa2.00Yes17.00-2.00270.20
19/04/20215.30 Market RasenThomas Blossom2.00Yes21.00-2.00268.20
19/04/20211.20 HexhamChallow2.00Yes26.00-2.00266.20
20/04/20212.05 SedgefieldCountister2.00No12.00-2.00264.20
20/04/20213.45 SedgefieldEver So Much2.00No8.50-2.00262.20
20/04/20218.10 TipperaryEloy D'Amerval2.00Yes26.00-2.00260.20
21/04/20216.30 TauntonAchy Breaky Heart3.00Yes34.008.40268.60
21/04/20216.00 TauntonSad Eyed Dylan2.00Yes21.00-2.00266.60
22/04/20214.40 PerthWar at Sea2.00Yes36.00-2.00264.60
22/04/20212.30 WarwickNo Ceiling2.00Yes81.00-2.00262.60
22/04/20215.35 KilbegganAwbeg Prince2.00Yes41.00-2.00260.60
23/04/20216.05 ChepstowPoetic Presence2.00Yes101.00-2.00258.60
24/04/20216.45 WolverhamptonNonios2.00Yes17.00-2.00256.60
24/04/20215.15 LimerickKarrakatta2.00Yes34.00-2.00254.60
25/04/20212.20 NavanRed Cymbal3.00Yes26.00-3.00251.60
25/04/20213.40 WetherbyClub Wexford2.00Yes34.00-2.00249.60
26/04/20211.55 NaasShabaaby2.00Yes41.009.00258.60
27/04/20214.50 PunchestownPolished Silver2.00Yes51.00-2.00256.60
27/04/20215.10 LingfieldRed Ruskin2.00Yes26.00-2.00254.60
28/04/20214.30 AscotKick On Kick On3.00Yes21.00-3.00251.60
28/04/20217.45 ChelmsfordDepartmentalize2.00Yes41.00-2.00249.60
28/04/20213.40 PunchestownSomeday2.00Yes41.00-2.00247.60
29/04/20218.25 SouthwellSend In The Clouds2.00No5.00-2.00245.60
29/04/20212.50 MusselburghLagenda2.00Yes15.001.24246.84
30/04/20215.15 NewcastleViolette Szabo2.00Yes21.00-2.00244.84
30/04/20212.20 ChepstowCogital2.00No9.00-2.00242.84
01/05/20215.40 PunchestownSo Near So Farhh2.00Yes41.00-2.00240.84
01/05/20211.55 UttoxeterIron Port2.00Yes15.0016.80257.64
01/05/20211.22 UttoxeterProfile Pictures3.00Yes51.0013.50271.14
01/05/20213.50 ThirskLouis Treves3.00Yes15.00-3.00268.14
02/05/20215.00 SligoMiss Flourentine2.00Yes11.00-2.00266.14
02/05/20213.25 SligoHeatstroke2.00Yes26.00-2.00264.14
03/05/20214.06 BeverleyLittle Jo2.00Yes21.003.00267.14
03/05/20214.51 WindsorHashtogme2.00Yes26.00-2.00265.14
04/05/20214.25 FakenhamFriends Don’t Ask2.00No7.00-2.00263.14
04/05/20215.50 SouthwellI Hope Star2.00Yes15.0016.80279.94
04/05/20214.15 LingfieldSinger In The Sand2.00Yes51.00-2.00277.94
04/05/20211.45 AyrThat’s Your Lottie2.00Yes34.00-2.00275.94
04/05/20217.50 SouthwellMighty Leader2.00Yes23.00-2.00273.94
04/05/20216.10 BallinrobeThe Dapper Doyen2.00Yes51.00-2.00271.94
05/05/20214.07 Newton AbbotGetaway Lucy3.00Yes41.008.70280.64
06/05/20215.50 ChelmsfordBeepeecee2.00Yes41.00-2.00278.64
06/05/20212.55 HuntingdonRemember the Day2.00Yes9.50-2.00276.64
06/05/20211.30 WorcesterCul De Poule2.00Yes21.00-2.00274.64
06/05/20213.35 HuntingdonLoveyoutothemoon2.00Yes81.00-2.00272.64
07/05/20213.05 Market RasenLill Smith3.00Yes19.00-3.00269.64
07/05/20214.10 Market RasenPilgrim King2.00Yes11.001.00270.64

Month Two Update

It was another excellent month in our Hanbury Racing review with a further 81.44 points profit added to the bank.

We had thought the tipster may have just got lucky in month one, but they continued to hit some huge wins including a massive 100/1 winner to get the second month started.

Our bank had increased 56.5%, so it had been a terrific performance so far.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets585858
Total Stakes (pts)126.0126.0126.0
Profit/Loss (pts)81.4481.44-18.09
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£814.40£814.40-£180.90
Strike Rate15.5%15.5%15.5%
Overall Bank Growth77.3%56.5%-2.5%
Bank (225pt starting)398.88352.08219.36


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
08/05/20217.50 WarwickDanilo D'Airy2.00Yes101.00102.00372.64
08/05/20211.25 HaydockWakea2.00Yes26.00-2.00370.64
09/05/20213.30 KillarneyMoon Over Germany2.00Yes26.00-2.00368.64
09/05/20212.38 PlumptonSteel The China2.00Yes101.00-2.00366.64
09/05/20212.08 PlumptonBetterlatethaneva2.00Yes101.00-2.00364.64
10/05/20217.10 KillarneyThree Musketeers2.00Yes26.00-2.00362.64
11/05/20211.35 SedgefieldBreak The Ice2.00Yes34.00-2.00360.64
11/05/20214.07 SedgefieldThe Last goodbye4.00Yes10.00-4.00356.64
12/05/20216.40 PerthPurcells Bridge2.00Yes41.00-2.00354.64
13/05/20217.05 FontwellKhan2.00Yes29.00-2.00352.64
14/05/20212.50 NewmarketTo Be Wild2.00Yes34.007.25359.89
14/05/20215.10 KilbegganKingsgate2.00Yes41.00-2.00357.89
15/05/20215.25 NavanChaparral Dream2.00Yes26.00-2.00355.89
16/05/20214.47 StratfordSteel Wave2.00Yes13.00-2.00353.89
16/05/20212.47 StratfordDawn Sunrise2.00Yes34.0035.64389.53
17/05/20212.55 Ffos LasDefinitely Vinnie2.00Yes41.00-2.00387.53
18/05/20217.45 LimerickPacte In the Park2.00Yes67.00-2.00385.53
18/05/20216.55 HuntingdonCanny Tom2.00Yes67.00-2.00383.53
18/05/20217.35 HexhamTowerburn2.00Yes26.00-2.00381.53
19/05/20217.50 SouthwellMonte Alban2.00No9.00-2.00379.53
19/05/20213.40 YarmouthPour Joie2.00Yes15.00-2.00377.53
19/05/20218.20 SouthwellTeals Lad2.00Yes67.00-2.00375.53
20/05/20212.45 LingfieldSinger In The Sand2.00Yes51.00-2.00373.53
21/05/20218.40 WorcesterGetaway Lucy3.00Yes12.0019.80393.33
21/05/20216.20 CatterickKeep Beliving3.00Yes41.00-3.00390.33
22/05/20213.50 YorkDave Dexter2.00Yes26.00-2.00388.33
22/05/20211.55 HaydockRedarna2.00Yes19.002.60390.93
22/05/20212.25 HaydockVindolanda2.00Yes12.00-2.00388.93
22/05/20217.50 StratfordSir Warrior2.00Yes101.00-2.00386.93
23/05/20215.30 CurraghDinard Rose3.00Yes34.008.40395.33
24/05/20212.50 LudlowHoldBackthe River2.00Yes17.00-2.00393.33
24/05/20214.10 BrightonDerek Duval2.00Yes67.00-2.00391.33
24/05/20215.20 BrightonSoaring Spirit2.00Yes41.00-2.00389.33
25/05/20218.55 NewcastleJems Bond2.00Yes29.005.30394.63
26/05/20214.10 HamiltonEdgar Allan Poe2.00Yes12.00-2.00392.63
26/05/20218.20 WolverhamptonEmneshing2.00Yes12.00-2.00390.63
27/05/20212.40 WorcesterInvincible Wish2.00Yes34.00-2.00388.63
28/05/20212.50 BrightonKingston Kurrajong2.00Yes26.00-2.00386.63
28/05/20216.00 PontefractMustaqbal2.00Yes26.00-2.00384.63
29/05/20216.00 Ffos LasSad Eyed Dylan2.00Yes15.00-2.00382.63
29/05/20215.30 Ffos LasWho Told You2.00Yes21.00-2.00380.63
29/05/20211.55 CatterickWinfola2.00No10.00-2.00378.63
30/05/20213.42 KelsoThimbleweed4.00Yes19.00-4.00374.63
30/05/20215.50 FontwellSteel The China2.00Yes101.00-2.00372.63
31/05/20212.00 ChelmsfordFaregaan2.00Yes81.00-2.00370.63
01/06/20215.30 YarmouthPurple Power2.00Yes34.00-2.00368.63
01/06/20214.35 RedcarOlympus2.00Yes12.001.20369.83
02/06/20212.40 WexfordEileens Boy2.00Yes81.00-2.00367.83
02/06/20213.45 WexfordAsk Aisling2.00Yes51.00-2.00365.83
03/06/20212.20 UttoxeterChief Sittingbull2.00Yes51.00-2.00363.83
03/06/20218.15 ThirskShowtime Elle2.00Yes81.00-2.00361.83
04/06/20217.15 TramoreHopefully3.00Yes67.00-3.00358.83
04/06/20214.50 CatterickSurewecan2.00Yes41.00-2.00356.83
05/06/20215.15 EpsomPercy Treet2.00Yes41.00-2.00354.83
05/06/20213.20 TramoreSmitty Bacall2.00Yes26.005.25360.08
05/06/20215.55 HexhamFrankies Fire2.00Yes21.00-2.00358.08
06/06/20213.00 KilbegganDasmyhoss3.00Yes41.00-3.00355.08
06/06/20214.55 PerthPutting Green3.00No7.50-3.00352.08

Month Three Update

Hanbury Racing Tips made it three winning months in a row with another 49.16 points profit added to our bank, bringing our review to a fantastic close.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets646464
Total Stakes (pts)141.0141.0141.0
Profit/Loss (pts)48.5649.1638.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£485.60£491.60£385.50
Strike Rate26.6%26.6%26.6%
Overall Bank Growth98.9%78.3%14.6%
Bank (225pt starting)447.44401.24257.91


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
08/06/20212.25 RoscommonPeace Party3.00Yes13.002.10354.18
09/06/20213.20 FontwellKhan3.00Yes23.0020.63374.81
09/06/20215.10 YarmouthOud Metha Bridge3.00Yes10.00-3.00371.81
09/06/20212.10 FontwellJo Mahler2.00Yes51.00-2.00369.81
09/06/20211.50 YarmouthFaregaan2.00Yes51.00-2.00367.81
10/06/20218.10 UttoxeterJewlinthename3.00Yes41.00-3.00364.81
10/06/20216.10 UttoxeterQuivvy Lough2.00Yes17.00-2.00362.81
10/06/20215.00 NottinghamDon’t Jump George2.00Yes41.00-2.00360.81
11/06/20215.45 AintreeRip Rocks Paddy OK2.00Yes101.00-2.00358.81
11/06/20216.00 Newton AbbotPresgrave3.00Yes26.00-3.00355.81
11/06/20211.25 ChepstowTally Son2.00Yes81.00-2.00353.81
12/06/20214.40 HexhamBreak The Ice6.00Yes5.50-6.00347.81
12/06/20211.15 HexhamNo Ceiling1.00Yes67.00-1.00346.81
12/06/20211.15 HexhamWar At Sea1.00Yes41.003.50350.31
12/06/20219.00 WorcesterThree Colour Red2.00Yes21.00-2.00348.31
12/06/20214.35 SandownWinklevi2.00Yes11.00-2.00346.31
13/06/20214.20 Down PatrickJohnny Giro2.00Yes51.00-2.00344.31
14/06/20215.30 Gowran ParkTalsara2.00Yes67.0012.20356.51
14/06/20215.40 KilbegganSwiss Bird2.00Yes17.002.20358.71
15/06/20215.00 AscotLethal Steps2.00Yes51.00-2.00356.71
15/06/20216.10 AscotGalata Bridge2.00Yes34.00-2.00354.71
15/06/20211.50 StratfordTakbeer2.00Yes81.00-2.00352.71
16/06/20215.05 UttoxeterMovinon Up3.00Yes34.00-3.00349.71
16/06/20215.00 AscotTrais Fluor2.00Yes41.00-2.00347.71
17/06/20217.20 Ffos LasFirst Destination3.00Yes51.006.93354.64
17/06/20215.45 Ffos LasDrewmain Legend2.00Yes15.00-2.00352.64
17/06/20213.45 RiponPoint of Woods2.00Yes34.00-2.00350.64
17/06/20217.10 LingfieldFaregaan2.00Yes51.00-2.00348.64
18/06/20215.35 AscotKhagan2.00Yes51.00-2.00346.64
19/06/20215.00 AscotGulliver2.00Yes21.004.00350.64
19/06/20213.10 PerthFrankies Fire2.00Yes29.00-2.00348.64
20/06/20211.30 WorcesterLough Salt2.00Yes41.00-2.00346.64
20/06/20212.00 WorcesterPrinceton Royale2.00Yes21.0024.00370.64
20/06/20215.05 WorcesterIngenuity2.00Yes51.00-2.00368.64
21/06/20213.10 SouthwellBoher Lad2.00Yes41.00-2.00366.64
21/06/20213.40 SouthwellMidnight Popstar3.00Yes29.005.22371.86
22/06/20213.20 BrightonUAE Soldier2.00Yes81.00-2.00369.86
22/06/20218.15 Newton AbbottThree Ways2.00Yes34.00-2.00367.86
23/06/20212.45 SalisburyEbury2.00Yes21.00-2.00365.86
24/06/20217.15 LeicesterCabrini2.00No9.00-2.00363.86
25/06/20211.00 YarmouthFaregaan2.00Yes41.00-2.00361.86
25/06/20217.55 NewcastleJupiter Road2.00Yes26.004.00365.86
27/06/20214.05 UttoxeterMinella Mojo2.00Yes41.007.00372.86
27/06/20213.40 CurraghOodnadatta2.00Yes29.00-2.00370.86
27/06/20212.30 CurraghGeological2.00Yes23.00-2.00368.86
28/06/20211.00 SouthwellUncle O2.00Yes34.005.60374.46
28/06/20218.45 MusselburghDandys Max2.00Yes51.0011.50385.96
29/06/20218.50 ChepstowDrew Breeze2.00Yes29.00-2.00383.96
30/06/20211.55 WorcesterSittingbull2.00Yes26.00-2.00381.96
30/06/20212.55 MusselburghBook of Invasions3.00Yes67.00-3.00378.96
01/07/20214.15 Newton AbbottWitch of Rome2.00Yes51.00-2.00376.96
03/07/20213.27 BeverleyKoropick3.00Yes34.00-3.00373.96
03/07/20216.35 BellewstownGloves On2.00Yes67.00-2.00371.96
03/07/20217.35 BellewstownSerpolette2.00Yes34.00-2.00369.96
04/07/20213.00 Market RasenUncle O2.00No8.0014.00383.96
04/07/20214.10 Market RasenRoyal Village2.00No9.0011.20395.16
04/07/20211.55 TramoreBellgrove2.00Yes34.00-2.00393.16
05/07/20215.15 WorcesterHenri Morgan Parry3.00Yes41.00-3.00390.16
05/07/20218.15 WindsorAl Gaiya2.00Yes81.00-2.00388.16
06/07/20214.10 PontefractKeepupKevin2.00Yes19.0016.88405.04
06/07/20211.35 WolverhamptonBillyfairplay2.00Yes21.00-2.00403.04
07/07/20216.15 KemptonNicks Not Wonder2.00Yes17.002.20405.24
07/07/20214.40 CatterickAnother Bond2.00Yes51.00-2.00403.24
07/07/20211.00 LingfieldParioctic2.00Yes34.00-2.00401.24

Review Summary

  • Tips come with extensive write-ups
  • Specialises in value bets at high odds
  • High ROI

Our Hanbury Racing Tips review turned out to be our most successful tipster review to date, with three out of three winning months and a massive 176.24 points profit banked. It was a very easy pass!

The return on investment was a very impressive 41.6%, thanks to several winning bets at high odds, including a 66/1 winner on the second day of our review and a 100/1 winner in month two.

The service was close to delivering substantially more profit, as there had been a couple of recent near misses, where a 66/1 and two 50/1 bets finished second.

  • Update 1: +45.64pts 
  • Update 2: +81.44pts
  • Update 3 : +49.16pts
  • Total: +176.24pts

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets196196196
Total Stakes (pts)424.0424.0424.0
Profit/Loss (pts)222.44176.2432.91
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£2,224.40 £1,762.40 £329.10
Strike Rate18.9%18.9%18.9%
Overall Bank Growth98.9%78.3%14.6%
Bank (225pt starting)447.44401.24257.91

We were happy with how the service was ran and found Richard to be very professional. His enthusiasm for the service, platform and the sport in general was contagious!

There were a couple of things to mention though, firstly, there was a difference in profit between the advised odds and available odds, but this was down to an issue that had now been resolved.

During our review, many of the tips were emailed out overnight in the early hours, so by the time we got round to seeing them the odds may have moved. For any tips sent out after midnight, we recorded the odds that were available at 8.00am to make it fair.

However, Richard sends the emails out in the morning now, so that was no longer a problem.

The advised betting bank has also been altered from 225 points down to 175 points since our review. This is based on a formula called the "Estimated Longest Losing Run".

Finally, to address the elephant in the room, the Betfair SP results. Although we did make a profit of 32.91 points at BSP, it was far lower than at the regular bookmakers.

This was down to some high odds winners being heavily backed and going off at much lower prices, for example, the 100/1 winner that started at a BSP of 12.53.

We would hope that it would even out in the long-term, as we did see quite a few horses drift out in price too.

It was a fantastic review and we hoped to see Hanbury Racing Tips continue to hit those massive winners in the future.

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Bets For Today VIP Review

Bets For Today VIP Review: Betting Tips Package

Bets For Today VIP turned out to be a profitable set of betting systems, making 30.16 points profit during our three month review at an ROI of 9.3%. It gets a pass from us!

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  • Hanbury Racing Tips Review
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  • Last modified: 1st December 2022

Hanbury Racing Tips is a horse tips service run by the mastermind behind the Tote Ten To Follow Jumps 2020 £188k win. Did he bag some big wins in our review?

3 thoughts on “Hanbury Racing Tips Review: Big Value Horse Racing Tips”

  1. The Hanbury 25% off is a bit misleading. You can only apply it to their welcome offer which is just a fiver. After that you get automatically billed the full monthly amount. So, essentially you can only get around a quid or so off….

    • Hi Bill,

      The 25% discount is applied to all of Hanbury Racing’s products, unfortunately the Clickbank operating system cant apply that discount to the re-bill element of the sale.

      What I suggest is that you sign up to the 14 day trial and take the 25% discount on that product. When it comes to re-billing time please cancel/terminate that sale. Then got back to the Hanbury Racing page https://megatipsters.co.uk/hanbury-racing-tips/ and sign up to a 1 month or 3 month option to obtain the 25% discount using the goalprofits 25 coupon code.

      I’m really sorry it’s not any easier than this but the 25% discount is definitely available on all subscriptions!!

      Please contact [email protected] for more assistance.


      Richard Hutchinson


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