ImRigged Review: Update One

ImRigged Review

ImRigged is a horse tipping service on the Tipping Gurus platform that boasts an impressive ROI of 30%.

Tipster Mark has been running the service since August 2019 and has reported an average monthly profit of £137.13 to £10 stakes.

His total profit stands at 77.99 points and his results show that he hasn't had a losing month to date. 

His tips have a strike rate of 20% at average odds of 8.47. The results are available to view in full on the website and they are updated daily.

Selections are sent out every morning at around 9.00am and they are either 1 point win or 0.5 points each-way. There's an average of 1 or 2 selections each day, although some days are busier than others.

We will be following the service for ourselves over the next few months and will be tracking our results at the advised, available and Betfair SP odds.

Month One Results

ImRigged had a brilliant start in the first month of our review, hitting a 34/1 winner at the beginning of the year! We were already in profit at this stage, but this sent it soaring and we finished the month 28.49 points ahead.

Results weren't as good at BSP with a profit of 15.87 points, but still not to be sniffed at.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets373737
Total Stakes (pts)35.935.935.9
Profit/Loss (pts)28.7828.4915.87
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£287.80£284.90£158.70
Strike Rate29.7%29.7%29.7%
Overall Bank Growth28.8%28.5%15.9%
Bank (100pt starting)128.78128.49115.87


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
24/01/202013:40 LingfieldEnglishman1.00Yes17.005.50105.50
24/01/202016:45 WolverhamptonYamato1.00No4.00-1.00104.50
27/01/202018:00 WolverhamptonBadayel1.00No3.25-1.00103.50
27/01/202019:30 WolverhamptonLethal Shadow1.00Yes4.50-1.00102.50
28/01/202016:25 SouthwellCaptain Revelation0.75No21.00-0.75101.75
30/01/202013.20 SouthwellTriple Spear0.75No6.003.75105.50
31/01/202013:10 LingfieldAgent of Fortune1.25No4.504.38109.88
31/01/202018:45 NewcastleWaitaki1.00No3.50-1.00108.88
01/02/202014:20 LingfieldUtopian Lad0.75No3.50-0.75108.13
03/02/202017:00 WolverhamptonElusif0.75No3.001.50109.63
03/02/202020:30 WolverhamptonCliara1.25No5.005.00114.63
04/02/202013:55 SedgefieldHaasab0.80No2.75-0.80113.83
04/02/202016:50 KemptonLord P1.00No3.752.75116.58
04/02/202020:00 KemptonMunaajaat1.00No3.252.25118.83
05/02/202015:30 SouthwellGlory of Paris1.00Yes7.00-1.00117.83
05/02/202017:05 WolverhamptonPolitical Policy1.20Yes34.0023.76141.59
06/02/202020:00 NewcastleZarkavon0.80No3.251.80143.39
08/02/202013:30 WarwickBard of Brittany1.00No4.00-1.00142.39
08/02/202015:30 LingfieldWill to Win0.80No3.001.60143.99
08/02/202017:30 WolverhamptonLetmestopyouthere1.00No3.25-1.00142.99
11/02/202019:50 NewcastleDutch Pursuit0.80Yes41.00-0.80142.19
13/02/202018:00 ChelmsfordDrop Kick Murphi1.00No6.00-1.00141.19
14/02/202015:20 FakenhamRizzardo1.00No5.50-1.00140.19
14/02/202018:30 DundalkPolitical Policy1.20Yes13.00-1.20138.99
15/02/202015:10 LingfieldGreen Door0.80No3.75-0.80138.19
15/02/202016:20 LingfieldBad Attitude1.20No6.50-1.20136.99
17/02/202017:30 KemptonSwissal1.00No5.50-1.00135.99
17/02/202020:00 KemptonShaffire1.00No5.00-1.00134.99
19/02/202019:30 KemptonTreacherous0.80No2.881.50136.49
20/02/202014:20 SouthwellBobby Joe Leg1.00No6.00-1.00135.49
21/02/202017:15 WolverhamptonDouble Reflection1.00No3.75-1.00134.49
21/02/202017:45 WolverhamptonPike Corner Cross1.00No5.50-1.00133.49
21/02/202019:45 WolverhamptonRockesbury1.00No13.00-1.00132.49
22/02/202013:30 LingfieldAgent of Fortune1.00No7.00-1.00131.49
23/02/202014:05 SouthwellWatheer1.00No3.25-1.00130.49
23/02/202015:05 SouthwellAdams Park1.00No4.50-1.00129.49
23/02/202016:05 SouthwellNewgirilintown1.00No3.00-1.00128.49

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