US Racing Expert Review: Month Two Update

US Racing Expert Review

It took US Racing Expert just three months to double his betting bank during his proofing period with Betting Gods.

The team have reported a total profit of 104.95 points at an ROI of 11.3%, with all results based on the SP odds. This works out as an average monthly profit of £95.42 to £10 stakes.

The great thing is, it's unlikely you will be restricted at the bookies with this service and even if you are, you can still use a betting exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets.

James, the man behind US Racing Expert, started out at Betting Gods as there US Racing blogger where he gained a loyal following.

After claiming some huge wins, including the Kentucky Derby, he received many requests from readers to start a tipping service. After a lengthy 28 week vetting, he was finally accepted to the team. 

He sends out selections at least 8 hours before the races, usually around 7.00-9.00am BST, and averages around 70 bets per month.

We are going to be following the service over the next few months and we will report back regularly with an update of our results.

Update One Results

It's been an up and down start to our US Racing Expert review, or rather down-up-down. Despite the rollercoaster that it has been so far, we are not in too bad shape with just a small loss of 1.1 points.

We experienced a hefty loss of 17.5 points in month one, due to a losing streak of 16 bets in a row. The service pulled it back with 26.5 points profit in month two, but unfortunately, we handed back 10.1 points to the bookies in month three.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets6161
Total Stakes (pts)74.074.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-2.02-1.10
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£20.20-£11.00
Strike Rate19.7%19.7%
Overall Bank Growth-2.0%-1.1%
Bank (100pt starting)97.9898.90


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
08/04/2020Race 2 Tampa Bay DownsJost Dreamy1.00No7.50-1.0099.00
08/04/2020Race 3 Tampa Bay DownsTipsy Again1.00No5.004.00103.00
08/04/2020Race 5 Tampa Bay DownsGoneasagirlcanget2.00No2.252.50105.50
08/04/2020Race 8 Tampa Bay DownsScreen Image1.00No21.00-1.00104.50
09/04/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkHonor This1.00Yes51.00-1.00103.50
09/04/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkInconveyance1.00Yes34.00-1.00102.50
09/04/2020Race 6 Gulfstream ParkEmbrace My Uncle1.00No4.00-1.00101.50
09/04/2020Race 10 Gulfstream ParkNo More Stories1.00Yes34.00-1.00100.50
10/04/2020Race 1 Tampa Bay DownsDrive In4.00No3.25-4.0096.50
10/04/2020Race 2 Tampa Bay DownsFinally2.00No3.25-2.0094.50
10/04/2020Race 4 Tampa Bay DownsHonesta2.00No3.50-2.0092.50
11/04/2020Race 4 Tampa Bay DownsPoznan1.00No2.75-1.0091.50
11/04/2020Race 5 Tampa Bay DownsEmpty Holster1.00No6.00-1.0090.50
11/04/2020Race 9 Tampa Bay DownsUS Army Corps2.00No4.00-2.0088.50
12/04/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkGrimpante1.00No3.50-1.0087.50
12/04/2020Race 3 Gulfstream ParkVictory Town2.00No2.50-2.0085.50
12/04/2020Race 4 Gulfstream ParkSnicket1.00Yes13.00-1.0084.50
12/04/2020Race 6 Gulfstream ParkPrairie Wings1.00No4.33-1.0083.50
12/04/2020Race 8 Gulfstream ParkSir Chubby1.00No5.50-1.0082.50
15/04/2020Race 1 Tampa Bay DownsUndercover Outlaw1.00Yes26.002.0084.50
15/04/2020Race 2 Tampa Bay DownsK’s Funhouse1.00Yes26.00-1.0083.50
15/04/2020Race 4 Tampa Bay DownsMilburn1.00No3.002.0085.50
15/04/2020Race 5 Tampa Bay DownsPuerto Varas2.00Yes17.00-2.0083.50
15/04/2020Race 8 Tampa Bay DownsMy Little Rosy1.00No6.50-1.0082.50
16/04/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkAwesome View1.00No6.00-1.0081.50
16/04/2020Race 4 Gulfstream ParkChic And Sexy1.00Yes41.003.5085.00
16/04/2020Race 7 Gulfstream ParkChinomado1.00Yes21.00-1.0084.00
16/04/2020Race 9 Gulfstream ParkCajun Brother1.00Yes11.006.0090.00
16/04/2020Race 11 Gulfstream ParkPass The Gravy1.00No8.00-1.0089.00
17/04/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkJust Right Mike1.00No8.00-1.0088.00
17/04/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkChouchou De Boo1.00No7.00-1.0087.00
18/04/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkTruly1.00No5.00-1.0086.00
18/04/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkMarkistan1.00No3.75-1.0085.00
18/04/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkTio Wil1.00No41.00-1.0084.00
18/04/2020Race 11 Gulfstream ParkMiss Auramet1.00No5.004.0088.00
18/04/2020Race 12 Gulfstream ParkMohanna Queen1.00No5.50-1.0087.00
19/04/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkTrevess1.00No13.0012.0099.00
19/04/2020Race 4 Gulfstream ParkAngelic Knugget1.00No67.00-1.0098.00
19/04/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkRearrange1.00No8.00-1.0097.00
19/04/2020Race 11 Gulfstream ParkFollow The Flag1.00No13.0012.00109.00
22/04/2020Race 4 Tampa Bay DownsLouie’s Backyard1.00No41.00-1.00108.00
22/04/2020Race 5 Tampa Bay DownsTop Seed2.00No2.883.76111.76
22/04/2020Race 7 Tampa Bay DownsFive Star Colonel1.00No51.00-1.00110.76
22/04/2020Race 8 Tampa Bay DownsDisco Deano1.00No34.00-1.00109.76
23/04/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkCrespucula1.00No41.00-1.00108.76
23/04/2020Race 3 Gulfstream ParkPrincess Avril1.00No9.00-1.00107.76
23/04/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkVadolobo1.00No3.00-1.00106.76
23/04/2020Race 9 Gulfstream ParkKrampus1.00No34.00-1.00105.76
24/04/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkGran Champagne1.00No7.50-1.00104.76
24/04/2020Race 3 Gulfstream ParkGran Etiquita1.00No17.00-1.00103.76
24/04/2020Race 4 Gulfstream ParkBorrowed Angel1.00No8.00-1.00102.76
24/04/2020Race 7 Gulfstream ParkJersey Joe B1.00No8.00-1.00101.76
24/04/2020Race 10 Gulfstream ParkKobe Fifty Two1.00No8.503.38105.14
25/04/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkMakinalegacy1.00No34.00-1.00104.14
25/04/2020Race 3 Gulfstream ParkOminus1.00No11.00-1.00103.14
25/04/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkBasquiat2.00No2.382.76105.90
25/04/2020Race 12 Gulfstream ParkHonor This1.00No17.00-1.00104.90
26/04/2020Race 2 (18:24) Gulfstream ParkQueen’s Mason2.00No6.50-2.00102.90
26/04/2020Race 5 (19:45) Tampa Bay DownsAll Good Times1.00No6.50-1.00101.90
26/04/2020Race 6 (20:23) Gulfstream ParkAzrael2.00No4.00-2.0099.90
26/04/2020Race 8 (21:25) Gulfstream ParkYou’re the Best1.00No21.00-1.0098.90

Update Two Results

US Racing Expert delivered yet another profitable week this week, with a further 12.1 points added to our betting bank. This brings our total profit up to 53.45 points in our review so far.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets6262
Total Stakes (pts)72.072.0
Profit/Loss (pts)54.1154.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£541.10£545.50
Strike Rate24.2%24.2%
Overall Bank Growth52.1%53.5%
Bank (100pt starting)152.09153.45


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
29/04/2020Race 1 Tampa Bay DownsTale Of A Song1.00No9.008.00106.90
29/04/2020Race 2 Tampa Bay DownsBurning Bright1.00No9.00-1.00105.90
29/04/2020Race 3 Tampa Bay DownsSteelin Magnolias1.00No17.00-1.00104.90
29/04/2020Race 5 Tampa Bay DownsAssiduously2.00No8.00-2.00102.90
30/04/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkInertia1.00No8.00-1.00101.90
30/04/2020Race 4 Gulfstream ParkWinning Factor2.00No3.00-2.0099.90
30/04/2020Race 6 Gulfstream ParkCoin The Phrase1.00No5.00-1.0098.90
01/05/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkCatching Fish1.00No12.00-1.0097.90
01/05/2020Race 4 Gulfstream ParkPump Room1.00No26.00-1.0096.90
01/05/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkBolt1.00No21.00-1.0095.90
01/05/2020Race 7 Gulfstream ParkStill Schemin1.00No9.00-1.0094.90
01/05/2020Race 9 Gulfstream ParkCongrats This1.00No9.008.00102.90
02/05/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkIrked1.00No21.00-1.00101.90
02/05/2020Race 3 Gulfstream ParkCornbread Kingdom1.00No26.00-1.00100.90
02/05/2020Race 9 Gulfstream ParkHighland Glory1.00No5.00-1.0099.90
02/05/2020Race 11 Gulfstream ParkDon Juan Kitten1.00No26.00-1.0098.90
03/05/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkHeÕs Smokin Hot1.00No41.00-1.0097.90
03/05/2020Race 3 Gulfstream ParkAransas1.00No13.0012.00109.90
03/05/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkCongrats That1.00No6.504.95114.85
03/05/2020Race 7 Gulfstream ParkDance DÕoro1.00No21.0020.00134.85
06/05/2020Race 3 Tampa Bay DownsWheelbarrelbrothrs1.00No34.00-1.00133.85
06/05/2020Race 5 Tampa Bay DownsFashionÕs Star2.00No4.00-2.00131.85
06/05/2020Race 6 Tampa Bay DownsCircle Away1.00No6.005.00136.85
06/05/2020Race 7 Tampa Bay DownsCalifornia Sun1.00No10.00-1.00135.85
06/05/2020Race 8 Tampa Bay DownsBig Dreaming1.00No15.00-1.00134.85
07/05/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkWonder Charm1.00No34.00-1.00133.85
07/05/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkLyrical1.00No10.00-1.00132.85
07/05/2020Race 6 Gulfstream ParkOminous1.00No34.00-1.00131.85
07/05/2020Race 9 Gulfstream ParkChampagne Horizon1.00No11.00-1.00130.85
07/05/2020Race 11 Gulfstream ParkCall Bros1.00No10.00-1.00129.85
08/05/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkBailey1.00No15.00-1.00128.85
08/05/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkG Q Coverup1.00No17.00-1.00127.85
08/05/2020Race 8 Gulfstream ParkRhythm Section2.00No4.00-2.00125.85
08/05/2020Race 11 Gulfstream ParkMiss Flying Sun1.00No10.00-1.00124.85
09/05/2020Race 1 Tampa Bay DownsBetweenhereandcool2.00No2.62-2.00122.85
09/05/2020Race 2 Tampa Bay DownsTiz Approved2.00No2.503.00125.85
09/05/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkBarbieÕs King1.00No13.0012.00137.85
09/05/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkPoseidonÕs Princess1.00No4.503.50141.35
09/05/2020Race 9 Gulfstream ParkHalladay1.00No5.004.00145.35
10/05/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkW W Candy1.00No4.50-1.00144.35
10/05/2020Race 4 Gulfstream ParkConsilium1.00No9.50-1.00143.35
10/05/2020Race 5 Gulfstream ParkIÕm That Bird1.00No4.50-1.00142.35
10/05/2020Race 6 Gulfstream ParkSmooth As Glass1.00No21.00-1.00141.35
13/05/2020Race 2 Tampa Bay DownsFeisty Chi Chi1.00No4.33-1.00140.35
13/05/2020Race 4 Tampa Bay DownsFalkirk1.00No4.50-1.00139.35
13/05/2020Race 6 Tampa Bay DownsExclusive Donald1.00No6.503.85143.20
13/05/2020Race 9 Tampa Bay DownsStuck Up1.00No51.00-1.00142.20
14/05/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkFunny Feather1.00No11.00-1.00141.20
14/05/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkActing Lucky1.00No5.50-1.00140.20
14/05/2020Race 4 Gulfstream ParkTiger’s Back2.00No2.50-2.00138.20
14/05/2020Race 6 Gulfstream ParkStarship Mallomar1.00No51.00-1.00137.20
15/05/2020Race 2 Tampa Bay DownsBrycens Gold1.00No15.0014.00151.20
15/05/2020Race 6 Gulfstream ParkTons Of Gold1.00No7.503.25154.45
15/05/2020Race 10 Gulfstream ParkCheermeister1.00No5.00-1.00153.45
16/05/2020Race 1 Churchill DownsJ’s Warrior1.00No13.00-1.00152.45
16/05/2020Race 4 Gulfstream ParkFeather’s Secret1.00No21.00-1.00151.45
16/05/2020Race 4 Churchill DownsMonomoy Girl2.00No1.571.14152.59
16/05/2020Race 7 Churchill DownsSay Moi3.00No2.624.86157.45
17/05/2020Race 1 Gulfstream ParkI’m Prayingforthat1.00No5.00-1.00156.45
17/05/2020Race 2 Gulfstream ParkO Driscoll1.00No4.50-1.00155.45
17/05/2020Race 9 Gulfstream ParkSpinoff1.00No2.88-1.00154.45
17/05/2020Race 10 Gulfstream ParkZarina1.00No12.00-1.00153.45

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