Player Profits Review: Betting Tips For Player Markets

Written by Laura Turner

Player Profits Review

Player Profits is a unique football tipping service from Max Revilo, who you may recognise from his highly successful Sports Spread Betting service that we reviewed earlier this year.

Sports Spread Betting claim to have made a profit of more than 3,000 points to date and having reviewed the service ourselves, that profit figure does appear achievable. So, when Max contacted us about his new service, we were definitely interested.

Player Profits is a fixed odds betting service that takes advantage of the value available in some of the individual player markets. Max has built up a vast database of Premier League and European player statistics and uses it to source bets that should be profitable in the long-term.

The markets include:

  • Player passes
  • Player shots
  • Player shots on target
  • Player tackles
  • Player assists
  • Yellow cards
  • Goals  

In general, these are markets that most of us don't usually bet on so it was an interesting opportunity for us to delve into something new. There is often value to be found in these lesser known markets, as the odds compilers don't tend to put as much time into their research. They would however, on more popular markets, such as over/under goals or match odds.

Max had set an ambitious target of 50 points profit per month and advised a bank of 50 points to get started. Each bet was to be advised at stakes between 1 and 3 points and we were keen to get started.

Month One Results

We couldn't really have asked for a better start to our review of the Player Profits service, after making a profit of 21.02 points at an ROI of 20.2%. Our bank increased by 42% in just one month and based on using a £1,000 starting bank, our profit worked out at £420.40 so far.

Key Stats - Month One

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets5454
Total Stakes (pts)104.00104.00
Profit/Loss (pts)21.5621.02
Profit/Loss (£20 stakes)£431.20£420.40
Average Odds2.132.12
Strike Rate57.4%57.4%
Overall Bank Growth43.1%42.0%
Bank (50pt starting)71.5671.02

Results - Month One

DateFixtureSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
29/08/2018PSV v BATE BorisovAlternative corners over 101.002.20-1.0049.00
29/08/2018FC Salzburg v Red Star BelgradeAlternative corners over
A double of the above0.504.62-0.5049.60
30/08/2018FC Ufa v RangersCorners over
30/08/2018Burnley v OlympiakosCorners under 101.001.90-1.0049.70
A double of the above0.504.00-0.5049.20
01/09/2018Leicester v LiverpoolMaguire over 38.5 passes3.001.832.4951.69
Gray over 1.5 shots2.002.102.2053.89
01/09/2018Man City v NewcastleKenedy player shots over
Sterling shots on target over
Clark player passes under
02/09/2018Cardiff v ArsenalRamsey over 1.5 tackles3.002.103.3053.85
02/09/2018TrebleCardiff v Arsenal under 12 corners3.003.27-3.0050.85
Burnley v Man Utd under 12 corners50.85
Watford v Spurs under 11 corners50.85
05/09/2018Havant & Waterlooville v AldershotOver 10 corners2.002.102.2053.05
06/09/2018Germany v FranceCorner handicap: Germany -12.001.901.8054.85
06/09/2018Wales v Rep of IrelandCorner handicap: Wales -12.001.83-2.0052.85
07/09/2018Turkey v RussiaCorner match bet: Russia1.002.75-1.0051.85
08/09/2018England v SpainIsco over 55.5 passes5.001.834.1556.00
Nacho over 1.5 tackles2.002.00-2.0054.00
England team shots over
08/09/2018Bristol Rover v PlymouthCorner Handicap: Bristol Rovers -22.001.83-2.0053.20
08/09/2018Charlton v WycombeCorner Handicap: Charlton -21.002.20-1.0052.20
09/09/2018Oxford v CoventryCorner match bet: Oxford1.002.051.0553.25
09/09/2018France v HollandCorner handicap: Holland2.001.83-2.0051.25
11/09/2018England v SwitzerlandDier under 65.5 passes3.001.832.4953.74
Xhaka over 1.5 tackles2.002.252.5056.24
Over 11.5 home team (England) shots2.001.901.8058.04
Over 1.5 home team (England) offsides1.002.001.0059.04
14/09/2018Birmingham v West BromCorner Match Bet: Birmingham2.002.002.0061.04
15/09/2018Spurs v LiverpoolTrippier over 2.5 tackles2.002.20-2.0059.04
Salah over 3.5 shots2.002.002.0061.04
15/09/2018Watford v Man UtdDoucoure over 47.5 passes1.002.001.0062.04
Valencia over 1.5 tackles2.001.661.3263.36
16/09/2018Wolves v BurnleyWolves team shots over
Wolves team offsides over
16/09/2018Everton v West HamHolgate over 49.5 passes3.001.832.4965.51
Arnautovic over 2.5 player shots2.001.90-2.0063.51
17/09/2018Southampton v BrightonStephens over 45.5 passes3.001.832.4966.00
Lemina over 39.5 passes3.001.722.1668.16
18/09/2018Liverpool v PSGLiverpool over 5.5 team shots on target2.001.901.8069.96
Sadio Mane over 2.5 player shots2.001.901.8071.76
19/09/2018Man City v LyonSterling over 1.5 shots on target2.002.00-2.0069.76
19/09/2018Young Boys v Man UtdSteve Von Bergen over 2.5 tackles1.002.50-1.0068.76
21/09/2018Wigan v Bristol CityCorner Match Bet: Bristol City1.002.601.6070.36
22/09/2018Fulham v WatfordSeri over 70.5 passes2.001.831.6672.02
Schurrle over 3.5 shots2.002.10-2.0070.02
22/09/2018Brighton v SpursKnockaert over 1.5 shots2.001.831.6671.68
Brighton team shots on target over
23/09/2018West Ham v ChelseaWest Ham team shots on target over
23/09/2018Arsenal v EvertonAubameyang player shots on target over
25/09/2018Man Utd v DerbyBradley Johnson under 44.5 passes2.001.83-2.0068.08
Mason Mount over 1.5 shots2.002.372.7470.82
26/09/2018Liverpool v ChelseaSturridge over 1.5 shots on target2.002.00-2.0068.82
Shaqiri over 2.5 shots2.002.102.2071.02

Month Two Results

We finished month two with a small loss of 3.71 points after experiencing a couple of bad losing runs. However, thanks to a great start we were still in profit overall by 17.31 points at the available odds.

Considering it was quite a poor set of results we were pleased to see that the service was able to make a quick comeback towards the end and hopefully were hoping to see the service fully recovered during the next month.

Key Stats - Month Two

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3939
Total Stakes (pts)89.0089.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-3.71-3.71
Profit/Loss (£20 stakes)-£74.20-£74.20
Average Odds2.132.13
Strike Rate48.7%48.7%
Overall Bank Growth35.7%34.6%
Bank (50pt starting)67.8567.31

Results - Month Two

DateFixtureSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
28/09/2018Sheff Wed v LeedsCorner match bet: Leeds2.001.901.8072.82
29/09/2018West Ham v Man UtdNoble over 45.5 passes2.001.831.6674.48
29/09/2018Chelsea v LiverpoolMilner over 46.5 passes3.001.832.4976.97
Salah over 1.5 shots on target2.002.252.5079.47
01/10/2018Bournemouth v Crystal PalaceTomkins over 34.5 passes2.001.831.6681.13
Zaha over 1.5 shots on target2.002.50-2.0079.13
02/10/2018Man Utd v ValenciaUtd team shots on target over
03/10/2018Napoli v LiverpoolKoulibaly over 60.5 passes3.001.832.4979.62
Allan over 51.5 passes3.001.832.4982.11
03/10/2018Spurs v BarcaCoutinho over 54.5 passes2.001.83-2.0080.11
05/10/2018Brighton v West HamMarch over 26.5 passes2.001.83-2.0078.11
Knockaert player shots over
07/10/2018Liverpool v Man CitySalah shots on target over
Ageuro over 1.5 shots on target2.002.37-2.0072.11
10/10/2018Italy v UkraineCorner Handicap: Ukraine 32.002.00-2.0070.11
12/10/2018Croatia v EnglandDejan Lovren over 1.5 tackles2.002.20-2.0068.11
England over 3.5 team shots on target3.001.83-3.0065.11
13/10/2018Acc Stanley/Cov v Wyc/Fleetwood v ShrewsCorner match bet treble1.007.98-1.0064.11
15/10/2018Spain v EnglandMatch shots on target over
Spain team shots on target over
19/10/2018Sheff Wed v MiddlesboroughCorner Match Bet: Sheff Wed1.002.50-1.0066.51
20/10/2018Chelsea v Man UtdPogba passes over
Pogba player shots over
20/10/2018Huddersfield v LiverpoolHenderson over 54.5 passes5.001.72-5.0056.51
Liverpool shots on target over
21/10/2018Everton v Crystal PalaceMilivojevic over 51.5 passes2.001.83-2.0051.51
Townsend over 0.5 shots on target2.002.102.2053.71
22/10/2018Arsenal v LeicesterVardy over 2.5 shots2.002.20-2.0051.71
Leicester team shots over
23/10/2018Man Utd v JuventusDybala over 2.5 shots2.002.252.5051.21
Juventus team shots on target over
23/10/2018Shakhtar Donetsk v Man CityIsmaily over 33.5 passes3.001.832.4951.70
Stepanenko over 38.5 passes2.001.831.6653.36
24/10/2018PSV v SpursKane over 1.5 shots on target2.002.302.6055.96
24/10/2018Liverpool v Red Star BelgradeVan Dijk under 107.5 passes3.001.832.4958.45
Salah over 2.5 shots on target2.002.503.0061.45
26/10/2018QPR v Aston VillaCorner Match Bet: Aston Villa2.002.052.1063.55
27/10/2018Leicester v West HamNdidi over 52.5 passes2.001.801.6065.15
Maddison over 1.5 shots3.001.722.1667.31

Month Three Results

We completed our three month review and finished with a total profit of 22.97 points at an ROI of 8.2% at the available odds. That works out as a profit of £459.40 to £20 stakes, based on using a starting bank of £1,000 divided into 50 points.

Results - Month Three

DateFixtureSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
28/10/2018Crystal Palace v ArsenalOzil over 1.5 shots2.002.10-2.0065.31
28/10/2018Man Utd v EvertonPogba over 65.5 passes3.001.832.4967.80
29/10/2018Spurs v Man CityFernandinho under 69.5 passes2.001.831.6669.46
Kane over 1.5 shots on target2.002.62-2.0067.46
Spurs team shots on target over
31/10/2018Chelsea v DerbyTomori over 35.5 passes2.001.831.6667.12
Keogh over 38.5 passes2.001.831.6668.78
Mount over 1.5 shots3.001.902.7071.48
02/11/2018Aston Villa v BoltonCorner Match Bet: Bolton1.006.005.0076.48
03/11/2018Bournemouth v Man UtdAke over 46.5 passes2.001.831.6678.14
03/11/2018Arsenal v LiverpoolSalah over 1.5 shots on target2.002.25-2.0076.14
Match shots on target over
04/11/2018Chelsea v Crystal PalaceMilivojevic over 42.5 passes2.002.102.2076.34
05/11/2018Huddersfield v FulhamSchurrle shots on target over
Huddersfield team shots on target over
06/11/2018Red Star v LiverpoolVan Dijk under 87.5 passes3.001.83-3.0069.34
Liverpool team shots under
06/11/2018Spurs v PSVMoura over 1.5 shots on target2.002.10-2.0065.34
07/11/2018Juve v Man UtdBonucci over 68.5 passes3.001.61-3.0062.34
Pjanic over 71.5 passes3.001.832.4964.83
09/11/2018Sheff Utd v Sheff WedCorner Match Bet: Sheff Wed1.008.00-1.0063.83
10/11/2018Cardiff v BrightonDunk over 36.5 passes2.001.83-2.0061.83
Duffy over 37.5 passes2.001.831.6663.49
10/11/2018Crystal Palace v SpursMilivojevic over 47.5 passes2.002.00-2.0061.49
Alderwiereld over 1.5 tackles2.002.10-2.0059.49
11/11/2018Chelsea v EvertonJorginho over 102.5 passes5.002.20-5.0054.49
11/11/2018Man City v Man UtdFernandinho under 67.5 passes2.002.10-2.0052.49
15/11/2018England v USAEngland team shots on target over
16/11/2018Holland v FranceCorner Match Bet: Holland2.002.302.6057.29
18/11/2018England v CroatiaKane shots on target over
18/11/2018Switzerland v BelgiumCorner Match Bet: Switzerland2.002.402.8062.29
20/11/2018Scotland v IsraelCorner Match Bet: Israel1.006.505.5067.79
23/11/2018Ipswich v West BromCorner Match Bet: Ipswich2.002.302.6070.39
24/11/2018Spurs v ChelseaEriksen over 40.5 passes2.001.83-2.0068.39
Alli over 1.5 shots2.002.002.0070.39
25/11/2018Bournemouth v ArsenalAke over 40.5 passes2.001.831.6672.05
Cook over 36.5 passes2.001.831.6673.71
25/11/2018Wolves v HuddersfieldNeves over 60.5 passes2.001.83-2.0071.71
27/11/2018Lyon v Man CityNdombele over 44.5 passes2.001.831.6673.37
Lyon team shots on target over
27/11/2018Man Utd v Young BoysSow over 43.5 passes2.001.83-2.0072.97

Key Stats - Overall

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets134134
Total Stakes (pts)280.00280.00
Profit/Loss (pts)23.5122.97
Profit/Loss (£20 stakes)£470.20£459.40
Average Odds2.212.19
Strike Rate53.0%53.0%
Overall Bank Growth47.0%45.9%
Bank (50pt starting)73.5172.97


Player Profits was an interesting and unique service to follow and although we did finish with a profit overall, (of £459.40 to £20 stakes) it was not all plain sailing.

On a couple of occasions we experienced losing runs and handed back most, if not all, of the profit that had been generated so far. It was quickly recovered in both cases but it's something be aware of, as just looking at the results at the end of each month doesn't clearly show the swings in profit that we encountered.

This is a service worth keeping an eye on and given that it has delivered a profit we will be awarding a pass rating.

Both Max's services are different to anything else that we have come across before and focus some of the less mainstream betting markets. Player Profits focuses mainly on the individual player markets, for example Player Passes, Player Shots, Player Tackles and there have also been quite a few bets advised on the Corner markets.

Review Stats +22.97pts profit, 8.2% ROI, 53% SR
Stakes Advised between 0.5 – 5.00 points
Starting bank 50 points
Average no. bets Approx. 40-50 per month
Time of emails Morning 9.00-10.00am
Price £25 per month
Rating Pass

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