Player Profits Review: Introduction

Player Profits Review

Player Profits is a unique football tipping service from Max Revilo, who you may recognise from his highly successful Sports Spread Betting service that we reviewed earlier this year.

Sports Spread Betting claim to have made a profit of more than 3,000 points to date and having reviewed the service outselves, that profit figure does appear achievable. So, when Max contacted us about a new service he was planning to launch, we were definitely interested.

Player Profits is a fixed odds betting service that aims to take advantage of the value available in some of the individual player markets. Max has built up a vast database of Premier League and European player statistics and uses it to source bets that should be profitable in the long-term.

The markets include:

  • Player passes
  • Player shots
  • Player shots on target
  • Player tackles
  • Player assists
  • Yellow cards
  • Goals

In general, these are markets that most of us don't usually bet on so it will be interesting to delve into something new. There is often value to be found in these lesser known markets, as the odds compilers don't tend to put as much time into their research as they would on more popular markets, such as over/under goals or match odds.

Max has set an ambitious target of 50 points profit per month and has advised a bank of 50 points to get started. Each bet will be advised at stakes between 1 and 3 points.

We really hope this service will be as successful as Sports Spread Betting, but we have to wait and see.

We will report back next month with our first set of results.

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