Jolly Lock Betscape Review: Update Three

Jolly Lock Betscape Review

July hasn't been a good month for Betscape and we ended up losing £285.02 from the selections that we picked out. Unfortunately this has wiped out the profit made in the first two months of our review and we are now at an overall loss of £51.98.

We have also experienced some issues with the software not loading which may have been due to some of the updates that have been going on behind the scenes, but it seems to be working fine again now.

Key Stats - Update Three
Number of Bets35
Total Stakes£777.00
Average Odds4.54
Strike Rate17.1%
Overall Bank Growth-5.2%
Bank (£1000 starting)£948.02

Results - Update Three
Windsor2018-07-02T21:00Al Ozzdi£28.003.90YesNo-£28.00£1,205.04
Wolverhampton2018-07-09T16:50My Fantasea£27.004.20YesNo-£27.00£1,151.04
Pontefract2018-07-10T17:00Quoteline Direct£25.004.20YesYes£76.00£1,202.04
Uttoxeter2018-07-10T20:30G For Ginger£25.004.10YesYes£73.63£1,275.67
Chelmsford City2018-07-17T14:50Awalii£25.006.00NoNo-£25.00£1,168.67
Leopardstown2018-07-19T18:05Channel Stuffer£24.003.40YesNo-£24.00£1,119.67
Newcastle2018-07-24T15:15Ben Vrackie£23.004.60YesNo-£23.00£1,072.67
Musselburgh2018-07-24T15:55Different Journey£23.004.20YesNo-£23.00£1,049.67
Newmarket2018-07-27T17:35Margies Choice£22.003.95YesNo-£22.00£983.67
Down Royal2018-07-27T18:05Nora Batt£22.003.80YesNo-£22.00£961.67
Newmarket2018-07-27T18:10Sir Victor£22.003.55YesNo-£22.00£939.67
York2018-07-27T18:30Hee Haw£22.008.40YesNo-£22.00£917.67
Newmarket2018-07-27T18:40Even Keel£22.004.70YesNo-£22.00£895.67
Down Royal2018-07-27T19:05Premier League£22.005.10YesNo-£22.00£873.67
Yarmouth2018-07-31T14:15Lonely Boy£18.002.72YesNo-£18.00£817.67
Goodwood2018-07-31T14:25Dark Vision£18.004.90YesYes£66.69£884.36
Galway2018-08-01T19:20Patricks Park£19.007.80YesNo-£19.00£808.36
Goodwood2018-08-03T13:50Mirage Dancer£17.002.80YesYes£29.07£837.43
Musselburgh2018-08-03T18:10Amadeus Grey£17.003.10YesYes£33.92£854.35
Galway2018-08-03T19:55Snugsborough Benny£17.006.80YesYes£93.67£948.02

There are new apps for Betscape due to be released soon and we have been told that they will be able to automate the betting process. This would be fantastic if it goes to plan, so we are going to put our review on hold until the new apps are released so that we can test the new features out. 

We should also be able to track a higher quantity of bets than we have been able to so far as well, as in theory the software should do most of the work for us.

Jolly Lock Betscape Review: Update Two

6th July 2018

​We've finished the second month of our Jolly Lock Betscape review with a profit of £123.69, which now makes it a total ​profit of £233.04 overall.

​When we have been checking the odds for potential bets, our first port of call ​has been Betfair as​ we are mostly interested in whether this service is profitable using an exchange rather than traditional bookies. ​​

We were pleased to be able to place 23 out of the 30 bets on Betfair this month and with a quick filter of our results, we can see that the bets placed on the exchange have generated a profit of £384.29 so far. Impressive!

Key Stats - Update Two
Number of Bets30
Total Stakes£806.00
Average Odds4.05
Strike Rate33.3%
Overall Bank Growth23.3%
Bank (£1000 starting)£1,233.04

Results - Update Two
Ripon2018-05-30T20:10Sandras Secret£26.004.00NoYes£78.00£1,161.35
Gowran Park2018-06-04T16:45Rockfish£27.003.00YesYes£51.30£1,212.65
Newton Abbot2018-06-04T17:25Clearly Capable£27.008.40YesNo-£27.00£1,185.65
Ayr2018-06-04T20:30Braes Of Lochalsh£27.004.50NoNo-£27.00£1,158.65
Wetherby2018-06-06T18:40Climb Aboard£26.004.10YesNo-£26.00£1,105.65
Wexford2018-06-06T19:20Timi Roli£26.004.80YesYes£93.86£1,199.51
Goodwood2018-06-08T20:50Great Beyond£29.003.00NoNo-£29.00£1,275.52
Newmarket2018-06-09T16:50Neverbeen To Paris£28.003.40YesNo-£28.00£1,247.52
Kempton2018-06-13T21:10Mount Cleshar£27.004.50YesNo-£27.00£1,165.52
Windsor2018-06-18T18:00Tiar Na Nog£26.003.10YesYes£51.87£1,190.39
Windsor2018-06-25T19:10Edge of the World£28.003.90YesNo-£28.00£1,216.73
Kilbeggan2018-06-25T19:30Bargy Lady£28.004.00NoNo-£28.00£1,188.73
Brighton2018-06-26T14:15Strictly Carter£28.004.90YesNo-£28.00£1,204.35
Beverley2018-06-26T14:30Make On Madam£28.004.00YesNo-£28.00£1,176.35
Beverley2018-06-26T15:00Vincents Forever£28.003.65YesNo-£28.00£1,148.35
Kempton2018-06-27T19:40Sergio Leone£25.005.50NoNo-£25.00£1,095.35
Newcastle2018-06-28T13:30Picketts Charge£25.003.95YesYes£70.06£1,165.41
Newcastle2018-06-28T14:00Wheres Jeff£25.004.90YesYes£92.63£1,258.04
Newmarket2018-06-28T14:40Red Cymbal£25.004.30YesNo-£25.00£1,233.04

​There's exciting news of an "Auto Bet" feature coming to the Betscape software, which we have been advised ​should be available very soon. We are going to continue our review so that we can see ​how ​this feature works and how much of a timesaver it turns out to be.

Jolly Lock Betscape Review: Update One

29th May 2018

It's time for an update to our Jolly Lock Betscape review as one month of testing the software has gone by already. So far we have placed 52 bets and although only 13 of them won, we did manage to finish the month with a profit of £109.35.

Our stakes started at £20 each which is 2% of our £1000 bank and they have been adjusted at £100 intervals, so for example if the bank had dipped by £100 down to £900 then the new stake would be adjusted to £19. The lowest stake has been £18 and the highest £27.

We did encounter an issue with the software duplicating some of our bets, which we think was caused by hitting enter twice by mistake. We found that it was a bit slow at times so it was easy to make the mistake of thinking you had forgotten to hit enter.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to delete a duplicate bet by yourself once it's there. We have removed them from our results spreadsheet as they were only actually placed once, but it has caused problems with the staking system.

The system updates the bet results automatically so if a duplicate bet has been entered as winning twice then the staking plan could end up being adjusted too high, which is what has happened in our case. It isn't a major problem at this stage but hopefully it is something the developers will fix in the near future.

Out of the 52 bets we placed, we were able to place 26 of them on Betfair and the rest at the regular bookies. We were pleased to see that the software takes the standard 5% Betfair commission into account automatically.

Key Stats - Update One
Number of Bets52
Total Stakes£1,156.00
Average Odds4.48
Strike Rate25.0%
Overall Bank Growth10.9%
Bank (£1000 starting)£1,109.35

Results - Update One
Perth2018-04-26T13:50Cornerstone Lad£20.002.72YesNo-£20.00£980.00
Punchestown2018-04-26T16:50Josies Orders£20.003.75NoNo-£20.00£960.00
Chelmsford City2018-04-26T19:35Mubtasim£20.002.60YesNo-£20.00£940.00
Doncaster2018-04-27T14:15Call Out Loud£20.004.50YesNo-£20.00£920.00
Sandown2018-04-27T15:00Sevenna Star£20.003.50NoYes£50.00£970.00
Punchestown2018-04-27T19:45Press Conference£20.005.50YesNo-£20.00£950.00
Sandown2018-04-28T17:15Soul Emotion£20.007.00YesYes£114.00£1,044.00
Salisbury2018-04-29T14:30Berkeley Vale£20.004.50NoNo-£20.00£1,024.00
Thirsk2018-04-30T17:35Richard Strauss£20.005.70YesNo-£20.00£1,004.00
Kileggan2018-04-30T18:30Brosna George£20.003.25NoNo-£20.00£984.00
Windsor2018-04-30T19:10Past Master£20.003.40YesNo-£20.00£964.00
Windsor2018-04-30T20:10Gift of Raaj£20.003.00NoNo-£20.00£944.00
Brighton2018-05-01T15:25Rose Berry£20.003.55YesNo-£20.00£924.00
Kempton2018-05-01T19:45Chocolate Box£20.006.20YesNo-£20.00£904.00
Wexford2018-05-05T14:25Mag Brady£18.005.20YesNo-£18.00£886.00
Uttoxeter2018-05-05T14:45Present From Dubai£18.003.25NoNo-£18.00£868.00
Thirsk2018-05-08T17:25Mango Chutney£18.003.50NoYes£45.00£913.00
Roscommon2018-05-08T18:40Like An Open Book£18.003.15YesYes£36.77£949.77
Kelso2018-05-09T14:35Always Tipsy£19.005.20YesNo-£19.00£930.77
Chester2018-05-09T16:35Last Page£19.006.60YesNo-£19.00£911.77
Chester2018-05-09T17:05My Amigo£19.006.40YesNo-£19.00£892.77
Fontwell2018-05-09T19:15Bennys Girl£19.003.50NoNo-£19.00£873.77
Chelmsford City2018-05-10T21:10Zamjar£18.003.75NoYes£49.50£1,032.71
Market Rasen2018-05-11T13:30Ilewin Geez£24.002.75NoNo-£24.00£1,008.71
Wolverhampton2018-05-14T17:00Final Attack£23.003.95YesYes£64.46£1,026.17
Wolverhampton2018-05-14T17:35Caledonia Laird£23.005.00NoYes£92.00£1,118.17
Bath2018-05-16T17:20Dreams Of Glory£26.005.80YesNo-£26.00£1,092.17
Yarmouth2018-05-16T17:25Tallulahs Quest£26.006.00NoNo-£26.00£1,066.17
Punchestown2018-05-16T20:45City Island£26.005.20YesYes£103.74£1,169.91
York2018-05-18T17:40Victory Chime£26.005.60YesNo-£26.00£1,089.91
Navan2018-05-19T15:05Art Of Unity£25.0010.50YesNo-£25.00£1,014.91
Newbury2018-05-19T17:25Pouvoir Magique£25.004.80YesYes£90.25£1,080.16
Ripon2018-05-20T13:50Desert Lantern£25.003.25NoNo-£25.00£1,055.16
Yarmouth2018-05-23T16:25Noble Star£25.003.75NoNo-£25.00£1,030.16
Wexford2018-05-23T17:45Humm Baby£25.004.40YesNo-£25.00£1,005.16
Wexford2018-05-23T19:15Ingleby Mackenzie£25.004.50NoNo-£25.00£980.16
Wexford2018-05-23T20:45Dorrells Pierji£25.003.25NoYes£56.25£1,036.41
Catterick2018-05-24T15:00Geoff Potts£24.003.50NoNo-£24.00£1,012.41
Goodwood2018-05-24T16:55Cosmic Love£24.003.25NoNo-£24.00£988.41
Tipperary2018-05-24T19:25Golden Jewel£24.005.50NoYes£108.00£1,096.41
Redcar2018-05-28T14:25Warriors Spirit£25.004.00NoNo-£25.00£1,071.41
Gowran Park2018-05-29T19:45Romiyna£25.003.65YesYes£62.94£1,134.35
Brighton2018-05-29T19:50Roy Rocket£25.003.00NoNo-£25.00£1,109.35

Although it has been a positive start to the review with a nice profit in the bank, we feel that the software has some niggling problems that need to be addressed. We haven't heard anything about the mobile app as of yet, but hopefully it won't be too much longer before this is released as it could make a real difference.

We will be back with another update next month.

Jolly Lock Betscape Review: Introduction

26th April 2018

We first came across Jolly Lock when they launched their virtual desktop designed to protect matched bettors against spying bookies. Since then they have been branching out to other areas of betting software and one of the latest to hit the market is the new horse racing tips software named Betscape.

Betscape has been under development by Steve, Jolly Lock's in-house mathematician, for the last 8 years. It is described as "a value betting algorithm that is proven mathematically to out perform any tipping service on the market".

The software constantly monitors the markets to identify value bets and posts any suitable tips every hour, 7 days a week. Every tip is posted to the Online Results Tracker where the available odds can be input and this keeps a useful log of profit/loss which can easily be exported to csv.

It can be used with either bookies or betting exchanges, which is a big plus point already. We are always on the lookout for betting systems that work on Betfair, so that we don't have to worry about bookies restricting our accounts.

It also comes with a unique staking system that claims to guarantee that you'll never bust your betting bank.

Jolly Lock Betscape Interface

Jolly Lock Betscape - Online Results Tracker

Despite being under development for a long time, the software is new to the market so there are just under two months of results to see on the website to date.

Since March, there has been a reported profit of 65 points at the advised odds, 56 points at Betfair SP and 80 points at Best Odds Guaranteed bookies. It's a great start but it's early days so we're interested to see how things go from here.

The software is currently available to try for free for the first 3 weeks and after that it costs £49.99 per month.

With the tips being generated on the tracker on an hourly basis, we need to come up with a reasonable way of checking for new tips. It's not going to be feasible for us to check every hour, so we will aim to check 2-3 times per day.

We have been informed that a mobile app is currently being beta tested and should be ready by the end of next week. This will include "One Touch Bet Placing Technology", which means members will receive a push notification when a new tip is available and they can choose whether to place the bet or not.

We will be following the stakes advised within the software, which are look to be starting at £20 each with a bank of £1000. This may be adjusted along the way, but we're not quite sure how the staking system works as of yet. We will post our first set of results back here in a month's time.


  1. Hi Guys, i’ve registered with Betscape yesterday but didn’t get a confirmation email so cannot login, also tried to contact them thru their form but the contact form is disable so no way to contact them, when you click on the Facebook,Twitter and youtube icon again nothing, the video on their page isn’t available it sound like a scam (but i trust you 100% if it was you wouldn’t review it) to me or their service is just absolutely crap not a good start to launch a new product?!? I don’t know how to start my trial?

    1. Hi Frederic, Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble. I’ve passed on your comment to David from Jolly Lock. He’s usually very quick to reply, so hopefully you should be up and running soon.

  2. Hi Frederic, sorry to read you comment and please allow me to explain. For the trial we are setting people up manually on our Online Results Tracker. You registered on Sunday so we only picked up your registration today. I have activated your account and sent you details so you now be able to logon to our Online Results Tracker and see today’s Betscape tips. As for the Social Media links this weekend we migrated to a bigger hosting server and technical has just forgotten to update the links, which I will ask them to do later this week. We did have a video on our site but I removed it at the weekend due to the server migration and that will be re-posted in the next couple of days. You now have my direct email address so if you have any further problems please do not hesitate to contact me, thanks David

  3. Hi Laura/David, thanks both for the quick replies. Thanks David i’ve received now your email i’m logged in and i’m very excited to try Betscape!

  4. Hi Frederic not a problem you are more than welcome. I hope you managed to get login in time to get on our first tip, which was a winner….

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