Sports Spread Betting Review: Trading Tips Service

Sports Spread Betting is a subscription service which offers a refund if you do not bank at least 25 points profit per month.

However, during our four month review, we made a massive 932.9 points profit so we were nowhere near triggering the refund guarantee!

The service is run by Max and in each of his emails he details which market he will be trading, whether he is buying or selling and the price that is quoted. He primarily covers three sports - football, cricket and horse racing.

We logged results for four months, which you will see below. You can also click here for more information.

Introduction to Spread Betting

Spread betting is not the same as placing a normal wager. Rather than bet in the normal way, you are judging the accuracy of the spread betting firm's prediction for each market.

The prediction is set in the form of a buy price and a sell price, so if you think the quote is too low you can buy at the higher price and if you think it's too high you can sell at the lower price.

Spread betting does tend to carry more risk than fixed odds betting as you will win or lose more money depending on how much the outcome goes in your favour.

For example, if you think that the quote of 10.5 - 11 corners in a game is too low and you stake £5.00 at the buy price of 11, for every corner above 11 you would make £5.00 and every corner below you would lose £5.00. 

Month One Results

An incredible first month saw us bank 139.60 points profit at the prices available.

There were 44 selections advised and 19 returned a profit, which worked out as a strike rate of 43.2%.

If we had been able to obtain the prices advised in the emails we would have made an extra 16 points, but we couldn't complain having made over 130 points profit in one month!

Key Stats - Month One

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4444
Profit/Loss (pts)155.60139.60
Profit/Loss (£1 stakes)£155.60£139.60
Strike Rate43.2%43.2%
Bank (1000pt starting)1155.601139.60
Overall Bank Growth/Decline15.6%14.0%

Results - Month One

23/08/2017Worcester RacingFavouritesBuy1.0088.0065.00-23.00977.00
23/08/2017Liverpool v HoffenheimPP: KramaricBuy1.0052.0049.00-3.00974.00
24/08/2017Stratford RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0096.5094.00-2.50971.50
25/08/2017England v West IndiesBlackwood PerformanceBuy1.0065.00100.0035.001006.50
26/08/2017Bournemouth v Man CityCompleted passesBuy1.00795.00692.00-103.00903.50
26/08/2017Bournemouth v Man CityPP: SilvaBuy1.0098.00105.007.00910.50
27/08/2017Sunday Premier League Aggregates - 4Aggregate Total Goal MinutesSell1.00568.00535.0033.00943.50
27/08/2017Liverpool v ArsenalPP: OzilBuy1.0065.0039.00-26.00917.50
28/08/2017England v West IndiesEngland second innings runsSell1.00424.00490.00-66.00851.50
28/08/2017Cartmel RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0092.0075.5516.45867.95
28/08/2017Cartmel RacingStarting pricesBuy1.0030.0044.7014.70882.65
29/08/2017Newton Abbot RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.00110.0071.2038.80921.45
30/08/2017Worcester RacingFavouritesBuy1.0086.00125.0039.00960.45
30/08/2017Worcester RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0083.0056.5026.50986.95
31/08/2017France v NetherlandsPaul Pogba Goal MinutesBuy1.0014.000.00-14.00972.95
01/09/2017Bangor RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0088.0084.50-3.50969.45
01/09/2017England v MaltaAlli: Player PerformanceBuy1.00104.0038.00-66.00903.45
02/09/2017Newton Abbot RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0076.0081.80-5.80897.65
03/09/2017Worcester RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0090.5084.006.50904.15
04/09/2017England v SlovakiaEngland Performance/Slovakia PerformanceSell1.0055.0064.00-9.00895.15
05/09/2017Hexham RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.00119.0071.5547.45942.60
05/09/2017Tuesday Fifa World Cup Qualifiers - EuropeAggregate 3rd Match GoalSell1.00676.00736.00-60.00882.60
06/09/2017Southwell RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.00113.00124.60-11.60871.00
06/09/2017Sri Lanka v IndiaDhoni PerformanceBuy1.0038.0026.00-12.00859.00
07/09/2017England v West Indies1st Innings Supremacy: Eng/W.ISell1.00175.0071.00104.00963.00
07/09/2017Sedgefield RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.00111.50123.3511.85974.85
09/09/2017Man City v LiverpoolBuy PP: CanBuy1.0030.0015.00-15.00959.85
09/09/2017Stoke v Man UtdCompleted passesSell1.00750.00764.00-14.00945.85
09/09/2017Stratford RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0093.50121.8028.30974.15
10/09/2017Burnley v Crystal PalaceCompleted passesSell1.00635.00514.00121.001095.15
10/09/2017Fontwell RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0089.5058.30-31.201063.95
11/09/2017Perth RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0083.0061.0521.951085.90
12/09/2017Worcester RacingFavouritesBuy1.0090.0065.00-25.001060.90
12/09/2017Man Utd v BaselTotal Completed PassesBuy1.00820.00835.0015.001075.90
13/09/2017Uttoxeter RacingFavouritesBuy1.0068.0055.00-13.001062.90
14/09/2017Hexham RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.00126.00106.25-19.751043.15
14/09/2017Thursday Europa League 6pm (Aggregate - 12)Aggregate X-GoalsBuy1.00246.00195.00-51.00992.15
15/09/2017Bournemouth v BrightonCompleted passesBuy1.00660.00875.00200.001192.15
18/09/2017Worcester RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0078.0054.0024.001216.15
18/09/2017Worcester RacingFavouritesBuy1.0084.0060.00-24.001192.15
19/09/2017England v West IndiesWest Indies Team Ton-UpsBuy1.006.000.00-6.001186.15
19/09/2017England v West IndiesHolder PerformanceBuy1.0040.0041.001.001187.15
20/09/2017Kelso RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0068.5049.95-18.551168.60
21/09/2017England v West IndiesEngland/West IndiesSell1.0033.0062.00-29.001139.60

Month Two Results

An even better month two banked a further 190.4 points profit to our total, which gave us an overall profit of 330 points.

Max had now created a Whatsapp group for his members, which meant everyone was receiving the tips at the same time to avoid any email delays.

This helped with getting the advised prices, but we decided we would also shop around at other spread betting firms to make sure we were getting the best prices going forward.

Key Stats - Month Two

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4141
Profit/Loss (pts)360.35190.40
Profit/Loss (£1 stakes)£360.35£190.40
Strike Rate48.8%48.8%
Bank (1000pt starting)1515.951330.00
Overall Bank Growth/Decline51.6%33.0%

Results - Month Two

23/09/2017Leicester v LiverpoolCompleted PassesSell1.00760.00606.00154.001293.60
23/09/2017Saturday Premier League (Aggregates - 8)Aggregate 3rd Away GoalSell1.00686.00655.0031.001324.60
26/09/2017Warwick RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0077.0035.80-41.201283.40
26/09/2017APOEL Nicosia v SpursCompleted passesSell1.00770.00829.00-59.001224.40
27/09/2017England v West IndiesHolder PerformanceBuy1.0043.0077.0034.001258.40
27/09/2017Perth RacingFavouritesSell1.0071.0055.0016.001274.40
27/09/2017Perth RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0099.0093.006.001280.40
29/09/2017England v West IndiesMulti-SixesBuy1.0038.0020.00-18.001262.40
29/09/2017Worcester RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0096.0071.0025.001287.40
29/09/2017Worcester RacingFavouritesBuy1.0082.00115.0033.001320.40
30/09/2017Manchester City v ChelseaCompleted passesBuy1.00810.00912.00102.001422.40
03/10/2017Southwell RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0084.0099.85-15.851406.55
03/10/2017Sedgefield RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0072.5057.5015.001421.55
04/10/2017Bangor RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0080.5072.05-8.401413.15
05/10/2017England v SloveniaPP: HendersonSell1.00102.00109.00-19.001394.15
05/10/2017Warwick RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0088.5036.80-51.701342.45
05/10/2017Thursday Fifa World Cup Qualifiers - Europe (Aggregates -9)Aggregate Multi-GoalsSell1.00188.00240.00-52.001290.45
06/10/2017Friday FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Europe (Aggregates - 9)Total Goal MinutesSell1.001320.00972.00348.001638.45
07/10/2017Fontwell RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0069.5039.6029.901668.35
09/10/2017Wales v Rep of IrelandWal Performance/Rep PerformanceSell1.0017.00-6.0023.001691.35
10/10/2017India v AustraliaIndia-Australia: Multi-StartsBuy1.0042.0048.006.001697.35
11/10/2017Towcester RacingFavouritesSell1.0067.0095.00-28.001669.35
11/10/2017Ludlow RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0080.5095.05-14.551654.80
12/10/2017Worcester RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0076.50157.30-80.801574.00
12/10/2017Worcester RacingFavouritesBuy1.0099.00145.0046.001620.00
13/10/2017Newton Abbot RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0085.0076.508.501628.50
14/10/2017Chepstow RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0076.5072.803.701632.20
14/10/2017Liverpool v Man UtdMatic: Player PerformanceBuy1.0042.0029.00-13.001619.20
14/10/2017Watford v ArsenalCompleted PassesSell1.00765.00826.00-61.001558.20
15/10/2017Sunday Premier League (Aggregates - 2)Total Goal MinutesSell1.00237.00367.00-130.001428.20
15/10/2017Chepstow RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0080.5069.5011.001439.20
17/10/2017Maribor v LiverpoolCompleted passesBuy1.00860.00953.0093.001532.20
17/10/2017Real Madrid v SpursCompleted passesBuy1.00910.00826.00-84.001448.20
17/10/2017Man City v NapoliCompleted passesBuy1.00950.001007.0057.001505.20
17/10/2017Huntingdon RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0082.00112.50-30.501474.70
18/10/2017Wetherby RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0072.0058.8513.151487.85
19/10/2017Uttoxeter RacingFavouritesBuy1.0076.0055.00-21.001466.85
19/10/2017Uttoxeter RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0077.5065.50-12.001454.85
19/10/2017Carlisle RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0073.0078.55-5.501449.35
21/10/2017Chelsea v WatfordCompleted PassesBuy1.00785.00720.00-65.001384.35
21/10/2017Stratford RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.00114.0059.65-54.351330.00

Month Three Results

Month three banked a huge 438.75 points profit. That's more than the profit from month one and two combined!

Our total profit stood at 768.75 points which worked out as a 76.9% increase to our starting bank.

As mentioned above, the odds had been moving around shortly after receiving the tips. As you can see in the results below, there was a substantial gap between the profit that we were able to achieve and the profit at the advised prices.

Key Stats - Month Three

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4949
Profit/Loss (pts)650.35438.75
Profit/Loss (£1 stakes)£650.35£438.75
Strike Rate69.4%63.3%
Bank (1000pt starting)2166.301768.75
Overall Bank Growth/Decline116.6%76.9%

Results - Month Three

22/10/2017Kempton RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0091.0049.301379.30
22/10/2017Spurs v LiverpoolHenderson PPBuy1.0047.0014.001393.30
23/10/2017Plumpton RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0068.00-9.301384.00
24/10/2017Tuesday EFL Cup (Aggregates - 6)Total Goal MinutesSell1.00947.0054.001438.00
25/10/2017Worcester RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0081.00-21.201416.80
25/10/2017Sedgefield RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0076.502.801419.60
26/10/2017Southwell RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0081.0020.501440.10
26/10/2017Ludlow RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0068.00-1.001439.10
26/10/2017Carlisle RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0089.0060.301499.40
27/10/2017Cheltenham RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0063.506.451505.85
28/10/2017Cheltenham RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0061.50-8.501497.35
28/10/2017Man Utd v TottenhamCompleted passesBuy1.00750.00-68.001429.35
29/10/2017Brighton v SouthamptonCompleted PassesBuy1.00745.0022.001451.35
29/10/2017Aintree RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0059.50-8.301443.05
31/10/2017Celtic v BayernCompleted passesBuy1.00950.00123.001566.05
31/10/2017Roma v ChelseaCompleted passesBuy1.00830.0066.001632.05
31/10/2017Chepstow RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0064.00-2.501629.55
02/11/2017Sedgefield RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0080.0052.951682.50
03/11/2017Uttoxeter RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0073.0041.701724.20
03/11/2017Wetherby RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0083.50-29.501694.70
04/11/2017Wetherby RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0078.50-35.751658.95
04/11/2017Ascot RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0055.0011.901670.85
05/11/2017Tottenham v Crystal PalaceCompleted passesSell1.00770.0082.001752.85
06/11/2017Plumpton RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0064.5025.401778.25
07/11/2017Exeter RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0091.00-18.001760.25
08/11/2017Chepstow RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0071.0018.151778.40
09/11/2017Ludlow RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0063.5016.201794.60
09/11/2017Market Rasen RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0074.00-11.501783.10
09/11/2017Newbury RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0079.001.401784.50
10/11/2017Warwick RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0097.50-41.901742.60
10/11/2017Hexham RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0092.0039.951782.55
12/11/2017Ffos Las RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0089.5010.201792.75
12/11/2017Sandown RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0076.00-19.301773.45
13/11/2017Carlisle RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0071.5039.601813.05
13/11/2017Italy v SwedenAntonio Candreva Player PerformanceBuy1.0090.00-26.001787.05
14/11/2017Worcester RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0072.004.601791.65
14/11/2017Huntingdon RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0072.0015.151806.80
14/11/2017Lingfield RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0076.5013.251820.05
15/11/2017Ayr RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0076.0046.901866.95
15/11/2017Bangor RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0090.00-18.251848.70
16/11/2017Ludlow RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0065.50-45.501803.20
18/11/2017Uttoxeter RacingFavouritesBuy1.0080.00-50.001753.20
18/11/2017Wetherby RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0071.5015.651768.85
18/11/2017Man Utd v NewcastleCompleted passesBuy1.00770.0050.001818.85
19/11/2017Cheltenham RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0068.5020.151839.00
19/11/2017Fontwell RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0079.008.751847.75
20/11/2017Brighton v StokeCompleted passesBuy1.00760.00-53.001794.75
21/01/2017Southwell RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0075.50-33.001761.75
21/01/2017Sevilla v LiverpoolCompleted passesBuy1.00810.007.001768.75

Month Four Results

Month four banked another 164 points profit, which made it an incredible four out of four profitable months.

Key Stats - Overall

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets169169
Profit/Loss (pts)1533.65932.90
Profit/Loss (£1 stakes)£1,533.65£932.90
Strike Rate54.4%52.1%
Bank (1000pt starting)2533.651932.90
Overall Bank Growth/Decline153.4%93.3%

Results - Month Four

23/01/2017Market Rasen RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0068.0061.756.251775.00
23/01/2017Wincanton RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.00100.0069.75-30.251744.75
24/11/2017Ascot RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0067.0078.65-11.651733.10
24/11/2017Ffos Las RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0093.5052.1041.401774.50
24/11/2017Catterick RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0073.50103.00-29.501745.00
25/11/2017Ascot RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0068.0043.6024.401769.40
25/11/2017Huntingdon RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0083.0068.0514.951784.35
25/11/2017Liverpool v ChelseaCompleted PassesBuy1.00830.00942.00112.001896.35
27/11/2017Kempton RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0098.5074.8523.651920.00
28/11/2017Sedgefield RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0084.0092.508.501928.50
29/11/2017Everton v West HamCompleted PassesBuy1.00670.00742.0072.002000.50
29/11/2017Wetherby RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0086.00124.00-38.001962.50
30/11/2017Taunton RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0068.5095.70-27.201935.30
30/11/2017Musselburgh RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0064.5068.35-3.851931.45
05/12/2017Lingfield RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0065.0041.8523.151954.60
05/12/2017Southwell RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0070.5063.756.751961.35
06/12/2017Haydock RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.00100.5071.20-29.301932.05
08/12/2017Sandown RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0055.5054.850.651932.70
08/12/2017Sedgefield RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0096.0090.755.251937.95
09/12/2017Sandown RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0062.5076.45-13.951924.00
09/12/2017Wetherby RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0098.5094.254.251928.25
09/12/2017West Ham v ChelseaCompleted PassesBuy1.00815.00819.004.001932.25
09/12/2017West Ham v ChelseaLanzini Player PerformanceBuy1.0065.0056.00-9.001923.25
10/12/2017Liverpool v EvertonCompleted PassesSell1.00730.00760.00-30.001893.25
12/12/2017Huddersfield v ChelseaCompleted PassesBuy1.00860.001082.00222.002115.25
12/12/2017Huddersfield v ChelseaKante Player PerformanceBuy1.0087.0072.00-15.002100.25
13/12/2017West Ham v ArsenalLanzini Player PerformanceBuy1.0072.0035.00-37.002063.25
16/12/2017Cheltenham RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0081.5067.7513.752077.00
16/12/2017Doncaster RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0074.5061.0013.502090.50
17/12/2017Southwell RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0092.0075.6016.402106.90
18/12/2017Plumpton RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.00102.00162.10-60.102046.80
18/12/2017Ffos Las RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0082.0092.00-10.002036.80
19/12/2017Catterick RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0075.50133.75-58.251978.55
20/12/2017Ludlow RacingDistances 1-3Buy1.0078.5046.85-31.651946.90
20/12/2017Newbury RacingDistances 1-3Sell1.0080.5094.50-14.001932.90
Sports Spread Betting Review Graph

Results Summary

With four out of four winning months, Sports Spread Betting banked 932.9 points profit overall.

Max is so confident in his ability to make a profit he has set up a profit guarantee. This means if in any month he doesn't generate a profit of 25 points or more, the monthly subscription fee will be refunded.

Sports Spread Betting banked an incredible profit and we have awarded a pass. 

Review Stats +932.9pts profit, 52.1% SR
Stakes Level 1 point stakes
Starting bank 1000 points (but we would advise at least 3000pts going forward)
Average no. bets Approx. 40-45 per month
Time of emails Morning 10.00am-12.00pm
Price £25 per month
Rating Pass

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16 thoughts on “Sports Spread Betting Review: Trading Tips Service”

  1. Hey Matt

    It’s completely dependent on the type of selection. The way I advise members to do it is to calculate the total liability, then base their stake from that so they have an overall figure they are comfortable with if things go wrong.

    After the first few selections, it will become easy as you will see the type of bets I generally take.

    Any other questions just shout.


  2. I wonder how Oliver ( above) and also cash-master review stated that made 400 points this month while you made only 139 points for this same period ???

    • Hi Boudj, We have had confirmation from Max (who runs the service) that our results mirror his own results closely, based on using flat 1 point stakes.

  3. I am a member of this service and like the reviewer I used level stakes to begin with, but after a big win on a footy selection I had second thoughts on staking. Selections when placed on Sporting Index have stop losses which vary wildly and even using small stakes (0.50 a point)with the recommended minimum bank size the potential to loss most of my bank was real.
    I decided on using a method of dividing the maximum loss I was prepared to lose per bet by the stop loss point total. So if I was prepared to lose £50 per bet and the stop loss was 50 points then the stake would be £1 per point.
    Reason I raise this point is that I feel the results a bit misleading as some selections carried 500 point stop loss which means in your results a potential loss of 500 of your bank.
    I raised the question of staking with Max and he agreed that he varied the amount he bet per point depending on bet.

    • Hi Andrew, When we started the review we were advised by Max that using level stakes would be best from a review point of view but he stated that “it is a lot more prudent to see what the maximum risk is and calculate stakes based on what the individual is comfortable losing if things go badly wrong on any selection”.

      We agree with you that adjusted stakes based on a stop loss would be the best way to operate the service, so we’ve come up with a new plan. We will continue using level stakes until the end of the three month period and then Max has kindly agreed to extend our trial so that we can record three months worth of bets using adjusted stakes.

  4. I wanted to say I’ve been using this service now for around 4 weeks now.

    I started with the Sporting Index new account bonus offer and I’m well impressed that my bank has just increased each week. There was 1 week with a few losers that dinted the balance, but that soon bounced back.

    I’ve been using level £1 stakes and my bank had gone from the £100 bonus funds to nearly £700 now. I’ve not had to touch a penny of my own money either.

    Very happy. Sometime struggle to get exactly the price in the mail, but it’s usually within 3 or 4 points.

    Football feels like it’s by far the most successful and the horses feel a bit more hit and miss.

  5. Hi

    Can you tell me if this service is suitable for someone with a 9-5 job? Can you set things up in the morning or is it best to be available in the day? What about weekends?


    • Hi Jim, It would be tricky with a 9-5 job as the tips are sent out between 10am-12pm and you need to be able to act fast on receiving them as prices have been moving soon after.

      He has also started staggering the release of the tips to give people more chance to get the bets on rather than a mad scramble, so even if you were able to check emails at work it would be a case of waiting for 2+ emails on some days.

      • Thanks Laura
        Can you run from a phone or does it need special software? It would be fine to check emails etc and place bets as long as i dont need to install anything?

        • There’s no software needed, just a spread betting account preferably with Sporting Index. Their site has been optimised for phones so you shouldn’t have any problem getting bets on.

  6. good evening laura could you tell me the correct address to access this tipster site for spread betting? I tried clicking on the purple links on this tipster site review page but the link does not lead to the site in question. Thank you.


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