Soccer Streaks Review: Introduction

Soccer Streaks Review

Soccer Streaks is a football betting system based on backing low priced favourites to win. The basic package includes a PDF strategy guide and a tailor made spreadsheet for tracking results. There is also a recommended staking plan to use which advises the percentage of the bank to bet and how to compound stakes.

The guidebook can be purchased for a one-off price of £34.99 +VAT but there is also a VIP package available priced at £9.99 per month which includes hand-picked selections sent out daily.

It's possible to use the system without the VIP package but it will be more time consuming due to having to go through the criteria for possible selections each day.

The VIP selections can either be received via email or through the Telegram app which is available on desktop, iOS or Android devices.

Unfortunately there aren't any results on the website despite there being a results page. The page actually lists hypothetical results of what profits could potentially be made depending on the strike rate and amount of bets.

They recommend a starting balance of between £60 and £150 in order to be able to recoup subscription costs, so we will be starting with £100.

We will be tracking results using the VIP picks for simplicity and will report back in a month's time with an update.

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