Easy Horse Race Lays Review: Introduction

Easy Horse Race Lays Review

Easy Horse Race Lays is an automated horse racing laying bot developed by Nigel Dove from Level Software. Full results back to 2015 are available to download from the website and to date they show a profit of 320.23 points based on level 1 point stakes.

The service has a high strike rate of 84.6% betting at odds between 3.00 and 9.99. All bets are placed just before the start of the race to be as close to BSP as possible. The longest losing run has been 3 bets and the longest winning sequence an impressive 24 bets.

The bot itself is very straightforward to set up and it's cloud based, so once it's been linked to your Betfair account and your desired stakes have been entered, it can be left to run without having to leave your computer running.

The chart below shows profits based on £10 per point with the green line a level stake and the plum line a £10 liability stake.

Easy Horse Race Lays Chart

The cost of the service is £39.95 per month and there is a 14 day free trial available.

A 100 point bank is recommended and we will be testing the software with a small bank of £200 as unfortunately there isn't a practice mode. 

We have begun testing the bot and hopefully we can report back with some positive results in a month's time.

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