Systematic Betting Review: Horse Racing Tips Service

Systematic Betting achieved the highest ROI of any tipster on the Betting Gods network during their five months of proofing.

The service is run by qualified statistician Ellie, who takes a "quality over quantity" approach to betting on horse racing with an average of one or two tips sent out each day. 

Her stats for the service to date show 98.43 points profit (or £984.30 to £10 stakes) at an ROI of 29.5%. At the time of writing, she hasn't had a losing month yet and is close to doubling her 100 point starting bank.

Due to the markets being sensitive to fluctuations in prices, Ellie has recently come up with a plan to ensure that her member's are able to get the advised odds more often than not.

She has specific times that the tips are sent out, so if they are not received at 8.30am then they will be at 9.00am. Knowing the exact time to check for tips means that hopefully everyone should have the opportunity to bet at the advised odds.

There is also a plan in place to provide in-depth previews with each selection so that we know why it was picked.

We recorded our results over several months with hope to see Ellie continue her winning run.

Review Stats-51.17pts profit, -31.4% ROI, 28.4% SR
Stakes Advised 0.5 – 2 point stakes
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 54 per month
Time of emails7.00-9.00am
Price99p for 10 days then £27 per month

Before you continue...

Our Systematic Betting review ended with a fail rating.

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Month One Update

Our Systematic Betting review didn't get off to a good start with 8.53 points lost in the first month. There were three winning bets and quite a few times where the tipster came close, with eight selections placing.

The tipster had started adding analysis with each bet which was a nice touch. We hoped that the effort that they were putting in on research would start to pay off soon.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets323232
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)-8.17-8.53-7.57
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£81.70)(£85.30)(£75.70)
Strike Rate21.9%21.9%25.0%
Overall Bank Growth-8.2%-8.5%-7.6%
Bank (100pt starting)91.8391.4792.44


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
31/01/202315:25 Ffos LasLightonthewing1.00 No3.00-1.00 99.00
31/01/202317:00 SouthwellVelma1.00 Yes5.50-1.00 98.00
01/02/202315:35 AyrThistle Ask1.00 No3.75-1.00 97.00
03/02/202315:10 CatterickSnowy Clouds1.00 No5.504.50 101.50
03/02/202315:50 LingfieldMacon Belle1.00 Yes9.50-1.00 100.50
04/02/202315:30 SandownLaskalin1.00 Yes7.000.01 100.51
04/02/202315:48 MusselburghCuban Cigar1.00 Yes5.00-0.10 100.41
05/02/202313:55 MusselburghReturn Ticket1.00 Yes11.00-1.00 99.41
05/02/202316:25 MusselburghZafar1.00 Yes9.00-1.00 98.41
06/02/202316:30 FontwellSambezi 1.00 Yes7.500.15 98.56
07/02/202316:00 TauntonAmbion Hill1.00 Yes9.00-1.00 97.56
08/02/202319:30 KemptonGolden Mayflower2.00 No2.63-2.00 95.56
10/02/202315:35 KemptonAhead Of The Field1.00 Yes21.00-1.00 94.56
11/02/202319:30 WolverhamptonGobi Sunset1.00 Yes10.00-1.00 93.56
13/02/202319:00 WolverhamptonWar In Heaven1.00 Yes6.503.30 96.86
14/02/202318:30 NewcastleFivethousandtoone1.00 Yes5.00-0.10 96.76
15/02/202316:00 DundalkCeltic Revival1.00 Yes7.003.60 100.36
16/02/202313:50 SandownQuel Destin1.00 No3.00-1.00 99.36
16/02/202317:30 ChelmsfordAstro Jakk1.00 Yes9.00-1.00 98.36
17/02/202313:50 LingfieldSuzis Connoisseur1.00 Yes11.000.50 98.86
17/02/202319:15 SouthwellRoscioli1.00 Yes5.50-1.00 97.86
18/02/202315:58 LingfieldCrystal Delight1.00 No3.50-1.00 96.86
21/02/202318:00 SouthwellBeautiful Crown1.00 Yes10.00-1.00 95.86
23/02/202313:30 SedgefieldQuiet flow1.00 No4.33-1.00 94.86
23/02/202315:35 SouthwellChola Empire1.00 Yes5.50-0.05 94.81
24/02/202314:00 WarwickNickelsonthedime1.00 Yes5.00-1.00 93.81
25/02/202316:38 NewcastleVoix Du Reve1.00 No4.00-1.00 92.81
25/02/202318:40 ChelmsfordBeauzon1.00 No3.00-1.00 91.81
25/02/202319:40 ChelmsfordSausalito1.00 No3.001.80 93.61
27/02/202315:15 AyrWheres Hector1.00 Yes5.50-0.14 93.47
27/02/202320:30 WolverhamptonJohnny Bloom1.00 No2.75-1.00 92.47
28/02/202318:30 SouthwellMighty River1.00 No3.00-1.00 91.47

Month Two Update

It was another poor month for Systematic Betting with a further 8.01 points lost, which added up to 16.54 points lost overall.

The write-ups that Ellie had been including with each bet had started to fizzle out and it was back to just the basic tip information. This was a little concerning, as it seemed to us that the tipster might have been losing interest in the service.

We had another month to go, as we generally aimed to follow tipsters for three months as a minimum. We hoped that the tipster could get back to producing similar results to those in their proofing period, as things were not looking good as it stood.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets373737
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)-8.31-8.01-5.66
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£83.10)(£80.10)(£56.60)
Strike Rate29.7%29.7%29.7%
Overall Bank Growth-16.5%-16.5%-13.2%
Bank (100pt starting)83.5283.4686.78


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
01/03/202318:00 KemptonSense Of Worth1.00 No4.50-1.00 90.47
02/03/202314:00 NewcastleBuxted Too1.00 No3.75-1.00 89.47
02/03/202315:10 NewcastleZealot1.00 No2.501.50 90.97
03/03/202315:00 LingfieldAberama Gold1.50 Yes7.500.23 91.20
03/03/202317:15 NewcastleTypewritten1.00 Yes5.50-1.00 90.20
04/03/202313:50 KelsoColonel Mustard1.00 Yes7.500.15 90.35
06/03/20232:05 WetherbyChris Cool1.00 No4.33-1.00 89.35
06/03/202315:50 WetherbyJet Legs1.00 No3.252.25 91.60
06/03/20237:30 WolverhamptonJohnny Bloom1.00 No4.00-1.00 90.60
08/03/202316:05 Kempton Arctician1.00 Yes6.003.00 93.60
08/03/202314:30 LingfieldArenas Del Tiempo1.00 Yes9.50-1.00 92.60
09/03/202316:45 NewcastleBristol Hill1.00 No2.631.63 94.23
09/03/202318:45 NewcastleEleven Eleven1.00 No3.00-1.00 93.23
11/03/202314:05 WolverhamptonNotre Belle Bete1.00 Yes5.00-0.10 93.13
11/03/202320:30 ChelmsfordBeautiful Crown1.00 No4.50-1.00 92.13
13/03/202315:35 PlumptonMidnightreflection1.00 No2.88-1.00 91.13
14/03/202313:30 Cheltenhamll Ettiat Temps1.00 Yes5.50-1.00 90.13
14/03/202314:50 CheltenhamFantastikas0.60 Yes17.00-0.60 89.53
14/03/202316:10 CheltenhamMarie's Rock1.00 No3.50-1.00 88.53
14/03/202316:50 CheltenhamBad1.00 Yes9.00-1.00 87.53
15/03/202313:30 CheltenhamHermes Allen1.00 No4.50-1.00 86.53
15/03/202314:10 CheltenhamThyme Hill1.00 Yes10.00-1.00 85.53
15/03/202314:50 CheltenhamBeacon Lodge1.00 Yes15.00-1.00 84.53
16/03/202315:30 CheltenhamGold Tweet1.00 Yes12.00-1.00 83.53
20/03/202315:15 TauntonDoctor Ken1.00 No2.501.50 85.03
22/03/202315:25 WarwickInterne De Sivola1.00 Yes7.00-1.00 84.03
22/03/202316:10 HaydockNo Cruise Yet1.00 No3.50-1.00 83.03
23/03/202316:00 SedgefieldThatbeatsabanagher1.00 No2.881.88 84.91
24/03/202315:00 MusselburghLock Down Luke1.00 Yes7.00-1.00 83.91
25/03/202315:00 KelsoMidnight Shuffle1.00 Yes17.001.10 85.01
25/03/202315:35 KelsoHill Sixteen1.00 Yes6.50-1.00 84.01
26/03/202316:45 CarlisleDuke Of Deception1.00 No4.33-1.00 83.01
27/03/202319:00 WolverhamptonCoco Jamboo1.00 No2.88-1.00 82.01
29/03/202314:10 LingfieldBallymoonshiner1.00 Yes5.50-0.05 81.96
29/03/202314:45 LingfieldLilkian1.00 Yes6.000.00 81.96
29/03/202315:20 LingfieldWyvern1.00 No3.25-1.00 80.96
30/03/202317:30 WolverhamptonCedar Cage1.00 No3.502.50 83.46

Month Three Update

The final month of our Systematic Betting review was the worst of the three with 34.63 points lost.

There was a change of strategy towards the end where there was a much higher volume of bets than there had previously been. Unfortunately this didn't help things and only helped to accelerate the depletion of our bank.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets939393
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)-36.09-34.63-29.74
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£360.90)(£346.30)(£297.40)
Strike Rate30.1%30.1%29.0%
Overall Bank Growth-52.6%-51.2%-43.0%
Bank (100pt starting)47.4448.8357.94


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
31/03/202315:55 WetherbyFeivel1.00 No2.63-1.00 82.46
31/03/202319:20 NewcastleSt Andrew's Castle1.00 No3.00-1.00 81.46
02/04/202313:35 DoncasterCaptain Haddock1.00 Yes7.500.15 81.61
02/04/202315:55 DoncasterFirst Officer1.00 No4.00-1.00 80.61
03/04/202315:00 LudlowBobhopeornohope1.00 No4.50-1.00 79.61
03/04/202316:45 LingfieldHul Ah Bah Loo1.00 No3.25-1.00 78.61
04/04/202317:15 ThirskMarbuzet1.00 Yes11.00-1.00 77.61
05/04/202315:00 WolverhamptonFayasel1.00 Yes13.00-1.00 76.61
06/04/202318:30 SouthwellThe Mouse King1.00 Yes15.000.90 77.51
07/04/202314:15 BathSows1.00 Yes13.00-1.00 76.51
08/04/202320:00 WolverhamptonFristel1.00 Yes7.00-1.00 75.51
10/04/202317:18 PlumptonRiver Thyne1.00 No3.75-1.00 74.51
13/04/202313:45 AintreeStage Star1.00 No2.88-1.00 73.51
13/04/202316:40 AintreeHasankey1.00 Yes13.000.58 74.09
14/04/202319:00 SouthwellHow Bizarre1.00 Yes6.500.05 74.14
15/04/202317:00 YarmouthOstilio1.00 No5.00-1.00 73.14
17/04/202313:50 RedcarMutanaaseq1.00 Yes10.00-1.00 72.14
17/04/202315:55 KelsoRae Des Champs1.00 Yes7.000.10 72.24
17/04/202317:55 WindsorFurther Measure1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 71.24
17/04/202319:00 KemptonStrike1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 70.24
18/04/202319:00 SouthwellDaafy1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 69.24
18/04/202319:30 SouthwellMashaan1.00 Yes6.50-1.00 68.24
19/04/202317:40 BeverleyGolden Melody1.00 No4.50-1.00 67.24
20/04/202313:30 CheltenhamSashekna1.00 Yes8.000.20 67.44
20/04/202314:05 CheltenhamLa Domaniale1.00 No5.00-1.00 66.44
20/04/202314:40 CheltenhamZestful1.00 Yes9.500.18 66.62
20/04/202315:00 NewmarketCreative Force1.00 No1.83-1.00 65.62
20/04/202315:15 CheltenhamGazette Bourgeoise1.00 Yes5.00-1.00 64.62
20/04/202315:35 NewmarketMysterious Night1.00 No2.88-1.00 63.62
20/04/202315:50 CheltenhamMedia Naranja1.00 No4.00-1.00 62.62
20/04/202316:25 CheltenhamFortunes Melody1.00 Yes6.00-1.00 61.62
20/04/202317:00 CheltenhamDontyawantme1.00 No4.00-1.00 60.62
20/04/202317:50 KilbegganGolden Sandbanks1.00 No5.00-1.00 59.62
21/04/202314:05 NewburyBernardo Oreilly1.00 Yes15.008.40 68.02
21/04/202314:25 AyrHugos New Horse1.00 No3.002.00 70.02
21/04/202315:35 AyrBellatrixsa1.00 Yes11.00-1.00 69.02
21/04/202316:10 AyrSnowy Clouds1.00 No3.25-1.00 68.02
21/04/202316:25 NewburyLittle Edi1.00 Yes9.50-1.00 67.02
21/04/202317:00 ExeterPure Theatre1.00 No1.830.83 67.85
21/04/202317:10 KilbegganZaidi1.00 No1.91-1.00 66.85
21/04/202318:10 KilbegganHappy Dex1.00 No2.25-1.00 65.85
21/04/202319:35 ExeterQuintins Man1.00 No3.50-1.00 64.85
22/04/202316:20 NewburyAstrodome1.00 No1.91-1.00 63.85
22/04/202316:45 AyrCastletown1.00 Yes6.500.05 63.90
22/04/202317:20 AyrLuckie Seven1.00 Yes6.500.05 63.95
22/04/202317:45 BrightonRivas Rob Roy1.00 Yes6.50-1.00 62.95
22/04/202318:15 BrightonIntercessor1.00 Yes7.500.15 63.10
22/04/202319:15 BrightonGold Souk1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 62.10
22/04/202313:15 AyrHasankey1.00 Yes9.00-1.00 61.10
22/04/202313:30 NewburyMojo Star1.00 No3.75-1.00 60.10
22/04/202313:50 AyrTemptationinmilan1.00 Yes9.00-1.00 59.10
22/04/202314:05 NewburyMagical Sunset1.00 Yes5.00-1.00 58.10
22/04/202314:15 BangorTaragrace1.00 Yes10.000.31 58.41
22/04/202314:25 AyrSalsada1.00 Yes12.00-1.00 57.41
22/04/202314:40 NewburyChaldean1.00 No1.83-1.00 56.41
22/04/202315:15 NewburyLattam1.00 No2.63-1.00 55.41
22/04/202315:30 NavanThe Antarctic1.00 No2.10-1.00 54.41
22/04/202315:35 AyrMighty Thunder1.00 Yes23.00-1.00 53.41
22/04/202316:10 AyrSerious Operator1.00 No4.003.00 56.41
23/04/202313:45 StratfordCarrigeen Kampala1.00 No2.251.25 57.66
23/04/202314:15 StratfordThree Macks1.00 No2.50-1.00 56.66
23/04/202314:30 PlumptonHighland Frolic1.00 Yes4.332.00 58.66
23/04/202315:30 PlumptonFirst Figaro1.00 Yes11.00-1.00 57.66
23/04/202316:00 PlumptonSporting Ace1.00 Yes5.50-0.14 57.52
23/04/202316:30 PlumptonCaptain Claude1.00 No3.25-1.00 56.52
23/04/202317:00 PlumptonLinda Moon1.00 No4.503.15 59.67
23/04/202317:15 StratfordViroflay1.00 No1.80-1.00 58.67
24/04/202317:00 NaasVanity Pays1.00 No1.73-1.00 57.67
24/04/202317:35 NaasCoco Hill1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 56.67
24/04/202318:40 NaasTenebrism1.00 No1.53-1.00 55.67
24/04/202319:10 NaasBoogie Woogie1.00 No2.250.75 56.42
24/04/202319:55 KemptonLonghouse Sale1.00 Yes15.00-1.00 55.42
24/04/202313:40 HexhamEclair D'Ainay1.00 No2.63-1.00 54.42
24/04/202313:50 PontefractIndication Call1.00 No1.83-1.00 53.42
24/04/202314:25 PontefractConcorde1.00 No1.250.25 53.67
24/04/202314:50 HexhamTintintin1.00 No3.75-1.00 52.67
24/04/202316:35 HexhamDrop Flight1.00 No2.75-1.00 51.67
24/04/202316:45 PontefractDear Daphne1.00 No1.91-1.00 50.67
24/04/202316:50 KemptonRussian Ruler1.00 No2.381.38 52.05
25/04/202313:50 EpsomDig Two1.00 No3.50-1.00 51.05
25/04/202314:25 EpsomEpictetus1.00 No1.300.30 51.35
25/04/202315:25 Ffos LasPremier Dtroice1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 50.35
25/04/202315:40 PunchestownNight And Day1.00 No3.75-1.00 49.35
25/04/202316:15 PunchestownFacile Vega1.00 No1.620.62 49.97
25/04/202316:35 Ffos LasWideeyedandlegless1.00 No3.25-1.00 48.97
25/04/202317:25 PunchestownEnergumene1.00 No1.360.36 49.33
25/04/202318:35 PunchestownAppreciate It1.00 Yes4.50-0.06 49.27
25/04/202319:10 PunchestownVital Island1.00 No2.25-1.00 48.27
26/04/202315:25 CatterickTurbulent Power1.00 Yes9.000.30 48.57
26/04/202316:00 CatterickSpecial Mayson1.00 No3.00-1.00 47.57
26/04/202316:30 CatterickChookie Dunedim1.00 Yes11.000.50 48.07
26/04/202316:53 LudlowSecret investor1.00 No1.670.67 48.74
30/04/202317:45 MusselburghPrairie Falcon1.00 Yes7.500.09 48.83

Review Summary

We experienced three losing months in a row following Systematic Betting and finished with a 51.2% decrease to our bank overall. In a few words, it didn't go well!

There was some early concern where the tipster had announced that they would be providing write-ups with their tips but then stopped all of a sudden. They later explained that the write-ups were taking time out of their research, so they wouldn't be doing them anymore. At the time we had just thought they were losing interest, so we were glad that they clarified it after.

Towards the end of the third month, the tipster vastly increased the volume of bets, so we went from 2-3 per day to up to 17 on one of the days. It was quite a drastic change and there hadn't been this many bets in the months prior to our review.

There was also the inclusion of some lower odds bets as low as 1.25, which we hadn't seen previously.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets162162162
Total Stakes (pts)163.1163.1163.1
Profit/Loss (pts)-52.57-51.17-42.96
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£525.70)(£511.70)(£429.60)
Strike Rate28.4%28.4%28.4%
Overall Bank Growth-52.6%-51.2%-43.0%
Bank (100pt starting)47.4448.8357.94

Having a high volume of bets wasn't an issue but it just seemed strange to have such a big change for the service suddenly and we felt that it may have been down to frustration and/or the pressure of delivering profit for members.

We coudn't help but lose confidence in the tipster and it's not a service that we can recommend based on our experience.

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Systematic Betting achieved the highest ROI of any tipster on the Betting Gods network in their proofing, but find out how they performed during our review here.

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