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The Judge Review
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Welcome to our The Judge review - A greyhound racing tipping service run by a former race track runner that has made over 780 points profit since inception.


  • Easy to follow with just the right amount of bets
  • Advised odds held up majority of the time
  • Consistent profits shown in long term results


  • Not all bookmakers offer greyhound markets & exchange liquidity is poor
  • Tip emails could be more professional as they aren't up to the Bet Fan group's usual standard

We have reached the end of our review of Bet Kudos greyhound tipster, The Judge, after following tips over the last three months. We made a profit in two out of three months, finishing the review with a total of 79.56 points profit at an ROI of 11.2%.

Using £10 per point that gives us a profit of £795.60 at the advised stakes.

Review Stats79.56pts profit, 11.2% ROI, 31.9% SR
Stakes Stakes advised between 1-5 points
Starting bank 200 points
Average no. betsApprox. 60 per month / 2-3 per day
Time of emailsUsually late afternoon
Price£48 per month or £96 per quarter

We don’t know who this mysterious fellow The Judge is, but we are told that he has been betting on greyhounds over the last 17 years. He decided to start a tips service because he has had many of his bookmaker accounts closed due to the profits he has made over the years.

Going by the results recorded by Bet Fan since September 2015 he has delivered consistent profits, as you can see in the long-term performance chart below.

The Judge Review Long Term Performance

Overall - Key Stats
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets185185
Total Stakes (pts)713.50713.50
Profit/Loss (pts)84.4679.56
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£844.60£795.60
Average Odds4.064.04
Strike Rate31.9%31.9%
Bank (200pt starting)284.46279.56

The Judge Review Graph

Update Three - Results
DateTrackTimeSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
04/12/2016Henlow19:04Willy Whitesocks4.003.008.00221.46
04/12/2016Henlow19:18Jet Stream Pearl5.001.572.85224.31
05/12/2016Nottingham19:48Ela Ela Genie5.002.105.50229.81
05/12/2016Nottingham20:36Master Lego4.002.255.00234.81
06/12/2016Towcester21:06Russanda Rubin4.005.0016.00250.81
06/12/2016Towcester21:56Rubys Rascal5.001.673.35254.16
07/12/2016Romford19:11Mashmad Eyebrows3.003.00-3.00251.16
07/12/2016Romford19:11Chop Chop Mable1.003.50-1.00250.16
07/12/2016Romford19:43Ajlo Legalbeagle3.003.75-3.00247.16
07/12/2016Romford19:59Rubys Razzle4.004.0012.00259.16
07/12/2016Romford19:59Roswell Roxanne1.003.50-1.00258.16
07/12/2016Romford20:16Toolmaker Rambo3.003.25-3.00255.16
07/12/2016Romford20:33Droopys Lucinda5.001.91-5.00250.16
07/12/2016Romford21:42Toot Hill Wizzard4.003.50-4.00246.16
08/12/2016Belle Vue19:54Droopys Costa5.003.75-5.00241.16
08/12/2016Belle Vue21:32Mustang Chick5.002.88-5.00236.16
09/12/2016Romford22:11Farneys Cookie5.005.50-5.00231.16
11/12/2016Henlow20:15Lenson Santi5.002.63-5.00226.16
11/12/2016Henlow21:00Slick Sebastian5.002.256.25232.41
12/12/2016Nottingham20:04Mac Foiche3.005.00-3.00229.41
12/12/2016Nottingham20:19Coolruss Patch1.0013.00-1.00228.41
14/12/2016Belle Vue20:33Oscar Junior3.004.50-3.00225.41
14/12/2016Belle Vue21:08Droopys Two2.0011.00-2.00223.41
15/12/2016Romford20:18Azzuri Dino5.001.914.55227.96
15/12/2016Romford20:50Azzuri Gebesis2.005.509.00236.96
16/12/2016Romford20:34 & 22:11Spa Road Piper & Rosewell Romanov5.002.34-5.00231.96
19/12/2016Nottingham21:22Trapstyle Jet5.004.0015.00246.96
20/12/2016Harlow21:15Ferryforth Marie5.003.0010.00256.96
22/12/2016Hove19:01 & 19:32Peregrine Falcon & Droopys Buick5.004.3216.60273.56
23/12/2016Romford19:31Airport Glider2.003.004.00277.56
23/12/2016Romford19:47Chopchop Daisy2.003.50-2.00275.56
23/12/2016Romford19:47Colonel Fergie1.004.50-1.00274.56
23/12/2016Romford20:18My Mate Max2.004.00-2.00272.56
23/12/2016Romford20:50Pass To Go4.002.255.00277.56
23/12/2016Romford21:40Shaneboy Fredie5.003.50-5.00272.56
29/12/2016Hove18:28Bubbly Express4.003.7511.00283.56
29/12/2016Hove19:01Crossfield James5.002.20-5.00278.56
29/12/2016Hove19:48Droopys Costa3.005.00-3.00275.56
29/12/2016Hove20:04Walk The Talk5.003.00-5.00270.56
29/12/2016Hove20:19Barracaine Tiger2.009.00-2.00268.56
30/12/2016Romford20:18Oakfield Ceaser4.004.50-4.00264.56
30/12/2016Romford21:06Bubbly Torpedo5.001.67-5.00259.56
30/12/2016Romford21:24Dawsons Waft2.006.0010.00269.56
30/12/2016Romford21:56Wednesday Adams4.004.5014.00283.56
30/12/2016Romford22:26Scolari Sound4.003.25-4.00279.56

Stakes have been advised between 1 and 5 points and a 200 point starting bank was recommended. There have been several bets sent out most days, usually in the afternoon once markets have been priced up.

Out of interest, we checked to see how the selections would have performed using flat 1 point stakes and found that we would have made a profit of 22.79 points at an ROI of 12.32%.

There may be an issue with bookies closing/limiting accounts, but this will happen whatever sport you are profiting from so you may as well take advantage while you can. There is the option of using exchanges, but liquidity is often poor for greyhound races until minutes before the off and by that time the value may have been diminished.


Membership to the service costs £48.00 per month or £96.00 per quarter, which is quite high in comparison to some of the other services that we have passed, however the quarterly option is better value working out at £32 per month.


It was a shaky start to the review, but The Judge made a great comeback in the following months and managed to deliver a respectable profit of just under 80 points overall and a 40% increase to the bank.

The service has been easy to follow and it’s been interesting to try out betting on a different sport from the usual horse racing/football. Greyhound betting will also suit those who work during the day, as bets are usually sent out late afternoon for the evening races and most races are now televised too.

It has turned out to be an excellent trial and the service will be confidently added to our approved list.

The Judge Review: Update Two

7th December 2016

We’re back with the second update to our review of The Judge greyhound betting service and after a turbulent time in the first month, we are now back in profit.

This month we made a profit of 43.7 points with an ROI of 20%, which gives us an overall profit of 13.46 points.

We've been able to match the advised odds 100% of the time this month and overall we have achieved a slightly higher profit than the official results.

Update Two - Key Stats
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets5959
Total Stakes (pts)218.50218.50
Profit/Loss (pts)+43.70+43.70
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)+£437.00+£437.00
Average Odds4.544.54
Strike Rate30.5%30.5%
Bank (200pt starting)212.86213.46

Update Two - Results
DateTrackTimeSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
04/11/2016Romford20:34Do It Lee2.007.00-2.00167.76
04/11/2016Romford20:34Phifen Blue Max4.009.0032.00199.76
04/11/2016Romford20:50Risky Rumble2.005.00-2.00197.76
04/11/2016Romford20:50Jet Stream Babs3.006.0015.00212.76
04/11/2016Romford21:24Pass To Go5.003.75-5.00207.76
04/11/2016Romford22:26Underground Paul3.005.00-3.00204.76
04/11/2016Romford22:40Fivestar Clipper3.004.00-3.00201.76
06/11/2016Henlow20:00Chubbys Oak5.001.914.55206.31
06/11/2016Henlow20:15Droopys Carins4.004.50-4.00202.31
06/11/2016Henlow20:46Bottom Line5.003.0010.00212.31
07/11/2016Nottingham19:32Shaneboy Freddie3.004.009.00221.31
07/11/2016Nottingham19:48Trap 1, 5, 6 forecast4.50-4.50216.81
07/11/2016Nottingham21:07Trap 1 & 6 reverse f/c3.0011.15227.96
07/11/2016Yarmouth18:49Petes Peg2.003.75-2.00225.96
07/11/2016Yarmouth18:49Castledown Tess1.007.00-1.00224.96
07/11/2016Yarmouth19:22Jing Jong3.004.50-3.00221.96
07/11/2016Yarmouth19:37Coolruss Alpha3.003.75-3.00218.96
08/11/2016Wimbledon19:11Ela Ela Genie4.003.259.00227.96
08/11/2016Wimbledon19:26Southern Elle4.006.50-4.00223.96
08/11/2016Wimbledon19:26Trap 5 to beat 41.00-1.00222.96
08/11/2016Wimbledon19:43Clondoty Alex3.004.50-3.00219.96
08/11/2016Wimbledon19:59Kooga Klamma2.0013.00-2.00217.96
08/11/2016Wimbledon20:51Bokos Alfie2.005.00-2.00211.96
08/11/2016Wimbledon21:08Fizzypop Buddy4.003.25-4.00207.96
09/11/2016Peterborough21:48Parkers Poison5.001.502.50220.46
09/11/2016Romford22:11Swipe And Deploy3.005.50-3.00217.46
10/11/2016Belle Vue20:42Azzuri Dino5.003.50-5.00212.46
11/11/2016Romford21:06Tomahawk Tagg5.002.005.00217.46
11/11/2016Romford21:24Droopys Elite4.003.50-4.00213.46
12/11/2016Romford20:34Ben Golden5.004.00-5.00205.46
12/11/2016Crayford21:24Petty Lane5.002.507.50218.96
13/11/2016Henlow21:00Beckjay Scooby5.004.50-5.00213.96
14/11/2016Nottingham20:04Swords Wizzard3.005.50-3.00210.96
14/11/2016Nottingham20:19Azzuri Dino4.003.25-4.00206.96
14/11/2016Nottingham21:07Trap 1 to beat 4 sfcast3.00-3.00203.96
15/11/2016Towcester19:47Castlee Henry5.003.00-5.00198.96
16/11/2016Romford21:40Powerful Boys4.003.75-4.00194.96
18/11/2016Romford20:02Laughing Gravy4.003.5010.00204.96
18/11/2016Romford20:18Pass To Go4.003.25-4.00200.96
20/11/2016Henlow19:30Live Tornado5.004.00-5.00190.96
22/11/2016Towcester20:02Lowgate Malfor3.005.5013.50204.46
22/11/2016Nottingham19:26Newinn Shadow5.002.10-5.00199.46
22/11/2016Nottingham19:43Ela Ela Genie4.002.757.00206.46
22/11/2016Nottingham19:59Old Joe Garden5.002.256.25212.71
22/11/2016Nottingham20:16Shelam Maby3.003.75-3.00209.71
25/11/2016Romford19:47Millwards Master4.005.00-4.00205.71
25/11/2016Romford20:02Ascot Woodie3.005.00-3.00202.71
25/11/2016Romford20:50Bubbly Torpedo3.003.00-3.00199.71
25/11/2016Romford20:34Newlawn Ned2.0015.00-2.00197.71
25/11/2016Romford21:24Toolmaker Rambo5.003.0010.00207.71
25/11/2016Romford22:26Toot Hill Wizzard4.007.00-4.00203.71
02/12/2016Romford20:34Ajlo Legalbeagle5.003.7513.75217.46
02/12/2016Romford21:06Swift Hansel4.007.00-4.00213.46

We'll report back next month with our next update.

The Judge Review: Update One

8th November 2016

It’s been a dramatic start to our review of greyhound tips service The Judge, with our bank plummeting by over 100 points before making a swift recovery. The bank now stands at 169.76 points, so a loss of 30.24 points.

We have received 81 bets so far with 23 returning a profit, which represents a strike rate of 28.4%. The average odds of the tips so far are 3.75, so the service would need a 26.7% strike rate to break even at those odds.

We haven’t had any trouble getting the required odds, but we did find that the bookies are slow to price up their markets, so the timing on the emails depend on when the odds are available.

Update One - Key Stats
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets8181
Total Stakes (pts)329329
Profit/Loss (pts)-30.84-30.24
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£308.40-£302.40
Average Odds3.753.75
Strike Rate28.40%28.40%
Bank (200pt starting)169.16169.76

Update One - Results
DateTrackTimeSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
04/10/2016Central Park19:11Bubbly Turbo5.002.50-5.00195.00
04/10/2016Central Park20:16Droopys Acrobat5.001.673.35198.35
05/10/2016Romford20:50To Tone Tas5.004.50-5.00193.35
06/10/2016Wimbledon21:32Racenight Jenny5.003.00-5.00188.35
06/10/2016Wimbledon21:48Peregrine Falcon5.002.00-5.00183.35
07/10/2016Romford20:02Gable Tango5.003.50-5.00178.35
07/10/2016Romford21:24Decoy Legend4.004.00-4.00174.35
08/10/2016Newcastle19:39King Kid5.002.63-5.00169.35
09/10/2016Henlow19:00Chubbys Oak5.001.502.50171.85
09/10/2016Henlow19:15Dungannon Jet5.004.0015.00186.85
09/10/2016Henlow21:00Droopys Rogue4.003.259.00195.85
10/10/2016Notts19:48Carlos Court3.003.75-3.00192.85
10/10/2016Notts20:04Lowgate Topaz e/w4.009.00-4.00188.85
12/10/2016Romford20:34To Tone Frank2.005.00-2.00186.85
12/10/2016Romford20:34Knockboy Wing1.004.50-1.00185.85
12/10/2016Romford21:24Swipe And Deploy5.004.00-5.00180.85
12/10/2016Romford21:56Zoos Pacio3.004.50-3.00177.85
13/10/2016Wimbledon19:39Crossfield James5.002.386.90184.75
13/10/2016Newcastle19:26Ferryforth Fran3.004.00-3.00181.75
13/10/2016Newcastle19:59Droopys Country5.003.50-5.00176.75
13/10/2016Newcastle20:33Spa Road Piper2.0011.00-2.00174.75
13/10/2016Newcastle20:51Kildallon Bolt5.001.502.50177.25
14/10/2016Hove15:48Slaheny King5.003.75-5.00172.25
14/10/2016Hove16:08Starring Storm5.002.50-5.00167.25
14/10/2016Romford20:02Rising Thunder4.003.50-4.00163.25
14/10/2016Romford21:24Rosewell Romanov4.003.259.00172.25
14/10/2016Romford22:26Toot Hill Wizzard4.003.25-4.00168.25
16/10/2016Henlow20:00Ajlo Leaglebeagle5.003.0010.00178.25
16/10/2016Henlow20:30Bubbly Trubo4.003.25-4.00174.25
17/10/2016Nottingham19:32Cloud One5.001.733.65177.90
17/10/2016Nottingham20:19Surside Leah5.001.62-5.00172.90
17/10/2016Nottingham21:07Old Joe Garden5.002.10-5.00167.90
19/10/2016Peterborough19:54Ballymac Zara5.003.75-5.00162.90
19/10/2016Romford21:06Settle Now Pettle3.004.00-3.00159.90
19/10/2016Romford21:24Dropys Carins3.005.00-3.00156.90
19/10/2016Romford10:26Zoos Paqcio3.003.75-3.00153.90
20/10/2016Wimbledon19:39Romany Rouge5.002.10-5.00148.90
20/10/2016Wimbledon19:54Diego Flight5.002.75-5.00143.90
20/10/2016Wimbledon20:26Anitas Baby5.001.673.35147.25
20/10/2016Wimbledon22:18Droopys Cambs5.001.91-5.00142.25
21/10/2016Romford19:31Dance Costa5.002.507.50149.75
21/10/2016Romford20:02Ben Golden4.005.50-4.00145.75
21/10/2016Romford20:50Scarlet Soze4.005.00-4.00141.75
21/10/2016Romford21:40Bomanassa Tom4.004.33-4.00137.75
23/10/2016Henlow19:45Underground Blue5.003.75-5.00132.75
23/10/2016Henlow20:30Clondoty Alex5.003.0010.00142.75
23/10/2016Henlow20:46Ajlo Leaglebeagle5.003.50-5.00137.75
25/10/2016Harlow21:15Mays Fiddle Faddle5.002.75-5.00132.75
25/10/2016Nottingham19:11Windswept Elm4.003.75-4.00128.75
25/10/2016Nottingham19:111 to beat 6 sfcast0.50-0.50128.25
25/10/2016Nottingham19:112 to beat 6 sfcast0.50-0.50127.75
25/10/2016Nottingham19:59Garry Glass Champ3.005.00-3.00124.75
25/10/2016Nottingham20:16Mexican Peso4.003.75-4.00120.75
25/10/2016Nottingham20:33Kranky Dynamo4.004.00-4.00116.75
25/10/2016Nottingham21:08Queen Asia4.003.75-4.00112.75
26/10/2016Romford21:56Millwards Mate3.006.00-3.00109.75
26/10/2016Romford22:11Teejaays Tel5.005.00-5.00104.75
27/10/2016Hove18:44Woodmanvote Lass5.003.50-5.0099.75
27/10/2016Wimbledon19:25Jaytee Patriot5.002.507.50107.25
27/10/2016Wimbledon22:18Bockos Bolosie5.002.50-5.00102.25
28/10/2016Romford20:02Rubys Rascal3.004.339.99112.24
28/10/2016Romford20:34Chop Chop Mable4.005.0016.00128.24
28/10/2016Romford21:40Droopys Cams4.006.0020.00148.24
28/10/2016Romford22:26Dropys Cams5.003.0010.00158.24
28/10/2016Romford21:06Jet Stream Babs4.005.00-4.00154.24
30/10/2016Henlow18:30Elusive Dancer5.003.7513.75167.99
30/10/2016Henlow18:45Quivers Cruise3.003.00-3.00164.99
30/10/2016Henlow19:30My Mate Max3.003.758.25173.24
30/10/2016Henlow19:45Liam Og4.002.50-4.00169.24
30/10/2016Henlow20:30Westmead John3.009.00-3.00166.24
30/10/2016Henlow20:45California 5 Ts5.002.63-5.00161.24
30/10/2016Henlow21:00Jet Stream Snowy4.002.636.52167.76
31/10/2016Nottingham21:22Fearsome Phantom5.002.75-5.00162.76
31/10/2016Romford18:56Special Sennian2.007.00-2.00160.76
31/10/2016Romford20:47Zoos Taitoo2.006.0010.00170.76
31/10/2016Romford21:02Ardera Zanzibar2.006.0010.00180.76
01/11/2016Harlow20:10Talltrees Lady3.003.006.00186.76
01/11/2016Harlow21:15Ferryforth Marie3.003.50-3.00183.76
02/11/2016Romford22:26Wharf Of Essex4.005.00-4.00179.76
03/11/2016Wimbledon19:54Jaytee Patriot5.001.91-5.00174.76
03/11/2016Wimbledon20:58Newinn Shadow5.001.80-5.00169.76

We have another two months left of our trial yet and with the variance that we have experienced so far, who knows what could happen next.

We will report back next month with our next update.

The Judge Review: Introduction

4th October 2016

The Judge is a Greyhound Racing tipping service from the Bet Kudos platform that concentrates on finding value bets for the stronger races holding big prizes.

The service launched in September 2015 and has made a profit of 780.12 points to date, with 572.61 points profit made in 2016 alone. This works out at an average profit of 63.6 points per month this year so far. All results are posted to the proofing area of the website.

The Judge has been involved in the Greyhound Racing world since the age of 13 when he was a runner at the track putting bets on for people. He became involved in betting professionally 17 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Yes, mistakes were made along the way, the biggest of them all was not gambling to win for the long term. However a change of mindset in the early years made me look at the bigger picture and how I could make a super career from the sport.

The Judge

Tips are emailed out daily and also uploaded to the member’s area on the website. A bank of 200 points is advised and stakes are set between 1-5 points.

Membership costs £48.00 per month or £96.00 per quarter (which works out at £32 per month).

We’ll be trialling the service over the next three months and will report back each month with an update of our results.


  • Easy to follow with just the right amount of bets
  • Advised odds held up majority of the time
  • Consistent profits shown in long term results


  • Not all bookmakers offer greyhound markets & exchange liquidity is poor
  • Tip emails could be more professional as they aren’t up to the Bet Fan group’s usual standard


  1. I have found him very consistent unlike most other tipsters no long losing runs and plenty of action.
    and up 600 points this year which is 18k for me at my stakes only problem is i am on my 2nd friends betting account.

    1. Great, thanks for the feedback Dave. I believe blacktype bet guarantee not to limit accounts as long you don’t arb them and they have greyhound markets on there too.

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