Trackside Review: Profitable Horse Racing Betting Tipster

Trackside Review

PuntHub say that Trackside is "one of the most impressive services" they have ever come across and we can see why!

According to the published results, Trackside delivered a profit of 207.6 points at an impressive ROI of 24.1% since launcing in December 2016.

The service reported consistent profits with just 3 losing months out of a total of 15 and the average profit per month worked out as a respectable 13.84 points. The sales page implies that the tipster gets his information directly from the 'trackside'.

During our Trackside review, we recorded results and banked 41.71 points profit at an impressive ROI of 36.3%.

All the results for the three winning months are broken down below. Alternatively, click here to get started with Trackside.

Month One Results

Our Trackside review got off to a good start with 4.6 points profit at the available odds (15.9% ROI). The results at Betfair SP were also positive, with 3.42 points profit (11.8% ROI).

It was definitely been a case of quality over quantity with just 15 selections over the course of the month. There were 2 winning each-way bets and 5 which placed, so that resulted in a strike rate of 46.7%. We considered that to be high for this style of horse racing betting where the odds averaged 8.58.

The tips were mainly sent on the same day as the races, before 12.30pm. Stakes were advised between 0.5 and 4 points, with the majority being either 2 point win or 1 point each-way.

There was not any formal advice for a starting bank, so we decided to go 100 points.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets151515
Total Stakes (pts)29.0029.0029.00
Profit/Loss (pts)4.604.603.42
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£46.00£46.00£34.20
Average Odds9.358.5811.88
Strike Rate46.7%46.7%46.7%
Overall Bank Growth4.6%4.6%3.4%
Bank (100pt starting)104.60104.60103.42


DateCourseTimeSelectionEW?Total StakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
23/03/2018Lingfield13:35Settle PettleYes2.008.000.40100.40
24/03/2018Wolverhampton19:15Olive MabelYes2.006.50-2.0098.40
26/03/2018Market Rasen16:50Kings TemptationYes2.007.000.2098.60
26/03/2018Huntingdon15:05Hey BillYes2.008.000.4099.00
29/03/2018Chelmsford18:05Give Us A BelleYes2.0015.00-2.0097.00
31/03/2018Carlisle15:25Pistol ParkYes2.006.000.0097.00
04/04/2018Kempton19:15Tribal WarriorYes2.009.0010.00105.00
05/04/2018Wolverhampton14:10Digital RevolutionYes2.0013.00-2.00103.00
06/04/2018Lingfield17:05Gold ClubYes2.009.00-2.00101.00
11/04/2018Kempton19:15Gulland RockYes2.009.00-2.0098.00
12/04/2018Aintree16:40Gino TrailYes2.0013.002.00100.00
16/04/2018Windsor16:50Teardrop IslandYes2.008.00-2.00104.60

Month Two Results

A second profitable month generated an additional 13.93 points profit at 34.8% ROI.

The tips performed well at Betfair SP again too, taking the total profit to 15.76 points (22.8% ROI) over the two months.

We found Trackside to be very easy to follow. There were just 15 tips during the first month and another 21 this month. Our bank was not stretched at all as we enjoyed a really good return on investment.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets212121
Total Stakes (pts)40.0040.0040.00
Profit/Loss (pts)14.9413.9312.34
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£149.40£139.30£123.40
Average Odds9.198.788.74
Strike Rate47.6%47.6%47.6%
Overall Bank Growth19.5%18.5%15.8%
Bank (100pt starting)119.54118.53115.76


DateCourseTimeSelectionEW?Total StakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
18/04/2018Newmarket13:50Eastern ImpactYes2.009.001.00105.60
20/04/2018Newbury14:25Oliver ReedYes2.008.500.50106.10
21/04/2018Newbury15:10Hey GarmanNo1.004.00-1.00105.10
23/04/2018Pontefract17:45Jos GirlYes2.0010.0011.25116.35
24/04/2018Brighton19:05Happy EndingYes2.008.008.40124.75
26/04/2018Chelmsford18:30How FarYes2.009.00-2.00122.75
27/04/2018Doncaster14:15Warriors SpiritYes2.007.00-2.00120.75
30/04/2018Windsor17:10Cloud EightYes2.006.50-2.00118.75
01/05/2018Newcastle20:25Fly TrueYes2.0015.00-2.00115.75
02/05/2018Ascot15:45Invincible ArmyNo1.002.381.38117.13
02/05/2018Wolverhampton16:10Leaders LegacyNo3.002.003.00120.13
05/05/2018Goodwood14:05What A HomeYes2.005.50-2.00118.13
05/05/2018Newmarket16:10Barton MillsYes2.008.00-2.00116.13
09/05/2018Chester14:25Forever TogetherYes2.0013.001.40115.53
14/05/2018Wolverhampton17:35Three CsYes2.0013.00-2.00117.53
15/05/2018Chepstow18:20Hats off to LarryYes2.006.50-2.00115.53

Month Three Results

It was a clean sweep for Trackside, with three out of three winning months!

The final month of our review finished with 23.18 points profit, bringing our total to 41.71 points profit (36.3% ROI).

The results at Betfair SP were equally as impressive, with a total of 36.72 points profit (31.9% ROI). Note that our results do not include "Best Odds Guaranteed" and the Betfair SP results include a deduction of 5% commission.


DateCourseTimeSelectionEW?Total StakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
19/05/2018Doncaster18:20Victory CommandNo2.003.505.00129.13
19/05/2018Doncaster20:20Roman RiverYes2.0017.002.20131.33
21/05/2018Leicester20:00Gilded HeavenNo1.004.00-1.00130.33
22/05/2018Ayr17:15Druids DiamondYes2.006.50-2.00128.33
23/05/2018Ayr14:30Eva DoccYes2.0013.00-2.00126.33
24/05/2018Chelmsford20:50Higgys HeartbeatYes2.009.50-2.00124.33
25/05/2018Haydock14:20Arthur KittNo1.003.502.50125.83
26/05/2018Curragh15:35Merchant NavyNo1.004.503.50127.33
26/05/2018Curragh16:10US Navy FlagNo1.004.33-1.00126.33
31/05/2018Lingfield14:10Soldier To FollowNo1.003.00-1.00128.66
31/05/2018Chelmsford19:10Lunar EclipseYes2.007.50-2.00126.66
01/06/2018Epsom16:30Forever TogetherYes2.007.007.20133.86
02/06/2018Epsom16:30Delano RoosveltYes1.0017.00-1.00132.86
02/06/2018Epsom16:30Young RascalYes2.0011.00-2.00130.86
02/06/2018Lingfield18:10Midnight BlueNo2.002.202.40133.26
07/06/2018Sandown20:05Cross CounterYes2.007.500.30133.31
08/06/2018Goodwood19:05Humble HeroNo1.003.50-1.00132.31
12/06/2018Thirsk16:45Daffy JaneYes2.005.505.40137.71
14/06/2018Nottingham16:55Giving GlancesNo2.002.88-2.00133.71
16/06/2018Sandown14:35Island of LifeYes2.006.006.00141.71

Review Summary

Our Trackside review finished with 41.71 points profit (36.3% ROI). If only all tipster reviews were this simple!

It was plain sailing all the way, with a consistent 46.2% strike rate. This made losing bets easy to deal with as we were never too far away from another winner.

We love the fact that this is more of a selective style of service, so we were not inundated with tips every day. The only minor criticism is that negative that we didn't receive an email to let us know that it was a "no bet" day.

To be honest, when we first read that Trackside gets their information straight from the side of the course, we were thinking "here we go again, another tipster claiming to have inside information". Whether they do or not we still don't know for certain, but whatever they are doing, it is working.

It has been a joy to follow Trackside and one of the easiest "pass" ratings we have given to a tipster service.

Review Stats+41.71pts profit, 36.3% ROI, 46.2% SR
Stakes Mostly 1 pt or 1pt each-way stakes
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 20-25 per month
Time of emailsMorning 9.00-11.00am
Price£17.50 for the first month then £35 per month or £85 per quarter

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets656565
Total Stakes (pts)115.00115.00115.00
Profit/Loss (pts)43.3941.7136.72
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£433.90£417.10£367.20
Average Odds7.967.698.78
Strike Rate46.2%46.2%44.6%
Overall Bank Growth43.4%41.7%36.7%
Bank (100pt starting)143.39141.71136.72

Longest Winning Sequence: 3

Longest Losing Sequence: 5

Max Drawdown: 10.62pts

Trackside Review Graph

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During our Trackside review, we banked 41.71 points profit at 36.3% ROI. We were certainly impressed by this consistently profitable horse racing tipster.


  • Selective style of tipping service
  • Consistent, comfortable strike rate
  • Straightforward to follow with sensible staking
  • Cons

  • Some days we didn’t receive an email to say it was a “no bet” day
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