Bet Less Win More Review: Month Two Update

Bet Less Win More Review

Bet Less Win More is a horse racing tipping service with the motto "slow and steady wins the betting race".

The service is run by tipster Boz, who takes a selective and cautious approach with his tipping with the aim of making a gradual accumulation of profit.

He has a daily process of selecting one small field UK race and chooses a favourite offering poor value as a lay bet, with a view to it paying for a value bet on another horse in the same race.

The service was proofed to members in the "BOZmail" over a three year period and boasts a consistent strike rate of 66% on the daily lay bets and 25% on the back bets.

The Bet Less Win More profit for 2018 was reported to be close to £10,000 based on £100 stakes.

Another part of the service is the Staggered Accumulator bets which aim to make much larger profits. These include selections for non-league football, women's grand slam tennis, UK National Hunt Racing and US Flat racing.

The idea is to place an initial bet and use the profit from this for further bets, making it a free acca from there on. This is repeated in hope of a big potential payout.

Bets are sent out by email each morning before 11.00am and they can also be accessed via a member's area.

We will be tracking results over the next few months and will report back with a monthly update.

Month One Results

After one month of following the Bet Less Win More tips we finished with a small loss of -0.61 points, which worked out as 3% of our 20 point starting bank.

Based on starting with a £1,000 bank, 1 point works at £50, but the service rarely advised to stake a full point on one bet. The average stake was 0.25 points.

We placed a total of 30 bets that were a mixture of back and lay bets for horse races and tennis matches. 

Key Stats

 Available Odds
Number of Bets30
Total Stakes (pts)7.40
Profit/Loss (pts)-0.61
Strike Rate36.7%
Overall Bank Growth-3.0%
Bank (20pt starting)19.39


24/05/20196-40 WORCESTERDARCY WARDLay0.250.241.96-0.2419.76
27/05/20193-55 CARTMELEYES OF A TIGERLay0.200.403.000.1919.95
27/05/20193-55 CARTMELSPECIAL CATCHBack0.100.1015.00-0.1019.85
28/05/20193-00 BRIGHTONFRANZ KAFKALay0.400.402.00-0.4019.45
29/05/2019Bencic v SiegemundBELINDA BENICLay0.550.211.39-0.2119.24
29/05/20197-50 CARTMELCARTER McKAYLay0.350.291.82-0.2918.95
29/05/20197-50 CARTMELMUNSAABBack0.100.1040.00-0.1018.85
30/05/20192-40 WETHERBYMOKAMMALLay0.200.131.65-0.1318.72
31/05/20198-20 STRATFORDRISK A FINELay0.200.342.68-0.3418.38
08/06/20191-45 HAYDOCKPARADISE BOYBack0.100.104.80-0.1018.28
10/06/20193-30 LEICESTERARTHUR KITTLay0.250.503.000.2418.52
10/06/20193-30 LEICESTERBOMBYXBack0.150.153.10-0.1518.37
14/06/20194-05 YORKHAPPY POWERLay0.150.192.26-0.1918.48
14/06/20194-05 YORKRAAKIB ALHAWABack0.100.1011.00-0.1018.38
15/06/20194-25 SANDOWNMUBARIZLay0.150.363.400.1418.52
15/06/20194-25 SANDOWNCRISTAL BREEZELay0.150.534.500.1418.67
15/06/20194-25 SANDOWNPOUR ME A DRINKBack0.250.2511.00-0.2518.42
16/06/20193-20 DONCASTERSEA OF FAITHLay1.000.091.09-0.0918.33
17/06/20197-20 NOTTINGHAMBRISTOL MILELay0.250.482.900.2418.56
17/06/20197-20 NOTTINGHAMOVERTRUMPEDBack0.100.107.50-0.1018.46
17/06/20197-20 NOTTINGHAMDIENONYCHUSBack0.100.108.00-0.1018.36
18/06/20194-05 STRATFORDRONAVALay0.250.272.06-0.2718.10
18/06/20194-05 STRATFORDWELL SMITTENBack0.150.155.30-0.1517.95
19/06/2019Johanna Konta v OstapenkoJOHANNA KONTALay0.500.181.360.4818.42
20/06/2019Naomi Osaka v PutintsevaNAOMI OSAKALay0.300.101.330.2918.71
21/06/2019Jelena Ostapenko v MarticJELENA OSTAPENKOBack0.350.352.100.3719.07
22/06/2019Goerges v MarticGOERGESBack0.200.201.940.1819.25
23/06/20192-45 HEXHAMINNOCENT TOUCHLay0.250.663.650.2419.49
23/06/20192-45 HEXHAMNIETZSCHEBack0.100.103.65-0.1019.39

Month Two Results

Month two in our review of the Bet Less Win More service went much better, finishing with 8.53 points profit at a remarkable ROI of 65.8%. Overall our bank had grown by a healthy 39.6%, which was very positive after just two months of following the service.

Based on a £1,000 bank, our profit would have worked out at £396.00 in total.

Key Stats

 Available Odds
Number of Bets46
Total Stakes (pts)12.96
Profit/Loss (pts)8.53
Strike Rate60.9%
Overall Bank Growth39.6%
Bank (20pt starting)27.92


25/06/20192-45 BRIGHTONBREDENBURYLay0.250.201.78-0.2019.20
26/06/20192-10 FFOS LASKING CNUTLay0.250.754.000.2419.43
26/06/20192-10 FFOS LASMIDDLEBROWBack0.100.1026.002.3821.81
27/06/20193-30 NEWCASTLETAMMOOZBack0.100.103.40-0.1021.71
28/06/20192-55 CARTMELENNISTOWNLay0.250.462.84-0.4621.25
28/06/20192-55 CARTMELFRANCKY DU BERLAISBack0.150.155.30-0.1521.10
29/06/20195-35 NEWMARKETOCEAN PARADISEBack0.250.253.00-0.2520.85
30/06/20194-40 UTTOXETERDOUBLE W’sLay0.250.553.200.2421.09
01/07/20192-30 PONTEFRACTMONOSKILay0.250.101.400.2421.32
01/07/20192-30 PONTEFRACTHURSTWOODBack0.
02/07/20196-45 STRATFORDFIDUXLay0.300.492.62-0.4921.54
02/07/20196-45 STRATFORDNO HASSLEHOFFBack0.150.154.50-0.1521.39
03/07/20194-20 WORCESTERTHE VOLLANLay0.250.402.600.2421.62
03/07/20194-20 WORCESTERBEACH BREAKBack0.100.1012.00-0.1021.52
04/07/20192-00 HAYDOCKSTARCZEWSKILay0.250.502.980.2421.76
04/07/20194-10 PERTHBLUE KASCADEBack0.100.1011.00-0.1021.66
05/07/20194-20 NEWTON ABBOTLORD IN REDLay0.200.403.00-0.4021.26
06/07/20198-30 CARLISLEENOUGH ALREADYLay0.250.382.500.2421.50
06/07/20198-30 CARLISLEI AM A DREAMERBack0.
07/07/20193-35 AYRNIBRAS AGAINLay0.350.602.700.3322.47
07/07/20193-35 AYRHAROMEBack0.
08/07/20193-45 WORCESTERBOOMARANGLay0.400.131.330.3823.15
08/07/20193-45 WORCESTERPINK EYED PEDROBack0.100.106.400.5423.69
09/07/20192-45 PONTEFRACTMAJOR BLUELay0.250.502.98-0.5023.20
09/07/20192-45 PONTEFRACTPACKINGTON LANEBack0.150.157.00-0.1523.05
10/07/20197-00 BATHCREEK ISLANDLay0.350.352.000.3323.38
10/07/20197-00 BATHGREELEYBack0.150.156.00-0.1523.23
11/07/20194-25 DONCASTERCORNCRAKELay0.250.201.80-0.2023.03
11/07/20194-25 DONCASTERFELIXBack0.150.157.00-0.1522.88
12/07/20196-10 FFOS LASPINK EYED PEDROBack0.300.303.250.6823.55
13/07/20192-25 NEWTON ABBOTPINGSHOULay0.750.421.560.7124.27
14/07/20194-25 PERTHEMERALD ROCKETLay0.500.421.840.4824.74
15/07/20194-10 AYROSTON GEORGELay0.250.432.720.2424.98
15/07/20198-00 WINDSORSENDEEDLay0.350.482.360.3325.31
15/07/20198-00 WINDSORMANNAALBack0.100.1010.000.9026.21
17/07/20193-00 CATTERICKJOIE DE VIVRELay0.200.604.000.1926.40
17/07/20193-00 CATTERICKQUINTADABack0.100.102.400.1426.54
18/07/20197-30 FFOS LASPINK EYED PEDROBack0.100.104.50-0.1026.44
18/07/20197-30 FFOS LASJIMMY RABBITTEBack0.
20/07/20191-55 CARTMELSTONY STREAMLay0.250.603.400.2426.98
21/07/20192-40 NEWTON ABBOTCAIUS MARCIUSLay0.250.282.10-0.2827.00
22/07/20195-00 CARTMELWINTER LIONLay0.300.412.360.2927.28
22/07/20195-00 CARTMELRED GIANTBack0.100.109.00-0.1027.18
23/07/20196-10 SOUTHWELLLE MUSEELay0.350.341.980.3327.52
23/07/20196-10 SOUTHWELLREADY AND ABLEBack0.

We will report back next month with another update.

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