Bet Less Win More Review: Introduction

Bet Less Win More Review

Bet Less Win More is a horse racing tipping service with the motto "slow and steady wins the betting race".

The service is run by tipster Boz, who takes a selective and cautious approach with his tipping with the aim of making a gradual accumulation of profit.

He has a daily process of selecting one small field UK race and chooses a favourite offering poor value as a lay bet, with a view to it paying for a value bet on another horse in the same race.

The service was proofed to members in the "BOZmail" over a three year period and boasts a consistent strike rate of 66% on the daily lay bets and 25% on the back bets.

The Bet Less Win More profit for 2018 was reported to be close to £10,000 based on £100 stakes.

Another part of the service is the Staggered Accumulator bets which aim to make much larger profits. These include selections for non-league football, women's grand slam tennis, UK National Hunt Racing and US Flat racing.

The idea is to place an initial bet and use the profit from this for further bets, making it a free acca from there on. This is repeated in hope of a big potential payout.

Bets are sent out by email each morning before 11.00am and they can also be accessed via a member's area.

We will be tracking results over the next few months and will report back with a monthly update.

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  1. Your introduction for Bet Less Win More, presumably that’s not a pass yet? Does that just mean it’s one that you’re going to be testing over the next 3 months?

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