CD Systems Daily Bargain Review: Horse Racing Tips

CD Systems Daily Bargain Review

CD Systems Daily Bargain aims to guide you through the process of betting professionally with their daily horse tips. 

Since joining the Tipstrr platform, they have reported a 158.35 points profit from 655 bets at an ROI of 24%. At £10 per point, that's more than £1,500 profit!

They say that "a professional betting operation involves careful planning from the start" and advise following their optimal bank management strategy. The initial plan is to make enough profit so that you can take out your original betting bank capital and from then on you are only betting with accrued profit.

The tipster makes staking a paramount consideration and puts time into researching bets to maximise profits and minimise the effect of losing runs. He targets one race per day, taking a less is more approach.

Bets are sent by email and also posted to the Tipstrr site each evening before the races. Results are updated daily and there are detailed statistics available.

We were glad to see a steady approach and hoped that it would prove to be fruitful. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way and we hadn't managed to make a profit from the service after following tips for three months.

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Our CD Systems Daily Bargain review ended with a fail rating.

Please feel free to continue reading the full review below, though we recommend checking out some of the betting system reviews which ended in a pass instead. There's a small selection below or you can click here for the full list.

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Update One Results

Unfortunately, the first month of our CD Systems Daily Bargain review didn't finish with a profit and we lost 9.02 points at the available odds. Betfair SP results weren't good either, with 16.74 points lost which works out at 11.2% of the bank.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets303030
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)-9.02-9.02-16.74
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£90.20-£90.20-£167.40
Strike Rate10.0%10.0%10.0%
Overall Bank Growth-6.0%-6.0%-11.2%
Bank (150pt starting)140.98140.98133.26


DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/06/202016:30 NewcastleBhangra1.008.50-1.00149.00
02/06/202012:45 NewcastleStar Shield1.005.00-1.00148.00
03/06/202013:20 YarmouthBailarico1.0017.00-1.00147.00
04/06/202017:40 NewcastleZabeel Star1.005.50-1.00146.00
05/06/202013:50 NewmarketPass The Vino1.0013.00-1.00145.00
06/06/202014:05 NewcastleVitralite1.007.50-1.00144.00
07/06/202015:15 HaydockSafe Voyage1.006.50-1.00143.00
08/06/202016:30 NaasTwenty Minutes1.0011.00-1.00142.00
09/06/202015:15 HaydockAljady1.0010.009.00151.00
10/06/202016:50 PontefractPlacebo Effect1.0013.00-1.00150.00
11/06/202015:50 BeverleyHesslewood1.007.50-1.00149.00
12/06/202012:30 WolverhamptonMark's Choice1.0013.00-1.00148.00
13/06/202015:15 SandownExec Chef1.006.00-1.00147.00
14/06/202014:20 GoodwoodRock On Baileys1.0015.00-1.00146.00
15/06/202016:25 PontefractHighwaygrey1.007.006.00152.00
16/06/202016:40 Royal AscotDubawi Fifty1.0015.00-1.00151.00
17/06/202015:00 Royal AscotAddeybb1.007.50-1.00150.00
18/06/202016:40 Royal AscotWaliyak1.0013.00-1.00149.00
19/06/202016:40 Royal AscotIndianapolis1.0015.00-1.00148.00
20/06/202012:40 Royal AscotAplomb1.007.00-1.00147.00
21/06/202013:00 WolverhamptonRestless Endeavour1.009.00-1.00146.00
22/06/202016:15 AyrAmerican Lady1.0012.00-1.00145.00
23/06/202019:25 KemptonHold Still1.006.50-1.00144.00
24/06/202015:50 HamiltonDawaaween1.004.502.98146.98
25/06/202018:55 LeicesterAegeus1.008.00-1.00145.98
26/06/202013:10 NewmarketExcellent George1.007.50-1.00144.98
27/06/202014:25 NewcastleFool For You1.0010.00-1.00143.98
28/06/202016:40 WindsorC'est No Mour1.0017.00-1.00142.98
29/06/202020:00 ThirskStart Time1.009.00-1.00141.98
30/06/202020:30 ChepstowStrict1.007.00-1.00140.98

Update Two Results

It was another poor month for CD Systems Daily Bargain with just a small profit of 0.6 points made at the available odds. In total we have lost 8.42 points since the start of our review.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets262626
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)0.600.60-8.27
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£6.00£6.00(£82.70)
Strike Rate11.5%11.5%11.5%
Overall Bank Growth-5.6%-5.6%-16.7%
Bank (150pt starting)141.58141.58124.99


DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/07/202020:45 KemptonBarrington1.006.00-1.00139.98
02/07/202017:00 WolverhamptonSavalas1.005.004.00143.98
03/07/202018:00 WolverhamptonHarbour Vision1.005.50-1.00142.98
04/07/202015:00 Epsom DownsTinandali1.0011.00-1.00141.98
07/07/202014:50 PontefractRoyal Big Night1.0011.00-1.00140.98
08/07/202018:40 NewburyMedieval1.005.00-1.00139.98
09/07/202015:35 NewmarketTroubador1.0012.00-1.00138.98
10/07/202015:00 NewmarketCape Coast1.0013.009.60148.58
11/07/202016:10 NewmarketArigato1.0013.00-1.00147.58
12/07/202014:35 LingfieldEquipped1.007.00-1.00146.58
14/07/202017:50 AyrAmplification1.0011.00-1.00145.58
15/07/202017:10 KemptonGriggy1.006.00-1.00144.58
17/07/202015:10 BeverleyTangled1.0011.0010.00154.58
18/07/202015:40 YorkWhere's Jeff1.0011.00-1.00153.58
19/07/202014:30 YorkArecibo1.007.00-1.00152.58
20/07/202019:00 WindsorFree Love1.007.00-1.00151.58
21/07/202018:05 Sandown ParkPentimento1.007.00-1.00150.58
23/07/202014:50 PontefractWar Whisper1.005.50-1.00149.58
24/07/202018:25 RiponFlying Pursuit1.007.50-1.00148.58
25/07/202015:15 YorkAl Erayg1.009.00-1.00147.58
26/07/202014:10 YorkAlemaratalyoum1.0011.00-1.00146.58
27/07/202017:45 GalwayFridtjof Nansen1.008.50-1.00145.58
28/07/202013:45 GoodwoodAlternative Fact1.0021.00-1.00144.58
29/07/202013:45 GoodwoodTrue Destiny1.005.00-1.00143.58
30/07/202013:45 GoodwoodMagnetised1.004.00-1.00142.58
31/07/202013:45 GoodwoodUnder The Stars1.0011.00-1.00141.58

Update Three Results

CD Systems Daily Bargain failed to deliver a profit in month three of our review, which meant we were still in a losing position overall after three months. 

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets292929
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)-3.5-3.5-7.05
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£35.00-£35.00-£70.50
Strike Rate10.3%10.3%10.3%
Overall Bank Growth-7.9%-7.9%-21.4%
Bank (150pt starting)138.08138.08117.94


DateRaceSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
01/08/202015:35 GoodwoodLexington Dash1.0015.00-1.00140.58
02/08/202013:45 Sandown ParkClaudius Secundus1.007.00-1.00139.58
03/08/202013:45 Haydock ParkMakthecat1.004.33-1.00138.58
04/08/202018:15 LingfieldCappananty Con1.0011.0010.00148.58
05/08/202015:10 AyrEquidae1.006.00-1.00147.58
06/08/202017:10 BathPrincess Way1.0010.00-1.00146.58
07/08/202017:50 WolverhamptonA Go Go1.0011.00-1.00145.58
08/08/202014:25 AscotKasbaan1.008.50-1.00144.58
09/08/202014:15 SalisburyWell Done Fox1.008.00-1.00143.58
10/08/202019:00 Chester DownsAasheq1.007.50-1.00142.58
11/08/202019:25 LingfieldTagovailoa1.009.00-1.00141.58
12/08/202014:10 BeverleyByron's Choice1.007.50-1.00140.58
13/08/202014:00 LeopardstownPhilly's Hope1.0010.00-1.00139.58
14/08/202019:55 LingfieldWild Flower1.007.50-1.00138.58
15/08/202016:35 DoncasterYimou1.0012.00-1.00137.58
16/08/202013:50 NewburyAweedram1.007.00-1.00136.58
17/08/202017:20 Catterick BridgeBe Perfect1.0021.00-1.00135.58
18/08/202019:00 KemptonTurn On The Charm1.005.504.50140.08
19/08/202013:45 YorkArecibo1.0011.00-1.00139.08
20/08/202014:45 YorkMontatham1.009.008.00147.08
21/08/202014:45 YorkUbettabelieveit1.009.00-1.00146.08
22/08/202014:30 Sandown ParkGood Birthday1.009.00-1.00145.08
24/08/202015:40 AyrBringitonboris1.006.00-1.00144.08
25/08/202014:25 Catterick BridgeJewel Maker1.005.50-1.00143.08
26/08/202017:45 BellewstownPillar1.007.00-1.00142.08
27/08/202013:40 Chelmsford CityToolatetodelegate1.007.00-1.00141.08
28/08/202016:05 GoodwoodTwice As Likely1.0015.00-1.00140.08
29/08/202014:25 GoodwoodAlemaratalyoum1.006.50-1.00139.08
31/08/202014:10 SouthwellLoose Chippings1.009.00-1.00138.08

Review Summary

After following CD Systems Daily Bargain for three months we finished up with a loss of 11.92 points at an ROI of -14%.

It had been tough from the get go with 9.02 points lost in the first month. There were just 9 winning bets out of 85 and with just 1 bet per day, it made it seem like it would take a long time to make a recovery.

In reality, the service could have made it back with a few winning bets on some of the higher priced horses. However, after three slow months we decided it was time to move on.

We couldn't justify the high subscription price with no profit to show for it, so we have given the service a "fail" rating.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets858585
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)-11.92-11.92-32.06
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£119.20-£119.20-£320.60
Strike Rate10.6%10.6%10.6%
Overall Bank Growth-7.9%-7.9%-21.4%
Bank (150pt starting)138.08138.08117.94
Review Stats11.92pts loss, -14% ROI, 10.6% SR
Stakes Level 1 point stakes
Starting bank 150 points
Average no. bets1 per day
Time of emailsEvening 5.00-8.00pm
Price£39 per month or £89 per quarter

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