Football Index Intelligence Review: Month Five Update

Football Index Investor Review

Football Index Intelligence is the world's first ever Football Index tipping service, providing a full portfolio of football players.

The service provides a full season guide and weekly recommendations on the best players to buy shares in, including short-term and long-term trades.

Unlike the traditional way of betting on the outcome of football matches at the bookies, Football Index allows you to buy and sell shares in footballers with the aim of trading them later on for a profit.

The general idea of Football Index is to a try and spot players who have the potential to have a great season or future career, buy shares in them while their price is low and sell them later on for a profit.

There are also other strategies, which the service goes into more detail, such as taking advantage of the transfer period. 

Football Index Intelligence, run by self confessed Football Index nut Adam Gibbs, does all of the research for you. The service helps you build a portfolio of players with the aim of making a healthy second income. 

The great thing is, there are no bookies involved so you cannot have stakes limited. The service also runs all year round, whether the leagues are playing at the time or not.

There are three ways that the service aims to make money from Football Index:

  • Steady long-term gains
  • Fast moving short-term profits
  • Predictable dividend payouts

Included with the monthly membership is the Football Index Guide and Season Strategy pdf, usually priced at £47.

We have started the process of buying shares in the players advised by the service. At the moment these are all long-term trades, many of which will be held for several months at least. 

There are short-term trades recommended at times and when these come up they are advised in the weekly email, send out every Tuesday. There is also a Telegram chat group where announcements are made and this doubles as a support group.

Update One Results

After just over a month following advice from the Football Index Intelligence, we had purchased a total of 399 shares in 67 players. Our portfolio had cost £981.56, so almost all of our £1,000 bank was in use.

The value had dropped to £970.78, which was a £10.78 decrease. However, we had earned £12.23 from dividends, so overall were in profit by £1.45.

Dividends had been coming in several times a week and were building up nicely.

Football Index were running a 0% commission promotion, so there was some advice to top up some existing holdings of players with extra shares, but this was optional.

It's a long term game, so we were sitting tight and following the weekly advice and hoping that our portfolio would rise in value as the weeks went on.

Update Two Results

After two months following the Football Index Intelligence, we had almost all of our bankroll in use. We had opted to use £1,000 to try out the service and had purchased £999.20 worth of shares.

The value of our shares had dropped to £979.88, which is a 1.93% decrease. Dividends were still flowing in most days and had built up to £24.86, so we were in a profitable position overall.

There had been more purchases advised but as this would have meant adding more to our bank, we decided to wait for a bit. Advised purchases don't have to be acted on right away and Adam did warn that it would mean increasing the bank, so they were optional.

There were also some players on the sell list, so once they had been sold it would free up some money to buy new shares.

We had been impressed with the service so far, with positive results already starting to show for the advised trades.

Update Three Results

We had seen a lot of movement in our Football Index portfolio over a small period of time, largely due to Messi's price shooting up after putting in his transfer request.

We bought shares in Messi at £5.11 and they had risen to £7.39 each!

In 7 days, the value of our portfolio had risen by 4.1%. The dividends had also been going wild with our players being mentioned so much in the media.

One of the players that we had on the sell list sold, so we had some funds to buy new shares. It was an exciting time and we hoped to see things continue in the same direction.

Update Four Results

Our portfolio value took a bit of a hit in month four of our Football Index Intelligence review, largely due to the new order book system that Football Index had recently introduced.

There had been an overreaction from a lot of traders and instant selling of players, which caused prices to drop in a short space of time. 

The service did a good job at explaining the situation and urged members not to panic whilst Football Index tweak their system. There will also be a "depth of market" feature added soon which should help measure the supply and demand of every footballer on the platform.

At this stage, our total spend was £1,003.26 and the value was £939.12, so that worked out as a £64.14 loss and 6.39% decrease. 

Our dividends added up to £37.29, so we were down by £26.84 in total.

Update Five Results

There wasn't much change to our portfolio value between month four and five as things were still a little unsettled after the new changes Football Index had made to the software.

We had a number of players waiting to be sold at the prices recommended by the service. Once these had been matched, we would have more free funds to invest in more players.

Unfortunately, we had missed some of the short-term trades that were advised as it would have meant topping up the bank again. Ideally, we wanted to stay within the £1,000 bank (plus any profit made on top of that).

Our total outlay was at £990.11 and the portfolio value was at £927.26, which worked out as a £62.85 loss and 6.34% decrease.

We had been doing very well on dividends and in the past week we had two star men in three matches, as well as nine top position wins. Our dividends since starting the review added up to a total of £51.28.

This meant we were only down by £11.57 overall, which is pretty good going considering how volatile everything has been with the pandemic going on plus changes to the Football Index ordering system.

We hoped to see the portfolio begin to rise into profit in the near future.

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