Goal King Review: Over/Under & BTTS Football Tips Service

Goal King Review

Goal King is a football betting service from Steve Hudson, who claims you can make effortless profits in 10-15 minutes a week.

Steve's other football tips service, Football Winner, earned a pass in our review last year after delivering some excellent results.

When we saw that he had a new service up and running, we couldn't wait to see what it was all about.

The sales page states that the service has had 216 bets since May 2020 and has made a profit of £20,337. This is to £100 stakes so it works out at 203.37 points profit. The ROI is a healthy 19.4% and it has had a high strike rate of 64%.

Instead of focusing on match winner bets, as in his other service, Goal King is based on, well... goals.

The main markets are BTTS (Both Teams to Score) and Under/Over 2.5 Goals. This means you aren't reliant on a team winning, but just need one or both of them to be consistent at scoring.

Tips are emailed out every Friday ready for the weekend football and sometimes there are emails on a Tuesday for midweek betting.

We tracked results for four months during our review and had hoped the service would turn out to be just as successful as Football Winner. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a let down and we finished the review with a small loss.

Before you continue...

Our Goal King review ended with a neutral rating.

Please feel free to continue reading the full review below, though we recommend checking out some of the betting system reviews which ended in a pass instead. There's a small selection below or you can click here for the full list.

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Month One Update

The first month of our Goal King review finished with a loss of 2.55 points, which worked out as a small decrease of 1.3% of our starting bank of 200 points.

Each bet had been staked at 5 points, which although seemed a lot, hadn't felt uncomfortable at this stage of the review. Time would tell whether this staking plan would work out in the long run.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4141
Total Stakes (pts)205.0205.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-3.70-2.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£37.00)(£25.50)
Strike Rate56.1%56.1%
Overall Bank Growth-1.9%-1.3%
Bank (200pt starting)196.30197.45


DateHomeAwayMarketStakeAvailable OddsP/LBankBank
05/12/2020Manchester CityFulhamBoth teams to score - NO5.001.753.75203.75203.75
05/12/2020Bristol CityBirminghamUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.552.75206.50206.50
05/12/2020FC PortoTondelaBoth teams to score - NO5.001.65-5.00201.50201.50
06/12/2020HeerenveenPSVBoth teams to score - YES5.001.703.50205.00205.00
06/12/2020Ross CountyRangersAsian Handicap = -2 Rangers to win5.001.783.90208.90208.90
05/12/2020ChelseaLeedsBoth teams to score - YES5.001.623.10212.00212.00
05/12/2020West HamManchester UnitedOver 2.5 goals5.001.753.75215.75215.75
06/12/2020LiverpoolWolvesBTTS No & Liverpool to win*5.002.608.00223.75223.75
11/12/2020LeedsWest HamBoth teams to score - YES5.001.542.70226.45226.45
11/12/2020AyrRaithBoth teams to score - YES5.001.72-5.00221.45221.45
11/12/2020WolfsburgEintracht FrankfurtBoth teams to score - YES5.001.522.60224.05224.05
11/12/2020SassuoloBeneventoUnder 2.5 goals5.002.758.75232.80232.80
12/12/2020Manchester UnitedManchester CityBoth teams to score - YES5.001.67-5.00227.80227.80
12/12/2020EvertonChelseaBoth teams to score - YES5.001.62-5.00222.80222.80
13/12/2020Dundee UnitedRangersAsian Handicap = -1.5 Rangers to win5.001.53-5.00217.80217.80
12/12/2020LeipzigWerder BremenBoth teams to score - YES5.001.81-5.00212.80212.80
15/12/2020Manchester CityWest BromAsian Handicap = -2 Manchester City to win5.001.50-5.00207.80207.80
16/12/2020FulhamBrightonBoth teams to score - YES5.001.80-5.00202.80202.80
16/12/2020CoventryHuddersfieldUnder 2.5 goals5.001.804.00206.80206.80
19/12/2020Dundee FCDunfermlineBoth teams to score - YES5.001.804.00210.80210.80
19/12/2020Edinburgh CityStirlingBoth teams to score - YES5.001.723.60214.40214.40
19/12/2020BirminghamMiddlesbroughUnder 2.5 goals5.001.53-5.00209.40209.40
20/12/2020VitesseFeyenoordBoth teams to score - YES5.001.57-5.00204.40204.40
20/12/2020BrightonSheffield UnitedUnder 2.5 goals5.001.673.35207.75207.75
20/12/2020Manchester UnitedLeedsBoth teams to score - YES5.001.572.85210.60210.60
19/12/2020EvertonArsenalUnder 2.5 goals5.001.91-5.00205.60205.60
19/12/2020RangersMotherwellBTTS No & Rangers to win*5.001.80-5.00200.60200.60
22/12/2020PeterheadMontroseBoth teams to score - YES5.001.592.95203.55203.55
22/12/2020CrotoneParmaUnder 2.5 goals5.001.88-5.00198.55198.55
22/12/2020PSVVenloAsian Handicap = -1.5 PSV to win5.001.482.40200.95200.95
23/12/2020St JohnstoneRangersBoth teams to score - NO5.001.904.50205.45205.45
23/12/2020FeyenoordHeerenveenBoth teams to score - YES5.001.57-5.00200.45200.45
26/12/2020LeicesterManchester UnitedBoth teams to score - YES5.001.623.10203.55203.55
27/12/2020LeedsBurnleyOver 2.5 goals5.001.63-5.00198.55198.55
27/12/2020LiverpoolWest BromBoth teams to score - NO5.001.67-5.00193.55193.55
03/01/2021ParmaTorinoUnder 2.5 goals5.002.10-5.00188.55188.55
02/01/2021HuddersfieldReadingBoth teams to score - YES5.001.854.25192.80192.80
29/12/2020BurnleySheffield UtdBoth teams to score - NO5.001.804.00196.80196.80
29/12/2020SouthamptonWest HamBoth teams to score - YES5.001.75-5.00191.80191.80
02/01/2021TottenhamLeedsOver 2.5 goals5.001.562.80194.60194.60
01/01/2021Manchester UnitedAston VillaOver 2.5 goals5.001.572.85197.45197.45

Month Two Update

Goal King lost a further 12.15 points at the available odds in month two of our review. This meant that we had lost 14.7 points altogether, which was a 7.35% decrease to our starting bank.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3838
Total Stakes (pts)190.0190.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-13.3-12.15
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£133.00)(£121.50)
Strike Rate52.6%52.6%
Overall Bank Growth-8.5%-7.4%
Bank (200pt starting)183.00185.30


DateHomeAwayMarketStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
08/01/2021BenficaTondelaOver 2.5 goals5.001.33-5.00192.45
09/01/2021LincolnPeterboroughBoth teams to score - YES5.001.874.35196.80
09/01/2021SchalkeHoffenheimBoth teams to score - NO5.002.608.00204.80
12/01/2021WolvesEvertonBoth teams to score - YES5.001.934.65209.45
13/01/2021Man CityBrightonAsian Handicap = -1.5, -2.0 Man City to win5.001.78-5.00204.45
14/01/2021ArsenalCrystal PalaceOver 2.5 goals5.001.91-5.00199.45
16/01/2021PlymouthCreweBoth teams to score - YES5.001.623.10202.55
16/01/2021Werder BremenAugsburgUnder 2.5 goals5.001.733.65206.20
16/01/2021FerreiraBragaBoth teams to score - YES5.001.73-5.00201.20
17/01/2021MotherwellRangersBoth teams to score - NO5.001.85-5.00196.20
16/01/2021WolvesWest BromUnder 2.5 goals5.001.65-5.00191.20
16/01/2021LeedsBrightonBoth teams to score - YES5.001.53-5.00186.20
16/01/2021FulhamChelseaBoth teams to score - YES5.001.83-5.00181.20
17/01/2021LiverpoolMan UnitedUnder 2.5 goals5.002.256.25187.45
19/01/2021DoncasterRochdaleBoth teams to score - YES5.001.71-5.00182.45
20/01/2021EupenBeerschot VAUnder 2.5 goals5.002.25-5.00177.45
20/01/2021Club BruggeOostendeBTTS No & Club Brugge to win*5.002.20-5.00172.45
20/01/2021Man CityAston VillaBoth teams to score - NO5.001.934.65177.10
21/01/2021LiverpoolBurnleyBoth teams to score - NO5.001.733.65180.75
23/01/2021CharltonSwindonBoth teams to score - YES5.001.713.55184.30
24/01/2021LazioSassuoloOver 2.5 goals5.001.653.25187.55
24/01/2021Man UnitedLiverpoolBoth teams to score - YES5.001.673.35190.90
26/01/2021EupenAntwerpBoth teams to score - YES5.001.70-5.00185.90
27/01/2021Manchester UtdSheffield UtdUnder 3.5 goals5.001.502.50188.40
27/01/2021Manchester UtdSheffield UtdBoth teams to score - NO5.001.73-5.00183.40
27/01/2021EvertonLeicesterBoth teams to score - YES5.001.864.30187.70
30/01/2021Bristol RoversRochdaleBoth teams to score - YES5.001.623.10190.80
30/01/2021GrimsbyStevenageUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.80-5.00185.80
30/01/2021Union BerlinB. MonchengladbachOver 2.5 Goals5.001.83-5.00180.80
30/01/2021SampdoriaJuventusBoth teams to score - YES5.001.80-5.00175.80
30/01/2021EvertonNewcastleBoth teams to score - NO5.001.854.25180.05
30/01/2021ArsenalMan UnitedBoth teams to score - YES5.001.69-5.00175.05
31/01/2021LeicesterLeedsBoth teams to score - YES5.001.603.00178.05
31/01/2021West HamLiverpoolBoth teams to score - YES5.001.703.50181.55
03/02/2021BurnleyManchester CityBoth teams to score - NO5.001.623.10184.65
03/02/2021LeedsEvertonUnder 3.5 Goals5.001.562.80187.45
03/02/2021LeedsEvertonBoth teams to score - YES5.001.572.85190.30
03/02/2021LiverpoolBrightonLiverpool to Win to Nil*5.002.40-5.00185.30

Month Three Update

It was a much better month for the Goal King service in month three of our review with 28.55 points profit banked. This covered the first two month's losses and put us 13.85 points ahead overall.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3636
Total Stakes (pts)180.0180.0
Profit/Loss (pts)26.928.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£269.00£285.50
Strike Rate63.9%63.9%
Overall Bank Growth5.0%6.9%
Bank (200pt starting)209.90213.85


DateHomeAwayMarketStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
06/02/2021JuventusAS RomaBoth teams to score - YES5.001.62-5.00180.30
05/02/2021SittardHeraclesUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.005.00185.30
06/02/2021RochdaleCharltonBoth teams to score - YES5.001.74-5.00180.30
06/02/2021NewcastleSouthamptonBoth teams to score - NO5.002.10-5.00175.30
06/02/2021Manchester UnitedEvertonBoth teams to score - YES5.001.804.00179.30
06/02/2021FulhamWest HamOver 2.5 Goals5.002.06-5.00174.30
07/02/2021LiverpoolManchester CityBoth teams to score - YES5.001.663.30177.60
08/02/2021LeedsCrystal PalaceBoth teams to score - YES5.001.62-5.00172.60
13/02/2021LeicesterLiverpoolBoth teams to score - YES5.001.623.10175.70
13/02/2021BrightonAston VillaBoth teams to score - NO5.002.407.00182.70
14/02/2021ArsenalLeedsBoth teams to score - NO5.002.60-5.00177.70
15/02/2021ChelseaNewcastleBoth teams to score - NO5.001.703.50181.20
13/02/2021BirminghamLutonUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.552.75183.95
13/02/2021HullMK DonsBoth teams to score - YES5.001.90-5.00178.95
13/02/2021NorthamptonBurtonUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.834.15183.10
13/02/2021LyonMontpellierOver 2.5 Goals5.001.502.50185.60
21/02/2021AtalantaNapoliBoth teams to score - YES5.001.613.05188.65
20/02/2021HartlepoolYeovilBoth teams to score - YES5.001.753.75192.40
20/02/2021ElcheEibarUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.552.75195.15
20/02/2021SportingPortimonenseBoth teams to score - NO5.001.783.90199.05
21/02/2021Aston VillaLeicesterBoth teams to score - NO5.002.40-5.00194.05
20/02/2021FulhamSheffield UnitedUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.623.10197.15
20/02/2021LiverpoolEvertonBoth teams to score - YES5.001.75-5.00192.15
21/02/2021ArsenalManchester CityBoth teams to score - YES5.001.87-5.00187.15
28/02/2021SampdoriaAtalantaOver 2.5 Goals5.001.59-5.00182.15
28/02/2021ChelseaManchester UtdBoth teams to score - YES5.001.78-5.00177.15
28/02/2021CrotoneCagliariUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.994.95182.10
27/02/2021MK DonsOxford UtdBoth teams to score - YES5.001.804.00186.10
27/02/2021LeedsAston VillaBoth teams to score - YES5.001.58-5.00181.10
28/02/2021LeicesterArsenalBoth teams to score - YES5.001.804.00185.10
27/02/2021NewcastleWolvesUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.633.15188.25
28/02/2021TottenhamBurnleyBoth teams to score - NO5.001.944.70192.95
03/03/2021BurnleyLeicesterUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.804.00196.95
03/03/2021CagliariBolognaUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.005.00201.95
04/03/2021West BromEvertonBoth teams to score - NO5.002.005.00206.95
04/03/2021LiverpoolChelseaBoth teams to score - NO5.002.386.90213.85

Month Four Update

Things had been back on the up for the Goal King service but month four turned out to be disappointing, ending with a 14 point loss. This meant that we were back in the red again, even if only just.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3535
Total Stakes (pts)175.0175.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-14.95-14
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£149.50)(£140.00)
Strike Rate51.4%51.4%
Overall Bank Growth-2.5%-0.1%
Bank (200pt starting)194.95199.85


DateHomeAwayMarketStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
06/03/2021Sheffield UnitedSouthamptonUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.673.35217.20
07/03/2021Manchester CityManchester UnitedUnder 2.5 Goals5.002.206.00223.20
07/03/2021West BromNewcastleUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.703.50226.70
08/03/2021ChelseaEvertonBoth teams to score - NO5.001.874.35231.05
08/03/2021InterAtalantaOver 2.5 Goals5.001.67-5.00226.05
06/03/2021RangersSt. MirrenBoth teams to score - NO5.001.783.90229.95
06/03/2021ReadingSheffield WedUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.62-5.00224.95
07/03/2021Atl. MadridReal MadridBoth teams to score - YES5.001.904.50229.45
12/03/2021CharleroiClub Brugge KVBoth teams to score - NO5.001.90-5.00224.45
13/03/2021ExeterCheltenhamBoth teams to score - YES5.001.86-5.00219.45
13/03/2021Dundee FCArbroathBoth teams to score - YES5.001.86-5.00214.45
13/03/2021BenficaBoavistaBoth teams to score - NO5.001.854.25218.70
13/03/2021EvertonBurnleyBoth teams to score - NO5.001.95-5.00213.70
13/03/2021FulhamManchester CityBoth teams to score - YES5.002.25-5.00208.70
13/03/2021Crystal PalaceWest BromUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.623.10211.80
14/03/2021Manchester UnitedWest HamUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.954.75216.55
20/03/2021HamiltonSt. MirrenUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.643.20219.75
21/03/2021Aston VillaTottenhamBoth teams to score - YES5.001.71-5.00214.75
20/03/2021CoventryWycombeUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.804.00218.75
21/03/2021BoavistaSC FarenseUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.683.40222.15
20/03/2021BrightonNewcastleUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.67-5.00217.15
21/03/2021ChelseaSheffield UnitedBoth teams to score - NO5.001.673.35220.50
20/03/2021FC KolnDortmundOver 2.5 Goals5.001.603.00223.50
21/03/2021RomaNapoliBoth teams to score - YES5.001.60-5.00218.50
27/03/2021NorwayTurkeyBoth teams to score - YES5.001.80-5.00213.50
28/03/2021RomaniaGermanyOver 2.5 Goals5.001.60-5.00208.50
28/03/2021UkraineFinlandUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.703.50212.00
02/04/2021Cambridge UtdMorecambeBoth teams to score - YES5.002.005.00217.00
02/04/2021DerbyLutonUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.623.10220.10
02/04/2021WycombeBlackburnUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.954.75224.85
04/04/2021HeerenveenAjaxBoth teams to score - NO5.002.30-5.00219.85
03/04/2021ArsenalLiverpoolBoth teams to score - YES5.001.64-5.00214.85
03/04/2021LeicesterManchester CityBoth teams to score - YES5.002.00-5.00209.85
04/04/2021NewcastleTottenhamUnder 2.5 Goals5.001.95-5.00204.85
03/04/2021ChelseaWest BromBoth teams to score - NO5.001.57-5.00199.85

Review Summary

We reviewed the Goal King service for a total of four months and ended up with a small loss of 0.15 points. It was tough throughout, as every time we built up a profit, it was taken away again and we just couldn't stay ahead.

Despite bets being staked at 5 points each, our bank was never in any danger during the review.

The service was betting at fairly low odds so we would need to see more consistent results and a steady profit month to month, to cover the membership fees and leave a profit at the end.

It could be that the service just hit a bad patch and things could quickly turn around with a couple of winning months, but it could just as easily go the other way.

We decided that a neutral rating was fair, based on our results and experience following the service during the past four months.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets150150
Total Stakes (pts)750.0750.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-5.05-0.15
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£50.50)(£1.50)
Strike Rate56.0%56.0%
Overall Bank Growth-2.5%-0.1%
Bank (200pt starting)194.95199.85
Review Stats0.15pts loss, 0% ROI, 56% SR
Stakes Level 5 point stakes
Starting bank 200 points
Average no. betsApprox. 35-40 per month
Time of emailsFriday for weekend matches
Price£14.95 per month or £67 per year

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Goal King claims you can make effortless profits in only 10-15 minutes a week betting on the Over/Under and BTTS football markets. Find out if we did here.

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  1. The service seems to have stopped after 30 days, along with Football Winner. Right after the Clickbank refund period ended. Coincidence? Seems very shady for someone with an allegedly good reputation.


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