Golf Betting Expert Review: Golf Betting Tipster


Golf Betting Expert is a golf tips service which has been running since January 2016.

We had heard a lot of buzz about Betting God's (now Tipping Guru's) golf tipping service, and they had reported profits of £9584.80 to £10 stakes at an impressive ROI of 61% (to date of this review).

Betting on golf is not for everyone; it requires patience and careful bank management in order to handle the long losing streaks. These are unavoidable when betting at high odds.

Selections are emailed out once per week on a Tuesday at around 11.00am and there are on average between 30-40 bets per month. Stakes are advised for each selection between 0.5 to 2 points each-way and a 200 point starting bank is recommended.

We experienced some fantastic results last year in our Golf Bet Gold review and it will be interesting to see how Golf Betting Expert performs.

Before you continue...

Our Golf Betting Expert review ended with a neutral rating.

Please feel free to continue reading the full review below, though we recommend checking out some of the betting system reviews which ended in a pass instead. There's a small selection below or you can click here for the full list.

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Month One Results

It was an awful start to our Golf Betting Expert review with a poor strike rate of 4.8% leaving our bank almost 50% down. Just 3 bets from the 63 we received returned a profit which gave us an overall loss of 95.75 points.

We also had trouble obtaining the advised odds for quite a lot of the selections, with our average odds being 57.51 in comparison to the average advised odds of 70.65.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets6363
Total Stakes (pts)151.00151.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-93.00-95.75
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£930.00-£957.50
Average Odds70.6557.51
Strike Rate4.8%4.8%
Bank (200pt starting)107.00104.25


DateTournamentBetWin/Each WayStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
01/08/2017WGC Bridgestone InvitationalKevin ChappellEW2.0067.00-2.00198.00
Charl SchwartzelEW2.0071.00-2.00196.00
Patrick ReedEW2.0071.00-2.00194.00
Gary WoodlandEW2.0067.00-2.00192.00
JB HolmesEW2.00124.00-2.00190.00
Barracuda ChampionshipBrandon HagyEW3.0041.00-3.00187.00
Seamus PowerEW3.0041.00-3.00184.00
Andres GonzalesEW2.0067.00-2.00182.00
Tyrone Van AswegenEW2.0067.00-2.00180.00
Finnish ChallengeTage JohansenEW2.0041.00-2.00178.00
Jack McDonaldEW2.0067.00-2.00176.00
Ellie Mae ClassicTom LoveladyEW4.0019.00-4.00172.00
Taylor MooreEW2.0041.00-2.00170.00
Zecheng DouEW2.0041.00-2.00168.00
Denny MccarthyEW2.0041.00-2.00166.00
Sun City ChallengeJacques KruyswijkEW6.0017.00-6.00160.00
08/08/2017USPGA ChampionshipCharley HoffmanEW2.0051.00-2.00158.00
Paul CaseyEW2.0051.00-2.00156.00
Daniel BergerEW2.0067.00-2.00154.00
Thomas PietersEW2.0067.00-2.00152.00
Kevin ChappellEW2.0081.00-2.00150.00
Bubba WatsonEW2.00101.00-2.00148.00
Xander SchauffeleEW2.00126.00-2.00146.00
Price Cutter Charity ChampionshipStephan JaegerEW3.0040.00-3.00143.00
Chris BakerEW2.0049.00-2.00141.00
Talor GoochEW2.0066.0015.25156.25
Vince CovelloEW2.0071.00-2.00154.25
Tyler DuncanEW2.0071.00-2.00152.25
Sun Carnival City ChallengeRiekus NortjeEW3.0042.00-3.00149.25
Breyten MeyerEW2.0067.00-2.00147.25
15/08/2017Vodacom Origins ArabellaRuan De SmidtEW4.0017.00-4.00143.25
JC RitchieEW2.0029.00-2.00141.25
Hennie Du PlessisEW2.0046.00-2.00139.25
Callum MowatEW2.0041.00-2.00137.25
Herman LoubserEW2.0046.00-2.00135.25
Jason FronemanEW2.0081.00-2.00133.25
Fiji InternationalVijay SinghEW4.0029.00-4.00129.25
Josh GearyEW2.0067.00-2.00127.25
Jake HigginbottomEW2.0067.00-2.00125.25
Brad ShiltonEW2.00201.00-2.00123.25
Wyndham ChampionshipBilly HorschelEW2.0067.00-2.00121.25
Brandon HagyEW2.0095.00-2.00119.25
Sam SaundersEW2.0095.00-2.00117.25
16/08/2017News Sentinel OpenTyler DuncanEW2.0041.00-2.00115.25
Adam SvenssonEW2.0057.00-2.00113.25
Nicholas ThompsonEW2.0051.00-2.00111.25
Scott HarringtonEW2.0051.00-2.00109.25
D.H. LeeEW2.0081.00-2.00107.25
Corey ConnersEW2.0067.00-2.00105.25
22/08/2017Wild Coast Sun ChallengeTitch MooreEW4.0019.00-4.00101.25
Keenan DavidseEW2.0047.00-2.0099.25
Rolex TrophyJack DohertyEW2.0067.00-2.0097.25
The Northern TrustJon RahmEW4.0032.0013.50110.75
Paul CaseyEW4.0038.0016.50127.25
Patrick ReedEW2.0041.00-2.00125.25
Made In DenmarkPaul DunneEW4.0029.00-4.00121.25
Joakim LagergrenEW2.0051.00-2.00119.25
Aaron RaiEW2.0051.00-2.00117.25
Thomas DetryEW2.0052.00-2.00115.25
Winco Foods Portland OpenTom LoveladyEW4.0023.00-4.00111.25
Rob OppenheimEW3.0034.00-3.00108.25
Tyler DuncanEW2.0036.00-2.00106.25
Stephan JaegarEW2.0041.00-2.00104.25

Month Two Results

A terrible losing run in month two, where just 2 out of 42 bets returned a profit. After the bets from the Tour Championship and Portugal Masters had been settled, our 200 point bank had dwindled all the way down to 19.25 points.

The next set of tips were received on the following Thursday ahead of the British Masters, but at this stage our bank was 0.75 points short of being able to put all of the advised bets on. Technically this was a bust bank, but we went on to record the available odds and waited to see what happened next anyway.

Paul Dunne went on to win the tournament at odds of 66/1 and gave the service a profit of 118.8 points, but factoring in all of those losing bets gave the service a much smaller overall profit of 16.8 points for the month.

Since starting the review we were still down by 78.95 points.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4949
Total Stakes (pts)144.00144.00
Profit/Loss (pts)15.8016.80
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£158.00£168.00
Average Odds93.6789.45
Strike Rate6.1%6.1%
Bank (200pt starting)122.80121.05
Overall Bank Growth/Decline-38.6%-39.5%


DateTournamentBetWin/Each WayStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
29/08/2017Dell Technologies ChampionshipJon RahmEW6.0021.0012.00116.25
Patrick CantlayEW2.0067.00-2.00114.25
Xander SchauffeleEW2.00101.00-2.00112.25
Jhonattan VegasEW2.00101.00-2.00110.25
Czech MastersThomas DetryEW4.0029.00-4.00106.25
Aaron RaiEW4.0034.00-4.00102.25
Renato ParatoreEW4.0041.00-4.0098.25
Vodacom origins ZimbaliAlex HaindlEW4.0023.00-4.0094.25
Merrick BremnerEW4.0021.00-4.0090.25
Hennie Du PlessisEW2.0051.00-2.0088.25
Nationwide Childrens Hospital ChampionshipHunter MahanEW2.0067.00-2.0086.25
Tim WilkinsonEW2.0067.00-2.0084.25
Shawn StefaniEW2.0081.00-2.0082.25
Spencer LevinEW2.0081.00-2.0080.25
Troy MerrittEW2.0081.00-2.0078.25
05/09/2017Omega European MastersJamie DonaldsonEW3.0051.00-3.0075.25
Thomas DetryEW2.0067.00-2.0073.25
Victor DubuissonEW2.0081.00-2.0071.25
Mike Lorenzo VeraEW2.0081.00-2.0069.25
Miguel Angel JimenezEW2.0081.00-2.0067.25
Renato ParatoreEW2.00101.00-2.0065.25
Matteo ManasseroEW1.00126.00-1.0064.25
Florian FritschEW1.00151.00-1.0063.25
Julien QuesneEW1.00151.00-1.0062.25
Gregory HavretEW1.00176.00-1.0061.25
Nino BertasioEW1.00201.00-1.0060.25
Romain LangasqueEW1.00201.00-1.0059.25
Raphael JacquelinEW1.00201.00-1.0058.25
12/09/2017KLM Open (European Tour)Ryan FoxEW4.0026.00-4.0054.25
David HorseyEW4.0029.00-4.0050.25
Fabrizio ZanottiEW4.0036.00-4.0046.25
BMW Championship (PGA Tour)Hideki MatsuyamaEW8.0017.00-8.0038.25
Jon RahmEW8.0018.0013.0051.25
Patrick CantlayEW2.0051.00-2.0049.25
19/09/2017Tour ChampionshipJohn RahmEW10.0015.00-10.0039.25
Justin RoseEW10.0015.00-10.0029.25
Marc LeishmanWin4.0021.00-4.0025.25
Portugal MastersAustin ConnellyEW2.0067.00-2.0023.25
Matt WallaceEW2.0071.00-2.0021.25
Sebastian HeiseleEW1.00171.00-1.0020.25
Joel StalterEW1.00181.00-1.0019.25
26/09/2017British MastersTyrrell HattonWin4.0034.00-4.0015.25
Paul DunneEW3.0067.00118.80134.05
Li Hao TongEW3.0052.00-3.00131.05
Matteo ManasseroEW2.00151.00-2.00129.05
Jeunghun WangEW2.00152.00-2.00127.05
Joakim LagergrenEW2.00151.00-2.00125.05
Joel StalterEW2.00238.00-2.00123.05
Romain LangasqueEW2.00285.00-2.00121.05

Month Three Results

Another poor month put us a further 19 points in the red, which meant an overall loss of 97.95 points.

Since last month we noticed that the advised starting bank on the sales page had now been upped from 200 to 500 points, which seemed a much more sensible size after witnessing the massive swing in variance the service has experienced.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3737
Total Stakes (pts)80.0080.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-19.80-19.00
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£198.00-£190.00
Average Odds111.81107.59
Strike Rate10.8%10.8%
Bank (200pt starting)103.00102.05
Overall Bank Growth/Decline-48.5%-49.0%


DateTournamentBetWin/Each WayStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
03/10/2017Alfred Dunhill LinksRichie RamsayEW2.0051.00-2.00119.05
Marc WarrenEW2.0071.0013.00132.05
Graeme McDowellEW2.0081.00-2.00130.05
Padraig HarringtonEW2.0071.00-2.00128.05
Stephen GallacherEW2.00133.00-2.00126.05
Anthony WallEW1.00201.00-1.00125.05
Robert RockEW1.00201.0019.50144.55
Safeway OpenAaron WiseEW1.00151.00-1.00143.55
Richy WerenskiEW1.00126.00-1.00142.55
Michael KimEW1.00201.00-1.00141.55
Whee KimEW1.00201.00-1.00140.55
Beau HosslerEW1.00251.00-1.00139.55
Adam SchenkEW1.00201.00-1.00138.55
Maverick McNealyEW1.00251.00-1.00137.55
Marty DouEW1.00251.00-1.00136.55
10/10/2017CIMB ClassicRafael Cabrera BelloEW4.0041.00-4.00132.55
Scott PiercyEW4.0041.00-4.00128.55
James HahnEW4.0056.00-4.00124.55
Italian OpenAlexander LevyEW2.0051.00-2.00122.55
Graeme McDowellEW2.0076.00-2.00120.55
Victor DubuissonEW2.0062.00-2.00118.55
Danny WillettEW2.00133.00-2.00116.55
17/10/2017CJ CupLucas GloverEW2.0067.00-2.00114.55
Danny LeeEW2.0070.00-2.00112.55
Luke ListEW2.0081.005.00117.55
Stewart CinkEW2.00101.00-2.00115.55
Nick TaylorEW2.00126.00-2.00113.55
Andalusia MastersJamie DonaldsonEW2.0071.0016.50130.05
Austin ConnellyEW2.0071.00-2.00128.05
Maximilian KieffeREW2.0067.00-2.00126.05
Alexander BjorkEW2.0076.00-2.00124.05
Gregory HavretEW2.0086.00-2.00122.05
24/10/2017WGC HSBC ChampionsRoss FisherEW5.0026.00-5.00117.05
Francesco MolinariEW5.0034.00-5.00112.05
Sanderson Farms ChampionshipWilliam McgirtEW6.0031.00-6.00106.05
Hunter MahanEW2.0071.00-2.00104.05
Brandon HarkinsEW2.00101.00-2.00102.05

Month Four Results

A spectacular month for Golf Betting Expert with a winning bet at 14/1 at the DP World Tour followed by an 80/1 winner a week later at the Hong Kong Open, banking 187.5 points profit collectively at the advised stakes.

We ended the month with a total profit of 126 points which meant we were now back in the game with an overall profit of 28.05 points since the start of our review.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3838
Total Stakes (pts)102.00102.00
Profit/Loss (pts)126126
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£1,260.00£1,260.00
Average Odds115.50107.42
Strike Rate10.5%10.5%
Bank (200pt starting)229.00228.05
Overall Bank Growth/Decline14.5%14.0%


DateTournamentBetWin/Each WayStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
31/10/2017Shrinners Hospital for Children OpenAaron WiseEW2.00101.00-2.00100.05
Shawn StefaniEW2.00101.00-2.0098.05
Beau HosslerEW1.00151.00-1.0097.05
Talor GoochEW1.00201.00-1.0096.05
Billy Hurley lllEW1.00201.00-1.0095.05
Maverick McNealyEW1.00251.00-1.0094.05
Adam SchenkEW1.00251.00-1.0093.05
Stephan JaegerEW1.00228.00-1.0092.05
Turkish Airlines OpenJulian SuriEW2.0081.00-2.0090.05
Pablo LarrazabalEW2.00101.00-2.0088.05
Adrian OtaeguiEW2.00124.00-2.0086.05
Jordan SmithEW2.00101.00-2.0084.05
Jeughun WangEW1.00151.00-1.0083.05
Austin ConnellyEW1.00151.00-1.0082.05
07/11/2017OHL ClassicCharles Howell lllEW2.0041.009.0091.05
Graeme McDowellEW2.0041.00-2.0089.05
Jhonattan VegasEW2.0081.00-2.0087.05
JJ SpaunEW2.0081.00-2.0085.05
Beau HosslerEW2.0081.00-2.0083.05
Nedbank Golf ChallengeNicolas ColsaertsEW2.0041.00-2.0081.05
Lee WestwoodEW2.0046.00-2.0079.05
Julian SuriEW2.0051.00-2.0077.05
Dylan FrittelliEW2.0056.00-2.0075.05
Padraig HarringtonEW2.0071.00-2.0073.05
Jeunghun WangEW2.0081.00-2.0071.05
14/11/2017DP World Tour ChampionshipJon RahmEW10.0015.0087.50158.55
Matthew FitzpatrickEW10.0017.00-10.00148.55
RSM ClassicOllie SchniederjansEW6.0034.00-6.00142.55
Si Woo KimEW4.0056.00-4.00138.55
21/11/2017Hong Kong OpenMatthew FitzpatrickEW10.0011.00-10.00128.55
Marcus FraserEW2.0067.00-2.00126.55
Wade OrmsbyEW2.0081.00100.00226.55
Paul WaringEW2.0091.00-2.00224.55
Austin ConnellyEW1.00151.00-1.00223.55
Sam BrazelEW1.00201.00-1.00222.55
Jbe KrugerEW1.00181.00-1.00221.55
Adilson Da SilvaEW1.00301.00-1.00220.55
Emirates Australian OpenCameron SmithEW10.0011.007.50228.05

Month Five Results

A losing month of 34.75 points meant overall, since starting the review, we had lost 6.7 points. This was disappointing over a five month period but still no disaster.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets2727
Total Stakes (pts)86.0086.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-32.00-34.75
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£320.00-£347.50
Average Odds57.8553.48
Strike Rate14.8%14.8%
Bank (200pt starting)197.00193.30
Overall Bank Growth/Decline-1.5%-3.4%


DateTournamentBetWin/Each WayStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
28/11/2017Hero World ChallengeTiger WoodsEW4.0046.00-4.00224.05
Australian PGA ChampionshipWade OrmsbyEW4.0036.00-4.00220.05
Brett RumfordEW4.0046.00-4.00216.05
Andrew DodtEW2.0071.00-2.00214.05
AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open.Clement SordetEW4.0041.00-4.00210.05
Matthieu PavonEW4.0041.007.00217.05
Sam HorsfieldEW2.0081.00-2.00215.05
05/12/2017Joburg OpenOckie StrydomEW2.0081.00-2.00213.05
Justin WaltersEW2.0071.00-2.00211.05
Oliver BekkerEW2.0081.00-2.00209.05
Louis De JagerEW2.0081.00-2.00207.05
Jean-Paul StrydomEW2.00126.00-2.00205.05 Qualifying TournamentMaverick McNealyEW4.0031.00-4.00201.05
Cameron DavisEW4.0034.00-4.00197.05
John OdaEW4.0031.00-4.00193.05
MCB Tour ChampionshipJames KingstonEW4.0031.00-4.00189.05
12/12/2017Indonesian MastersKiradech AphibarnratEW10.0010.006.25195.30
Gaganjeet BhullarEW2.0051.00-2.00193.30
Pachara KhongwatmaiEW2.0061.0014.00207.30
Poom SaksansinEW2.0061.00-2.00205.30
19/12/2018McLeod Russel Tour ChampionshipAjeetesh SandhuEW5.0017.00-5.00200.30
Chikkarangappa SEW3.0020.00-3.00197.30
Siddikur RahmanEW2.0061.006.00203.30
Honey BaisoyaEW2.0061.00-2.00201.30
Boonchu Ruangkit ChampionshipDanthai BoonmaEW4.0021.00-4.00197.30
Suradit YongcharoenchaiEW2.0051.00-2.00195.30
Itthipat BurunatanyaratEW2.00101.00-2.00193.30

Month Six Results

Another small loss of 1.5 points meant overall we had bet on a total of 250 selections and ended the review with a loss of 8.2 points. This represented 4.1% of our starting bank of 200 points.

Key Stats

 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets250250
Total Stakes (pts)666.00666.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-4.5-8.2
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£45.00-£82.00
Average Odds100.5092.00
Strike Rate8.0%8.0%
Bank (200pt starting)195.50191.80
Overall Bank Growth/Decline-2.3%-4.1%


DateTournamentBetWin/EWStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
02/01/2018Sentry Tournament Of ChampionsJordan SpiethEW20.007.00-20.00173.30
Justin ThomasEW20.008.00-20.00153.30
09/01/2018BMW South African OpenAaron RaiEW2.0081.00-2.00151.30
Mikko KorhonenEW2.0067.00-2.00149.30
Christiaan BezuidenhoutEW2.0081.00-2.00147.30
Sam HorsfieldEW2.00101.00-2.00145.30
Tapio PulkkanenEW2.00101.00-2.00143.30
Sony OpenOllie SchniederjansEW2.0067.00-2.00141.30
Patton KizzireEW2.0067.0082.50223.80
Ryan ArmourEW2.00101.00-2.00221.80
Chris StroudEW2.00126.00-2.00219.80
Wesley BryanEW2.00101.00-2.00217.80
12/01/2018BMW South African OpenErik Van RooyenEW10.0017.00-10.00207.80
Sony OpenMatt EveryEW1.00201.00-1.00206.80
Sangmoon BaeEW1.00251.00-1.00205.80
Robert StrebEW1.00251.00-1.00204.80
Sam SaundersEW1.00301.00-1.00203.80
Conrad ShindlerEW1.00301.00-1.00202.80
16/01/2018Abu Dhabi ChampionshipRenato ParatoreEW1.00201.00-1.00201.80
Jeunghun WangEW1.00201.00-1.00200.80
Jamie DonaldsonEW1.00151.00-1.00199.80
Nacho ElviraEW1.00176.00-1.00198.80
Matt WallaceEW1.00176.00-1.00197.80
Jorge CampilloEW1.00226.00-1.00196.80
Maximilian KiefferEW1.00251.00-1.00195.80
Oliver FisherEW1.00251.00-1.00194.80
Ernie ElsEW1.00301.00-1.00193.80
Career Builder ChallengeJhonattan VegasEW3.0061.00-3.00190.80
Scott PiercyEW2.0081.0015.00205.80
Ryan BlaumEW1.00151.00-1.00204.80
Matt JonesEW1.00151.00-1.00203.80
Brandon HarkinsEW1.00176.00-1.00202.80
Dominic BozzelliEW1.00201.00-1.00201.80
Jonathan ByrdEW1.00251.00-1.00200.80
Jonathan RandolphEW1.00251.00-1.00199.80
17/01/2018Abu Dhabi & Career BuilderDustin Johnson, Justin Rose, Jon Rahm (EW Doubles)EW8.000.00-8.00191.80
Golf Betting Expert Review Graph

Review Summary

The bottom line is that following this service requires patience and nerves of steel. It had been around for two years (at the point of our review) which was quite an achievement as Betting Gods are often quick to remove services that are under performing.

We are going with a neutral rating and will end the review with note of caution; if you are going to follow this service, make sure you're prepared to experience what seem like endless losing streaks and be sure to follow the advice on bank management.

Review Stats-8.2pts loss, -1.2% ROI, 8% SR
StakesAdvised between 0.5 – 10 point EW stakes
Starting bank200 points (now recommended at 500pts)
Average no. betsApprox. 40 per month
Time of emailsEvery Tuesday between 10-11am
Price£1 for 30 days then £49.95 per month, £99.95 per quarter or £349.95 per year

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  • Rated 2.5 stars

  • Golf Betting Expert
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  • Last modified: 7th January 2020

Golf Betting Expert is a golf tips service which has been running since January 2016. We recorded the results for six months and calculated the profit/loss.


  • Easy to follow with bets sent out once per week
  • Transparent results
  • Cons

  • High monthly subscription price but discounts available if you’re willing to commit long-term
  • Initial recommended bank size wasn’t sufficient but it has now been increased
  • Long losing streaks
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    1. For about £2 a week you can get a subscription to Racing and Football Outlook. Their resident golf tipster Jeremy Chapman has a pretty good strike rate with his golf tips.

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