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Golf Betting Expert Update One

1st September 2017

It's been a pretty awful start to our Golf Betting Expert review with a poor strike rate of 4.8% leaving our bank almost 50% down. Just 3 bets from the 63 we received returned a profit which gives us an overall loss of 95.75 points.

We did expect long losing runs as that goes hand in hand with golf betting, but we weren't expecting it to be this bad! Hopefully we will see an improvement over the next month, otherwise this could turn out to be a disaster. 

We have also had trouble obtaining the advised odds for quite a lot of the selections, with our average odds being 57.51 in comparison to the average advised odds of 70.65. This could be an issue as it will affect our bottom line in the long run.

Key Stats - Update One
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets6363
Total Stakes (pts)151.00151.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-93.00-95.75
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£930.00-£957.50
Average Odds70.6557.51
Strike Rate4.8%4.8%
Bank (200pt starting)107.00104.25

Results - Update One
DateTournamentBetWin/Each WayStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
01/08/2017WGC Bridgestone InvitationalKevin ChappellEW2.0067.00-2.00198.00
Charl SchwartzelEW2.0071.00-2.00196.00
Patrick ReedEW2.0071.00-2.00194.00
Gary WoodlandEW2.0067.00-2.00192.00
JB HolmesEW2.00124.00-2.00190.00
Barracuda ChampionshipBrandon HagyEW3.0041.00-3.00187.00
Seamus PowerEW3.0041.00-3.00184.00
Andres GonzalesEW2.0067.00-2.00182.00
Tyrone Van AswegenEW2.0067.00-2.00180.00
Finnish ChallengeTage JohansenEW2.0041.00-2.00178.00
Jack McDonaldEW2.0067.00-2.00176.00
Ellie Mae ClassicTom LoveladyEW4.0019.00-4.00172.00
Taylor MooreEW2.0041.00-2.00170.00
Zecheng DouEW2.0041.00-2.00168.00
Denny MccarthyEW2.0041.00-2.00166.00
Sun City ChallengeJacques KruyswijkEW6.0017.00-6.00160.00
08/08/2017USPGA ChampionshipCharley HoffmanEW2.0051.00-2.00158.00
Paul CaseyEW2.0051.00-2.00156.00
Daniel BergerEW2.0067.00-2.00154.00
Thomas PietersEW2.0067.00-2.00152.00
Kevin ChappellEW2.0081.00-2.00150.00
Bubba WatsonEW2.00101.00-2.00148.00
Xander SchauffeleEW2.00126.00-2.00146.00
Price Cutter Charity ChampionshipStephan JaegerEW3.0040.00-3.00143.00
Chris BakerEW2.0049.00-2.00141.00
Talor GoochEW2.0066.0015.25156.25
Vince CovelloEW2.0071.00-2.00154.25
Tyler DuncanEW2.0071.00-2.00152.25
Sun Carnival City ChallengeRiekus NortjeEW3.0042.00-3.00149.25
Breyten MeyerEW2.0067.00-2.00147.25
15/08/2017Vodacom Origins ArabellaRuan De SmidtEW4.0017.00-4.00143.25
JC RitchieEW2.0029.00-2.00141.25
Hennie Du PlessisEW2.0046.00-2.00139.25
Callum MowatEW2.0041.00-2.00137.25
Herman LoubserEW2.0046.00-2.00135.25
Jason FronemanEW2.0081.00-2.00133.25
Fiji InternationalVijay SinghEW4.0029.00-4.00129.25
Josh GearyEW2.0067.00-2.00127.25
Jake HigginbottomEW2.0067.00-2.00125.25
Brad ShiltonEW2.00201.00-2.00123.25
Wyndham ChampionshipBilly HorschelEW2.0067.00-2.00121.25
Brandon HagyEW2.0095.00-2.00119.25
Sam SaundersEW2.0095.00-2.00117.25
16/08/2017News Sentinel OpenTyler DuncanEW2.0041.00-2.00115.25
Adam SvenssonEW2.0057.00-2.00113.25
Nicholas ThompsonEW2.0051.00-2.00111.25
Scott HarringtonEW2.0051.00-2.00109.25
D.H. LeeEW2.0081.00-2.00107.25
Corey ConnersEW2.0067.00-2.00105.25
22/08/2017Wild Coast Sun ChallengeTitch MooreEW4.0019.00-4.00101.25
Keenan DavidseEW2.0047.00-2.0099.25
Rolex TrophyJack DohertyEW2.0067.00-2.0097.25
The Northern TrustJon RahmEW4.0032.0013.50110.75
Paul CaseyEW4.0038.0016.50127.25
Patrick ReedEW2.0041.00-2.00125.25
Made In DenmarkPaul DunneEW4.0029.00-4.00121.25
Joakim LagergrenEW2.0051.00-2.00119.25
Aaron RaiEW2.0051.00-2.00117.25
Thomas DetryEW2.0052.00-2.00115.25
Winco Foods Portland OpenTom LoveladyEW4.0023.00-4.00111.25
Rob OppenheimEW3.0034.00-3.00108.25
Tyler DuncanEW2.0036.00-2.00106.25
Stephan JaegarEW2.0041.00-2.00104.25

We will report back next month with our latest set of results.

Golf Betting Expert Introduction

27th July 2017​

We have been hearing a lot of buzz about Betting God's Golf tipping service, Golf Betting Expert, so we decided to start a review to see for ourselves.

The service has been running since January 2016 and has made a profit of ​£9584.80 to £10 stakes at an impressive ROI of 61% to date. This works out as an average monthly profit of £504.46.

Betting on Golf isn't for everyone; it requires patience and careful bank management in order to handle the long losing streaks. These are unavoidable when betting at high odds and we can see from the past results that strings of 15-20 losing bets or more are not uncommon.

If you can get past that then there is potential to make a substantial profit.

Golf Betting Expert Review Historical Results

Selections are emailed out once per week on a Tuesday at around 11.00am and there are on average between 30-40 bets per month.

Stakes are advised for each selection between 0.5 to 2 points each-way and a 200 point starting bank is recommended.

Membership to the service costs £1.00 for the first 30 days followed by payments of:

  • £49.95 per month
  • £99.95 per quarter
  • £479.95 lifetime access

There is a 30 day moneyback guarantee with all Betting Gods tips services.

We experienced some fantastic results last year in our Golf Bet Gold review and it will be interesting to see ​whether Golf Betting Expert will come out on top.

We will start with a three month review initially, but due to the nature of the service it's more than likely that this will run on for a longer period.

We will report back with an update of our results in a month's time.

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