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Welcome to our Sports World review - A multi-sports betting service from Tipster Street that offers a maximum of one tip per day for a variety of sports.


  • Low-priced subscription fees
  • Selective approach
  • Cons

  • Advised bank size unsuitable
  • We have been tracking tips from Sports World for six months now and although the review started well, things have been heading south ever since. After the first two months we had almost doubled our 50 point starting bank and we thought we were on to a winner, but sadly each of the following four months finished with a loss.

    Overall we finished with a profit of 14.27 points at an ROI 6.3% and at the time when we started the review, the sales page quoted results to £25 stakes, which works out as a profit of £356.75. This would be more than enough to cover subscription fees and leave a sizable profit, however there are other things to consider.

    Firstly, we experienced a downturn of 45.5 points during our trial, which means that anyone who joined the service in month three would have almost bust their bank. The recommended bank of 50 points clearly isn't suitable.

    The service uses stakes of either 1, 5 or 10 points per selection, so for the latter you would be risking 20% of your bank on a single bet.

    Breakdown of monthly profit/loss:

    • Update 1: +10.88pts 
    • Update 2: +38.80pts
    • Update 3 : -2.16pts
    • Update 4: -16.18pts
    • Update 5: -4.18pts
    • Update 6: -12.90pts
    • Total: +14.27pts

    Their has been quite a low quantity of bets with just 96 over the course of our six month review, which is an average of 16 per month.

    The service covers a mixture of sports including football, cricket, tennis, darts and rugby. During our review the football tips had the best performance with a profit of 17.5 points and the darts the worst with a loss of 15.6 points.

    Review Stats+14.27pts profit, 6.3% ROI, 52.1% SR
    Stakes Advised at either 1, 5 or 10 points each
    Starting bank 50 points
    Average no. betsApprox. 16 per month
    Time of emailsMorning 9.00-11.00am
    Price£3.79 for 30 days then £14.95 per month. Lifetime membership on request.

    Key Stats - Overall
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets9696
    Total Stakes (pts)225.00225.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)12.8014.27
    Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)£320.00£356.75
    Average Odds1.911.93
    Strike Rate52.1%52.1%
    Overall Bank Growth25.6%28.5%
    Bank (50pt starting)62.8064.27

    Longest Winning Sequence: 7

    Longest Losing Sequence: 8

    Max Drawdown: 45.5pts

    Sports World Review Graph

    Results - Update Six
    DateFixtureMarketSportStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    29/11/2017O.Lines v M.XiwenO.LinesSnooker1.001.850.8578.02
    04/12/2017J.Perry v K.MaflinJ.PerrySnooker1.001.590.5978.61
    07/12/2017Atlanta v New OrleansNew OrleansNFL1.001.98-1.0077.61
    09/12/2017QPR v LeedsLeeds DNBFootball1.001.910.9178.52
    12/12/2017Crewe v BlackburnBlackburnFootball1.001.750.7579.27
    14/12/2017Indianapolis v DenverIndianapolis (+2.5)NFL1.002.00-1.0078.27
    15/12/2017C.Dobey v P.TaylorUnder 15.5 LegsDarts5.001.80-5.0073.27
    16/12/2017Bath v ToulonBath (-2)Rugby Union1.002.001.0074.27
    18/12/2017M.Suljovic v K.PainterK.Painter (+2.5 sets)Darts10.001.62-10.0064.27
    19/12/2017R.van Barneveld v R.NorthOver 3.5 setsDarts1.001.75-1.0063.27
    22/12/2017Worcester v London IrishWorcester (-7)Rugby Union1.001.910.9164.18
    23/12/2017Airdrie v AyrAyrFootball1.001.70-1.0063.18
    03/01/2018K.Edmund v H.ChungH.ChungTennis1.001.800.8063.98
    06/01/2018Colchester v CheltenhamColchesterFootball1.002.37-1.0062.98
    07/01/2018Wasps v SaracensSaracens (-3)Rugby Union1.002.001.0063.98
    08/01/2018D.Cameron v M.UnterbuchnerD.Cameron (+1.5 sets)Darts1.001.670.6764.65
    09/01/2018J.Williams v D.NilssonD.NilssonDarts1.002.10-1.0063.65
    10/01/2018D.Cilbulkova v A.KerberA.KerberTennis1.001.620.6264.27

    Note: A few bets were missed during the Christmas break, so we extended the review to include a few extra to cover those missed.


    It's hard not to be disappointed after such a great start but the fact is, the service did deliver a profit overall. The problem is because of the low quantity of bets, when this service is on a losing run it feels like it's going on forever. 

    According to the published results, this is the worst run since the service has experienced since it launched two years ago. The advised starting bank of 50 points may have been sufficient up until now, but based on the variance we experienced during our review, we would suggest increasing it to at least 100 points.

    It's been an interesting service to follow with the range of sports that have been covered, some that we don't often look to bet on such as snooker and darts. Funnily enough though, the more popular sports to bet on like football and tennis returned the most profit.

    Although we finished with a profit at the end of our review, we don't feel confident enough in this service to wholeheartedly recommend it. It is certainly worth keeping an eye on and we feel that a neutral rating is fair.

    Sports World Review: Update Five

    29th November 2017

    We are back with another update to our review of Sports World and unfortunately the service has had another losing month, although it wasn't half as bad as last month. We have lost a further 4.18 points at the available odds and advised stakes.

    Overall we are still in a good position with a profit of 27.17 points at an ROI of 14%, which works out as a profit of £679.25 based on using a £1250 starting bank and £25 per point.

    Key Stats - Update Five
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets2121
    Total Stakes (pts)53.0053.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-4.53-4.18
    Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)-£113.25-£104.50
    Average Odds1.851.87
    Strike Rate47.6%47.6%
    Overall Bank Growth51.7%54.3%
    Bank (50pt starting)75.8577.17

    Results - Update Five
    DateFixtureMarketSportStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    28/10/2017Ulster v LeinsterLeinsterRugby Union1.001.910.9182.26
    29/10/2017Stuttgart v FreiburgStuttgartFootball5.001.914.5586.81
    31/10/2017LA Dodgers v HoustonHoustonBaseball1.002.02-1.0085.81
    03/11/2017Glasgow v LeinsterGlasgow (-3)Rugby Union1.001.910.9186.72
    04/11/2017Sheff United v HullSheff UnitedFootball5.001.914.5591.27
    06/11/2017Green Bay v DetroitDetroit (-2pts)NFL1.001.940.9492.21
    09/11/2017A.Cornet v A.BlinkovaA.Blinkova (+4.5 Games)Tennis1.001.97-1.0091.21
    10/11/2017New Zealand v TongaNew Zealand (-8)Rugby League5.001.91-5.0086.21
    11/11/2017Wales v AustraliaAustralia (-5)Rugby Union5.002.005.0091.21
    12/11/2017England v FranceEngland (-34)Rugby League5.002.00-5.0086.21
    13/11/2017G.Dimitrov v D.ThiemG.Dimitrov (-2.5 games)Tennis5.001.773.8590.06
    14/11/2017S.Lennon v R.van BarneveldS.Lennon (+2.5 games)Darts5.001.73-5.0085.06
    15/11/2017S.Bunting v P.WrightS.Bunting (+2.5)Darts5.002.25-5.0080.06
    16/11/2017A.Zverev v J.SockA.ZverevTennis1.001.57-1.0079.06
    17/11/2017Gloucester v SaracensSaracens (-6)Rugby Union1.001.91-1.0078.06
    18/11/2017England v AustraliaAustralia (+8)Rugby Union1.002.00-1.0077.06
    21/11/2017D.Lao v C.LuiC.LuiTennis1.001.71-1.0076.06
    23/11/2017Dallas v Los Angeles ChargesLos Angeles ChargersNFL1.001.820.8276.88
    24/11/2017Newcastle v GloucesterGloucester +7Rugby Union1.001.670.6777.55
    25/11/2017D.Jakupovic v S.SharipovaD.JakupovicTennis1.001.620.6278.17
    26/11/2017Saracens v ExeterSaracensRugby Union1.001.73-1.0077.17

    On average there have been around 15 bets per month for this service, so we will be concluding our review in the next update once we are around the 100 bet mark.

    Sports World Review: Update Four

    31st October 2017

    It's been the worst month that we have experienced so far in our review of Sports World with just 4 winning bets from 15 and a loss of 16.18 points at the available odds.

    We are still in a good position overall with a profit of 31.35 points made since starting the review, which works out as an average profit of 7.84 points per month.

    Key Stats - Update Four
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets1515
    Total Stakes (pts)31.0031.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-16.23-16.18
    Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)-£405.75-£404.50
    Average Odds2.052.05
    Strike Rate26.7%26.7%
    Overall Bank Growth60.8%62.7%
    Bank (50pt starting)80.3881.35

    Results - Update Four
    DateFixtureMarketSportStakeAdvised OddsProfit/LossBank
    30/09/2017Preston v SunderlandPrestonFootball5.001.91-5.0091.60
    03/10/2017D.Chisnall v R.ThorntonD.Chisnall (-1.5 games)Darts1.001.73-1.0090.60
    05/10/2017Tampa Bay v New EnglandTampa Bay (+5pts)NFL1.001.91-1.0089.60
    06/10/2017Harlequins v SaleSale (+7.5pts)Rugby Union1.001.80-1.0088.60
    07/10/2017Northampton v Bristol RoversNorthampton to Win DNBFootball1.002.10-1.0087.60
    08/10/2017Cincinnati v BuffaloBuffalo (+3.5pts)NFL5.001.87-5.0082.60
    14/10/2017Racing 92 v LeicesterRacing 92 (-5)Rugby Union5.001.91-5.0077.60
    15/10/2017Strasbourg v MarseilleMarseilleFootball1.002.00-1.0076.60
    16/10/2017Bursaspor v OsmanlisporBursasporFootball1.002.501.5078.10
    17/10/2017Scunthorpe v FleetwoodFleetwood (Draw No Bet)Football1.003.000.0078.10
    19/10/2017Oakland v KansasUnder 46.5ptsNFL1.001.91-1.0077.10
    20/10/2017St Etienne v MontpellierMontpellier (Draw No Bet)Football1.002.631.6378.73
    24/10/2017Getafe v AlavesGetafeFootball1.001.80-1.0077.73
    26/10/2017Baltimore v MiamiMiami (+3pts)NFL1.001.91-1.0076.73
    27/10/2017B.Van de Pas v V.Van der VoortB.Van de PasDarts5.001.733.6580.38

    We are going to carry on following this tipster until we have recorded at least 100 bets so we'll be back next month with another update.

    Sports World Review: Update Three

    30th September 2017

    The good run of results in our Sports World review continued into the beginning of month three with a further 8.79 points added to the pot, but unfortunately the service hit a set back towards the end of the month.

    A losing 10 point Rugby League bet prevented a winning month but overall it was a loss of 2.16 points, so there was no major damage done.

    Since beginning our review three months ago we are in profit by 47.52 points at an ROI of 43.2% at the available odds.

    Key Stats - Update Three
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets1414
    Total Stakes (pts)31.0031.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-2.49-2.16
    Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)-£62.25-£54.00
    Average Odds1.851.89
    Strike Rate57.1%57.1%
    Overall Bank Growth93.2%95.0%
    Bank (50pt starting)96.6097.52

    Results - Update Three
    DateFixtureMarketSportStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
    28/08/2017D.Schwartzman v C.BerlocqD.Schwartzman (-5.5 games)Tennis1.001.730.73100.41
    01/09/2017Cardiff v EdinburghEdinburgh (+6pts)Rugby Union1.002.001.00101.41
    02/09/2017Dragons v LeinsterLeinster (-9pts)Rugby Union1.001.910.91102.32
    04/09/2017J-M. Del Potro v D.ThiemJ-M. Del PotroTennis1.001.830.83103.15
    07/09/2017Wakefield v St HelensWakefield (+6.5pts)Rugby League1.001.570.57103.72
    08/09/2017Castleford v LeedsCastleford (-10pts)Rugby League5.001.954.75108.47
    09/09/2017Crewe v ChesterfieldChesterfield, Draw No BetFootball1.002.95-1.00107.47
    11/09/2017Denver Broncos v LA ChargersLA Chargers (+3pts)NFL1.001.91-1.00106.47
    15/09/2017Northampton v BathBath (+4pts)Rugby Union1.001.73-1.00105.47
    16/09/2017Widnes v LondonLondon (+16pts)Rugby League10.001.73-10.0095.47
    21/09/2017Villarreal v EspanyolVillarrealFootball1.001.71-1.0094.47
    22/09/2017Glasgow v MunsterMunster (+3pts)Rugby Union1.001.91-1.0093.47
    23/09/2017Rangers v CelticCelticFootball5.001.633.1596.62
    27/09/2017D.Young v J.ChardyD.YoungTennis1.001.900.9097.52

    We'll be carrying on with this review for at least another couple of months and will be back soon with another update.

    Sports World Review: Update Two

    3rd September 2017

    Sports World has continued to deliver the goods in the second month of our review, with a further profit of 38.8 points added to the pot. As with last month, we only received 14 bets as the service takes quite a selective approach, but it has paid off so far with an overall strike rate of 64% at the average odds of 1.99.

    Our 50 point bank has almost doubled in the two months that we have been following the service, with a total increase of 99.4%.

    We are not quite sure how the staking is decided for this service, as the majority of bets are staked at 1 point each but there are also 5 point and 10 point selections, which we can only assume are based on the tipster's confidence.

    Key Stats - Update Two
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets1414
    Total Stakes (pts)40.0040.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)38.738.8
    Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)£967.50£970.00
    Average Odds2.062.07
    Strike Rate71.4%71.4%
    Overall Bank Growth98.2%99.4%
    Bank (50pt starting)99.0999.68

    Results - Update Two
    DateFixtureMarketSportStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossBank
    28/07/2017M.Van Gerwen v P.TaylorP.Taylor (+3.5 legs)Darts5.002.638.1269.00
    30/07/2017Wigan v SalfordSalford (+10)Rugby League1.001.73-1.0068.00
    01/08/2017Hampshire v KentKentCricket1.002.301.3069.30
    03/08/2017Middlesex v HampshireHampshireCricket1.001.730.7370.03
    04/08/2017Leeds v WiganLeedsRugby League1.001.910.9170.94
    05/08/2017Inverness v Dundee UnitedDundee UnitedFootball5.002.638.1379.07
    08/08/2017Luton v IpswichLutonFootball1.002.70-1.0078.07
    12/08/2017Royston v StratfordRoystonFootball1.002.05-1.0077.07
    16/08/2017Norwich v QPRNorwichFootball1.001.800.8077.87
    17/08/2017Castleford v WakefieldOver 48.5ptsRugby League1.001.910.9178.78
    18/08/2017Leeds v St HelensSt Helens (+4)Rugby League10.001.919.1087.88
    22/08/2017Nice v NapoliNapoliFootball1.001.800.8088.68
    25/08/2017Surrey v WarwickshireSurreyCricket1.001.65-1.0087.68
    26/08/2017Hull v WiganHullRugby League10.002.2012.0099.68

    We will be back in a month's time with an update of our results.

    Sports World Review: Update One

    2nd August 2017

    Our review of Sports World is off to a good start with a 21.8% increase to the bank in the first month. There have been 14 bets so far and 8 of them won, giving us a profit of 10.88 points at an ROI of 27.9%.

    The tips covered four sports this month; cricket, rugby league, football and tennis. The cricket tips brought in the bulk of the profit, adding 7.33 points to the total.

    Key Stats - Update One
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets1414
    Total Stakes (pts)39.0039.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)10.3910.88
    Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)£259.75£272.00
    Average Odds1.901.91
    Strike Rate57.1%57.1%
    Bank Growth20.8%21.8%
    Bank (50pt starting)60.3960.88

    Results - Update One
    DateFixtureMarketSportStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
    30/06/2017Castleford v HullCastleford (-6)Rugby League5.001.91-5.0045.00
    01/07/2017Catalans v LeighLeigh (+16)Rugby League1.001.73-1.0044.00
    02/07/2017Salford v HuddersfieldHuddersfield (+16)Rugby League1.001.91-1.0043.00
    04/07/2017D.Kasatkina v S.ZhengD.KasatkinaTennis1.001.570.5743.57
    06/07/2017Folgore v VallettaVallettaFootball10.001.575.7049.27
    07/06/2017Huddersfield v WidnesWidnes (+10)Rugby League1.001.91-1.0048.27
    09/07/2017Surrey v SomersetSurreyCricket5.001.673.3351.60
    13/07/2017Wigan v WarringtonWarrington (+10)Rugby League1.002.001.0052.60
    14/07/2017Leeds v HullLeeds (-2)Rugby League5.001.914.5557.15
    17/07/2017Kent v GloucestershireKentCricket1.001.75-1.0056.15
    22/07/2017Iceland W v Switzerland WIceland WFootball1.003.25-1.0055.15
    23/07/2017Wakefield v St HelensSt HelensRugby League1.001.730.7355.88
    25/07/2017Gloucestershire v GlamorganGlamorganCricket1.002.001.0056.88
    27/07/2017Northants v WorcestershireNorthantsCricket5.001.804.0060.88

    The tipster's selective approach seems to be working well so far and hopefully we will see more of the same throughout the rest of the trial. We will be back next month with another update.

    Sports World Review: Introduction

    28th June 2017

    We haven't had a great deal of success with our reviews of mixed sports tips services in the past, so we are still on the quest to finding one that delivers the goods. Sports World has been running since last October on the Tipster Street site, but has been tipping for over two years altogether.

    During this time they have racked up a total profit of 106.49 points at an ROI of 14%. This works out as an average monthly profit of 6.​26 points.

    Out of the 17 months worth of proofed tips, there have been just 3 months that ended with a loss. ​

    The service covers a variety of sports, including Football, ​NFL, Golf, Snooker, Tennis, Darts, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket... and the list goes on. We even spotted a Rowing tip amongst the results!

    The tipster has a selective approach, offering a maximum of one tip per day and an average of 16 per month.

    The tips are delivered via email between 9.00-11.00am and there is an email sent out whether there are any selections for the day or not.

    A bank of 50 points is recommended and the bets are advised at stakes of 1, 5 or 10 points each.

    Membership to the service costs £3.79 for the first 30 days and then either £14.95 per month or £29.95 per quarter. Lifetime membership options are available on request.

    We will be following the service over the next three months and will post a monthly update of our results.

    There's something for everyone with this service in terms of sports, but at the end of the day profit is what we want. Check back next month to see how we get on.


  • Low-priced subscription fees
  • Selective approach
  • Cons

  • Advised bank size unsuitable
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