Loves Racing Review: Horse Racing Tipping Service

Loves Racing is a tips service by Brett Love, an ex-professional footballer who comes from a family of racing experts. 

After suffering an injury his football career was cut short, so he decided to go back to his roots and he is now making a living from professional gambling.

He decided to launch a tipping service and during his first full season he claimed to achieve a profit of 132.72 points at an impressive ROI of 44%. Altogether since launching in November 2017, his profit stands at 358.97 points with a maximum stake of 2 points per selection.

Selections are sent out the evening before the racing and are mostly advised at 1 point each-way stakes. Brett specialises in big field handicap races, so betting each-way is a sensible way to keep losing runs at bay.

Brett likes to focus on top class races so bets are usually sent out on Friday and Saturdays each week. He prefers to bet during the flat season so we can expect more bets during this period.

Loves Racing also includes bonus selections for some of the big racing festivals, which Brett advises using a seperate bank for. During 2018 & 2019 the results show a profit of 115.9 points.

We were advised to use a 100 point starting bank and recorded our own results at the advised, available and Betfair SP odds.

Before you continue...

Our Loves Racing review ended with a fail rating.

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Month One Results

Our Loves Racing review got off to a great start with 10.25 points profit at an ROI of 31.3% banked in the first month. The service hit two big winners at 17/1 and 19/1 on two consecutive Saturdays. 

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets272727
Total Stakes (pts)32.7532.7532.75
Profit/Loss (pts)10.2510.2513.68
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£102.50£102.50£136.80
Strike Rate18.5%18.5%18.5%
Overall Bank Growth10.3%10.3%13.7%
Bank (100pt starting)110.25110.25113.68


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
03/10/20202:10 NewmarketMOONLIGHT IN PARIS1.00No8.00-1.0099.00
03/10/20202:25 TipperaryLAUGHIFUWANT2.00Yes12.001.20100.20
03/10/20207:30 WolverhamptonEL HOMBRE1.00No15.00-1.0099.20
17/10/20201:55 AscotHAPPY POWER1.00Yes17.00-1.0098.20
17/10/20204:15 AscotKING OTTAKER1.25No8.50-1.2596.95
17/10/20204:15 AscotALTERNATIVE FACT2.00Yes11.00-2.0094.95
17/10/20203:05 AscotROSEMAN1.00Yes34.002.8097.75
17/10/20204:45 LeopardstownMELBURNIAN3.00Yes10.00-3.0094.75
17/10/20203:21 Market RasenFLEUR IRLANDAIS1.00Yes23.00-1.0093.75
17/10/20204:50 CatterickSHAWAAMEKH0.75No9.50-0.7593.00
18/10/20203:10 FFOS LASMILKWOOD1.25No7.00-1.2591.75
23/10/20203:00 CheltenhamWEATHER FRONT1.00No13.00-1.0090.75
23/10/20203:00 CheltenhamYOUNG LIEUTENANT1.00Yes21.00-1.0089.75
23/10/20205:15 CheltenhamMAGIC DANCER2.00Yes11.001.0090.75
23/10/20204:00 NewburyWITH RESPECT0.75No12.00-0.7590.00
23/10/20204:35 NewburyTERUNTUM STAR0.75No15.00-0.7589.25
24/10/20203:15 CheltenhamMINELLA WARRIOR1.00Yes26.00-1.0088.25
24/10/20204:45 NewburySURREY PRIDE1.50No5.50-1.5086.75
24/10/20204:05 DoncasterGROVE FERRY1.00No10.00-1.0085.75
24/10/20205:10 DoncasterBOBBY SHAFT2.00Yes17.0019.20104.95
25/10/20203:42 AintreePOINT OF PRINCIPLE1.00Yes19.00-1.00103.95
31/10/20201:35 WetherbyWELL SMITTEN1.00Yes11.00-1.00102.95
31/10/20202:17 AyrJUSTATENNER1.00Yes19.0010.80113.75
31/10/20202:52 AyrSAINT LEO0.50No13.00-0.50113.25
31/10/20203:55 WetherbyIMPERIAL KNIGHT1.00Yes19.00-1.00112.25
31/10/20201:30 NewmarketMABRE1.00No7.50-1.00111.25
31/10/20207:00 WolverhamptonBEATBYBEATBYBEAT1.00Yes9.00-1.00110.25

Month Two Results

It was another winning month in our Loves Racing review with a profit of 24.95 points, taking our total profit up to 35.2 points overall.

The service hit two notable wins at odds of 20/1 and 14/1, resulting in some fantastic returns.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets323232
Total Stakes (pts)36.2536.2536.25
Profit/Loss (pts)24.9524.950.76
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£249.50£249.50£7.60
Strike Rate21.9%21.9%18.8%
Overall Bank Growth35.2%35.2%14.4%
Bank (100pt starting)135.2135.2114.44


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
07/11/20203:45 DoncasterPTARMIGAN RIDGE1.00Yes19.00-1.00109.25
07/11/202012:40 WincantonKEEP MOVING1.00No11.00-1.00108.25
07/11/20201:30 DoncasterAMARILLO STAR1.00Yes17.00-1.00107.25
07/11/20202:05 DoncasterMOLL DAVIS2.50Yes15.00-2.50104.75
07/11/20203:15 DoncasterEAGLE COURT2.00Yes13.00-2.00102.75
07/11/20203:15 DoncasterTULIP FIELDS1.00Yes17.00-1.00101.75
07/11/20203:20 AintreeROUGH NIGHT1.00No11.00-1.00100.75
14/11/202012:45 LingfieldPLANTADREAM1.25No7.00-1.2599.50
14/11/20202:58 WetherbyALBERTS BACK1.75No6.008.75108.25
14/11/20202:15 CheltenhamCOOLE CODY1.50Yes21.0018.00126.25
14/11/20202:50 CheltenhamGOLAN FORTUNE1.00No9.50-1.00125.25
14/11/20202:50 CheltenhamWEATHER FRONT0.50No15.00-0.50124.75
14/11/20203:25 CheltenhamWHATSUPWITHYOU2.00Yes12.001.20125.95
15/11/20203:00 CheltenhamTEGEREK1.00No9.00-1.00124.95
15/11/20203:00 CheltenhamSTRONG GLANCE1.50Yes15.00-1.50123.45
20/11/20202:40 AscotEDDIEMAURICE1.00Yes13.00-1.00122.45
20/11/20206:15 NewcastleDANDY'S GOLD1.00Yes7.00-1.00121.45
21/11/20201:37 NaasVALENTINA LADY1.00Yes23.00-1.00120.45
21/11/20201:58 HuntingdonXCITATIONS0.75No11.007.50127.95
21/11/20202:25 HaydockFLASHJACK0.50Yes67.00-0.50127.45
21/11/20202:55 LingfieldTHE JEAN GENIE2.00Yes7.50-2.00125.45
27/11/20202:25 NewburySAN BENEDETO0.50No8.50-0.50124.95
27/11/20203:00 NewburyHONEST VIC0.75No15.00-0.75124.20
27/11/20201:25 DoncasterBARTON KNOLL0.75No15.0010.50134.70
28/11/20201:43 DoncasterLUNAR YET1.50No5.00-1.50133.20
28/11/20201:50 NewburyCHAMPAGNE PLATINUM0.75No9.00-0.75132.45
28/11/20201:50 NewburyHOWLING MILAN0.50No13.00-5.00127.45
28/11/20202:25 NewburyMILKWOOD1.25No6.00-1.25126.20
28/11/20203:00 NewburyKILDISART2.00Yes8.50-2.00124.20
28/11/20203:35 NewburyZANZA1.00No7.006.00130.20
28/11/20207:00 WolverhamptonGHAITH0.50No21.00-0.50129.70
28/11/20207:00 WolverhamptonMISTY GREY0.50No12.005.50135.20

Month Three Results

We banked a profit of 2 points in month three of our Loves Racing review, bringing our total profit up to 37.2 points. There were just 3 winning bets from 24, but thankfully it was enough to make a small profit for the month.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets242424
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)2.002.00-2.52
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£20.00£20.00(£25.20)
Strike Rate12.5%12.5%12.5%
Overall Bank Growth37.2%37.2%11.9%
Bank (100pt starting)137.20137.20111.92


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
04/12/20203:00 SandownILLEGAL MODEL2.00Yes8.50-2.00133.20
04/12/20203:35 SandownEMPRESSIVE LADY1.00No4.503.50136.70
04/12/20205:45 NewcastleST JUST0.75No15.00-0.75135.95
05/12/20203:15 AintreeSPRINGTOWN LAKE0.75No11.00-0.75135.20
05/12/20203:35 SandownBENSON2.00Yes11.0012.00147.20
05/12/202012:20 AintreeLOOKS LIKE MURT1.00Yes11.00-1.00146.20
05/12/20202:12 WetherbyTHOR DE CERISY0.75No8.50-0.75145.45
05/12/20207:30 WolverhamptonSOCIETY RED0.75No11.00-0.75144.70
12/12/20201:15 CheltenhamSKY PIRATE1.25No6.006.25150.95
12/12/20201:50 CheltenhamSOUTHFIELD STONE1.00Yes21.00-1.00149.95
12/12/20201:50 CheltenhamBENATAR0.50No26.00-0.50149.45
12/12/202012:55 DoncasterMICK MAESTRO1.50No6.50-1.50147.95
12/12/20204:30 NewcastleSANAADH0.75No7.50-0.75147.20
12/12/20207:15 WolverhamptonMERHOOB2.00Yes7.00-2.00145.20
19/12/20203:35 AscotARRIVEDERCI1.00No10.00-1.00144.20
19/12/20203:35 AscotWEST TO THE BRIDGE1.00Yes34.00-1.00143.20
19/12/202012:50 LingfieldQUEENS COURSE1.00No7.50-1.00142.20
19/12/20201:25 LingfieldMERHOOB0.75No13.00-0.75141.45
19/12/20201:25 LingfieldTYPHOON TEN0.50No21.00-0.50140.95
19/12/20202:00 LingfieldWAIT FOR THE LORD1.00Yes51.00-1.00139.95
19/12/20203:00 AscotQUARENTA0.75No7.50-0.75139.20
19/12/202012:55 DoncasterCRIXUSS ESCAPE0.75No13.00-0.75138.45
19/12/20201:50 AscotDRUMCLIFF0.75No12.00-0.75137.70
19/12/20203:00 AscotFURZIG0.50No15.00-0.50137.20

Month Four Results

It was the first losing month that we had experienced during our Loves Racing review, with 21.25 points lost at the available odds. We had still made 15.95 points profit overall, but that worked out as an average of just under 4 points profit per month.

We hoped to see the service bounce back in month five.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets313131
Total Stakes (pts)35.7535.7535.75
Profit/Loss (pts)-21.05-21.25-21.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£210.50)(£212.50)(£215.50)
Strike Rate6.5%6.5%6.5%
Overall Bank Growth16.2%16.0%-9.6%
Bank (100pt starting)116.15115.9590.37


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
09/01/20213:10 ChepstowSPRINGFIELD FOX1.00No9.50-1.00136.20
09/01/20213:10 ChepstowBOBO MAC1.00Yes19.00-1.00135.20
09/01/20213:30 KemptonSHANG TANG0.75No12.00-0.75134.45
09/01/20213:30 KemptonMOUNT MEWS1.00Yes23.00-1.00133.45
09/01/202111:30 LingfieldAVORISK ET PERILS1.00Yes23.00-1.00132.45
09/01/20211:05 LingfieldWAIT FOR THE LORD1.25No8.00-1.25131.20
09/01/20212:50 LingfieldAWEEMAWEH1.00Yes12.00-1.00130.20
09/01/20211:45 KemptonROCCO0.75No7.50-0.75129.45
09/01/20213:57 KemptonMANUCCI0.50No15.00-0.50128.95
16/01/20212:25 WarwickJAY BEE WHY0.75No9.00-0.75128.20
16/01/20213:35 WarwickMR HARP0.75No13.00-0.75127.45
16/01/20212:00 LingfieldDUTUGAMUNU1.25No4.33-1.25126.20
16/01/20216:50 KemptonESPRESSO FREDDO1.00Yes13.000.70126.90
16/01/20217:20 KemptonLADY OF ARAN0.75No15.00-0.75126.15
23/01/20211:50 AscotPADDY'S MOTORBIKE1.25No9.00-1.25124.90
23/01/20213:00 AscotACTING LASS1.00Yes17.00-1.00123.90
23/01/20211:35 TauntonTORCELLO0.75No11.00-0.75123.15
23/01/20214:05 NewcastleMADEH2.00Yes10.0010.80133.95
23/01/20217:10 NewcastleFORTAMOUR2.00No4.50-2.00131.95
23/01/20212:05 HaydockCHEF D'OEUVRE0.75No7.50-0.75131.20
23/01/20214:20 HaydockCRACKDELOUST0.50No15.00-0.50130.70
28/01/20211:10 SouthwellALJARI1.00No9.00-1.00129.70
29/01/20211:55 NavanFUNKY DADY1.00No8.50-1.00128.70
30/01/20212:05 DoncasterIRISH ROE1.00No13.00-1.00127.70
30/01/20212:05 DoncasterRAYNA'S WORLD1.00No13.00-1.00126.70
30/01/20213:30 LingfieldATHEEB2.00No9.00-2.00124.70
30/01/202112:55 DoncasterSUNSET WEST2.00No4.00-2.00122.70
30/01/20212:20 LingfieldCHOCCO STAR2.00Yes12.00-2.00120.70
30/01/20213:15 DoncasterCANELO1.25No8.50-1.25119.45
30/01/20212:55 LingfieldRENARDEAU1.50No7.00-1.50117.95
30/01/20212:35 KemptonINCLYNE2.00Yes17.00-2.00115.95

Month Five Results

The Loves Racing service had another really poor month, losing 31 points at the available odds and wiping out the remaining profit that we had made during the first two months of our review.

It really was a shocker of a month, with a losing streak of 26 bets and only one bet returning a profit and that was a place.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets282828
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)-30.0-31.0-31.25
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£300.00)(£310.00)(£312.50)
Strike Rate3.6%3.6%3.6%
Overall Bank Growth-13.9%-15.1%-40.9%
Bank (100pt starting)86.1584.9559.12


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
06/02/20212:45 LeopardstownEMILY MOON2.00Yes15.00-2.00113.95
06/02/20213:50 LeopardstownGOLDEN JEWEL2.00Yes21.003.00116.95
06/02/20212:40 MusselburghRICKOBOY1.50No5.00-1.50115.45
06/02/20211:11 LingfieldTINTO1.00No11.00-1.00114.45
06/02/20211:05 LeopardstownASHDALE BOB0.50No13.00-0.50113.95
07/02/20212:55 MusselburghMOUNT MEWS1.00Yes9.50-1.00112.95
07/02/20213:25 MusselburghTOMMY'S OSCAR1.00No9.00-1.00111.95
07/02/20213:25 MusselburghBELFAST BANTER0.50No12.00-0.50111.45
07/02/20211:10 LeopardstownRESCUE PACKAGE1.00Yes15.00-1.00110.45
07/02/20212:10 LeopardstownMASTER MCSHEE1.00Yes12.00-1.00109.45
07/02/20212:40 LeopardstownPURE GENIUS1.25No7.00-1.25108.20
07/02/20214:10 LeopardstownCROSSED MY MIND0.75No8.50-0.75107.45
13/02/20217:15 WolverhamptonLOMU1.00No13.00-1.00106.45
13/02/20213:10 LingfieldAVORISK ET PERILS1.00No11.00-1.00105.45
13/02/20215:45 WolverhamptonHEALING POWER1.00No9.00-1.00104.45
20/02/20212:25 AscotNEWTIDE1.00No12.00-1.00103.45
20/02/20213:00 AscotSTOLEN SILVER1.00No12.00-1.00102.45
20/02/20215:08 WincantonNEETSIDE1.00No8.00-1.00101.45
20/02/20213:50 HaydockEVERGLOW1.00No7.50-1.00100.45
20/02/20214:25 HaydockMR HARP1.00No11.00-1.0099.45
20/02/20213:18 WincantonFRIEND OR FOE1.00No13.00-1.0098.45
20/02/20213:58 WincantonENDLESS FLIGHT1.50Yes21.00-1.5096.95
20/02/20212:01 LingfieldALNASHERAT1.00No9.00-1.0095.95
21/02/20213:35 NewburyMILKWOOD3.00Yes15.00-3.0092.95
21/02/20213:00 NewburyFANION DESTRUVAL2.00No7.00-2.0090.95
21/02/20211:50 NewburySILENT ASSISTANT2.00Yes17.00-2.0088.95
21/02/20213:35 NewburyGALICE MACALO2.00Yes29.00-2.0086.95
21/02/20213:15 Market RasenMICK MAESTRO2.00No5.00-2.0084.95

Review Summary

Our Loves Racing review had started well with 35.2 points delivered in the first two months but unfortunately things dropped off from there on.

In month three there was a small profit of 2 points, followed by two horrific months where we lost more than 50 points.

We had gone through two massive losing streaks, first 27 bets losing in a row and then soon after, another 26 in a row. It had to be one of the worst performances we had seen from a tipster after starting so well.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets142142142
Total Stakes (pts)164.75164.75164.75
Profit/Loss (pts)-13.85-15.05-40.88
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£138.50)(£150.50)(£408.80)
Strike Rate12.7%12.7%12.7%
Overall Bank Growth-13.9%-15.1%-40.9%
Bank (100pt starting)86.1584.9559.12

Brett did go through some health issues during this period, so the poor performance may be down to that. He had realised that he may have rushed himself back and decided to take a 10 day hiatus to recharge. 

After a couple of weeks we hadn't heard anything, so we decided to conclude our review. It wasn't a service we could recommend based on our experience, but we would be open to taking another look once things have settled.

Review Stats15.05pts loss, -9.1% ROI, 12.7% SR
Stakes Usually 1-2 points
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 30 per month
Time of emailsEvening before races and mornings
Price£39.99 per month, £99 per quarter or £149 for six months

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