Master Racing Review: Month Four Update

Master Racing Review

Master Racing launched in 2014 and has the reputation of being one of the best horse racing tips services around today.

Since inception, they have reported 847 points profit at an ROI of 21.7%, with the monthly profit working out at an average at of £111.16 to £10 stakes.

The service recently moved from Betting Gods, where it was known as Master Racing Tipster, to the TippingGurus platform.

Since then, the service has undergone some changes. They are now sending tips out in the morning rather than the night before the racing and all selections are advised to be bet at Betfair SP.

The idea is to make the service more accessible to those that have had their accounts limited at bookmakers and prefer a tipster to follow using Betfair.

It's early days for this format, but since 26th September 2020 when they changed over to BSP, they have made 10.6 points profit, so it's a promising start.

Below are the monthly results reported for Master Racing for 2020 at the time of writing.


Profit (£10 per point)

Strike Rate

No. of Tips

January 2020




February 2020




March 2020




April 2020




May 2020




June 2020




July 2020




August 2020




September 2020




We are going to be following the service over the next few months to see how the new format works out and we will report back monthly with a results update.

If the service performs anywhere near as good as the other TippingGurus service that we reviewed, ImRigged, then we're on to a winner!

Month One Results

Master Racing finished month one of our review with a loss of 3.46 points at BSP, after 15 bets winning from a total of 61 advised tips. It was only a small dent to our starting bank which we hoped would soon be recovered by the next update.

Key Stats

Number of Bets61
Total Stakes (pts)70.0
Profit/Loss (pts)-3.46
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£34.60)
Strike Rate24.6%
Overall Bank Growth-3.5%
Bank (100pt starting)96.54


DateRaceSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
22/10/20203.25 CarlisleSTATION MASTER3.00-3.0097.00
23/10/20201.50 CheltenhamMIDNIGHT RIVER1.00-1.0096.00
23/10/20202.40 DoncasterTRANCHEE1.00-1.0095.00
23/10/20202.50 NewburyWONDEROUS WOODS1.00-1.0094.00
24/10/20201.45 DoncasterJUST FRANK1.00-1.0093.00
24/10/20202.40 CheltenhamSOUTHFIELD STONE1.003.002.0095.00
24/10/20202.55 DoncasterONE RULER1.00-1.0094.00
25/10/20201.57 AintreeOLDGRANGEWOOD - Win1.00-1.0093.00
25/10/20201.57 AintreeOLDGRANGEWOOD - Place1.00-1.0092.00
26/10/20202.35 LeicesterKING CARNEY2.00-2.0090.00
27/10/20201.30 BangorMISS AMELIA1.003.402.4092.40
27/10/20202.10 CatterickLORD OBERON1.00-1.0091.40
27/10/20207.50 SouthwellSEA OF MYSTERY1.00-1.0090.40
28/10/20201.15 NottinghamMUSTARRID1.006.705.7096.10
29/10/202012.45 LingfieldTHE JEAN GENIE - Win1.00-1.0095.10
29/10/202012.45 LingfieldTHE JEAN GENIE - Place1.003.302.3097.40
30/10/20202.55 NewmarketHAWRIDGE FLYER - Win1.00-1.0096.40
30/10/20202.55 NewmarketHAWRIDGE FLYER - Place1.002.061.0697.46
31/10/20201.55 AscotIBLEO1.00-1.0096.46
31/10/20202.05 NewmarketTEODOLINA - Win1.00-1.0095.46
31/10/20202.05 NewmarketTEODOLINA - Place1.00-1.0094.46
01/11/20201.05 CarlisleTUPELO MISSISSIPPI1.00-1.0093.46
01/11/20203.10 CarlisleJACAMAR1.00-1.0092.46
02/11/20204.50 WolverhamptonHIGHEST AMBITION1.00-1.0091.46
02/11/20205.50 WolverhamptonPRODUCTION1.00-1.0090.46
02/11/20206.20 WolverhamptonARABIAN WARRIOR1.00-1.0089.46
03/11/20202.25 ExeterGREANETEEN3.003.006.0095.46
04/11/20202.00 LingfieldLITTLE BROWN TROUT1.00-1.0094.46
06/11/20203.30 HexhamCOMMANDING SPIRIT1.00-1.0093.46
06/11/20204.00 NewcastleDAWAALEEB1.003.652.6596.11
06/11/20208.10 KeenlandCADILLAC1.00-1.0095.11
07/11/20201.42 KelsoAMAZHAR GARDE1.008.207.20102.31
07/11/20201.50 WincantonSUNRISE RUBY1.00-1.00101.31
07/11/20203.15 DoncasterSAM COOKE - Win1.00-1.00100.31
07/11/20203.15 DoncasterSAM COOKE - Place1.00-1.0099.31
09/11/20202.28 KemptonFLASHING GLANCE1.00-1.0098.31
09/11/20205.50 DundalkBREAKFAST CLUB3.00-3.0095.31
09/11/20207.35 SouthwellCAPE GRECO1.00-1.0094.31
10/11/20203.23 LingfieldAS I SEE IT1.00-1.0093.31
10/11/20203.37 HerefordKNIGHT COMMANDER1.00-1.0092.31
11/11/20201.55 BangorBOLDMERE1.00-1.0091.31
12/11/20202.15 LudlowDOM LAMI1.00-1.0090.31
12/11/20202.40 TauntonPONTRESINA1.00-1.0089.31
13/11/20201.50 CheltenhamBEAT THE JUDGE1.00-1.0088.31
13/11/20203.35 CheltenhamDOES HE KNOW3.002.534.5992.90
14/11/202012.30 CheltenhamDUFFLE COAT1.003.252.2595.15
14/11/20201.13 WetherbyMARIO DE PAIL1.002.621.6296.77
14/11/20203.40 LingfieldGOOD EFFORT1.003.752.7599.52
15/11/20202.25 CheltenhamDEFI DU SEUIL2.00-2.0097.52
15/11/20203.00 CheltenhamSIR PSYCHO - Win0.50-0.5097.02
15/11/20203.00 CheltenhamSIR PSYCHO - Place0.50-0.5096.52
16/11/20203.40 WolverhamptonWINGS OF A DOVE1.00-1.0095.52
17/11/202012.20 SouthwellDARK SIDE PRINCESS1.00-1.0094.52
17/11/20202.33 FakenhamMIDNIGHTS GIFT1.003.412.4196.93
18/11/202012.20 WarwickTWOMINUTES TURKISH1.00-1.0095.93
19/11/20201.30 Market RasenFIRST LORD DE CUET1.00-1.0094.93
19/11/20201.40 WincantonBUCKHORN GEORGE1.00-1.0093.93
19/11/20204.50 NewcastleBIG LES1.00-1.0092.93
20/11/20202.05 AscotESPOIR DE GUYE1.003.862.8695.79
21/11/20201.23 HuntingdonROCK ON ROCCO1.00-1.0094.79
21/11/20202.05 AscotIMPERIAL AURA1.002.751.7596.54

Month Two Results

It was a winning month for Master Racing with 6.86 points profit at BSP, so the service had recovered the loss from month one and put us into an overall profitable position.

In total, we were up by 3.4 points and hoped to build on this during the next month.

Key Stats

Number of Bets61
Total Stakes (pts)70.5
Profit/Loss (pts)6.86
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£68.60
Strike Rate26.2%
Overall Bank Growth3.4%
Bank (100pt starting)103.40


DateRaceSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
23/11/20203.20 LudlowHOUSE ISLAND2.002.052.1098.64
24/11/20201.16 SedgefieldNORTONTHORPELEGEND1.00-1.0097.64
25/11/202012.05 HerefordSAM BARTON1.00-1.0096.64
25/11/20202.50 HerefordMOLLY OLLYS WISHES1.004.073.0799.71
25/11/20203.10 LingfieldSPY LEGEND1.00-1.0098.71
25/11/20203.40 LingfieldTHE WARRIOR - Win0.50-0.5098.21
25/11/20203.40 LingfieldTHE WARRIOR - Place0.50-0.5097.71
26/11/202012.20 SouthwellUSTATH3.00-3.0094.71
27/11/20203.00 NewburyMCFABULOUS1.00-1.0093.71
27/11/20207.15 ChelmsfordBAYSTON HILL - Win1.008.317.31101.02
27/11/20207.15 ChelmsfordBAYSTON HILL - Place1.002.811.81102.83
28/11/202012.40 NewburyKALOOKI1.00-1.00101.83
28/11/20201.43 DoncasterASHINGTON1.00-1.00100.83
28/11/20201.50 NewburyTEA CLIPPER1.00-1.0099.83
28/11/20203.35 NewburyMOONLIGHTER1.00-1.0098.83
30/11/20203.10 AyrCALIVIGNY1.006.405.40104.23
30/11/20204.35 KemptonPHOENIX STAR1.003.152.15106.38
01/12/20202.00 SouthwellMINELLA TARA1.00-1.00105.38
01/12/20203.10 NewcastleFIREWORKS1.00-1.00104.38
01/12/20204.00 WolverhamptonTURANGA LEELA1.003.992.99107.37
02/12/20203.20 LingfieldMONJENI1.00-1.00106.37
02/12/20207.00 KemptonLORD HALIFAX1.00-1.00105.37
03/12/20201.15 WincantonMIDNIGHT CALLISTO1.00-1.00104.37
03/12/20204.30 ChelmsfordBAD ATTITUDE1.004.153.15107.52
04/12/20207.15 NewcastleHERRINGSWELL1.007.586.58114.10
05/12/20201.30 AintreeWALK IN THE MILL1.00-1.00113.10
06/12/20201.46 SouthwellMR FREEZE - Win0.50-0.50112.60
06/12/20201.46 SouthwellMR FREEZE - Place1.503.353.53116.13
06/12/20202.55 SouthwellDYAGILEV1.00-1.00115.13
06/12/20203.25 SouthwellGRIMSTHORPE CASTLE1.00-1.00114.13
08/12/20205.30 WolverhamptonON THE RIGHT TRACK1.00-1.00113.13
08/12/20206.15 SouthwellWAR DEFENDER1.00-1.00112.13
09/12/202012.15 LingfieldCORAZON ESPINADO1.00-1.00111.13
09/12/202012.45 LingfieldPOUR LA VICTOIRE1.00-1.00110.13
09/12/20202.15 LingfieldKODIAC HARBOUR2.00-2.00108.13
09/12/20203.15 LingfieldBLACK MEDIC1.006.125.12113.25
10/12/20201.20 NewcastleMALYSTIC2.002.122.24115.49
11/12/20202.25 CheltenhamCOURT MAID1.00-1.00114.49
12/12/20202.05 DoncasterHURRICANE HARVEY1.003.702.70117.19
12/12/20204.30 NewcastleKEYSER SOZE1.00-1.00116.19
12/12/20205.15 WolverhamptonBLAZON1.00-1.00115.19
13/12/202011.40 LingfieldMR MAC1.00-1.00114.19
14/12/20201.45 AyrEVITA DU MESNIL1.00-1.00113.19
14/12/20202.50 AyrGLITTERING LOVE1.00-1.00112.19
14/12/20206.00 KemptonCRIMEWAVE1.00-1.00111.19
16/12/20201.10 NewburyST BARTS3.002.614.83116.02
16/12/20206.05 KemptonFANTASY BELIEVER1.00-1.00115.02
16/12/20207.05 KemptonELUSIF0.50-0.50114.52
17/12/20205.10 SouthwellGEOGRAPHY TEACHER1.002.881.88116.40
17/12/20206.30 ChelmsfordTHE TRADER1.00-1.00115.40
18/12/20202.30 AscotLANDINABO LAD1.00-1.00114.40
18/12/20203.05 AscotFIDDLERONTHEROOF1.00-1.00113.40
18/12/20203.15 SouthwellFLY TRUE1.00-1.00112.40
19/12/20201.50 AscotDRUMCLIFF - Win1.00-1.00111.40
19/12/20201.50 AscotDRUMCLIFF - Place1.00-1.00110.40
19/12/20203.35 AscotBELFAST BANTER - Win1.00-1.00109.40
19/12/20203.35 AscotBELFAST BANTER - Place1.003.002.00111.40
20/12/20202.15 SouthwellLUSCIFER3.00-3.00108.40
20/12/20205.15 SouthwellGRAND PIANOLA3.00-3.00105.40
21/12/20202.05 LingfieldMERHOOB1.00-1.00104.40
21/12/20205.25 NewcastleETIKAAL1.00-1.00103.40

Month Three Results

The Master Racing service lost 11.55 points in month three of our review, which brought us back into an overall losing position with a total 8.1% decrease to our bank.

We decided to carry on with our review for another month, but if the poor results continued we would wrap it up.

Key Stats

Number of Bets55
Total Stakes (pts)58.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-11.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£115.50)
Strike Rate21.8%
Overall Bank Growth-8.1%
Bank (100pt starting)91.85


DateRaceSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
22/12/202011.45 LingfieldIT MUST BE FAITH2.00-2.00101.40
26/12/20201.15 KemptonHOLD THE NOTE1.00-1.00100.40
26/12/20203.00 KemptonCLAN DES OBEAUX3.00-3.0097.40
27/12/202011.55 WetherbyESPOIR MORIVIERE1.00-1.0096.40
27/12/20201.50 WolverhamptonIT MUST BE FAITH1.00-1.0095.40
27/12/20204.40 WolverhamptonKASER - Win1.00-1.0094.40
27/12/20204.40 WolverhamptonKASER - Place1.00-1.0093.40
27/12/20205.10 WolverhamptonJORVIK PRINCE - Win1.00-1.0092.40
27/12/20205.10 WolverhamptonJORVIK PRINCE - Place1.00-1.0091.40
28/12/20205.35 NewcastleINSURPLUS1.00-1.0090.40
29/12/20202.35 KelsoDEFI SACRE1.00-1.0089.40
29/12/20203.55 SouthwellNATIVE SILVER1.00-1.0088.40
29/12/20207.00 SouthwellVELOCISTAR1.005.004.0092.40
30/12/20202.25 WolverhamptonEL HOMBRE1.00-1.0091.40
30/12/20204.40 WolverhamptonSTEELRIVER1.00-1.0090.40
31/12/20201.00 LingfieldFURZIG1.003.852.8593.25
02/01/20211.50 SandownEARLY DU LEMO1.00-1.0092.25
02/01/20213.00 SandownREGAL FLOW0.50-0.5091.75
02/01/20213.00 SandownSEEYOUATMIDNIGHT0.5012.005.5097.25
02/01/20213.35 SandownMONSIEUR LE COQ1.00-1.0096.25
03/01/202112.35 SouthwellSOCIAL CITY2.00-2.0094.25
04/01/20212.10 LingfieldTOO FRIENDLY1.00-1.0093.25
05/01/20211.40 LingfieldCAPPANANTY CON1.00-1.0092.25
05/01/20214.10 WolverhamptonDRAKEFELL1.00-1.0091.25
06/01/20212.55 WolverhamptonTORANADO QUEEN1.00-1.0090.25
07/01/20212.45 SouthwellPUCHITA - Win0.50-0.5089.75
07/01/20212.45 SouthwellPUCHITA - Place2.50-2.5087.25
09/01/20211.58 ChepstowASK ME EARLY1.002.731.7388.98
09/01/20212.50 LingfieldCORAZON ESPINADO1.005.044.0493.02
09/01/20213.10 ChepstowTHE TWO AMIGOS - Win0.50-0.5092.52
09/01/20213.10 ChepstowTHE TWO AMIGOS - Place1.503.173.2695.77
10/01/202112.50 SouthwellNORTHONTHORPE BOY1.00-1.0094.77
10/01/20212.40 ExeterECLAIR SURF1.00-1.0093.77
11/01/20214.45 WolverhamptonDUBAI ELEGANCE1.00-1.0092.77
11/01/20215.15 WolverhamptonMUAY THAI1.004.893.8996.66
12/01/20215.00 NewcastleVENTUROUS1.003.222.2298.88
12/01/20215.30 NewcastleUMMALNAR2.00-2.0096.88
13/01/20213.00 PlumptonPRIDE OF PEMBERLEY1.00-1.0095.88
13/01/20214.00 PlumptonEMBOLE1.00-1.0094.88
15/01/20215.30 SouthwellMEHMENTO1.004.103.1097.98
15/01/20217.00 SouthwellGOSSIP1.00-1.0096.98
16/01/202112.55 Market RasenSHUTTHEGATE0.50-0.5096.48
16/01/20212.00 LingfieldDUTUGAMUNU1.00-1.0095.48
16/01/20212.25 WarwickLORD OF KEREK - Win1.00-1.0094.48
16/01/20212.25 WarwickLORD OF KEREK - Place1.00-1.0093.48
16/01/20213.35 WarwickTHE CAPTAINS INN - Win0.50-0.5092.98
16/01/20213.35 WarwickTHE CAPTAINS INN0.50-0.5092.48
17/01/20211.20 PunchestownGANAPATHI1.00-1.0091.48
18/01/20216.40 WolverhamtonPOWER OF STATES1.003.892.8994.37
19/01/20216.10 SouthwellPERFECT SWISS1.00-1.0093.37
20/01/20211.05 ChepstowGRUMPY CHARLIE1.001.680.6894.05
20/01/20215.15 DundalkLATCHET1.00-1.0093.05
20/01/20215.45 DundalkALWAYS WAITIN1.001.800.8093.85
20/01/20217.00 SouthwellAMAZING AMAYA1.00-1.0092.85
21/01/20212.10 LudlowENZO D'AIRY1.00-1.0091.85

Month Four Results

Master Racing managed to turn things around in month four of our review, delivering 16.37 points after a fantastic winner at BSP odds of 15.58.

We went from almost giving up to feeling much more positive with an 8.2% overall increase to our bank. However, we would need to see profit continue to build, so we extended our review for another month or two to see what would happen next.

Key Stats

Number of Bets50
Total Stakes (pts)53.0
Profit/Loss (pts)16.37
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£163.70
Strike Rate28.0%
Overall Bank Growth8.2%
Bank (100pt starting)108.22


DateRaceSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
22/01/20212.35 LingfieldSTREAMLINE1.00-1.0090.85
22/01/20216.15 ChelmsfordTONE THE BARONE1.002.591.5992.44
23/01/20211.50 AscotPADDYS MOTORBIKE1.00-1.0091.44
23/01/20212.05 HaydockCHEF D'OEUVRE1.00-1.0090.44
23/01/20212.25 AscotDE FORGOTTEN ONE1.00-1.0089.44
23/01/20212.45 TauntonBREWINUPASTORM1.004.263.2692.70
24/01/20213.40 LingfieldTOUCHWOOD3.00-3.0089.70
25/01/20213.40 ChelmsfordPUFFIN ISLAND1.00-1.0088.70
25/01/20216.15 KemptonMIGHTY GURKHA1.003.852.8591.55
26/01/20212.55 SouthwellMAYKIR1.00-1.0090.55
28/01/20212.20 Gowran ParkGreat White Shark1.00-1.0089.55
29/01/20214.05 LingfieldDREAM POINT1.00-1.0088.55
29/01/20218.15 WolverhamptonTHEGREYTRAIN1.00-1.0087.55
30/01/20212.00 KemptonAMTIYAZ1.002.481.4889.03
30/01/20212.40 DoncasterFERN HILL1.00-1.0088.03
30/01/20214.55 KemptonJEANETTE MAY1.00-1.0087.03
31/01/20211.10 WolverhamptonWORD OF HONOUR1.00-1.0086.03
31/01/20212.40 WolverhamptonTATHMEEN1.00-1.0085.03
01/02/20212.40 DundalkTOOREEN ANGEL1.002.821.8286.85
01/02/20214.50 DundalkMASALAI1.006.005.0091.85
01/02/20216.25 DundalkSABRINA FAIRCHILD1.00-1.0090.85
03/02/20211.30 WarwickOVERWORKEDUNDERPAID1.004.663.6694.51
04/02/20212.00 Ffos LasSEXY LOT1.00-1.0093.51
04/02/20214.45 Ffos LasALL GOOD THINGS1.00-1.0092.51
04/02/20216.00 ChelmsfordFLY THE NEST1.00-1.0091.51
05/02/20213.40 LingfieldUTHER PENDRAGON1.00-1.0090.51
05/02/20214.50 ChepstowLEBOWSKI1.00-1.0089.51
06/02/20211.11 LingfieldMISTY GREY1.00-1.0088.51
06/02/20213.10 MusselburghBREGUET BOY1.008.677.6796.18
07/02/20211.25 MusselburghON A PROMISE1.00-1.0095.18
09/02/20216.45 SouthwellSLOWMO1.00-1.0094.18
11/02/20213.05 MeydanBRILLIANT LIGHT1.00-1.0093.18
12/02/20213.15 SouthwellBLACKCURRENT1.00-1.0092.18
13/02/20215.15 WolverhamptonHERONS NEST1.00-1.0091.18
14/02/20214.20 SouthwellBEIJA FLOR1.00-1.0090.18
14/02/20214.30 PunchestownSCREAMING COLOURS (Win)1.00-1.0089.18
14/02/20214.30 PunchestownSCREAMING COLOURS (Place)1.002.701.7090.88
15/02/20214.55 WolverhamptonCHOOKIE DUNEDIN (Win)1.0015.5814.58105.46
15/02/20214.55 WolverhamptonCHOOKIE DUNEDIN (Place)1.003.762.76108.22
15/02/20215.30 WolverhamptonNATE THE GRATE1.003.802.80111.02
16/02/20217.10 NewcastleSTORM OVER1.00-1.00110.02
17/02/20215.15 KemptonTINTO2.00-2.00108.02
18/02/20211.20 SandownWILL STING1.00-1.00107.02
19/02/20211.30 LingfieldROHAN1.00-1.00106.02
19/02/20216.45 SouthwellLORD OBERON1.004.223.22109.24
20/02/20212.40 HaydockENQARDE1.00-1.00108.24
20/02/20214.25 HaydockMINT CONDITION1.00-1.00107.24
21/02/20211.30 Market RasenHAWTHORN COTTAGE (Win)1.00-1.00106.24
21/02/20211.30 Market RasenHAWTHORN COTTAGE (Place)1.00-1.00105.24
21/02/20212.15 NavanATLANTIC FAIRY1.003.982.98108.22

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