Multi-Attack Review: Introduction

Multi-Attack Review

The Multi-Attack horse racing tips service has been proofed on the PuntHub site since May and has been reporting some fantastic results so far, with a profit of 155.3 points at an ROI of 19.5% to date.

As the name would suggest, the service sends out a combination of multiple bets with the aim of providing steady returns with the chance of hitting big winners. 

The results breakdown for each month shows that not every month is going to be a winning month, but when the multi bets hit it can massively boost profits. For example, in September the service delivered a cracking profit of 96.32 points!

  • May: +2.05pts
  • June: +43.73pts
  • July: -12.32pts
  • August: +0.2pts
  • September: +96.32pts
  • October: -19.57
  • November: +34.54pts

So we may be in for a rocky ride but hopefully we can hit some big wins during our review. We will be using a 100 point starting bank and will be following the stakes suggested in the emails.

We'll be back in a month's time with our first update.

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