RM Greyhound Tips Review: Introduction

RM Greyhound Tips Review

Greyhound Tipsters are few and far between, so when we spotted the RM Greyhound Tips service we were excited to start a review.

The reported results over at Tipsters Empire for the service to date look promising, with an average monthly profit of £173 to £10 stakes and a return on investment rate of 24%.

Prior to this we had only come across one other greyhound tipster known as The Judge, who delivered some fantastic results in our review. It's an often overlooked sport to bet on, particularly online, as most punters seem to focus on football and horse racing where there is more data readily available to analyse.

The man behind RM Greyhound Tips grew up in Northern Ireland where he caught the greyhound bug at an early age. His Dad and Grandad bred greyhounds and he often found himself at the tracks 3-4 nights a week.

After leaving school he worked alongside professional greyhound trainers and also had a 6 year stint working at Drumbo Park. He uses this experience to spot trainer's trends and pick out winners on a daily basis.

He tracks he focuses on mainly are Nottingham, Sheffield, Sunderland, Newcastle, Hove, Central Park and Monmore.

A 150 point starting bank is recommended and stakes are advised between 1-2 points. We will begin tracking results and will report back in a month's time.

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