Vision Racing Review: Horse Tipping Service

Vision Racing is a horse racing tipster from Betting Gods that completed a lengthy 38 weeks of proofing before launching.

Mark, who runs the service, has built up an impressive set of stats with a total profit of 238.45 points to date.

This works out at an average monthly profit of £170.32 using £10 stakes. 

A high ROI of 23.5% has been reported and the betting bank has more than doubled over the course of 12 months. At the time of writing, he has achieved 13 out of 14 profitable months which means he ended the month with a profit 92.9% of the time.

It's refreshing to see that Betting Gods have made sure that the advised odds were available with at least two bookmakers and "Best Odds Guaranteed" boosts weren't included. Also any rule 4 deductions have been applied.

Tips are sent out between 7.00-8.30am and they are available via email, mobile app or the member's area.

For our review, we recorded results at the advised, available and Betfair SP odds and we're pleased to report the service delivered a profit in all three months of the review.

We banked a total profit of 54.84 points at an ROI of 37.8% at the available odds and Betfair SP results were even better!

Month One Results

Our Vision Racing review got off to a positive start with a profit of 7.85 points at an ROI of 15.5% at the available odds. There was a fairly long losing streak of 13 bets midway through the month, but the service recovered well from it.

As many of the bets were advised at long odds, we were prepared to experience losing runs along the way.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets535353
Total Stakes (pts)50.550.550.5
Profit/Loss (pts)9.457.851.51
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£94.50£78.50£15.10
Strike Rate20.8%20.8%20.8%
Overall Bank Growth4.7%3.9%0.8%
Bank (100pt starting)209.45207.85201.51


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
07/11/2019Chelmsford 16:55Shoot To Kill1.00No4.50-1.00199.00
07/11/2019Chelmsford 17:55Elwazir1.00No4.33-1.00198.00
07/11/2019Chelmsford 19:55Catheadans Fury1.00Yes11.000.25198.25
08/11/2019Newcastle 16:35La Rav1.00No7.00-1.00197.25
08/11/2019Newcastle 18:05Royal Brave1.00Yes29.00-1.00196.25
08/11/2019Chelmsford 18:55Quick Recovery1.00No12.00-1.00195.25
15/11/2019Dundalk 18:45Sky Seven1.00No6.50-1.00194.25
15/11/2019Dundalk 19:15Earl Of Bunnarcurry1.00No9.00-1.00193.25
15/11/2019Dundalk 20:15At War1.00No10.00-1.00192.25
16/11/2019Wolverhampton 19:15Grand Inquisitor2.00Yes17.00-2.00190.25
18/11/2019Wolverhampton 14:20Steal The Scene1.00No4.503.50193.75
18/11/2019Wolverhampton 15:20Kings Slipper1.00No11.00-1.00192.75
19/11/2019Kempton 15:20Creationist1.00No8.00-1.00191.75
19/11/2019Kempton 15:50Maquisard1.00Yes19.00-1.00190.75
19/11/2019Chelmsford 18:15John Clare1.00No7.00-1.00189.75
19/11/2019Chelmsford 18:45Glory Of Paris1.00No8.00-1.00188.75
20/11/2019Dundalk 14:55Attack At Dawn1.00No5.50-1.00187.75
21/11/2019Newcastle 16:35Felicia Blue1.00No7.50-1.00186.75
22/11/2019Newcastle 17:00Highlight Reel1.00Yes17.00-1.00185.75
22/11/2019Newcastle 18:00Lucky Violet1.00No13.00-1.00184.75
23/11/2019Lingfield 15:35Noble Fox1.00No8.50-1.00183.75
23/11/2019Wolverhampton 18:10Clegane1.00No8.00-1.00182.75
25/11/2019Chelmsford 17:00Invincible One1.00Yes10.00-1.00181.75
25/11/2019Chelmsford 18:30Drop Kick Murphi1.00No11.00-1.00180.75
25/11/2019Chelmsford 19:00Holy Tiber1.00Yes13.000.70181.45
26/11/2019Wolverhampton 16:50Beat The Breeze1.00No12.00-1.00180.45
27/11/2019Southwell 12:20Bright Spells1.00Yes13.00-1.00179.45
27/11/2019Southwell 15:05Pumblechook1.00No8.00-1.00178.45
27/11/2019Kempton 17:10Earth And Sky1.00No6.005.00183.45
27/11/2019Kempton 18:40Six Strings1.00Yes17.00-1.00182.45
28/11/2019Lingfield 12.45Sweet Nature2.00Yes26.004.00186.45
29/11/2019Dundalk 20:15Rippling Waters1.00No6.00-1.00185.45
29/11/2019Kempton 19:00Barbarosa1.00No5.00-1.00184.45
29/11/2019Dundalk 20:45Everyhouronthehour1.00No8.007.00191.45
30/11/2019Lingfield 14:15Porto Ferro1.00No4.50-1.00190.45
30/11/2019Wolverhampton 18:20Avenue Of Stars1.00Yes12.00-1.00189.45
02/12/2019Wolverhampton 16:15Crimewave1.00Yes11.000.50189.95
02/12/2019Wolverhampton 18:15Elzaam's Dream1.00Yes17.001.10191.05
02/12/2019Wolverhampton 19:15Elena1.00No7.00-1.00190.05
03/12/2019Wolverhampton 18:15One One Seven1.00Yes19.0010.80200.85
03/12/2019Wolverhampton 18:45Rajinsky1.00No3.502.00202.85
04/12/2019Kempton 16:40Depose1.00No5.00-1.00201.85
04/12/2019Kempton 17:40Collide1.00No9.00-1.00200.85
05/12/2019Southwell 18:30Airglow1.00Yes17.00-1.00199.85
05/12/2019Southwell 19:00Classic Pursuits1.00Yes29.00-1.00198.85
05/12/2019Southwell 19:30Sea Of Mystery1.00Yes17.00-1.00197.85
06/12/2019Dundalk 17:15Enough Said197.85
06/12/2019Dundalk 18:15Tyrconnell197.85
06/12/2019Dundalk 18:45Kinch197.85
06/12/2019Dundalk 19:45Bold Approach197.85
06/12/2019Newcastle 18:30Arcavallo1.00Yes51.00-1.00208.85
06/12/2019Newcastle 19:00Mable Lee1.00Yes51.00-1.00207.85

Month Two Results

Vision Racing finished the year off in style adding a nice profit to the pot and even better news, the trend continued and got 2020 off to a great start. In total the service delivered a profit of 36.32 points at an ROI of 105.3% in month two of our review. 

That brought our overall profit up to 44.17 points, which worked out as a 22.1% increase to our starting bank.

The service was also doing well at Betfair SP, with an overall profit of 47 points (before commission).

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets373737
Total Stakes (pts)34.534.534.5
Profit/Loss (pts)35.7936.3245.51
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£357.90£363.20£455.10
Strike Rate27.0%27.0%27.0%
Overall Bank Growth22.6%22.1%23.5%
Bank (100pt starting)245.24244.17247.02


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
07/12/2019Wolverhampton 19:20Getchagetchagetcha1.00No9.508.50216.35
09/12/2019Newcastle 15:10Curfewed1.00No10.00-1.00215.35
09/12/2019Newcastle 17:45Avenue Of Stars1.00No4.33-1.00214.35
09/12/2019Newcastle 18:15Almurr1.00No6.50-1.00213.35
10/12/2019Wolverhampton 15:45Cappella Fella1.00Yes19.00-1.00212.35
10/12/2019Wolverhampton 18:15Loving Glance1.00No4.33-1.00211.35
11/12/2019Chelmsford 17:25Sarsaparilla Kit1.00No3.75-1.00210.35
11/12/2019Kempton 18:10Lady Adelaide1.00No6.50-1.00209.35
11/12/2019Kempton 19:10Hit The Beat1.00No9.00-1.00208.35
12/12/2019Chelmsford 19:20Brother In Arms1.00Yes21.001.50209.85
13/12/2019Chelmsford 17:00Coviglia1.00No15.0014.00223.85
13/12/2019Chelmsford 17:30Creationist1.00No5.50-1.00222.85
16/12/2019Wolverhampton 18:10Royal Astronomer2.00Yes34.005.60228.45
18/12/2019Lingfield 14:50Family Fortunes0.50No9.00-0.50227.95
18/12/2019Newcastle 16:15Itwouldberudenotto0.50No11.00-0.50227.45
18/12/2019Newcastle 17:15Havana Dawn0.50No6.50-0.50226.95
18/12/2019Dundalk 18:30Noirvento0.50No7.50-0.50226.45
18/12/2019Dundalk 20:00Saga Bolton1.00Yes26.001.69228.14
19/12/2019Southwell 13:30Classic Pursuit1.00Yes17.00-1.00227.14
19/12/2019Southwell 14:30We’re Reunited1.00No9.00-1.00226.14
19/12/2019Wolverhampton 18:00Elzaam’s Dream1.00No4.00-1.00225.14
19/12/2019Wolverhampton 18:30Storm Over1.00No7.50-1.00224.14
20/12/2019Southwell 13:35Silver Dust0.50No11.00-0.50223.64
20/12/2019Wolverhampton 17:00Peachey Carnehan0.50No17.00-0.50223.14
20/12/2019Wolverhampton 20:30Levanter0.50No7.00-0.50222.64
21/12/2019Lingfield 14:35Circus Couture1.00No9.00-1.00221.64
01/01/2020Southwell 12:10Forseti1.00No3.75-1.00220.64
02/01/2020Chelmsford 16:00Castelo1.00No9.50-1.00219.64
02/01/2020Lingfield 14:55Kyllachy Gala1.00No7.506.50226.14
03/01/2020Wolverhampton 14:35Singing Sheriff1.00No4.333.33229.47
03/01/2020Southwell 16:40Itwouldberudenotto1.00No6.00-1.00228.47
03/01/2020Southwell 18:45Casaruan1.00No4.50-1.00227.47
03/01/2020Dundalk 20:30Asanda1.00No6.50-1.00226.47
04/01/2020Lingfield 14:15Sword Exceed1.00Yes15.008.40234.87
04/01/2020Kempton 16:40Disarming1.00Yes29.002.30237.17
05/01/2020Southwell 14:00Daniel Dravot1.00No9.008.00245.17
06/01/2020Wolverhampton 16:15Disrupter1.00No5.50-1.00244.17

Month Three Results

Vision Racing achieved yet another winning month, banking 10.67 points at the available odds and even better, 15.96 points profit at Betfair SP.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets606060
Total Stakes (pts)
Profit/Loss (pts)11.310.6715.96
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£113.00£106.70£159.60
Strike Rate25.0%25.0%25.0%
Overall Bank Growth28.3%27.4%31.5%
Bank (100pt starting)256.54254.84262.97


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
07/01/2020Southwell 16:45Astro Jakk1.00No5.004.00248.17
07/01/2020Southwell 18:15Meshardal1.00No7.50-1.00247.17
08/01/2020Kempton 19:15Betsalottie2.00Yes67.00-2.00245.17
09/01/2020Chelmsford 17:00Regulator1.00No8.00-1.00244.17
10/01/2020Dundalk 17:30Longbourn1.00No8.50-1.00243.17
10/01/2020Dundalk 20:00Paved Paradise1.00Yes21.00-1.00242.17
10/01/2020Dundalk 20:30Beleaguerment1.00Yes13.005.76247.93
11/01/2020Chelmsford 18:15Response Exacte1.00Yes13.00-1.00246.93
11/01/2020Chelmsford 18:45Tebay1.00Yes7.003.60250.53
13/01/2020Southwell 13:25Secret Identity1.00Yes51.00-1.00249.53
14/01/2020Chelmsford 18:00Bint Dandy1.00No8.50-1.00248.53
15/01/2020Wolverhampton 14:30Shake Me Handy1.00No7.00-1.00247.53
16/01/2020Newcastle 16:30Kodi Koh1.00No4.50-1.00246.53
17/01/2020Lingfield 12:00Barrington1.00Yes19.00-1.00245.53
17/01/2020Dundalk 17:00Paistiul1.00No4.50-1.00244.53
17/01/2020Dundalk 17:30Gougane Barra1.00Yes12.000.60245.13
18/01/2020Lingfield 12:00Eesha’s Smile1.00Yes15.00-1.00244.13
18/01/2020Lingfield 13:00Creationist1.00No7.00-1.00243.13
19/01/2020Wolverhampton 15:10Tathmeen1.00No7.00-1.00242.13
19/01/2020Wolverhampton 12:50Willkommen1.00Yes12.000.60242.73
20/01/2020Kempton 14:20Excellent George1.00Yes17.00-1.00241.73
20/01/2020Kempton 16:20Fire Island1.00Yes19.00-1.00240.73
20/01/2020Wolverhampton 16:25Sea Willow1.00No10.00-1.00239.73
20/01/2020Wolverhampton 18:55Final Attack1.00Yes34.00-1.00238.73
21/01/2020Newcastle 16:05Madeeh0.50No17.00-0.50238.23
21/01/2020Newcastle 18:45Bobby Joe Leg1.00No7.506.50244.73
21/01/2020Newcastle 19:15The Bull1.00No7.50-1.00243.73
22/01/2020Lingfield 12:40Velvet Morn1.00No6.504.40248.13
22/01/2020Lingfield 15:55Diamonique1.00No6.50-1.00247.13
22/01/2020Kempton 20:00Merweb1.00No5.00-1.00246.13
23/01/2020Southwell 13:45Six Strings1.00No6.00-1.00245.13
23/01/2020Meydan 17:25Dubai Icon1.00No5.00-1.00244.13
23/01/2020Newcastle 19:00Burgler Bob1.00No6.005.00249.13
24/01/2020Lingfield 13:05Hong Kong Dragon1.00No3.50-1.00248.13
24/01/2020Lingfield 15:15Epic Adventure1.00Yes34.00-1.00247.13
24/01/2020Wolverhampton 17:15Swissal1.00Yes9.500.35247.48
24/01/2020Wolverhampton 19:15Bell Heather1.00Yes11.006.00253.48
25/01/2020Lingfield 16:05Catheadans Fury1.00Yes13.00-1.00252.48
25/01/2020Kempton 17:30Regulator1.00Yes10.00-1.00251.48
25/01/2020Kempton 18:00Avorisk Et Perils1.00No5.50-1.00250.48
25/01/2020Kempton 18:30Hill Hollow1.00No4.50-1.00249.48
25/01/2020Kempton 19:30Smart Champion1.00No5.50-1.00248.48
27/01/2020Wolverhampton 18:30Followthesteps1.00Yes12.00-1.00247.48
27/01/2020Wolverhampton 19:30Ten Chants1.00Yes15.00-1.00246.48
28/01/2020Southwell 17:25Gnaad1.00No11.00-1.00245.48
29/01/2020Kempton 19:45The British Lion1.00Yes12.000.38245.86
29/01/2020Kempton 20:15Moonlit Sea1.00No19.00-1.00244.86
30/01/2020Chelmsford 18:00Time To Strike1.00No2.631.63246.49
30/01/2020Chelmsford 20:00Eesha’s Smile1.00No6.50-1.00245.49
31/01/2020Newcastle 16:45Somewhat Sisyphean1.00No11.00-1.00244.49
31/01/2020Dundalk 19:30Sky Moon1.00No12.00-1.00243.49
31/01/2020Dundalk 19:30Nordic Passage1.00No15.0014.00257.49
01/02/2020Lingfield 14:20Visibility1.00No7.00-1.00256.49
01/02/2020Kempton 20:15Billy Star1.00No7.50-1.00255.49
03/02/2020Wolverhampton 17:30Air Of York1.00No8.00-1.00254.49
03/02/2020Wolverhampton 20:30Lyford1.00No8.50-1.00253.49
04/02/2020Kempton 20:00Munaajaat1.00No3.252.25255.74
05/02/202014:30 SouthwellLatent Heat1.00No6.00-1.00254.74
05/02/202015:30 SouthwellGlory Of Paris0.50No9.00-0.50254.24
05/02/202018:40 WolverhamptonVipin1.00Yes12.000.60254.84

Review Summary

Our Vision Racing review couldn't have gone any better with the service delivering 3 out of 3 winning months. Month two was a cracker with more than 35 points profit and overall we finished with a total of 54.84 points at an ROI of 37.8%.

The service also had great results at Betfair SP odds with a total profit of 62.97 points at an ROI of 43.4%.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets150150150
Total Stakes (pts)145.0145.0145.0
Profit/Loss (pts)56.5454.8462.97
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£565.40£548.40£629.70
Strike Rate24.0%24.0%24.0%
Overall Bank Growth28.3%27.4%31.5%
Bank (100pt starting)256.54254.84262.97

There was the usual professional service that we experience with tipping services from Betting Gods, with tips sent out between 7.00-9.00am each day, even on days without any bets.

The only issue that we have to point out was that sometimes if the tips were sent out at 7.00am, the prices had diminished by 9.00am, so you really need to check early to get the best odds.

Stakes were simple, mostly either 0.5 points each-way or 1 point to win, with an occasional 2 point bet. Although we didn't experience any huge drawdowns, we still think the 200 point is sensible as there were often high odds bets in the mix.

We are happy to recommend Vision Racing as a solid horse tipping service to add to your portfolio.

Review Stats+54.84pts profit, 37.8% ROI, 24% SR
Stakes Mostly 0.5 points each-way or 1 point win
Starting bank 200 points
Average no. betsApprox. 50 per month
Time of emailsMorning 8.00-9.00am
Price£1.99 for 30 days then £99.99 per quarter or £179.99 bi-annually

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4 stars

  • Vision Racing
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 1st March 2024

Vision Racing is a horse tipster from Betting Gods that completed a lengthy 38 weeks of proofing before launching his service and reported impressive results.

  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4 stars

  • Vision Racing
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 1st March 2024

Vision Racing is a horse tipster from Betting Gods that completed a lengthy 38 weeks of proofing before launching his service and reported impressive results.

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