Any Other Win Review: Correct Score Trading System

Welcome to our Any Other Win review, where we will be testing out a new football trading system.

It has been devised by Helge Johansen, who you may recognise from our recent review of his horse trading service HorseCashBuilder.

The system is a correct score strategy based on trading the Any Other Home or Away Win market. If certain criteria are met during a match, there are simple instructions on which bets to place and when to trade out for a profit or loss.

Everything is explained in detail in a PDF manual, including different methods for either cautious or aggressive styles of trading.  Helge states that using these stakes we should be able to make a profit between £5 to £10 per trade.

Bank and Staking Advice

The manual advises staking between 10-15% liability of your bank per trade with a maximum of 20%. Bear in mind this liability is often reduced during the match and 9/10 times you can be out of the trade with a profit before the second half.

However, once a trade is entered the full liability is at risk and you will see in our results that we had some hefty losses along the way. When this happens it can take quite some time to recover, so you do need to be able to handle this psychologically.

Due to the high liability in each trade, we worked out an ROI of just 1.5%, however it is unlikely that the full stake would be at risk every time, so this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Access to the service is free for the first 7 days and then £30 per month.

Month One Results

After a few ups and downs we finished with a small loss of £16.39. We were able to trade 27 of the selections and out of those 23 returned a profit, which is a strike rate of 85.2%.

There were actually a lot more than 27 selections sent out, but there are a couple of issues that have prevented us from trading them all. First of all, there are often matches that need following throughout the day which makes it difficult if you have other commitments.

The system was quick and easy to implement, but having to keep track of a number of games at various times of the day, especially at the weekend, can be quite time consuming. 

Secondly, we had trouble with quite a few of the matches not having enough liquidity for us to get involved. Markets often have big gaps in the odds & take a while to settle after goals, either that or the odds are higher than those set in the criteria.

Another point to mention was the selections were no longer being emailed out due to issues with the service's email provider. They were being uploaded to the website daily, but there had not been a set time when they were put up, so it was a case of having to keep checking throughout the day which again took up more time.

Results - Month One

DateFixtureH/ALiabilityOdds InProfit/LossRunning Total
28/03/2017Albania v Bosnia & HerzegovinaAway£105.0011.50-£6.00£994.00
31/03/2017Tours v Red StarHome£198.836.00£0.16£994.16
31/03/2017Laval v AC AjaccioHome£90.7516.50£2.18£996.34
31/03/2017Cesena v FrosinoneHome£100.1014.00£3.04£999.38
02/04/2017ADO Den Haag v Roda JCHome£147.448.60£0.02£999.40
03/04/2017Frosinone v AvellinoHome£100.006.00£11.59£1,010.99
03/04/2017Strasbourg v SochauxHome£99.968.60-£9.17£1,001.82
03/04/2017Fafe v Porto BAway£98.446.60£11.81£1,013.63
04/04/2017Athletic Bilbao v EspanyolHome£98.405.92£0.00£1,013.63
05/04/2017Veria v PAS GianninaHome£149.0421.00£0.95£1,014.58
05/04/2017Atromitos v PAOKAway£149.4210.50£2.40£1,016.98
05/04/2017Hull v MiddlesbroughAway£100.0021.00£2.51£1,019.49
06/04/2017Steaua Bucharest v AstraHome£150.409.00-£80.55£938.94
14/04/2017Belenenses v Estoril PraiaAway£170.5019.50£15.29£954.23
14/04/2017Amiens v Le HavreHome£95.207.80£7.65£961.88
14/04/2017Laval v ReimsAway£192.307.20£25.48£987.36
15/04/2017Ruch Chorzow v Pogon SzcecinAway£99.7511.50£2.72£990.08
15/04/2017Augsburg v KolnHome£192.2010.50£19.05£1,009.13
15/04/2017Academia v PanafielAway£97.5014.00£3.32£1,012.45
15/04/2017Chaves v GuimaresAway£199.0010.00-£58.00£954.45
18/04/2017OB v RandersHome£94.5011.50£7.04£961.49
18/04/2017Leicester v A MadridAway£81.0010.00£2.26£963.75
21/04/2017Auxerre v ToursAway£87.0015.50£3.25£967.00
22/04/2017Avellino v CesenaHome£95.0020.00£2.18£969.18
22/04/2017Rostov v Spartak MoscowHome£100.0021.00£1.87£971.05
22/04/2017Maritimo v BelenensesHome£96.007.00£7.81£978.86
23/04/2017W Kickers v NurnbergHome£94.5011.50£4.75£983.61

Key Stats - Month One

Number of Trades27
Strike Rate85.2%
Average Entry Odds11.93

Month Two Results

Dave reported back with his latest results and we're pleased to see a massive improvement on last month. He traded 46 matches this month and made a profit of £191.83.

He didn't trade every selection as there were again fixtures throughout the day and it got a bit hectic trying to cover them all. He estimated that he missed about 25 winning trades which would have further boosted his profit.

The selections that he traded had an impressive strike rate of 95.7% and there was a winning streak of 40 trades in a row.

Results - Month Two

DateFixtureH/ALiabilityOdds InProfit/LossRunning Total
26/04/2017B Jerusalem v Maccabi Petach TikvaHome£96.007.40£6.16£989.77
26/04/2017Middlesbrough v SunderlandHome£95.207.80£7.88£997.65
28/04/2017A Gydnia v Piast GliwiceHome£93.608.80£6.16£1,003.81
28/04/2017BW Linz v SV HornHome£96.009.00£4.02£1,007.83
28/04/2017Orleans v Red StarHome£177.506.00-£45.16£962.67
30/04/2017Erzgebirge v Wurzburgur KickersHome£178.5014.00-£61.15£901.52
30/04/2017Betis v AlavesHome£90.006.00£8.55£910.07
30/04/2017Feirense v MaritimoHome£170.8018.00£10.68£920.75
30/04/2017Atromitos v PlataniasHome£87.006.80£7.38£928.13
01/05/2017Verona v VincenzaHome£92.409.40£3.18£931.31
05/05/2017FC Voluntari v ACS Poli TimisoaraHome£90.006.00£4.27£935.58
05/05/2017Auxerre v TroyesAway£87.5013.50£2.96£938.54
05/05/2017Laval v ToursAway£92.0012.50£5.04£943.58
05/05/2017Sochaux v AmiensHome£95.0020.00£2.19£945.77
06/05/2017Brest v NimesHome£94.005.70£7.92£953.69
08/05/2017Ural v Kryliya SovetovAway£91.0014.00£3.32£957.01
08/05/2017Astra Giurgui v FCS BucharestAway£94.505.50£9.50£966.51
08/05/2017Pisa v CittadellaAway£100.0011.00£4.56£971.07
12/05/2017Nimes v AjaccioHome£96.603.30£17.21£988.28
12/05/2017Orleans v ClermontAway£197.0015.00£25.38£1,013.66
12/05/2017Belenenses v MoreirensesHome£94.5014.50£4.59£1,018.25
13/05/2017OB v SilkeborgHome£102.407.40£4.94£1,023.19
13/05/2017Huesca v TenerfieAway£208.8021.00£6.66£1,029.85
13/05/2017Levante v GironaHome£103.5012.50£4.67£1,034.52
13/05/2017Sogndal v VikingHome£203.5015.50£7.11£1,041.63
13/05/2017Estudiantes v Gimnasia La PlataHome£100.0013.50£2.13£1,043.76
15/05/2017Targu Mures v BotosaniAway£209.007.60£1.86£1,045.62
15/05/2017Torpedo BelAz v Neman GrodnoHome£103.5012.50£1.20£1,046.82
15/05/2017Botev Plovdiv v Beroe Stara ZeHome£100.0013.50£3.32£1,050.14
15/05/2017Pandurii v Concordia ChiajinaAway£100.0011.00£5.46£1,055.60
16/05/2017Zaglebie Lubin v Slask WroclawHome£100.0011.00£2.35£1,057.95
17/05/2017Spartak Moscow v Terek GronziHome£210.306.00£29.46£1,087.41
17/05/2017Panathinaikos v PAOKHome£105.008.00£11.32£1,098.73
18/05/2017Ascoli v TernanaHome£105.0022.00£1.99£1,100.72
18/05/2017Vincenza v SpeziaAway£123.206.60£11.03£1,111.75
19/05/2017CSMS Iasi v Gaz Metan MediasHome£100.0011.00£4.75£1,116.50
19/05/2017Derry v Shamrock roversHome£117.609.40£7.41£1,123.91
20/05/2017Freamunde v CovilhaHome£117.0014.00£2.22£1,126.13
20/05/2017Gaziantep v GiresunsporAway£105.0022.00£0.71£1,126.84
20/05/2017Sogndal v BrannHome£108.0019.00£4.39£1,131.23
20/05/2017Reus Deportiu v Sevilla BHome£120.409.60£7.98£1,139.21
20/05/2017UCAM Murcia v HuescaHome£115.5017.50£22.22£1,161.43
21/05/2017Viborg v AarhusHome£114.0010.50£6.41£1,167.84
24/05/2017Panionios v PAOKAway£114.0010.50£3.99£1,171.83
24/05/2017KuPS v SJKAway£116.0015.50£2.32£1,174.15
25/05/2017Giresunspor v EskhirehisporHome£120.0016.00£1.29£1,175.44

Key Stats - Month Two

Number of Trades46
Strike Rate95.7%
Average Entry Odds11.68

The ROI reported in our stats was based on the full stake being at risk, but in many cases there was the option of taking some of the risk out and lowering liabilities.

Month Three Results

The last month of the review returned a further profit of £19.25, which made an overall profit of £194.69.

Dave started with a £1000 bank and this has increased by 19.5% overall, which does make the system a slow burner but it has proven to be profitable nonetheless. There has been a consistently high strike rate each month, coming in at 91.6%.

Throughout the review, Dave experienced several long winning streaks of 48, 22 and 11 trades in a row. 98 of the 107 fixtures traded returned a profit.

Results - Month Three

DateFixtureH/ALiabilityOdds InP/LRunning Total
27/05/2017Huesca v LugoHome£117.605.90£11.08£1,186.52
27/05/2017Almeria v MirandesHome£118.408.40£1.33£1,187.85
27/05/2017Varberg v FalkenbergsHome£235.085.60£62.18£1,250.03
28/05/2017Hammarby v Jonkopings SodraHome£123.5010.50£9.76£1,259.79
28/05/2017Zaragoza v Rayo VallecanoHome£116.0015.50£2.32£1,262.11
28/05/2017Arsenal Tula v Yenisey KrasnoyarskHome£120.409.60£5.05£1,267.16
28/05/2017Panathinaikos v PanioniosHome£125.808.40£6.46£1,273.62
28/05/2017Niececza v Jagionella BialystockAway£253.465.10£34.64£1,308.26
28/05/2017ACS Poli Timisoara v Targu MuresHome£255.003.70-£92.48£1,215.78
28/05/2017Cordoba v OviedoHome£117.609.40-£116.30£1,099.48
28/05/2017Nacional Flandria v CD Juventud UnidaHome£106.408.60£5.13£1,104.61
29/05/2017Stromgodset v VikingHome£106.406.60-£20.81£1,083.80
31/05/2017IFK Mariehamn v RoPSHome£105.605.40£10.49£1,094.29
31/05/2017Ilves v KemiHome£105.407.20£7.26£1,101.55
31/05/2017POAK v PanathinaikosAway£106.406.60£7.65£1,109.20
03/06/2017J Sodra v MalmoAway£108.807.40£5.77£1,114.97
04/06/2017KuPS v MariehamnAway£211.0021.00£4.72£1,119.69
04/06/2017Sogndal v SandefjordHome£108.0010.00£5.47£1,125.16
04/06/2017Getafe v AlmeriaHome£112.006.60£2.51£1,127.67
05/06/2017Targa Mures v CSM IASIAway£109.209.40£6.46£1,134.13
12/06/2017Iran v UzbekistanHome£104.0014.00£1.37£1,135.50
12/06/2017Helsingborgs v BrommapojkarnaAway£114.008.60£6.08£1,141.58
12/06/2017Orgryte v DalkurdHome£105.0016.00£1.80£1,143.38
14/06/2017HIFK v SJKAway£114.008.60£6.55£1,149.93
14/06/2017KuPS v VPSHome£108.0013.00£1.57£1,151.50
14/06/2017Alessandria v ReggianaHome£111.809.60£8.40£1,159.90
16/06/2017Dnepr Mogilev v Shakter SoligorskAway£112.009.00£3.72£1,163.62
17/06/2017Kristiansund v AalesundsAway£123.009.20£5.51£1,169.13
18/06/2017Dalkurd v HelsingborgsHome£118.807.60£4.10£1,173.23
18/06/2017Olimpia v Sol De AmericaAway£112.0015.00£2.85£1,176.08
18/06/2017Newells v LanusHome£116.0015.50£4.23£1,180.31
18/06/2017Liverpool v Plaza ColoniaHome£120.007.00£11.25£1,191.56
18/06/2017Bahia v PalmeirasAway£114.0020.00£2.42£1,193.98
22/06/2017Spartaks Jurmala v FK LiepajaAway£105.0022.00£0.71£1,194.69

Key Stats - Overall

Number of Trades107
Strike Rate91.6%
Average Entry Odds11.27
Bank (£1000 starting)£1,194.69
Bank Growth19.5%


Dave concluded that Any Other Win is worthy of a pass rating, however there were a few things that could be improved on.

There were too many selections each day to be able to monitor them all and have a life at the same time, however this could go down as a positive as you can choose which games you want to follow at a particular time of the day or perhaps select fixtures from certain leagues.

Unfortunately, there wasn't currently a way of automating the trading of the selections, but executing the trades was simple. Despite this, Dave did find it somewhat frustrating at times as it was time consuming waiting for criteria to be met in potential trades or disregarding selections if not.

If using Flashscores to monitor games, you can set up notifications on a smart phone to reduce time sat at a computer.

Originally, the selections were sent via email but there were some technical problems with this and Helge decided to upload them to a member area instead. That was fine, but we did find that the timing of posting the selections varied too much. A set time for uploading the selections would have really helped, preferably the night before.

Overall we felt that it was an easy system to get to grips with and if you are looking for a new correct score system to add to your portfolio it is definitely worth looking at. 

Any Other Win Review Graph
Review Stats +£194.69 profit, 1.5% ROI, 91.6% SR
Stakes 10-20% of bank liability per trade
Starting bank User’s discretion
Time of emails No emails – Selections uploaded to website daily
Price £30 per month + VAT
Rating Pass

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 3.5 stars

  • Any Other Win
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 1st March 2024

Any Other Win is a correct score football trading system which achieved an impressive 98 out of 107 profitable trades. Here is our review and full results.

  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 3.5 stars

  • Any Other Win
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 1st March 2024

Any Other Win is a correct score football trading system which achieved an impressive 98 out of 107 profitable trades. Here is our review and full results.


  • High strike rate and long winning runs
  • Easy to use
  • Instructions for all match scenarios covered in PDF
  • Cons

  • Monitoring matches in-play can be time consuming
  • High liabilties and long recovery after when facing a big loss
  • Timing of posting selections needs improvement
  • 9 thoughts on “Any Other Win Review: Correct Score Trading System”

    1. I have been loving this service until a couple of days ago, the selections have not been posted on the website for 2 days this week so far, including today which is the busiest day of the week for betting.
      Many emails sent and even used the contact form on the website but only 1 terse reply, the othe 6 emails have been ignored.
      Has this service stopped operating?
      He has just taken this months subscription so hope I can get a refund.

      • Hi Gary, Sorry to hear about this… I will send an email to Helge to find out what is going on and get back to you asap.

    2. Update
      Helge has emailed me and saturdays selections were on the web page, just a few hours late that’s all.
      I’m happy they were there because it’s another profitable day for his method.
      Onwards and upwards.

    3. Hi. Does anyone still use this service and is it still alive?
      I paid for July and have paid for August now. But the selection link I got says, that there has not been any selections since the end of May. I have not got a new link, as it should change every month. I have wrote 3 mails to Helge, but he is not responding.


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