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31st August 2017

Rainbow's End is a low risk horse racing betting system developed by professional investor Val Harrison. The system is detailed in a physical book that is mailed out after subscribing and comes with access to software that automates the selection process.

Using the software does make it easier as it scans through the races and automatically calculates the required stakes, but it is not necessary as doing everything manually only takes a few minutes. Access to the software costs a monthly payment of £50.00 that can be cancelled at any time.

Without giving too much away, the system is a form of arbitrage betting that requires access to Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers. 

Races need to be scanned to see if they meet the set criteria and then bets are placed across a number of bookmakers. Sometimes races that weren't suitable on the first check may become valid later on in the day, so by checking at various times of the day it's possible to find more selections.

Ideally you need access to at least 10-15 different bookmakers and there should be funds available in each of them, to save time when putting bets on. If odds change whilst you are placing bets it can affect the overall profit, so it is a case of trying to get bets on as quick as possible.

There is some guidance on staking that states you can risk as little as £2.00 per race, but you would still need to fund each bookie with enough money to cover all of the bets. According to the sales page, with a risk of £2.00 per £100 staked, the return could be as high as £94.00 so increasing the risk to £10.00 could give a potential return of £478.00. 

The main issue is the high the stakes, the more chance that the bookies will flag your account up and limit stakes or close it, so it's advised to keep stakes low and build steady profits. There's still no guarantee that the accounts won't be flagged up but unfortunately, that is the case when using any betting system that depends on using online bookmakers.

Our reviewer Barry has chosen to use the lowest staking plan and is using a bank of £3000 spread across bookies to cover the liabilities, however a lower bank of £1000 would most likely be enough.

We will report back next month with an update of Barry's results.

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